Saturday, October 10, 2009

Forensics and Astrology - The Connection

Please welcome Adrienne Carlson, our guest blogger:

They seem to be opposites with nothing in common, so when you use the words forensics and astrology in the same sentence, it seems to be an incongruity or a mistake. You would think that since forensics is an exact science and astrology an inexact one, the twain can never meet let alone be used in conjunction for the good of mankind. But since truth is often stranger than fiction, we have the science of forensic astrology, a method that uses birth charts and other astrological tools to solve crimes, especially those concerning missing persons.

Forensic astrologers use a combination of the positions of the stars during the time of your birth and a snapshot of the sky at any given time in order to determine your whereabouts. It also includes a branch of astrology called horary astrology that takes into account the exact time you ask the astrologer the question you wish to find the answer to. The astrologer in question uses a horary chart, your birth chart and a host of other tools to locate missing persons.

To those who doubt the authenticity of this science, I would only suggest taking a look at the murder of Caylee Marie Antony of Florida. The two-year-old was reported missing by her mother, and forensic astrologers predicted that her remains would be found in the general vicinity of her home. Months had passed and numerous search operations had been conducted, but there was no sign of the little girl. But then, in a dramatic twist, her remains were found within a half-mile radius from where she lived, and after investigating further, law enforcement officers arrested her mother for the murder of the child. Remarkably, the forensic astrologers who took it upon themselves to solve the case on the Internet predicted almost accurately that the evidence would be unearthed on a particular date.

So as you can see, it is just a matter of belief, in one’s own abilities and the nature of the stars to guide your search. Forensic astrology is coming into its own and proving that it is a valuable tool in determining the whereabouts and fate of missing persons.


This guest article was written by Adrienne Carlson, who regularly writes on the topic of forensic science schools . Adrienne welcomes your comments and questions at her email address: or visit her website at Forensic Science Schools

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  1. Tina Urizar-Hamilton of New Baltimore NYOctober 11, 2009 at 7:56 AM

    I only wish that 'closure' could come to the family of Audrey Herron. A chart was done for her on this site...but still nothing.....We will continue ...EVERY put her name and face out there until she is brought home! There are SO many missing people out there....when people get a chance...they should check on their particular state in which they live,so they can see who's missing! You never know...sometimes it only takes ONE person to see or hear something that's related to a missing person's case.Then maybe that family can finally have an end to their story....I don't think there is ever 'closure'...just an end to that particular chapter of someone's life...God Bless

  2. To those that are abducted, the work towards trying to find them, trying to help, is certainly PRICELESS. Likewise, to those who have been murdered, surely the help in finding who did this terrible thing, is also PRICELESS. That you donate your time and focused attention to resolve the riddles of the cases is a true blessing. It is generosity of the highest order.


    Keep up the great work.



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