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From Unsolved Cindy Lee Mellin :

Cindy Lee Mellin, a sales clerk at Broadway Department Store in the Buenaventura Shopping Center, had just finished her closing shift on the night of January 20, 1970.

She was last seen standing next to her car in the shopping center parking lot with an unidentified white male changing her tire.  The man drove a light colored vehicle.

At approximately 10:30pm, two of Mellin's co-workers, who had been picked up by their husbands, drove by Mellin's car and noticed the unidentified man jacking up her vehicle.

After having coffee at a nearby restaurant, they drove by her car again, but no one was there.  Having assumed the man was Cindy's father, the co-workers thought nothing of it and left.  They would later describe the unidentified man as tall and slim, between 30-40 years old.

At 4:45am, Mellin's father, Leonard Mellin, woke up and saw that his daughter's car was not in the driveway.  He then rushed to her room and noticed she never came home the night before.

Her father then went to the shopping center to look for her and found her car still up on the bumper jack with the flat tire still attached.  The spare tire was lying on the ground nearby.  The doors, trunk and glove compartment were open.

Leonard Mellin, Cindy's father, observed that the flat tire appeared to have been deliberately punctured with a knife, which left a large slit on one side.

There was no sign of Mellin at the scene and she has never been heard from again.

She was last seen wearing a navy blue dress with red buttons, a brown corduroy three-quarter length coat, blue shoes with gold buckles, a gold ring set with a single pearl and a red hair ribbon.

She is missing under suspicious circumstances and her case remains unsolved.  Both her parents have since passed away.

Vital Statistics

-Caucasian female.
-Brown hair, blue eyes.
-Wears contact lenses.
-Missing since:  January 20, 1970 from Ventura, California
-Date of birth: December 3, 1950
-Age at time of disappearance: 19
-Height & Weight:  5'6", 105 lbs
-Dentals: Charting is available and entered.
-DNA: Available.
-Last seen wearing a navy blue dress with red buttons, a brown corduroy three-quarter length coat, blue shoes with gold buckles, a gold ring set with a single pearl and a red hair ribbon.
-As of June 2013, Mellin would be 63 years old.

Unidentified Male
-Tall and slim.
-Approximately 30-40 years old. Would be about 70-80 years old today.
-Approximately 6 feet tall.


Another cold case from the 1970s. It seems like the 70s was a dangerous decade with so many serial killers and so many unsolved cases.  It was a "swinging" time as I remember with Womens liberation making women more brave and open.  Hitchhiking was also popular, as if nothing bad could happen to you when you got into a strangers car.  It was also a far more innocent time than today because we did not have the news coverage, the media interest and the internet.  Today, I hear about a murder a minute it seems.   But not so many of them go unsolved I must add.  Anyways, I have several of these cold cases that I will be analyzing here on the blog this month.  In this particular case, we know Cindy was last seen with a man at 10:30 pm on the side of the road.  Let's see what the charts have to say about what happened to Cindy Lee Mellin.

The preeminent marker in this chart is no doubt the Moon.  It is always the co ruler of any forensic chart but here it rules the midheaven (10th house cusp), is angular in the tenth house and disposes of itself (in dignity).  Because of these aspects, the Moon is a powerful indicator in this chart.  It is in the tenth house and this shows us Cindy out in the open, in public, where she could be seen by others.  We know this much is true because reports have witnesses spotting her at that time.  She is standing along a highway.  We know that she had something happen to her car, reportedly a blown out tire, and we can see that the last aspect the Moon left is an opposition to Mercury, which rules travel and vehicles.  Mercury, in turn, rules the ninth house and this tells us it happened on a highway.  Now, we know she is with a man who is supposedly helping her.  We see that the seventh house ruler is Mars in Pisces and it is in the sixth house.  This is the house of service so we would think he was doing her a service.  But notice that Mars is disposed of by Neptune, which is in the second house.  He may have done this sort of thing for a living and was hoping to get paid for changing her tire?  Is everyone sure she did not call a service station and had this person come out?  Perhaps she did but none the less the tire was never fixed because it was discovered, still up on jacks still with a flat tire hours after she was reported missing.

Other planets in this chart give us more to the story.  The first house ruler, her marker, is in the fourth house.  We know she is not at home but this indicator can mean she is close to home or, at the least, in her own neighborhood.  Mercury is there with Venus and since she is not with children, indeed, did not have children, then we can assume that Mercury is showing us her vehicle.  She is with her vehicle.  This fits with the known facts.  Notice that Venus is right close to the Sun, what is called "under the sun's beams" and take note that traditional readings will say that Cindy is in danger.  I have seen forensic charts with the markers under the Sun's beams and nothing untoward happened... but I have also seen those where it appeared and violence was the result.  This is one marker you should consider but not take for granted.  So it may mean she is in danger.

Another marker that stands out for me is Uranus right at the first house cusp.  This is a stronger influence over Cindy than the placement of Venus.  It has the quality of creating surprise events, things that just come out of the blue.  Uranus is in Libra and disposed of by Venus so it is a strong influence over this event.  It indicates that something untoward occurred and it seemed to revolve around the girl. There is a good chance she did something out of character and it cost her.

Going back to the man who helped her.  The seventh house ruler, Mars, is in the second house, as I already pointed out.  It makes me think he expected something in return for the fixing of her tire.  Of course, we know that he did not fix the tire but somehow she had gotten into his car and left with him.  This is what we suspect at this point.  The next few charts will tell us if that is true.  We know she was headed home and wasn't far from home, by the placement of her marker in the fourth.  The Moon in the tenth also tells us that she had no plans other than what she was known to be doing.. fixing the tire and heading home.  But Uranus also tells us that lightning struck somehow and the whole picture changed... drastically.

An hour later, the next chart shows, the Moon is now in the ninth house.  Not only is she still on a highway but she is now in someone else's car.  This bears out our suspicions and shows us what happened at that point.  Since Mars has not changed position, I would assume this was the same man who was supposedly helping her with the tire.  Another configuration arises in this chart and supports the theory from the previous chart.  The man's marker is disposed of by Neptune in Pisces in the second house.  This is the position that made me think he expected something.  Well, notice here that Neptune is disposed of by Jupiter, which is fast approaching the first house cusp.  Jupiter is disposed of by Mars, which is his marker.  So his purpose, again, seems to be to get "paid" in some manner for helping her.  Jupiter in the first, disposed of by Mars, shows this man commandeering this girl.  He has taken charge.  Venus is conjunct the Sun now within a few minutes of exact.  And both Venus and the Sun are disposed of by wayward Uranus now in the twelfth house.  Uranus and Venus, in fact, are now in mutual reception.  This clearly shows this man snatching her, by surprise, shocking her and forcing her into his car.  Jupiter is also disposed of by Pluto which is in the sign Virgo and disposed of by Mercury (the car).  She is in his vehicle, clearly, and not because she wants to be.  So we now know that Cindy was kidnapped.

The next few charts, I fear, are not going to be pretty.  In these cases, they hardly ever are.  I am waiting for the Moon to move into the eighth house, which should happen in an hour or so.  Also, Pluto opposes Mars from the twelfth house.  This precursors violence coming and when it enters the eleventh house, this could mean a sexual assault.  Perhaps this is the means by which he intends to collect?  He never did fix her tire, but what does that matter?  His true intentions were to kidnap her and have his way with her.

And here it is.  Right in this chart.  Mars has moved into the fifth and Pluto, opposite Mars, is in the eleventh.  There is quite a struggle going on with this assault.  He rapes her but not without a fight.  I see the sexual assault this way- Jupiter is rising at the first house cusp and from there controlling events.  Jupiter is disposed of by Mars and Pluto, which make up the sexual dynamics from the fifth and eleventh houses.  Notice that Venus now rules the seventh house and Mars is on the first?  With that change, Venus moves into the third house.  There is good chance he assaulted her in his vehicle.  Saturn in Taurus (ruler of the third), Venus in Aquarius (placed in the third and ruling the seventh) and Moon in Cancer (ruling the ninth and placed in the ninth) tell us about his vehicle.  These are feminine planets with double emphasis on Venus and the Moon.  So this is not a truck, a work vehicle, like Mars would indicate but most likely a large luxury vehicle.  Taurus indicates luxury and Saturn would indicate an older vehicle.  I am thinking possibly a light blue or silver color.  Venus and Aquarius point to a light blue while the Moon may indicate silver.  So it is likely this man was driving a light blue or silver older luxury vehicle.  I wish witnesses were more clear on what other car was there at that time.  I mean, something other than a "light colored vehicle".  The charts bear that out but it would be nice to know if it was a Cadillac or a Lincoln.

Another point I'd like to make is that there is no aspect between the first and seventh house rulers. This means she did not know this person; it was a complete stranger.  The Moon, as well, does not make or receive any aspects during this period; the closest aspect is a sextile / trine to the Mars - Pluto opposition but this is over 10 degrees away and will not finalize during our analysis.  The Moon has also just passed an opposition with Mercury in Capricorn and is now dexter by 4 degrees.

I am still running charts to see if I can find the death pattern and if there was a death, where the body might be.  The Moon does reach the eighth house in the 2 am chart.  But I am not seeing supporting placements.  So I move on to the 3 am chart and there I find more supporting placements.  The Moon is still in the eighth and it also rules the eighth; the fourth house ruler has moved into the twelfth; the twelfth house ruler is in the fourth.  This is a death pattern.  From the moment of death in the chart Saturn rules the body.  Saturn is in Taurus and in the fifth house.  It is opposite the first house ruler, Jupiter in the eleventh house.  She died during sex and he probably strangled or suffocated her (Saturn in Taurus; Taurus rules the throat).  Her ruler is in the eleventh, showing the sexual connection but his (Mercury) is now in the second.  This money thing has been consistent throughout this chart and leaves me wondering if he didn't want money from her, had planned to rob her, considered sex a payment for some thing or other along these lines.  I see money often in charts where women are stolen for porn or slavery.  But this just looks like a kidnapping, assault and murder.  However, Neptune is known to represent film and movie making so perhaps this was a snuff film.  These rape and murder movies were popular in the 1970s.  But at the time of death, as shown in these charts, I do not see aspects pointing at cameras, film making or movies.

We have a pretty good description of this man, given by eyewitnesses so I am not going to try to read traditional descriptors.  I am not that good at it and the descriptors are too narrow anyways.  But I might be able to tell where he may have taken her body. In the chart for 4 am, you can see that the seventh house ruler is now Mercury in Capricorn and this is in the first house.  Also, Saturn is disposed of by Saturn in Taurus, which describes her body, in the fifth house (cusping the fourth).  This is a strong indicator that he killed her during sex when you consider his marker in her first house, where it seems he was right in front of her, on top of her, somehow in her face and at the same time Saturn in the fifth shows a sexual act.  Saturn as the ruler of the body shows us that she was most likely smothered or strangled (Saturn in Taurus) most likely with his hands (Mercury in Capricorn).  These are earth signs so might we think she was buried somewhere?  Maybe but you have to note that Saturn in Taurus is disposed of by Venus in Aquarius.  Aquarius is a fixed air sign and often describes Uranian things like airports, radio towers, tv stations, runways, air planes or other flying objects, electronics and electrical fixtures.  As an air sign, it often describes things that are up in the air but the fixed nature of the sign brings things closer to the earth.  Libra and Gemini often describe high places such as mountains or tall trees but Aquarius would more commonly describe hills and places with an uneven skyline, such as rugged areas with steppes or buttes.  The secondary rulership of Aquarius by Saturn brings Venus together with Saturn as Saturn is in Taurus and is disposed of by Venus.  So the area where she is buried is most likely attractive in landscaping with flowers and colorful blooms (Venus), standing water like retention ponds or man made fountains (the water bearer, Aquarius).  The area would be small in size (Taurus) and would be inhabited by slow crawling land creatures like turtles, snails, armadillo, porcupine (earth signs).  The area may well have access to a lovely little park or memorial.  Her body would be buried but in somewhat muddy ground, or ground that gets wet and muddy some of the year and may be dry and dusty other times of the year.  Saturn gives age and weathering so the area may have been just as it is for many many years.  There would be no new construction or other development there, at least not at the time in question.  Aquarius has affinity for ground that has been disturbed so there may have been recent plantings or digging going on, but on a small scale.  The fixed signs would indicate that this area has lots of rocks and stones (especially with Capricorn) and is somewhat rugged.  Again, there had been no major fixes or upgrades done to the park, or the memorial, or the area in general.

This man who took her is described by Mars in Pisces.  We have a pretty good description already from eyewitnesses who saw him with Cindy on the side of the road.   He was apparently a tall, slim white man.  His clothes would be clean and his hair would be combed but his car would be full of junk and his home would be a mess.  He is most likely a mechanic by trade, as shown in the first chart.  He is also an artist in his spare time, he does something creative as a hobby, such as painting, music or photography.  I am pretty sure he took pictures of Cindy but I cannot see anywhere in these charts where he filmed this event or used it to make money.  He appears, from the general course of events, to be a man who trolls for women, offers to help them and then kidnaps them if the opportunity arises.  I think the uncharacteristic thing that Cindy did was to agree to go with this man.  He may have told her that he could not fix her tire and would take her to a service station.  Or perhaps he offered to take her home.  However it went, she went into his car with him, not without some cajoling and manipulating by him, but got in there willingly.  When he began to push her around and get rough with her, it was too late.  And I believe, after looking at these charts that the entire event occurred in his car.  She was killed in that car and dumped.  She is somewhere close to home, in an area similar to the one the charts describe, and is buried in muddy ground.

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