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Jamie Harper

Young Woman Does Not Return From Late Night Party

Jamie Harper was last seen at a late night party from which she was due to return and spend the night at a friends house. She never returned to that location and has not been seen since. She left everything behind, including her medication for epilepsy. She has never contacted family or friends since this fateful evening. I use the term fateful with great purpose, as you shall see.

Astrologers who have a mind to do this chart will find it very entertaining! What did I find? Well, Aquarius is rising and there is a large grouping of planets in the first house, including the rulers of both the Ascendant and Descendant. The co-ruler Moon is exactly at the Midheaven and it's disposited by Mars, which is exactly conjoined the Ascendant. And the most telling of all, the ruler of the Ascendant and the ruler of the Descendant are conjoined with the Moons North Node. Hmmmm.... can we say "fateful" again? LOUDER!

What I can say from looking at the chart is that what happened this night was fated (again?) and "meant to be" as people are fond of saying. Her meeting with this person, most likely a male, was like a thunderbolt! Have you ever had a moment when you saw another person and you thought, "alas!". This is a strongly fated, well connected meeting between two people and it influenced everything that happened afterwards.

The Ascendant ruler, Uranus is in Pisces and the Descendant ruler, the Sun, is also in Pisces. It seems, from this vantage point, that Jamie Harper was "ready for anything", expecting the expected, excited about sudden chances. She laid her eyes on this young man and jumped at the mutual attraction. Neptune lingers nearby with Mercury so they had drinks or drugs and talked... and talked. Both of their planets were disposited by Neptune, so the "feeling was mutual". They were entranced with each other. Love and lust can be like a drug, indeed, and this night these people felt it. Jamie's co-ruler, the Moon, at the Midheaven, is disposited by Mars at the Ascendant. It is co-disposited by Pluto in the eleventh house. She was actually the aggressor in the matter, calling the shots and making quick, impulsive choices. She went out of her way to push friends away, even being difficult with them, in order to get off alone with her new find. And after they did get off alone, things began to really roll.

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The fact that Mars rules the Midheaven and that the Moon is right there, I would assume there were people who were publicly aware of the attraction between these two people. Someone, no doubt, saw them getting into each other. Not that this was problem, just that someone did see them together, no doubt. And that person did know one or the other of them, as is shown by Plutos placement in the eleventh house of friends. And this person, who was a friend to either Jamie or her new boyfriend, kept this event to him or herself and hasn't told anyone. This is seen in the disposition of Pluto by Jupiter in the tenth house. She or he just felt so good about these two and saw them having such a good time that she or he refuses to "ruin it" by sending the cops after them.

What happens after they take off is kind of murky. The chart shows no signs of violence, evil intent or other machination. Saturn is posited in the seventh house, showing that the male was a bit older and perhaps not typical of her usual interests. This same Saturn in the seventh in Leo is retrograde and shows that it will be a long, long time before they reveal what happened when Jamie went off with her new found love. It is strange she left behind her medication and other belongings but she may have been convinced that they could start a new life over elsewhere and these items would be easily replaced. Or it might be that at some point things went south and he forced her to come along and she was unable to get back to her belongings. But I must repeat that the chart shows no signs of violence, indeed shows two people fated to meet one another and enjoyed the sudden attraction.

So where did Jamie go? Well, if they want to try to track her and find her, I would say to start looking southeast of Rantoul, where she disappeared. They travelled a great deal southeast (as the dial turns it moves through the twelfth, eleventh and tenth houses very quickly) and then eventually turned south. So the way I would pace it would be this: travel 4 hours southeast from Rantoul and that time, turn south and travel south another 2 hours. It would be in this area that they finally surfaced and made their presence public.

And who did Jamie go with? Well, taking the chart, we see that the Sun is in Pisces. This describes a young man who is a little fleshy, not skinny, sort of plump but not outright fat. He has a round face with a very nice complexion and a well shaped mouth and chin. He most likely has brown hair and it is probably curly and thick. Not frizzy but curly. He has very expressive, sensitive eyes, either blue or grey in color. He tends to gain weight and has to watch what he eats. This young man is very kind and loving, tends to be imaginative and even inspirational. He is very intuitive and fond of the unusual, liking the secret adventure the two of them are sharing. The only negative thing I can see about this person would be that he tends to be shy and lacking in self esteem at times. Self confidence is often lacking. By what I see with Jamie's planets in this chart, I would say that she is in charge and he is a willing participant in her exciting adventure.

Want to do this chart and prove me wrong? Jamie Harper was last seen at 4:30 in the morning on March 10, 2007 at a party in Rantoul, Illinois. Please post your findings in the comment section!


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  1. I see a man the same age ( maybe two years her senior ) but more of a mesomorph body type. Much taller than Jamie Harper. She is very passive. Maybe even introverted. I do not believe she is deceased. Living in New England. Vermont? Possibly have given birth. Trying to or has released herself from chemical medication through alternative medicines. Improving her physical health through exercise. New life.


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