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Heaven LaShea Ross

Little Girl Disappears on Walk to School Bus

From AMW :

Heaven has been missing since August 19, 2003.

On the afternoon of December 18, 2006, the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Office was alerted to an abandoned house in Holt, Ala. Deputies arrived at the house and found the place falling apart. They picked through the home and discovered human skeletal remains. Police say they quickly uncovered clues that suggested the remains belonged to Heaven Ross. Heaven had been abducted from the nearby town, three years earlier.

On Aug. 19, 2003 --a hot and a humid Tuesday morning-- 11-year-old Heaven LaShea Ross hugged and kissed her mother, Beth Lowery, as she left their home at the Willowbrook Trailer Park in Northport, Ala. Shea, as her close friends and family called her, was anxious to join her older sister at the bus stop, which was less than 100 yards from their home.

But little Heaven never reached her destination.

Beth and her husband, Kevin Thompson, notified police after the little girl disappeared and volunteers, helicopters and the Northport Police Department's canine units began an immediate search of the neighborhood and the surrounding area.

Police say a neighbor, who lived a few doors down from Heaven's home, saw her walk by. And another neighbor, close to the bus stop, says she didn't see the child at all.

Yet, somewhere between their two houses, Heaven disappeared. If the three cases are connected, they could be hunting a serial child killer.

From Tuscaloosa News :


Tuesday, August 19 | Last seen by family members at 7:00 a.m., Heaven Lashae Ross reportedly disappeared somewhere between her house in Willowbrook Trailer Park and a bus stop on Hunter Creek Road. Photo and information was added to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children list.

Wednesday, August 20 | The FBI joins Northport and Tuscaloosa Police and Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office in search.

Thursday, August 21 | Day three of the search turns up no clues; volunteers hand out fliers; reward money is raised.

Friday, August 22 | Northport Police Chief Billy Galloway appeals to the public to come forward with information; reward money totals over $10,000.

Saturday, August 23 | The Texas-based Laura Recovery Center dispatches over 60 people to join the search; reward money surpasses $60,000

Monday, August 25 | Police continue to search Willowbrook Trailer Park with tracking dogs from Escambia County in Florida. Volunteer headquarters are set up; a candlelight vigil is held in the evening.

Tuesday, August 26 | FBI agents separate the mother, step-father, sister and brother to have them fill out questionaires

Thursday, August 28 | Beth Lowery reports that the stepfather of the missing girl passed a polygraph test given by police

Friday, August 29 | Beth Lowery reports that she has passed a police-administered polygraph test.

Saturday, August 30 | A bulletin aired on FOX television program America’s Most Wanted produces no major leads.

Monday, September 1 | Police spokesman said searchers searched several areas on Sunday; reward is $65,000 for girl’s safe return.

Friday, September 12 | Police close command center used in search for Ross.

Friday, September 19 | Police question Evin Ryland who was picked up in Texas

Friday, September 26 | Missing girl’s bedroom damaged by morning fire; it was later ruled ‘suspicious.’

Wednesday, October 1 | Disputes over money and cooperation caused volunteers to part ways with missing girl’s mother.

Sunday, October 5 | Interracial parents find little solace, blaming it on racial prejudice.

Friday, October 26 | ‘Dateline’ aired Ross story.

Sunday, November 5 | Mother and stepfather arrested in a domestic dispute and released on bond.

Thursday, August 17 | Police link disappearance of Ross with two other abductions from trailer parks; incidents were two years apart within one week in August.

Tuesday, December 18 | Police respond to a tip and find skeletal remains in an abandoned house in Holt

From Tuscaloosa News:

A grim discovery Monday afternoon provided some answers to the three-year-old mystery of what happened to Shae Ross.
But the mystery is far from being solved.
Police found remains of the 11-year-old in an abandoned house down a rural, dirt road in Holt Monday afternoon. She was last seen walking to her bus stop on a rainy Tuesday morning in August 2003.
The news left her family and the community that prayed for her safe return heartbroken.
“This has given us some kind of closure from not knowing anything,” said Shae’s grandmother Carol Rowell. “The only question we have now is why. Why would someone do this to her?”
Sheriff’s deputies had closed off Creek Road Tuesday while homicide and forensic investigators combed through the abandoned house. Creek Road backs up to Hurricane Creek and is off 44th Court in Holt.
Donald Pearson has lived nearby for 33 years and said that the tree-lined dirt and gravel road has always been a magnet for questionable activity.
He said that people go there to use drugs and he’s heard that prostitutes occasionally frequent the isolated road.
“It’s gotten worse in the last 10 or 15 years,” he said. “There is all kinds of stuff going on down there.”
He said that he recently walked down the road and looked inside the abandoned house. The porch had collapsed and the floors had fallen in, he said.


This is the long, sad story of Heaven Ross. Her murderer has gone unpunished for this and, as we all know, if he did this once it is likely he has done it again, especially since he got away with this one. I decided to try to figure out what exactly happened and try to use traditional astrology to define the abductor in, hopefully, clear terms. The first chart I drew up was for 7 am, the time when Heaven left home that morning. Notice how Mercury rules the first and Heaven was a small child at the time. Mercury is in Virgo in the first house, showing the child to be on the move and headed out alone. Mercury is in dignity so the child was in a safe place, a place she was used to (first house) and a place where she regularly stayed. This was her neighborhood. The seventh house ruler shows us the next person she is about to meet and this planet is Neptune in the sixth house. Neptune is disposed of by Uranus which is right at the seventh house cusp. Mars is also at the seventh cusp, just inside the seventh house. This all comes together to tell me that this person is working in the neighborhood. Uranus describes freshly dug up ground such as you find in new construction but the sign Pisces describes water, perhaps underground. Was someone laying new pipe in the area? Water pipes, possibly being buried nearby for new construction? Mars at the seventh describes a "man's man" or working man. Neptune in Aquarius describes a "fleshy" person who may be thick and stocky and possibly muscular. Aquarius can also describe the roofs and eves of buildings, upstairs rooms, walls, shelves, hangers, etc... Neptune describes secret or hidden places, which combined with Aquarius can mean attics, dormers, upstairs closets, etc.. This all seems to describe new construction with freshly dug up ground either laying pipe for waterlines or wiring the homes for electric as Aquarius also rules electricity. So was this guy working on a roof in the area and seen little Heaven in the neighborhood in the past?

Pluto in the fourth house here describes something dangerous on the path ahead, right there in her neighborhood, near her own home. Perhaps in a nearby home, or home being constructed or renovated. The sign Sagittarius can describe horses and stables for horses but as a fire sign it also describes fireplaces and outdoor grills. Overall, it also indicates high, sloping ground. These markers should be looked for in trying to find the area where this house was located. Anyways, I see that the Moon, the chart co ruler, is in the ninth in Taurus right near the node. This describes how he got his opportunity to grab the child unseen. She wandered off the main road for a moment or two in order to examine an animal more closely or to visit with a neighborhood pet. She stepped into a wooded area or someone's backyard to do this. This is where he was able to confront her and snatch her. Moon disposed of by Venus in the twelfth, he was able to hide her and keep her hidden, most likely locked in a closet (Venus) or a cabinet, perhaps in the kitchen or bathroom (the Moon). Venus with the Sun and Jupiter, tightly conjoined in Leo, would indicate a place with gold trim, gold colors, gold metals, shiny, glittery in the sun. Perhaps there were gold faucets in the bathroom or gold trim or filigree on closets or cabinets. Leo also indicates this happened during the daytime hours, which we already know.

At 8:45 am, Mercury moves into the twelfth house. The Moon in Taurus enters the eighth. Mercury and the Moon are in close trine to each other, showing that this child most likely taken captive and hidden away. She didn't live long, as this is a strong death pattern. Venus in the eleventh opposing Neptune in the fifth is a good sign that the child was hidden somewhere and used for sex. The mutual reception between Uranus and Neptune seems to describe photography or photographic equipment. There may have been photos involved in this case. Neptune in the fifth disposed of by Uranus in the sixth with Uranus conjoined Mars and Mars ruling the eighth, these were sex photos taken for his personal use and was mostly a hobby and not a porn business or sex slavery thing. He was not making money from the use of this girl or any other girl. This was driven by a personal desire.

The abductor in this event is defined by Neptune in Aquarius. This gives him a technology fetish, where he collects tech items and likes to play with gadgets. He is fascinated by film, by movies, pictures, photo art, images and music. He probably has a large collection of entertainment items such as music recordings and movies. Neptune in Aquarius in the fifth shows a liking for pornography and an attraction to child porn. Physically, this person would be very attractive with a nice body. He would be obsessed with his physical body and probably exercises, eats carefully and even works out, may be into body building or sculpting. He may have an "adonis" complex, addicted to his own appearance. He may dream of performing in porno movies. He would have soft, curly hair (not frizzy or wild but cut neatly), light eyes and hair, sweeping brows, high cheekbones, the whole pretty boy thing going on. Long eyelashes, dimples, etc.. This man is very passionate, obsessed with sex and very young girls, jealous, with depraved tastes and bad habits.

Discuss This Case At My Forum

In the chart for 9 am, I see that the north node has joined the Moon in Taurus in the eighth house. This man is acting out a complex plan he has and going through motions. Taurus indicates ingrained habits that he cannot seem to break. Mercury trine the node tells us he has done this before with other girls and will do it again. It is a part of a lifestyle for this man. The Moon disposed of by Venus in the eleventh and square to Venus as well is a marker for someone who prefers to have sex with children he does not know. IF he has a daughter or a sister, she is safe. He does not fool around with relatives. Venus so close to the Sun tells me as well that he lives under the thumb of a powerful person in his life, someone who tells him what to do and intimidates him. He is literally afraid of this person, whether this is his father, his wife or a friend.

Mars in the sign Pisces in the sixth house and disposed of by Neptune in the fifth indicates that he uses drugs to enforce his will on his victims. He literally makes them helpless. Mars in Pisces in the sixth retrograde may indicate a paralytic type of drug, one that makes the girls unable to move or resist him. Also, Mars as the eighth house ruler in this configuration, tells me that he is also a necrophiliac and he likes to keep their bodies after they are dead. His plan is a violent one, no doubt, and this can be seen by the exact conjunction between the north node and the fixed star, Caput Algol, the most violent fixed star. The Moon is within 4 four degrees of both the node and Algol, giving double emphasis to this mayhem and because of this I would say her death was violent and sadistic. The disposition of Neptune, the marker for drugs, by the planet Uranus in conjunction with the fixed star, Fomulhaut, another marker for drugs and drug addiction, I think it is safe to say that drugs played a part in this event. This is either his addiction or the use of drugs to subdue his victims or both. Jupiter, which rules the fourth house in the chart for 8 am, is conjoined to the fixed star Pheada, a marker for sex addiction. One more reason to beleive that he has done this before and will do it again. He is not capable of stopping. And, finally, last but not least, is the opposition of the fixed star, Markab, to Mercury, the marker for the child. This fixed star often indicates death by shooting. It is possible that, after all was said and done, the child was shot.

Many of the investigators on this case beleive this might be a serial killer. There are several other similar cases in the same area of the country that may be linked to this one. I will attempt to locate those and chart those and compare them to this one. Look for these in a future post.

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