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David Micheal Grubbs

Young Man Decapitated On Short Walk Home

From Daily Tidings :

By Sam Wheeler
Ashland Daily Tidings
 Posted: 2:00 AM November 22, 2011

Ashland residents are shaken by what police describe as a violent murder that took place on the Central Ashland Bike Path Saturday afternoon."It's just really scary," said Susan Berry, 62, whose home sits a few hundred feet away from where the crime took place."We bike together frequently on the path," she said, looking down and clutching the hand of her young adopted daughter, whom she did not want to be named.The body of 23-year-old David Michael Grubbs, of Ashland, was found near Hunter Park by someone using the popular walking and biking trail at about 5:35 p.m. Saturday. Grubbs' body was bloody and lying in the middle of the path, said Ashland Police Sgt. Tighe O'Meara.Police have declined to say what weapon was used in the attack, except that it was a "large, sharp-edged object," and that Grubbs' fatal wounds were inflicted to his neck and head. Initial reports that Grubbs might have been a gunshot victim proved false once investigators were able to examine his body.

O'Meara said police believe Grubbs was dead less than 30 minutes before his body was found."It's just so unfortunate that nobody saw it happen," said another Ashland resident, who did not want to be named because she was afraid of revealing herself to a killer who was still on the loose. "I think we are all a little distressed. It's kind of odd to have something like this happen here."Her home also is a few hundred feet away from where Grubbs' body was found.Berry, who has lived in Ashland for just three months, said she was surprised by residents' attitude that they live in an oasis."People aren't on guard here," she said. "They all think they are safe."The last murder in Ashland took place about seven years ago, in late 2004. There were two murders within the city limits that year. The first was the bludgeoning death of predatory sex offender David Evan Rice, 68, of Ashland, and the other was the stabbing death of Samuel Rath, 23, of Ashland. Both victims knew their attackers.

Police said at this point in their investigation, they do not believe there was any connection between Grubbs and his killer.Working in conjunction with the Jackson County Sheriff's Department and police from Medford, Phoenix and Talent, Ashland police will bolster its presence on the bike path, said O'Meara."We'll be performing extra patrols and performing some high-visibility patrols," he said, "both to further the investigation and provide a visible presence."Police on Monday stopped passers-by around Hunter Park, seeking any information about Saturday's attack.Police are requesting anyone with information to call 541-482-5211. To leave an anonymous tip, call 541-552-2333.

The Ashland School District sent an email Monday morning to parents of students at Walker Elementary, John Muir and Ashland Middle schools, warning them to exercise caution on the way to and from school, Superintendent Juli Di Chiro said.Grubbs' body was found only a few hundred feet away from the playground at Walker Elementary, and just a few hundred yards down the bike path from the middle school."Police are calling this a random act of violence," said Di Chiro. "That definitely heightened my level of concern around the safety issues with our students walking and biking to school."While she stressed that the schools are safe, her message to parents advised students to walk to school in pairs or groups and avoid the bike path if possible. Elementary school students should be accompanied by an adult on the path and shouldn't walk any route alone, the email said."That goes for all students ... the older students should be walking in pairs or groups, and keeping their cellphones handy," said Di Chiro. "He (Grubbs) was just a kid walking home from work."Di Chiro said that until police can identify a suspect, those precautions will remain in place.

On Sunday, Southern Oregon University public safety officials sent out an email to its students as well, asking them to stay alert in the wake of the attack."Please be aware of your surroundings when you are out and about," the email from Rich Walsh, SOU campus public safety co-director, read. "We recommend if you use the bike path to travel in pairs or groups."The email also recommended students inform others before they use the bike path, and to carry a flashlight, whistle and cellphone if traveling at night.Grubbs, who lived on California Street and worked at the local Shop'n Kart, was believed to be walking home from work, said some of his fellow employees and friends.Store manager Vernon Hull said Grubbs walked to and from work on the bike path frequently."He was just a great kid," said Hull, turning away before becoming too emotional. "I don't think there is anything left to say."Andrea Venenable of Ashland works at Shop'n Kart and was a good friend of Grubbs', she said.On Monday, she knelt down sobbing beside the still visible stain of blood left on the bike bath where her friend was killed."I just can't believe someone would do this to him," she said. "He was too good of a kid for this to happen."If there is any truth behind what they say about only the good dying young," she said, "then David was one of them."After about 15 minutes kneeling beside where Grubbs died, Venenable rose to her feet."What a sick criminal."Reach reporter Sam Wheeler at 541-499-1470 or email


This case was suggested to me by a reader and once I looked at it, it just grabbed me.  This is one of the most violent, outrageous and unjust murders I have ever heard about.  I mean, he is walking home from work and somebody chops his head off with a sword or an ax?  Right out in the open, on a bike path, in daylight?  Wow.  That's incredibly gutsy on the part of some lunatic.  This person had to be highly motivated, right?  But then why is everyone saying that no one hated David, he had no enemies, no one to fear?  If this is true, then this is a random murder and how scary is that?  I mean, somebody is brave enough to do this to a total stranger?  All of these questions just had my head spinning and I had to look at the charts.  I had to see what they would say.

Ok, I know the cops say he died about a half an hour before he was found and he was found at 5:35 pm.  So they believe he was killed around 5:00.  I am not going to argue the timeline but I am going to say that the chart to show me his death was one I drew for 4:30 pm.  As I've said a thousand times before, there are disparities between time on Earth and time in the heavens.  It can be variable and hard to pin down.  But take a look at this chart for 4:30 and you will see the death pattern emerging.  This does not mean he died at 4:30, it simply means that the factors leading to his death were already in play at that time.

David's marker, the first house ruler, is Venus and she is in the eighth house.  Big marker for death.  Combined with Pluto, also in the eighth, the markers describe a violent death.  Pluto, a violent descriptor in forensic charts, is disposed of by  Saturn, which rules the bones and the dead body.  So the purpose of the violence was death; this was no accident and contrary to general belief at this time, he may have been targeted.  Because the death pattern appears in an earlier chart, I run a chart for 4 pm, as well, to see if conditions are appearing that point to this event.

The first thing I notice is that the tenth house ruler is Saturn and it is in the sixth house.  This would be an indicator for his current location and we can see he is still at work.  But also note that the seventh house ruler is still Scorpio and Pluto is in the ninth house.  This person who killed him is already outdoors, on that path.  This is way ahead of his arrival we can assume since he is still at work.  Mars, co ruler of this attacker, is in the fifth house.  So we can assume the person is also in an area where people play and exercise.  We know the playground was only a few hundred yards away and that many people used the path to run and jog as well as ride bikes.  So the fifth house here makes total sense.  Notice the Moon is there, as well, predicting that David would be found on the path soon. Both of these planets are disposed of by Mercury which describes children (as well as the fifth) and we know the elementary school was close as well.  In fact, there were children nearby when it occurred.

The first house ruler, Venus, is already in the eighth even in this early chart.  It is disposed of by Jupiter in the twelfth and these planets are also in mutual reception.  Mutual reception and translation of light are two factors that bring things to pass.  The eighth house ruler in mutual reception with the first house ruler tells us that his death would come to pass; circumstances would allow it.  So in using these two charts, for the hour before the murder, we are able to determine viability as they do reflect the facts as we know them.

The next chart, for the time of death as reported by the coroner, we see other factors emerging.  In fact, it starts looking like David Grubbs knew his killer and that there was a personal reason for his killing.  I will show you what I see and you can determine this for yourself.

Notice that at the recorded time of death, Mercury rules the first house and it is in the seventh.  Notice also that it is close to the node.  By their placement in the seventh in Sagittarius, they are disposed of by  Jupiter, the seventh house ruler.  This looks an awful lot like he had planned to meet somebody along the way.  Or, at the very least, the person who attacked him knew he would be there at this time.  Either way, it suggests they knew each other.  Jupiter also is disposed of by Venus, which rules (in this chart and the earlier ones) the fifth house.  The fifth house suggests romance as does Venus.  Jupiter in Taurus is a feminine placement and Venus is a traditional ruler of women.  Has anybody considered that this was done by a woman?  That she may have been romantically involved with David?  Or, at the least, infatuated and possibly jealous?  Mercury as his marker shows him to be younger than her and possibly not interested or only seeing her as a friend.  But Mercury is also disposed of by Jupiter and sitting in the seventh, so it might be that his purpose in being where he was at that time was to meet up with her.  I'm going to pretend I'm on Criminal Minds right now and ask who it was who found the body. Was it a woman?

This is the time that police believe he actually died.  However, this chart is beyond the death pattern shown in the previous charts so maybe their timing is a little off.  Pluto remains in the eighth but it no longer rules an angle.  It does dispose of the fourth house ruler, however.  The other ruler of the fourth, Mars, is actually in the fourth.  So this brings the Sun into play.  And since it rules the fourth house, we are looking at an event that occurred very near to David's home and probably involved a neighbor.  This is underscored by the rulership of the Moon over the third house.  I realize that David used this path to walk home everyday so this makes it a "neighborhood" location and because of this, there were people who knew he used the path, especially people from the local area.  So this brings some things to mind.  We know this attacker did not work where he did because he was at work and this person was shown to be on the path already.  We also have a good idea that the attacker may have been a woman and someone either involved with or interested in David.  Jupiter in Taurus can describe a larger woman and we know she was older (his marker being Mercury).  I know it's not but it kind of looks like his mother from here.  Fourth house ruler at play with the Moon and Venus.  I do not think that is what's it's saying actually but that the woman is older and perhaps large in size and is either interested in him and jealous or just outright angry at him, perhaps for a snide remark or a rejection.  Mercury in Sagittarius is quite capable of jokes and snide remarks.

This last chart is for the time he was found.  I am not a psychic but I have a feeling that this woman either "found" his body or was hanging around nearby when they did.  Jupiter in Taurus disposed of by Venus with Venus closely aligned with Mercury, David's marker, just makes it seem to me that she never left the area after the attack.  She hung around to see what happened next.  And here's the reason I think she pretended to find him there.  Not only is Jupiter in Taurus disposed of by Venus with Venus close to Mercury, Saturn in Libra, the marker for the body, is disposed of by the same Venus.  Saturn in Libra, interestingly enough, is in the fifth house, which shows it laid out in the "playground" or "exercise area".  Libra also describes areas where people meet and hang out.  A body in this house could never be hidden or buried.  In fact, I am sure she wanted it found and she was maybe the one who "found" it.  I do not believe that anyone would put this woman together with David but she knew him somehow. Perhaps she shopped in the grocery store and he bagged her stuff.

Neptune in Aquarius is rising into the angular tenth house and describes all too well the confusion the authorities felt at the find.  They had no idea what happened or why.  In fact, they still don't.  Neptune is disposed of by Uranus in Aries, which rules the tenth house.  Murders are rare in this part of the woods, as reported in the facts, and something like this just took them by surprise.  They had no idea what to do with it because they had so little experience with brutal murders.  This is a part of the reason they are unable to solve it and they are clinging to false beliefs.  Neptune can do this.  But this was not a random attack, it wasn't some "crazy" stranger.  This woman (yes, I think it was a woman) knew this young man and had a reason, however ridiculous, to kill him this way.  I am not sure they will ever find her.

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  1. Did you look at Davids chart with transits? Here is his DOB, don't have the time Nov. 23rd, 1987 in
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