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Katelyn Markham

Young Woman Disappears Into Thin Air

From: True Crime Report:

No one believes 22-year-old Katelyn Markham would simply disappear on her own. She was known as both pragmatic and responsible. Not only was she about to graduate next month from the Art Institute of Cincinnati, but she also held jobs at the school and David's Bridal...

She was last heard from on August 13. She'd spent the evening with her fiance, John Carter. Later that night, when she was back at the town home she shared with her father in Fairfield, Ohio, she texted John a photo at 12:52 a.m.

The next morning, John sent her a good morning text. She didn't respond, but he simply assumed she was busy working at David's Bridal. But when he kept texting her that morning and she didn't respond, he knew something was wrong.

He left work to find her car still at the town home. A check of the house found nothing amiss. Katelyn wasn't there, and the only thing apparently missing was her cell phone. Her dog was found locked in a bedroom.

No one seems to believe Katelyn would leave on her own. She and John were planning to move to Colorado in November after she graduated from school.

Moreover, she left her purse and car keys behind. But when friends and family tried to call her phone, they found it turned off. The phone's GPS device had also been turned off.

Police don't seem to know what to make of her disappearance. There were no signs of a struggle at the home. But if they have any theories on what happened to Katelyn, they're playing them close to the vest.


Katelyn's relatives believe she was abducted. Her bed appears as though it was slept in the night she went missing. They believe she answered a knock at the door while she was sleeping, only to be kidnapped. I am not going to say what I think but I am going to show you what the charts say. They are interesting, to say the least. In the chart for 3 am, which is close to the 2:52 am time that her boyfriend said he received a text from her, you can see that someone has entered the home. The seventh house ruler, Saturn in Libra, is just entering the fourth house. The movement of a planet from the fifth to the fourth in these situations often tells us that he came in through a window, most likely a bedroom window. Mercury rules the fourth house from the third house so this was a temporary home for her but Mercury is in a fixed sign, Leo, so this is not a trailer or moveable home but most likely a brick and mortar. So this person has entered through her bedroom window. You can see Mars right at the Ascendant, which tells me that this person presented himself to Katelyn immediately. He came right into her bedroom and confronted her. The Moon is the chart co ruler and also the ruler of the first house. This makes the Moon the marker for Katelyn. You can see that it is in the ninth house in the sign Aquarius. She lived on the second floor of the building or slept in a loft. So this means he had to scale the building somehow or climb up stairs to get to her. This is a clue that might be useful if there had been sightings of people in the area. Anyways, he confronted her immediately. The Moon is disposed of by Uranus in Aries in the tenth so she may have run off, in an attempt to escape him, after being shocked by his intrusion.

Looking closely at this chart, you can see that Saturn in Libra is disposed of by Venus in Leo in the third. This implies that his purpose for being there was "a girl" or "a woman". Venus in Leo implies he has seen her before, admired her, found her attractive. Venus is also one minute from the Sun, putting it under the Sun's beams, which implies that his intentions were very dangerous for her. She was in grave danger from this man. The fourth house ruler, Mercury, in the third, also seems to indicate that he has a car outside and since Mercury is closely conjoined the Sun and Venus, I would guess that he brought the car to use in the abduction. And this is what this looks like, an abduction, so I am now inclined to say her parents are right. This man came into her home and took her. Mars in Cancer disposed of by her marker, the Moon, again re informs us that he was here for her and nothing else.

Right away, in the chart for 3:10 am, I can see a death pattern. This does not necessarily mean that she died as early as 3:30 am, but that is possible. It does mean, however, that she would die shortly. She would not be kept alive long. The Moon in the eighth with Mars in the twelfth along with Saturn in the fourth (although Saturn is also his marker) are strong indicators. The strange thing I notice is that Saturn in Libra is almost exactly trine to the Moon in Aquarius. This means that they have had a positive relationship in the past and may even have been romantically involved. Venus in Leo opposes the Moon in Aquarius so perhaps she was unhappy and cut it off. Mars in Cancer is opposing Pluto in Capricorn (placed at the seventh house cusp) so this is telling me that this man was very angry. Angry enough to get violent. Angry enough to do this; to take her and kill her. Also, Pluto is disposed of by Saturn, reinforcing the idea that he came here to do this, to act out in violence on this girl.

Mercury is in the third until almost 4 am. So this indicates he drove her somewhere and since Leo rules the third house they left in a red or a green car. Leo is a fixed sign so this is a standard type vehicle and not a sports car although Leo is flashy at times so look for something eye catching about the car. There may be artwork or bright stickers on the car. Something that expresses the opinions or tastes of the driver. Mercury in Leo describes movement to the east with a northerly drift. East by north. Mercury leaves the third house for the second house within a few degrees and since Mercury is flexible and Leo is fixed, then you would say that this was a distance of about 8 miles or so, taking their time, possibly as long as 45 minutes or an hour. Mercury is retrograde so he took his time, possibly to berate her. Venus in Leo can be insanely stubborn so there was no talking to this man or changing his mind. He was fixed in his mission. Saturn is also a planet that is intractable and usually locked into a position, even in a cardinal sign like Libra. In fact, Saturn in Libra is driven by a desire for justice so it is very likely that this man thought that this was justice, that she deserved what he was going to do to her. He was there to mete out justice as he saw it.

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Mercury moves into the second house and this shows him either dumping her body or taking her somewhere. So looking closely at the chart, I see that Leo rules the second house, as well. This describes the location. This is either a wooded area that is thick enough to look like a forest or it is a desert area. It may be a public park with both sandy, desertlike areas and thickly wooded areas. There may also be a government building nearby or directly on this property and there may be a place of amusement also there or nearby. This park, desert or forest area would have lots of wildlife, even larger wildlife and possibly feral cats and / or larger wild cats. There may also be a fireplace outside. I think, looking at the fourth house and the ongoing placement of Saturn, that he moved her to another location, some building that he either lives himself or stays at from time to time. Libra can indicate movement and change so it is possible that this was a temporary home or a place he visited occasionally. And he kept her there, dead or alive, until almost 5:30 am, when the charts show him on the move again.

In the chart for 5:20 am, I see him moving her again and this time, she is dead. She may have already been dead or alive when he brought her here but there is a strong possibility that she is dead at this point. Notice that the new ruler of the seventh house is Uranus and it has moved into the ninth house. This shows him outside now rather than still in the home (as the charts have shown until now). Combine this with the movement of Saturn into the third, we see him moving what appears to be her body. Uranus in Aries can show the retreats or hideaways of outlaws and criminals so perhaps this place is where he hides and does illegal things. I am not sure what those activities would be but they could be illegal and he does them here, in a place out of the way and more private. The charts seem to say that he may be engaged in illegal activity and he may be doing it at this "retreat" or "hideout". Again, Aries is indicative of fireplaces, both inside and outside, and this dovetails with the markers for Mercury and Venus in Leo. These could be fireplaces or chimneys, both inside and outside, so I would encourage people looking for Katelyn to look for areas with fireplaces, chimneys, grills or other areas for burning or cooking things. This combines with the descriptors given already. At this point, Uranus in Aries is disposed of by Mars in the twelfth house, showing his purpose to likely be to dispose of or bury her body, with the intent of hiding her. Mars in Cancer is the only water sign marker in the chart so it is possible he dumped her in a body of water nearby. But I am inclined to think otherwise, mostly because Saturn in Libra (her body) is disposed of by Venus in Leo in the first house, making me think he wanted to put her somewhere where he could visit her. He wanted her near to him, perhaps to gloat or to just maintain a relationship with her. He wanted a memorial.

So it does seem likely that he buried her in that area where she would be near to his temporary home. This home may be a cabin, a short term rental, a timeshare, even, but someplace he was able to visit on a regular basis but does not live there. Also, this is not a trailer or RV or other movable home. This is a brick and mortar or other unmovable structure. It is located near to this park or this forest or desert area. I do not think there are deserts in Ohio so I am more inclined to believe the charts are describing a public park with sandy, desert like areas combined with heavily forested areas. There would be wild animals in that park, even larger ones, and many feral cats as well as larger wild cats. Also there should be a government building on the property or very close by. Look for outdoor chimneys, fireplaces, fire pits. Her body will not be burned because he wants to visit her and imagine a relationship with her. He may very well have taken a trophy, as well; Leo implies something gold. He may have taken gold jewelry.

Did this girl have a stalker? An ex boyfriend who was angry and wouldn't go away? Or perhaps an admirer or someone who had asked her out and she had rejected him? This is the man who took her. Saturn in Libra describes someone who is attractive and conceited. This man is good looking so he assumes everyone wants him. Rejection is hard for him to handle. He has an inflated idea about Katelyn, Venus in Leo says he puts her on a pedestal. Moon in Aquarius describes her indifference. She was just not interested in this man. He has a nice body, as they say, probably into body building or other body sculpting methods, posing and being "into" himself. Weight lifting for body enhancement could be a hobby. He would have large bones and be very strong. He would easily overpower Katelyn. This man would be argumentative. He would love to debate his ideas and would be witty and fairly intelligent. He would have refined tastes with a love of art and design. He would have many feminine qualities and there may be aspects of his appearance that appear feminine, such as long eyelashes or bow shaped lips, this type of thing. This man can be extremely opinionated and must be boss all the time, on top of everything and telling other people what to do. Being judgemental is a serious weakness and a protective ego is another; he can criticize and scorn others but cannot abide this when it happens to him. He is very open minded on the one hand, being generous with what he feels is justice and fairness. But on the other, he has trouble seeing the truth in other peoples' opinions and can drive people crazy with his attempts to convince them otherwise. There is a jealous streak and a tendency to be suspicious. He is quite capable of revenge. This is what I think this was. Personal revenge on Katelyn Markham for something he perceived as being unfair. He killed her over a personal slight; I am pretty sure of it.

Although the death patterns are fairly strong in these charts, there is always a very slim possibility that he is keeping her alive. He may be planning on killing her later. But even so, she is being held in the place as described by the chart and being subjected to ongoing revenge. I am pretty sure she is dead and buried in that park or wooded area but there is always a chance that the signs showing him visiting her may give hope that she is still alive and he is visiting her in this hideaway where she is being kept hostage rather than visiting a gravesite. So it is imperative that they really try to find her. I am hoping some small thing in this chart might help. They need to bring Katelyn home.

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