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Catherine Mae Rocker

Catherine Rocker was last seen at her home in Ocala, Florida on April 07 2003 at around 4:00 in the morning. She has not been seen since and the police are under the impression that she may be in South Dakota. My chart, unfortunately, shows me otherwise.

The chart has a familiar Pisces rising (as so many of the others do!) with Sagittarius on the midheaven, Gemini on the nadir and Virgo on the descendant. The chart indicator, Neptune, is in the twelfth house in mutual reception with Uranus. The descendant ruler, Mercury, is in the second house with Mars. The co signifigator, the Moon, is in Gemini in the 4th house, closely aligned with the nadir. The ruler of the midheaven is in the sixth house desposited by the Sun in the first. These placements tell me clearly as follows:

Neptune in Aquarius is the chart ruler and its' position in the twelfth house tells me right off that she is dead. It is also in mutual reception with Uranus, ruler of the twelfth house. This not only tells me she is dead but also tells me that she is buried or hidden in a place either near airplanes or drugs. This means she might be found near an airport, airplane hangars, a runway strip, airline offices, etc... OR she might be near a pharmacy, a hospital, a pharmaceutical factory or manufacturers offices, a crack house or an area known for drug dealing and drug use. When will she be found? Pluto is retrograde in the tenth house of the reveal, meaning that she will not be found until it goes direct. It goes direct in 140 days, which translates to months because it is in a cadent sign, giving us the date of 2013 or 2014 before her body is discovered.

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The descendant points to our perpetrator and it is ruled by Mercury, which is placed in Taurus in the second house. It is close to Mars in Taurus, also in the second, and is desposited by Venus right at the Ascendant in Pisces. Catherine was at home where she was confronted by a woman with a gun. This woman wanted money. Mercury also rules the fourth house and the cosignifigator is placed in Gemini near the Nadir, leading me to guess that this might have been a relative. A cousin, perhaps? A female cousin or other distant relative accosts her for money at gunpoint... perhaps there had been a probate issue? Or perhaps Catherine had received a gift? There may have been a man in the background (Sun in Aries in the first near the Venus in Pisces) who had goaded this woman into doing this but he may not have been present. He may have been downstairs in a car or waiting on the sidewalk.

The ruler of the midheaven, Jupiter, is posited in the sixth house in Leo. The first aspect it makes to Pluto in the tenth house is a trine in 11 degrees. The original time period of 11 years is once again emphasized, indicating that she will be found most likely in 2014.

For a general description of the killer or kidnapper, you use the Seventh house ruler. Mercury in Taurus indicates a person of medium height with a stocky, strong body. The brown hair is short, thick and bushy. The eyes are light brown or gray. This person is slow and thoughtful, unchangeable and stubborn. She is also reliable and consistent. At times lazy and overindulgent, this woman puts money ahead of friends and family and has relationship problems because of it.

FOR ASTROLOGERS INTERESTED IN DOING THEIR OWN FORENSIC CHART: Catherine Rocker disappeared from Ocala Florida on 4/07/2003 sometime after 4:00 am.


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