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Baby Lisa Irwin

Baby Disappears From Bedroom While Mother Sleeps

From KMBC / Channel 9 :

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Just hours after being introduced as the legal counsel for the parents of missing 11-month-old Lisa Irwin, attorney Joe Tacopina appeared on network morning news to talk about the investigation and apparent changes in the mother's time line. When asked by "Good Morning America's" George Stephanopoulos about changes in Deborah Bradley's story about when she last saw the baby, Tacopina denied there was any sort of discrepancy.

"There's not a four-hour gap," Tacopina said. "There's not, because what she said was she put the baby to bed around 6:30 p.m., at one point, during one of the 13 hours of interviews, she had said she believed she had checked on her at 10:30 p.m. It's not an inconsistency. It may be a recollection refreshed at some later point, but it's certainly not material as to whether she had anything to do with the disappearance of her baby. Other witnesses were there that fixed the time lines."

Tacopina reasserted his belief that the parents had nothing to do with their daughter's disappearance.

"There have been some things that have been shared with PD that I'm not going to reveal at this point. But there is enough that clearly eliminates them in my mind -- some of their actions, their candor, the immediacy of their actions, things that were missing in the house when Jeremy came home," Tacopina said.

Tacopina said he did not want to cast aspersions on the police, but he said he had problems with the way some detectives have handled the investigation.

"Some of the local police officers in this case have conducted themselves in a way that to me is baffling. For instance, within hours of their reporting this baby missing, which was instantaneously, where Deborah is trembling, one of the interrogators, I'll call them, actually accused of her of murdering her baby without a stitch of proof," Tacopina said. "Imagine for a second, assume, that this baby was kidnapped or taken, and this mother who's in terror is being accused, without any evidence, by the person who's supposed to be helping her find her baby of committing murder."

Tacopina then added that KCPD is doing its job in trying to find the baby.

Bill Stanton, the private investigator hired last week by someone anonymous to help the parents also appeared with Tacopina. Stanton said he is convinced that someone outside the house took the baby.

"My feeling is that baby is alive. Someone has her," Stanton said.

From ABC News :

New surveillance footage of a mystery man may support the claim by the parents of Lisa Irwin that their daughter was abducted.

In video obtained exclusively by "Good Morning America," a man dressed in white is seen leaving a wooded area, at 2:30 a.m. the night of Lisa's disappearance.

The family says Lisa was abducted and they point to key witnesses who saw a suspicious man that night, carrying a baby.

Mike Thompson told ABC News that he was on his way home from work around 4 a.m. on Oct. 4 when he saw a man in a T-shirt carrying a baby at an intersection about three miles from the Irwin home.

It was shortly after 4 a.m. that Lisa's parents said they discovered she was missing.

"[At] 4 a.m., 45 degrees, baby don't have a coat or nothing and this guy is walking down the street and I thought it was kind of weird," Thompson said.

He thought the sight was so unusual that he recalled considering offering the man and baby a ride home, but couldn't because he was on his motorcycle.

He later reported what he saw to police and told ABC News he is convinced the baby was Lisa.

Thompson described the man as around 5-feet-7, between 140 and 150 pounds and in his late 30s or early 40s.

A few hours earlier, a couple living three houses down from the Irwin family said they saw a similar sight. A woman and her husband said they saw a man in a T-shirt carrying a baby. They thought the situation was so unusual that they reported it to police on the morning of Oct. 4.

"It was shocking because I couldn't imagine anyone outside walking with their baby in the cold like that with no clothes on," the woman told ABC News.

Bradley has said that Lisa was wearing purple shorts and a purple T-shirt when she last saw her, but the neighboring couple said the baby they saw did not appear to be wearing any clothing.

"We seen the little arm, the leg, it didn't look like the baby had on any clothes, just a diaper," she said.

ABC News consultant and former FBI agent Brad Garrett said the timeline of events is strange.

"Are you going to logically abduct a child, let's say in the midnight area, then 2-4 hours later, you are spotted in the proximity of the neighborhood. I mean, that doesn't make any sense," he said. "It could be true, of course, but the logic of abducting a child is so you can take the child to some other location."


This case caught my eye on the TV the other night and I realized that this baby was still missing and they had no clues. There have been shoes dropping all over the place and I could see right away that the cops suspected the parents. There have been a lot of parents killing their children as of late so you can't really blame them for jumping to that conclusion. In fact, I heard there was decomp found in the parent's bedroom, next to the bed. And then I heard several eyewitnesses had given testimony seeing someone with the child in the wee hours of the morning. Wow. I was fascinated. I love cases where there are shoes dropping, don't you? So I drew up the charts and started with the time when dad came home and found the baby missing. Those charts gave immediate information that dovetailed with some of the facts that have come to light. When a chart pops out at me and is very readable right from the start, I just cannot resist. So let's take a look at what those charts had to say.

The baby's mother says she looked in on the baby at 10:30 pm. This was at first considered a discrepancy in her story because she had said she had last seen the baby when she put her to bed at 6:30 pm. Witnesses presented the information that she had actually checked on the baby at 10:30 pm. The charts seem to support this. This chart shows the first house ruler, Mercury, together with the fifth house ruler, Venus, in the fifth house (children). In fact, the first house ruler, the fifth house ruler and the fourth house ruler are all disposed of by Venus, which rules the fifth. This means that the reason the mother (first house ruler) is in the child's bedroom (fifth house) is to check on the child (fifth house ruler being Venus) and that this bedroom is inside the home (fourth house ruler in the fifth). Interestingly, in addition, Mercury rules the first house and is also the traditional marker of children, underscoring the report that the mother was with the child at this time. I think she is telling the truth. And, also, the baby looks fine and in her bed at this hour, as well.

The charts for 11 pm show the appearance of a new person coming into the home. Saturn is in Libra, which is ruled by Venus and Venus rules the fifth house cusp. Venus is also still placed in the fifth, showing the baby in her room. The Moon rules the first (and co rules the entire chart) and is in the sign Capricorn in the seventh house and disposed of by Saturn. This shows me that the mom knew this person who entered the home and that she probably let them into the house. Because her marker is disposed of by this persons marker, I would venture to guess that she knew this person was coming. Mercury rules the fourth house as well and has moved up under the Sun's beams, hinting at danger in the home. But I do not see any direct threat from this particular person and I do believe the mother knew this person and was not afraid.

And to consider the fact that reports have the mother drinking that night and possibly drunk, I notice that the first house ruler, Mercury, is in the fifth house, which is the "party" house. This could be showing us the mother partying. Notice that her co ruler, the Moon, is in the eighth house in Capricorn and disposed of by Saturn, also in the fifth and conjoined Mercury. This grouping creates energies that make the Moon, Saturn and Mercury the rulers and markers for mommy. Moon square Saturn shows intemperance and lack of self control; possible emotional rebellion. This might be the woman who says, "damn it all, I'm gonna have a drink!" or it might be the woman who says, "people may not want me to drink, but darn it, I'm going to do it" and possibly to spite someone. Saturn in Libra is a dignified position but square to Moon in Capricorn, which is in fall, can indicate a spiteful mood, especially with the Moon in the eighth. This drinking binge might have been a sort of revenge on someone. Perhaps her husband admonished her when she drank in the past? Or perhaps she had been asked not to drink? It just feels like an act of rebellion when looking at these aspects. One last note- I see that the eighth house ruler, Saturn, is conjoined to the twelfth house ruler, Venus, with the first house ruler Mercury there in the fifth. This woman wasn't kidding when she says she blacked out. She was literally unconscious at some point and I think that might have been the goal. I think she was drowning her sorrows, but this is my opinion here and not something shown the charts per se.

Running charts for the next few hours show nothing outstanding except the visit from the friend. At midnight, everything looks to be ordinary. So I jump ahead to the 2:30 am hour, which the reported hour of the first sighting for the strange man. The video cams have him coming out of the woods at this time so I want to look at the charts to see what they say. You can clearly see this man in the woods in this chart. The seventh house ruler, which always shows us the next person we will meet, is in the ninth house, the traditional marker for outdoors wooded areas. But Uranus is cusping, moving into the eighth, which shows a change in the man's situation, which corresponds with him leaving the woods at this time. So he is seen "coming out". But I believe this sighting was at a time after he left the Irwins' home with the baby. In fact, I believe he entered the home sometime between 2 am and 3 am, which centers the time close to the time he was seen leaving the woods. Uranus, already in the ninth house at 2 am and showing this man to be in the woods, is disposed of by Mars in Leo, right at the first house cusp. This shows a direct confrontation, some sort of attack. The first house is the marker for the mother in this case. The fifth house ruler, which marks the baby, is in the tenth house, again showing the baby still in the home. Mars and the first house cusp are disposed of by the Sun in the third house, showing all of this to happen in one neighborhood, an area familiar not only to the victim but to the abductor as well. In fact, I believe this man came from an area in the same neighborhood, very close to the baby's family home. Sun is conjunct Mercury, which is the traditional marker for children and babies, showing that the baby and the home in question was a target. This was not a random event. The node is in the fifth house, disposed of by the baby's marker, again saying that this baby was a target and it's because this home was in this neighborhood.

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The chart for 3 am appears to show us the abduction. Notice how the seventh house ruler is in the eighth and the eighth house ruler is in the seventh, a descriptor showing a criminal or someone performing a criminal act. This marker traditionally shows us someone seedy and dangerous, who lives on the edge and engages in very sleazy activities. Here he is engaged in a criminal act, shown by the marker for the baby moving into the ninth house. Has he taken the baby to the woods? Going back to the actual entrance into the home, Mars rules the fourth house so I believe he broke in (attacked the home) as Mars crossed over the first house cusp. This occur ed sometime between 2 and 2:30 am. Because Mars is in Leo and disposed of by the Sun in the third, I think he got in through the garage or some other outside access area but one where the car is kept, such as a carport or driveway area with a door to the house. Mars is right at the first house cusp at the time of entry so I think he went into the parent's bedroom first. He probably stood right beside their bed (Leo is the natural ruler of the fifth house and a marker for a den or bedroom). Besides, Sun is in Libra, and Libra also describes bedrooms, especially joint ones where couples sleep. So this man went in there first, to make sure they were asleep or to kill them if they posed a problem. And because the mother was the only one home, I would say he stood next to her for a moment (Mars at the cusp) and on realizing that she was unconscious, left her there. The charts have her marker, the Moon, in the sixth house, which can often show a handicap that affects performance and Capricorn is a common marker in the charts of alcoholics. So I think she was telling the truth, as embarrassed as I am sure she was, when she said that she was stone cold drunk on the night the baby was taken.

So the charts comply with the reports that this man came out of the woods. In fact, the charts support the idea that he either lives in the woods or spends a lot of time there and probably took the baby into the woods at some point. The chart for 3 am clearly shows the baby's marker, Jupiter, in the ninth house. Jupiter is disposed of by Venus in Libra in the third house, showing the baby being moved about in the same area. The third house shows the neighborhood and Venus is on the cusp of the third as well as being the marker for the baby's location. This shows us the baby being moved around (Libra) on foot (Jupiter in Taurus) in the same neighborhood (the third house). Libra shows us the baby being taken west or a westerly direction from the family home. The actual location itself is described by the ninth house, which means a wooded area in the outdoors. The baby could be literally outdoors or she could be in a cabin or other home in the woods. The large number of planets in Libra in the third seem to indicate a mobile home or trailer. The ninth house indicates a southwestern area so I would assume the baby was taken west on foot and once in the desired area, was located in the southwest quadrant of that area. So if it's in a trailer park, then it's in the southwest area of the park. And the park itself would be west from the family home.

Taurus is a strong marker, ruling the tenth and being the sign the baby's marker is placed in, so I would guess that the location where the baby is being kept has Taurean qualities. This means the area would have gardens of some sort, with people seeding and growing plants, most likely food crops. This could be private gardens with beans and corn or it could be larger agricultural operations. There may be wheat fields in the area, as well and a cattle pasture, cattle farms or slaughterhouses for cattle. There are going to be lots of trees in the area with small animals like porcupines or groundhogs and landscaped parks with turtles and other amphibians. There may be lumber mills or other lumber operations in the area, mostly serving companies that make furniture. Look also for the bank nearest to the family home and the closest luxury hotel. These can serve as markers for the general area where the baby was or still is being kept.

Right away, I want to say that I do not see a death pattern in any of these charts. I do not see the baby being dead, being murdered or in danger of death. I believe that the baby is still alive right now but I am hoping the charts will help us figure out why the baby was taken. So, the next chart I worked on was for 4:00 am, which was the time of a second sighting of the man with a baby and also the time at which daddy returned home to later discover Lisa was gone. So what does the chart say about the second sighting? We know that the man was seen by another man who was returning home from work, much the same as Lisa's daddy who was coming home from work himself. You can see that the seventh house ruler is in the sixth so I am allowing the seventh house ruler to mark the witness rather than the abductor. This man was coming home from work so this makes sense. The baby, I would guess, would be ruled by Saturn (fifth house ruler), the Moon (chart co ruler) and Mercury (traditional ruler for babies). I think it's interesting that Neptune, which rules the witness, is disposed of by Uranus in the eighth house, which seems to say that he witnessed a "criminal act". I am thinking that the abductor is shown by the eleventh house (the seventh from the fifth) and is marked by the Moon as well. So the abductor and the baby share a marker which is not unusual when you consider that the baby is not a real player in the case, being basically helpless. But the baby and the abductor are one, with the baby dependant upon this person for her fate. The Moon is in the fifth house, another traditional marker for children, and is disposed of by Saturn in the second house, which is conjunct to Mercury, the traditional marker for children. So this all works together. Mercury rules the first and second house and is conjoined to the other planets in the second house, which seems to indicate a financial transaction of some sort. Uranus in the eighth is disposed of by Mars in the twelfth and these planets are trine and also involved in a larger grand trine involving the node. This is a big operation, it's secret and it's criminal. Uranus in Aries is a strong marker for outlaws, theives and bootleggers. Aries is the traditional marker for business, the second house rules transactions and money and Mars in the twelfth describes aggressive activity, even violence, that goes on in secret. This is a criminal enterprise. And they took the baby for a financial reason.

Looking at the charts for 4 am, 4:15 am and 4:30 am, I am convinced that the baby was taken and then sold almost immediately. There was a transaction in the making that required a baby and this child was chosen because she was accessible, probably the right sex and possibly the right age. All of the planets in the second house, including the first and tenth house markers, the fifth house dispositor, the dispositor of the Moon and the second house marker, presenting in a stellium, is a powerful indicator in this chart. In fact, you just cannot ignore it. The biggest indicator is the fifth house marker in conjunction with the first house marker in the second house, showing us the adult with the child selling the child. Mercury is disposed of by Venus in Libra so I am guessing the child was sold to a woman. This is not written in stone and there is a possibility this person was a man (Libra is a masculine sign) but Venus is a feminine marker so it's possible that this was a woman or, perhaps, a man and a woman, a couple. Libra being the sign of marriage and partnerships it is very possible that the baby was purchased by a couple, a man and a woman. Little baby Lisa became a black market baby sold in a black market adoption? It is very possible.

The chart for 6 am show the baby being moved again. She is in the hands of the merchant or buyer (Mercury in the first ruled by Mercury). They may still be waiting to finalize the sale, waiting for the money it seems, with Venus, the second house ruler, still in the second. But the baby is in the hands of the person who is either selling or buying her. The first house ruler and tenth house ruler is Mercury and it is disposed of by Venus which, as I already pointed out, is still in the money house. Neptune, the seventh house ruler, is now in the fifth house, so it looks like they are hiding the baby. Neptune also indicates secret activity, possibly illegal. Uranus is right at the seventh house cusp and I consider Uranus a marker for adoption. Neptune in the fifth definitely describes that situation in which one "doesn't know who the parents are". The baby will never know who her parents are, I suppose. The Moon, a secondary marker, is in the fourth house, showing the baby and the abductor to be in a home now. Jupiter ruling the fourth house cusp with Jupiter in Taurus in the eighth combined with the Moon in Capricorn indicates a wealthy neighborhood. The Moon in Capricorn is disposed of by Saturn in Libra in the first, conjoined with Mercury, seeming to say that these rich people wanted a baby. I know this seems far fetched but this is what the charts are saying. This baby was taken by black market criminals and sold to a wealthy couple in the same state. This baby was not driven or flown anywhere. This baby is not dead and the people who have baby Lisa are wealthy and beyond suspicion.

This baby was taken west and then situated southwest in that area. She started in a wooded area, perhaps even a trailer park in the woods, and then moved to a city location where she was sold. And from there she was taken to a wealthy, upscale area south of the city. This is an upscale neighborhood with trees, gardens, nice landscaping, large homes and expensive cars. Capricorn describes someone self employed who owns a lucrative company with many employees and a high profile in the community. Taurus describes frugal people who are careful with investments and money and have collectible items like antiques and art. The house is described as having gardens with lush landscaping and lots of flowers; floral perfume in the air. They may have a large dog. There may be an organic vegetable garden on the property. There could be a large garage, tall trees near the house, lots of valuables stored in trunks and closets. The house itself would have lots of dark, shadowy places in the lower rooms, corner alcoves and cornices on the windows with heavy window treatments. There is an overt appearance of luxury and comfort. Everything is plush; stuffed furniture, thick carpeting, big pillows and bolstered seating areas. The kitchen and pantry are probably oversized with lots of cooking appliances. There will not be a lot of electronics or other high tech gear and there won't be a lot of books or magazines. These people like to eat, drink fine wine, watch the wildlife in their yard, tend to their gardens and snuggle. They are lovers of the finer things in life. And apparently they wanted a baby and couldn't get one the usual way. When you find the neighborhood, south of the city, then you will find their house on the north end of the neighborhood.

I hope they find this baby soon. The charts for the time of the abduction show the first house ruler and fifth house ruler within a few degrees of each other. This tells me that the baby was nearby even when they discovered her missing. She was never very far away. Watching the movement between these two rulers, we see that the Moon does translate the light between Mercury and Saturn which can indicate that the parents will eventually see this baby again. Now, whether that is dead or alive I cannot say. All I can say is that this child was still alive at the latest hour of the morning of October 5. After that, I cannot be sure of the viability of charts done for random days or times. Both rulers are in angular signs but they are in succeedant houses so the time element comes out to be months rather than days. It will be about 2 months before there is some serious, valuable information about this baby. And then it will be another 4 months before the child is found. This is according to tradtional readings for times as read by degrees. Whether the child is found dead or alive in 6 months I do not know. If other sightings are reported for the coming days or months then I will do charts for them as well to see what has transpired. Right now, all we can do is wait and see.

As my usual parting effort, I will make an attempt to describe this man who took the baby. Uranus in Aries is a criminal marker, someone who lives as an outlaw, and is a common marker for theives and the places where they hide their stolen goods. Here it is in the eighth house, a traditional marker for sleazy, crumby people who live a life of crime. This is often the pickpocket, the kidnapper, the molester. This person usually has a criminal record, which I am sure this man does because Uranus is disposed of by Mars in Leo in the twelfth, the twelfh house being the traditional descriptor for prisons and places of confinement. Mars also rules the ninth house in this chart which is a marker for law enforcement. I would feel safe in guessing he had been arrested at some time in the past and maybe has a prison record. Uranus in Aries traditionally describes someone who is fairly tall and thin. This would not a short fat guy for sure. There is color in the skin, either darker than the norm for the race or florid, flushed skin that makes the face look red. There is going to be dark eyes. The hair may be dark with reddish highlights, auburn, copper, almost any shade of red and even flaming red is possible. But even very dark hair has a reddish aura. This man is very original and eccentric. He lives outside the box and prides himself on being sort of a McGyver type. He is able to make lemonade out of lemons and to find new, inventive ways of solving his problems. He is clever and unique but can also be very hard to understand. His personality and personal doings seem cryptic to everyone who lives a normal life. This man has mechanical ability and has a gift for understanding electronics. He may have worked in the past at a job where he fixed things. He is good with computers. He may have a history of stealing electronics or computers. He may use a computer to commit his crimes. There is a bad temper which can become violent all of a sudden, unexpectedly. He is totally unpredictable and can be rash in action. He can be blunt and inconsiderate and is known for radical speech, saying outrageous things. He is untrustworthy and may have freinds but they will also be radicals and criminals. This man is probably not married.


  1. that's fascinating...
    do you ever contact police with any of this? it's entirely possible this baby has been sold to some couple.

  2. I think the chart you did on baby Lisa is excellent. I am getting 6 of Pentacles in my Tarot spread which leads me to believe as you also said that this baby might have been sold. I wonder if the mother is in on it?

  3. I have been a Tarot card reader for 20+ years and an Intuitive for a lot longer. Upon hearing of this case, my first impressions were similar to yours, except that I felt the mother knew the 'intruder' and knew his plan and was a party to it. This is revealed in the mother's statement that she put the baby "in fresh clothes" before putting her to bed. And I think her 'getting drunk' was her way to block out what she knew was coming. She is a lot more clever than she appears and I think the authorities should be looking for hidden funds which were deposited for the purchase of the baby. JMO

  4. Sandy, I am not a tarot reader but I think you are probably right about that. I have had the suspicion as well that she somehow knew who this intruder was and that while she is not 'smart' she is probably not as dumb hick as we think. It's too convenient IMHO that she was SO drunk she blacked out.

  5.,_Missouri) I wanted to see if this location tells You anything. The park has a lumber company, a saving & loan, a landscape business and Hotel Romeo surrounding the property. To get to this from Lister you would go west then south then west. It also resembles leaning tower of Pisa as per stephanie's insite.

  6. Dr. and Mrs. Timothy Monahan, of Independence, Mo. still have a child they bought from a black market adoption agency in Guatamala. Even though the adoption was overturned and it was determined that the child involved was kidnapped, they won't give the child back. Maybe they know something.

  7. I was just wondering about baby lisa just the other day. so sad! I hope she's found alive and soon. Maybe your insight will help move things along. One can only hope. and yes, the police and press grilled and leaned on the poor mother til they refused to be interviewed anymore which 'looked bad' but can you blame them? they were clearly being harassed by authorities. heart breaking.


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