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Lois Schmidt & Johnathan Vetrano


This is an absolutely fascinating chart and a real mysterious murder case. According to the cops, Lois and her son Johnathan were at home in the early morning hours of June 28, 2004. An unknown man knocked on the door at 6 am and claimed to be an old high school classmate. She did not recognize this man and sent him away. If that isn't strange enough, a truck was seen in the vicinity at around 7 am that same morning with an unidentified male sitting in it. That truck has never been IDd and never been seen again. Both Lois and Johnathan were shot in the head sometime that morning and their house set afire.
Now, let's look at the chart!

Cancer is rising and Aries is on the midheaven. The chart ruler, The Moon, is in the fourth house. Lois and her son, the victims (Cancer rising) are in their home (Moon in the fourth) when this happens. Aspects to the Moon include a square from Neptune in the eighth and a trine from Saturn. Saturn in Cancer is ruler of the seventh house (the killer) and shows how he gained easy access to the home (trine to Moon in the fourth). She may have let him in or left a door unlocked. Everything went his way. The square from the Moon to Neptune indicates that their was a plot afoot. Because Neptune is in the eighth house in trine to the Midheaven, I would be surprised if she didn't have a "funny feeling" that morning in light of events.

Of course, the thing most wanted in this case is to catch the killer or killers. Saturn in Cancer was close to the ascendant at 6 am and this put him at "her front door". As time passed, Saturn moved into the twelfth house where he began to work out a more sinister, secretive scheme. Saturn joins Mercury in the twelfth which looks like he might have been in contact with someone else. Perhaps he went back to his vehicle to make a phone call or to listen to the radio. The Sun in Cancer is lurking nearby in the twelfth house so there was another person who was not a part of the crime but had knowledge of something about it. Because this planet is the Sun, it is possible that some part of the event was revealed suddenly and not able to be disguised. This fuels my belief that there is another party out there who either has total or perhaps only partial knowledge of this event.

Interestingly the Sun rules the second house. This third person may have told the killer or killers that there was money or something of value in the home. Because Jupiter, ruler of the sixth, is placed in the second house, she may have told people at work about the object and perhaps that she wanted to sell it. And, then, because Leo is on the second house cusp we might ascertain that this object was Gold. Jupiter intimates that it was very valuable, worth a lot of money. Mars, the ruler of the midheaven, is placed in the first house, which shows that they set the house on fire and this is what drew public attention to the crime at first. The fire was set, I believe, to hide the fact that the valuable gold item was taken. I think this is true because Mars is desposited by the Sun, placed in the twelfth house and ruler of the second.

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In the profile of the killer, I have these things to add: Because Saturn was in the twelfth, this was a secret plot and not a sudden event or passing opportunity. This was all planned out. Saturn being so close to Mercury near the Ascendant, this was a scheme hatched by more than one person, drawn up almost like an action plan of sorts, with every detail carefully thought out. The brains behind the plot was someone close to the killer, a detailed person who was in touch with the killer on the morning of the crime, most likely by cell phone. Because Saturn and Mercury join entirely within 2 days, I would say the killer had a meeting with this person two days after the crime, or on July 1st. In appearance, Saturn in Cancer describes somebody thin of medium height with a peculiar stance or body shape. This person has dark hair and eyes and may have paler than average skin for his / her race. This is someone who dedicated long hours and commitment to this crime. He/she thought about it deeply and for long hours, studying every detail. That's why it's been very hard to solve this crime. This person was very jealous, envious or covetous of this woman. Something in her possession drove this person to commit this crime.

Jupiter is the first planet to aspect Saturn in the future after the crime. Jupiter was in 12 degrees of Virgo in the second house and came to an exact sextile to Saturn in 15 degrees of Cancer on July 14th, which is 16 days later. Sun in Cancer, dispositor of the second house, comes to an exact conjunction with Saturn 9 days later. Convert this into astrological time this way: Saturn in a cardinal sign in a cadent house, Sun in a cardinal sign in a cadent house and Jupiter in a movable sign in a succeedant house translates into a timeline for the objects they stole. 9 months after the crime, the killer handed over the object or objects to the person who knew their value (Sun in Cancer in the twelfth) and then 16 months after the crime was committed, this person made a profit from what they stole. He pawned it, sold it on ebay, sold it to a neighbor, etc... Does that seem hard to believe? Remember that Saturn is patient if anything!!

The details of this murder and who the killer is will not be known for some time. The only aspects made by the Midheaven ruler (Mars) is to Venus, which is retrograde, and to Neptune, which is also retrograde. It will take years for details to come to light. The closest guess I'd be willing to venture is this: Mars in Leo makes a trine to it's own midheaven point at 15 degrees of Aries in 21 days after the crime. Leo is a fixed sign in an angular house (the first). This means that 21 months after the murder occurred, valuable information did come to light, perhaps from the fire debris.

I would also be willing to venture the possibility that her killer is currently in prison for another crime (Saturn in the twelfth).

Astrologers: Want to do a comparison chart? Lois and Johnathan were murdered in their home on the morning of June 28, 2004 at between 6 am and 8 am. This happened in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

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  1. Can you look at Jessica Foster's case? She went missing out of Las Vegas almost three years ago. Her profile is on AMW. She was sold into human sex trafficking by her pimp boyfriend.


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