Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Jimmy Hoffa


The strange thing about this chart is that it does not indicate that he is either dead, a victim of violence or buried anywhere
In fact, it looks like he planned his own disappearance

The planetary configurations are:
Cancer rising and Pisces on the Midheaven. Moon in the eleventh house closely aligned with Jupiter. Jupiter rules the sixth house.
Saturn rules the seventh house and it is posited in the second house square to Jupiter. The Moon has just passed a square with Saturn and made no further aspect

From this I ascertain the following:
It looks like a "plot" among friends who worked together and who had financial concerns. Money was a huge factor in this decision. The collaborator or perpetrator had possession of Hoffa's money or at least kept track of it or did something important with it. He might have been doing something with it Hoffa didn't like (Saturn square Jupiter) but that was his job (Jupiter rules the sixth). The fact that the Moon is conjunct Jupiter means that Hoffa agreed to all of this

Other planetary configurations of note:
Neptune on the midheaven is in the sixth house and it's retrograde. The first house ruler, the Moon, also co-rules the second house.
From these, I also conclude:

1. Neptune retrograde means this case will never be "solved" and the only people who know what happened worked with Hoffa at the time.(Neptune in the sixth)
2. Hoffa, himself, had financial motivations in agreeing to this plot.
I do not see anywhere in this chart where violence actually occurred or that he is currently hidden or buried.

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Astrologers interested in comparing this chart on their own: Hoffa disappeared in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan at 2:30 pm on July 30, 1975.

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