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Susan Cox Powell

Woman Disappears While Husband is Camping

From Wikipedia:

At first, her entire family – husband Joshua Powell and two small children ages 4 and 2 – were initially reported missing by family members.

Subsequently her husband returned on December 7 with the two children claiming to have been on a camping trip, having left his wife at the home in the early hours of December 7. Police and neighbors have since labeled her disappearance "suspicious" and are in the process of investigating.

West Valley City Police Captain Tom McLachlan said on December 10 that there is no indication of where 28-year-old Susan Cox Powell might be, and that "she has not contacted us or anyone else we know about". Powell failed to show up at her job at Wells Fargo Financial on December 7. Her purse, cell phone, and car all were left behind at her home in West Valley City, a suburb of Salt Lake City. Police have interviewed Joshua Powell and their 4-year-old son, but have not yet released any details.

The father of Susan Cox Powell has asked people to stop focusing on her husband Joshua. "I don't see him as capable of harming her," said Charles Cox, who flew in from his home in Washington State to assist in finding his daughter.

McLachlan told the media that authorities plan to re-question Joshua Powell. Police have also subpoenaed all footage and interviews, aired and unaired, of Joshua Powell from local television stations. The police currently consider Joshua Powell to be a person of interest in the investigation. Joshua Powell has retained an attorney in connection with the investigation.

On December 28, 2009, the search warrants in Susan Cox Powell's case were sealed by a judge.

Joshua Powell has moved to Puyallup, Washington, and will rent the house in Utah.

From The Examiner :

Thursday, December 3, 2009: Debbie Caldwell, Susan's friend and daycare provider, went to the Powell home for the evening. Susan had agreed to cut and dye Debbie's hair. Debbie remembers that evening being especially stressful for both Susan and herself. Click here to read an account of what transpired.

Saturday, December 5, 2009: The Powell family attended a church Christmas breakfast from about 9 a.m. to noon. Susan then went to work and JoVonna Owings, a friend of Susan's, took care of the children while Susan worked.

Later that evening, around 7 p.m., JoVonna's son went to the Powell home to care for their two young children, Charlie, 4 at the time, and Braden, 2 at the time, while their parents attended Josh's company Christmas party. Josh and Susan returned home at about 10 p.m.

Sunday, December 6, 2009: The last day friends and family saw Susan. Timeline (times are approximate):

* 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.: Stake conference at the Hunter-36 Ward/Stake Building at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
* Noon: Susan walked home from church with her two boys
* Approx. 2:15 p.m.: Susan called JoVonna asking her to come help untangle yarn; Josh was making brunch, overheard the conversation, and invited JoVonna to eat with the family
* 2:30 p.m.: JoVonna arrives to the Powell home to help Susan untangle yarn
* For the next hour-and-a-half to two hours, Susan and JoVonna work on untangling yard; boys play, Josh continues cooking brunch
* 4 or 4:30 p.m.: Josh served a late brunch; he served everyone individually rather than buffet-style
* 5 or 5:30 p.m.: Susan went to take a nap; JoVonna saw Josh take the boys out to the garage; Josh told her he was taking them sledding - NOTE: According to JoVonna, Susan was wearing a dark shirt with loose, black pants when she last saw her
* Before JoVonna left, she told Josh she could bring the yarn back that evening
* Josh declined her offer stating Susan wouldn't get a chance to work on it until her next days off
* 8 or 8:30 p.m.: JoVonna states neighbor said they saw Josh come home
* 11:45 p.m.: It was reported a car alarm went off for about 2 minutes at the Powell home; police were not called
* Midnight: Josh claims Susan went to bed
* 12:30 a.m.: Josh claims he took the boys on an impromptu camping trip to the West Utah Desert during a snowstorm and subfreezing weather

This timeline continues at the site at the above link and continues hour by hour for the days following her disappearance.


I apologize for not getting this chart up faster but I was having a really hard time with this case. It took me weeks of working the charts, going over and over each one time and again and then even starting over when I was finished with the first analysis. The reason became clear to me over the course of my work. I did not have a viable time line that worked with what really happened here. I had started out using the time when Josh returned home at 8:30pm. When the charts seemed to be a bit crazy right off the bat I ended up chasing some red herrings. And then I tried moving the charts up and starting at the time the car alarm was heard. That didn't work either. The charts were just producing a lot of stuff that either didn't fit the facts or just seemed to be out of place. For instance, the charts for 8:30pm looked as if Josh walked in the door in a fit of rage. It looked like he attacked his wife almost immediately. I had no way of knowing if this fit the facts but it certainly moved things forward more quickly than the timeline did. When was Susan last seen alive? And when can we say she died? Or if she died? These were questions I was getting nowhere with way too fast. I was stumped. I am still stumped about a few things here and I will present them to you and let you decide what is going on for yourself.

I went back to the drawing board four times and each time read over the accounts again. I suddenly realized that the time when Susan was last seen to be alive by a viable witness other than her husband was at 5:30 pm that afternoon when their guests left after the brunch. She was supposedly taking a nap at that time and her husband was leaving to take the children sledding. Josh was seen to leave with the kids at the same time that her friend said goodbye, leaving Susan to take a nap alone. The friend is precise about the time and all the details, including what Susan was wearing. Josh did leave the home, it seems, this is supported by eyewitnesses who saw him return with the children at 8:30 that evening. So the real time last seen was at 5:30 that afternoon. Did this change things? Did this give a different reading? I will say yes it did. In fact, starting at the earlier hour is why I was able to finally finish an analysis for this case as the charts actually started to make sense. I will show you want I discovered here and I think everyone will be surprised. I will also show you where I am stumped and let you dope it out from there.

In the chart for 5 pm we see that the seventh house ruler, Jupiter, is in the tenth house. This shows her husband (Josh) in his home. Jupiter is with Neptune, which rules the eleventh, showing there to be friends of his present. Jupiter is disposed of by Uranus in the eleventh house, as well. The eleventh house also shows siblings and children. There is no doubt that Josh is in the home with friends and family at this hour. Mercury rules the first house and is placed in the seventh, showing us Susan with her husband and, at the least, present. Mercury is conjoined Pluto in Capricorn and both planets are disposed of by Saturn in the fifth. She is a bit of a party pooper. She is concerned with the kids and is not really in the mood for levity. She may have appeared to be down or unhappy. The Moon opposes Jupiter on the midheaven / nadir axis showing me that they (Susan and her husband) were not getting along. There was a disagreement floating around. An argument in the offing, perhaps. Especially when you notice that the Moon is conjoined Mars and Mercury is with Pluto. She is definitely upset about something.

In the chart for 5:15 pm notice that the seventh house ruler, Jupiter, has left the tenth house for the ninth. This shows us Josh (the partner) going to the garage (the ninth is the third from the seventh and the seventh from the third) where his car is. This is his car as shown by the ninth house being the seventh from the third. Notice that the Moon is in the third house also with Mars, the co ruler of the fifth house. This looks a lot like Susan and the kids. And it looks like they are getting into the car. All reports given do not have Susan going along on the sledding trip and the neighbors who saw Josh return later did not report seeing her in the car. So what happened here? Did she go along and not come back? Mercury rules the first house and is the marker for the subject, along with the Moon, and it is conjoined Pluto in the seventh house. This looks like she is with her husband (partner), doesn't it? Doesn't it look like they are together. Her marker, the Moon, in the third house and his marker, Jupiter, in the ninth, showing them to be in the area of the car and the garage. They have not left yet but they are most certainly together, according to these charts. So this was a stumper for me. This did not fit reported facts.

And then I move the charts forward an hour. The reports have Josh and the kids leaving sometime between 5 and 5:30 pm so I assume they should be gone by 6:15 pm. Reports have them returning at 8:30 pm. But take a look at this chart. Cancer has taken over the first house which makes the Moon her double marker. It is in the third house! She is in that car. This does not jibe with reports but this is what the charts are saying. Also, please note, that the kids are not seen in the car with her at this time. Also, the seventh house ruler, Saturn, is in the fourth house in the sign Libra. Is her husband in the house while she is in the car? Because I have not seen him in that car yet I do not think they have left that house. No one has reported actually seeing them leave. They report seeing him return much later but no one actually saw anyone leave. This creates a huge dark hole in the facts that I just can't reconcile with these charts. But this is what the chart says. She is in the car, he is in the house and they have not left yet. Now, she could possibly be doing something with the car like cleaning or straightening it out, or getting it ready for the kids (adjusting car seats or the like). He could be in the house preparing for the trip. But they have not left yet and she is not napping so this is where we are at 6:15.

Josh (her partner) does not get into that car until 8 pm. You can see that in the chart for that hour the seventh house ruler, Saturn, has finally entered the third house. Saturn is disposed of by Venus in the fifth so he is doing this for the kids. The kids are going. But notice that the first house ruler, the Moon, which is Susan's marker, is in the second house with Mars. Mars rules the tenth house cusp and the fifth house cusp. So she is occupied with the belongings of her children, probably in the home (tenth house). These are her belongings, too, (second house) but she is upset about something involving these belongings (Mars). This appears to be a big problem for her at this time (both planets rule angular houses) but does not seem to involve her husband, who appears to have finally left to go sledding (fifth house). Notice that her marker, the Moon, and Mars are both disposed of by the Sun, which is in the fifth house near Venus. I think there might have been something the kids needed to bring that could not be found or was broken or something. But it did cause them to leave later than they had planned.

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Notice that in the chart for 8 pm, the seventh house ruler is in the third house, showing the subject in a car. Then at 8:30 pm, the seventh house ruler becomes Uranus and it is in the ninth, showing us the subject in the garage again. This tells us the whereabouts and activities of the partner, or husband. But if you look at the chart for 7:30 pm and 8:00 pm you will see that the tenth house angle has been taken over by Aries. Mars now rules an angle from the first house where it conjoins the Moon. The Moon is Susan's double marker. This very much looks as if her husband were leaving the home in his car at this time but someone else was entering the scene simultaneously. Since Mars rules the tenth this is a paternal figure, a male figure, that I, at first, thought must be her husband. At that point in my analysis, I could not make these findings work together. Credible witnesses saw him return at 8:30 pm so he could not have been in the house at 8 pm. The charts clearly show him leaving at 8 pm, in fact. So who is this person if not the father of the children? I am thinking this is a father in law. I am thinking this is either her father or her husband's father. This is who came to the home right when Josh was leaving. And I am pretty sure her husband knew that this person was coming because the node is at the seventh cusp. This may well have been planned in advance.

Because I am thinking that chaos has just arrived I am going to be very careful with my analysis from this point forward. Where I find myself stumped or unsure I will tell you and let you figure it out for yourself. But this whole scenario looks really hinky from this time forward. In the chart for 8:10 pm you can see that Mars is with the Moon in the second and both planets are disposed of by the Sun in the fifth house. This does look like the father or father in law has come around to see the kids. But when you look at the chart you see that the fifth house ruler, Pluto, is with Mercury, the traditional marker for kids in the sixth house and that both planets are disposed of by Saturn, the seventh house ruler, in the third. They are not there; they are with their father in the car. But there is one more marker here that I think cannot be overlooked. The Sun is with Venus, the fourth house ruler, and they are both in Sagittarius, disposed of by Jupiter in the eighth house. Jupiter is closely aligned with Neptune. There is a hidden agenda here and it looks like a romantic or sexual one. This does not look like an innocent attempt to visit with the kids, does it? I am thinking an excuse was made, to visit the kids perhaps, when the real intent was a romantic interest in Susan. I realize that since the first reports for this case were made a lot of other information has come to light. One of the recent accusations to appear has been towards Josh's father, who was said to have had designs on Susan. They are even now saying that he has been accused of sexual harassment in the matter. This chart does give some credence to the idea that he might have had a thing for Susan Powell.

I believe the chart for 8:20 pm shows an attack on Susan. Mars moves into the first house which is a traditional marker for a physical attack on the body of the subject. Mars is disposed of by the Sun, as already noted, in the fifth house. The Sun is with Venus and both are disposed of by Jupiter in the eighth, a marker for sex or sexual contact. Jupiter is near Neptune, showing a hidden or secret agenda. The Moon is dexter from a trine aspect with the Sun, showing that Susan has been nice to this man and has been tolerant. The sign Leo hints at flattery and a liking for attention; she may have tolerated his interest in her because she was flattered by it. Both rulers, his and hers, are disposed of by the Sun, showing the nature of their relationship. The Sun is in the fifth house, which can describe a romance but remember it can also describe children. I am not sure which effect had meaning for Susan; perhaps they both did?

Mars, his ruler, is in 18 degrees of Leo and is only several degrees away from an exact opposition to Jupiter. Mars opposing Jupiter is a traditional marker for excess; a tendency to overdo it is a common interpretation. The Sun is in trine aspect to both Mars and the Moon so is this relationship consensual? Did Susan go along with it? Or does this just mean that their meeting on this day proved to be pleasant? It's hard to say. But the charts for 8:30 PM clearly show her husband coming back home. Saturn in the third moves from the rulership of the seventh with Uranus taking over the seventh cusp from the ninth. He comes back in the car and ends up parked in the garage. The charts are very clear on this one point so there is no doubt about the report from the neighbor. The charts bear this out clearly and this salient point is one indicator that these charts are viable; they are reflecting the facts.

At the 8:30 hour, both Mars and the Moon are in the first house. This aspect, disposed of by the Sun, which is now the first house ruler, and disposed of by Jupiter now in the seventh house, looks like a sexual assault. The seventh house ruler, Uranus, is now disposed of by Neptune in the eighth, which tells me that her husband would keep this quiet; he would keep the family secret. He knew about the sexual assault on this day and knew about any other activity that had happened in the past and he was in collusion with keeping the secret. Neptune in the eighth indicates that he may have had sexual indiscretions he was hiding, as well. Neptune and Uranus are in mutual reception which underscores this fact; Neptune rules the ninth, which is the usual marker for blood relations of the partner (being the third from the seventh) so this was his father and that alone would be good reason to keep quiet.

In the chart for 8:30 pm, we clearly see her husband coming home. The fifth house ruler, Jupiter, is in the seventh, showing the kids to be with their father (Susan's partner). As well, Jupiter is disposed of by Uranus so the kids are doing what daddy tells them. Mercury, the traditional marker for children, is in the sixth house, disposed of by Saturn in the third. I think he is having them stay in the car. Saturn indicates confinement so they may be strapped into car seats or the doors to the car may just be locked. But they are confined in the car, according to these charts. The sixth house is often a marker for confinement and so is Saturn. So let's just say that this is something he might have done. But it doesn't last long because the chart for 9 pm shows Mercury entering the fifth house with Jupiter, the fifth house ruler, conjoined Neptune in the seventh house. The children are taken to their bedroom and the entire event is kept secret (Neptune). Notice how the Moon and Mars are disposed of by the Sun which is in the fifth house conjoined Venus while Mercury and Pluto enter the fifth house also. You would think the kids would be right there with Susan and the father in law. But you must also take note of the fact that Mercury and Pluto are in Capricorn while Venus and the Sun are in Sagittarius. While both the kids and their mother are in bedrooms (fifth house) they are different bedrooms, described by different signs. From this you can ascertain that the kids are in their own room (Capricorn disposed of by Saturn in the third) and Susan and her father in law are in her bedroom, the one she shares with her husband (Venus and the Sun are disposed of by Jupiter in the seventh).

In the chart for 9 pm the one outstanding aspect becomes Uranus, the seventh house ruler, moving into the eighth house. This is a really harsh reflection on her husband's character, making him look rather depraved. This placement in most charts describes a criminal nature, one without morals who lives outside the law. We know this is not the case in general for this man but I would say it does show that, during the event in question, this man's morals left quite a bit to be desired. Again, this placement combined with the secretive placements mentioned earlier, show something hinky going on with this man and his wife. There is some degree of sexual misconduct but I am not sure what kind. I will leave this to my readers to figure out from their own analysis.

What I am most concerned about is what happened to Susan, if she is dead or alive and where she is now or where we can find her body. In the chart for 10 pm I can see the death pattern forming and I am pretty sure at this point that she is dead. Looking at the chart for 10:30 pm, I see that her marker, the Moon, has moved into the twelfth house along with Mars, which now co rules the fourth. The first house ruler is the Sun and it has moved into the fourth with the tenth house ruler, Venus. The seventh house ruler is in the eighth disposed of by Neptune in the sixth. She is going to die very soon here and her husband and her father in law are there. In fact, the tenth house ruler, Venus is right with the Sun as it moves through the fourth house. Mars and the Moon moving into the twelfth describe violent death. Moon in Leo in the twelfth points to heart failure or heart attack or a breaking of bones in the back. With Mars, there is some sort of assault involved. But there are other markers that point at drugging or poisoning. The eight house ruler is Neptune, which describes drugs, and it is in the sixth house of sickness. The sixth house shows confinement, too. Sun in Sagittarius in the fourth house shows a possible shooting with a gun. Sagittarius often describes ammunition and weapons, especially bullets but also knives. Pluto in the fifth always describes rape for me. The twelfth house ruler, the Moon, at the first house cusp, can show suffocation, drowning, smothering.

Please also note the fixed stars in this chart. Venus, which rules the tenth house and marks the father in law, is conjoined to Kelb Alrai, which indicates poisoning. The Sun, which rules the first house in the death chart, is conjoined Dschubba, a fixed star that describes murder. The Sun is also conjoined Sabik, a marker for perversity. And the Sun is also close to Ras Algethi, which means a devious plot was involved. The Sun is highly afflicted by evil fixed stars and the Sun is Susan's marker in the death chart. You have to also consider that there are other aspects to the Sun, as well, such as an opposition from Hoedus, a fixed star in Gemini that often describes lust, rape and lascivious behavior. I think lust describes very clearly what they have since revealed about her father in law. Bellatrix, another fixed star in Gemini that describes obsessive lust and rape, is also opposed to Susan's marker. As well, there is a cluster of evil fixed stars gathered in the first house not far from the Moon-Mars conjunction. The closest one in sinister aspect to the Moon is Alfard, a fixed star meaning death by asphyxiation or strangulation. Alfard can also mean death by drowning. Another serious marker is the square from Caput Algol in the tenth house to the Moon in the first. I have found Caput Algol to the be the most serious and most common marker in cases of violent murder and especially in cases that become famous. It was prominent in the Gainseville murders, in Ted Bundy's murders and in many others that became notorious. This case has received a lot of attention, as well, probably because Algol is in the tenth house. The Moon is sinister to the square in this chart so the influence is gaining in strength. All of these evil fixed stars seem to be conspiring against our subject and I have no doubt, after seeing these charts, that Susan is dead and that she died on December 6, 2009.

There is an awful lot of back and forth in all the charts for this case. During the next few hours I see Josh in the garage, working on something electronic. I see his father with his wife. I see her body in the house, apparently dead. But I cannot get a bead on the rest of this story as it relates to what has been reported. This leads me to beleive that almost every part of the story is a lie, with the exception of sighting of Susan or Josh by neighbors or friends. The story that he took the kids camping at midnight is just not supported by the charts. The story that she went to bed alone at midnight is also not supported. In fact, everything looks different in these charts than I expected based on what was reported. The timeline past the visit from friends on the afternoon of the sixth is cloudy and unrealiable. The last known sighting of Susan being alive by anyone other than her husband was at 5 pm that afternoon when her friends left the brunch. No one ever reported seeing the father in law on the property or coming and going from the property but then again no one but Josh has ever claimed to see them leaving for the camping trip. Did they actually go camping? And, if not, what on earth did go on that night? All of this seem murky and deliberately misleading. The first chart I could pin down showing anyone leaving that house was for 2 am in the morning of the 7th. And in this chart it is not Josh leaving but his father and he has got Susan in the car.

I know that in every case of a missing person the first and foremost most urgent matter is finding that person. This goes for recent cases where they hope to recover the subject alive and for stone cold cases where they wish they could find the body. I have been working hard at developing a system that helps with body location. There haven't been any until now and my system, although the only one out there, is still far from reliable. I am still putting things to the test to see if they work (throw it at the wall and see if it sticks) and haven't been able to prove anything yet. I am going to go out sometime this winter and try to locate a missing person in my own area myself and record it on video. I am hoping to work my system until it works! Anyways, in this case I am trying to figure out where Susan might be, dead or alive, today. And here at 2 am, I see her father in law taking her body off in a car.

The tenth house ruler, the Moon, marks her father in law in this chart. Her marker is the first house ruler, Venus, and it is in the third, showing her body to be in the car. Notice that the Moon is conjoined with Mars, the seventh house ruler, showing father and son together. The twelfth house ruler, Mercury, is in the third house (the car) and is the natural ruler of cars and other vehicles. There is no doubt in my mind when looking at this chart that it is saying that her body is in that car. Saturn just behind the Ascendant verifies that she is dead. Saturn is disposed of by Venus in the third, again showing us that the placement of her body is in a car. Notice how Mars and the Moon (the men) are both disposed of by the Sun in the third, which is close to Venus. This seems to be saying that they are taking her body to the woods. In fact, I would like to take another shot at figuring out exactly where that was.

The house at the point of leaving marks the northern most point from which to search. So placing the home at due north and working around it you can determine where they went. They left the house moving due south at first and then south by southeast. There is a distance of 4 degrees between the body (Saturn) and the new location (the fourth house cusp) and these placements are in cardinal signs (Capricorn and Libra) so the distance travelled is only about 4 miles away. They drove very fast, as fast as legally allowable in that area or maybe even faster if they weren't afraid of being pulled over with a body in the car. But they drove quickly (cardinal signs) only for about 4 miles (4 degrees) south by southeast. They probably turned south of their neighborhood and then at the next cross point they turned south by southeast. Again, remember, this is only a 4 mile drive.

In this chart, Mercury marks the spot. Mercury rules the twelfth house and is placed in the third in Capricorn. It is disposed of by Saturn in Libra in the twelfth. Mercury always describes small places or spaces. Capricorn describes rocky, dry ground with sparse vegetation. Pluto conjoined Mercury would describe small rocks that have been broken up by harsh weather or other activities. There may be a nuclear testing range in the area. Pluto and Mercury disposed of by Saturn indicates also that the body was altered in some manner to make it fit into something small. Mercury conjoined Pluto in Capricorn seems to indicate broken bones. Saturn in Libra in the twelfth indicates an area with very old, very tall trees. Saturn describes her actual body and since it is disposed of by Venus in Sagittarius it is my guess it was left in an outdoor area where people hunt. Bow and arrow hunting comes to mind because of Sagittarius (the archer) and Libra (things that fly through the air). Capricorn on the nadir with Mercury in Capricorn indicates there are small, hooved animals like goats, deer, muledeer, moose, sheep, elk, etc... in this area. There is no water in this area.

If there are mountains in this area the the search should start on the mountainsides. She could easily have been left up high. If there are large, tall trees in the area these should be searched as well because she might have been tossed up in the tree. She is inside something small and confining (Saturn in Libra) and I am thinking luggage or other travel baggage (Sagittarius). They may have tossed the luggage up into a very large, tall tree. She could be "hanging" from or "balancing" on a limb. You might be able to combine all the influences by searching tall trees on mountainsides. I do not get the idea from these charts that she is buried or on the ground. And there is no water in this area at all. There may be the following markers: army barracks, ammunitions storage, horse paddocks or stables, horse farms, horseback riding, horse slaughterhouses, tennis courts, archery ranges and/ or high, sloping ground that is hard to navigate. Activities going on in this are can include bow and arrow hunting, horseback riding, camping, any kind of hunting, competitive sports like soccer or basketball, mining for metals, greyhound breeding or racing, beekeeping. There may also be foxes and wild dogs. While looking on mountainsides or among tall trees, you should also look for outhouses, sawmills, lumbermills, old graveyards or cemetaries, old prisons the size of jailhouses that may no longer be used, patches of wild carrots or parsley, snowsheds or crematoriums. Any of these markers may be present in the area; always look for areas with groupings of several markers. Her body is going to be in a bushy, dark area that is hard to see into, but not buried. She will be found deep in the shadows most likely on a mountainside in a rocky area. Mine blasting or nuclear testing has gone on in the area.

One more thing I want to add to this analysis is the probability that they burned her body at some point. All of the markers are in fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius, and both are descriptors for chimneys, grills, firepits and other such places for burning things. I am pretty sure they burned her body at some point in this event. At first, I thought they burned her body in a fireplace in the home. But I realize now that this probably not possible. None the less, I still believe these charts are describing a burning and a dumping of the body somewhere in the open. This is without burial and the body is not in the water. I hope they find her soon.

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  1. First of all I LOVE THIS BLOG. I am into forensics (psychology) but I find astrology interesting, I just wish I could understand it! Jennifer Kesse and Brian Shaffer's case brought me here, but I have read almost everything you have posted. Anyways, I just read this and immediately went on google to check about this case and this is the first thing I got, news from 4 days ago on abcnews: Steven Powell's Diary Details 'Sociopathic' Obsession With Daughter-in-Law. I also didn't know the husband killed himself and his sons on a fire. Could that be the fire you were seeing in your chart? This case is so sad. Something horribly wrong happened to that woman and I am inclined to think her father in law is involved as well as her husband. Great job by the way. You are amazing.


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