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New Ebook on Forensic Astrology

First Book In A Five Part Series

I have had a lot of inquiries over the past few years about how to do what I do. There are books available on Forensic Astrology but the way I do it here on this blog is a system that I developed. I developed it over many years as I studied and worked with various systems of Astrology. It is actually a hybrid mix of horary astrology and progressed charting. And since many readers were interested in learning how to do it my way I thought I'd write it down. Well, it turned into a huge project because there is so much to it and I wanted the books to be accessible and useful to people who knew nothing about Astrology. This is what the first book is. An introduction to astrology that works as a reference book for all the books to come. This first book was designed with the beginner in mind and has a lot of information that most astrologers already know. But I thought even the seasoned astrologer could use a book with all of it one place. This type of book is hard to find so it might be useful to those astrologers who want to see and use what goes into the foundation of my analysis.

This is the name of the first book in the series: Building a Foundation for Analysis. The gift it brings to beginners is that it is a reference book that will give them the basic information they need to work with the more intricate detail to come. They won't need to memorize anything right away and can use the book as a reference source until it all becomes second nature. This is how I learned to read tarot cards and palms many years back, using reference books that simply told me what I was looking at. This book should work that way for beginners and veterans alike. The chapters and tables included in the book are:

Section One: Forward
Section Two: My Background in Forensic Astrology
Section Three: A Summary of Forensic Astrology
Section Four: The Basics of Forensic Astrology
Part One: Getting the Right Data
Part Two: Creating the Event Chart
The Sample Chart
Part Three: Determining Viability in a Chart
Reference Guide: The Planets and their Rulers
Reference Guide: The Houses and their Rulerships
Part Four: Locating the Subject in the Chart
Part Five: Locating Other Persons in the Chart
Section Five: Building a Foundation for Analysis
Part One: Isolating House Cusp Rulers & Angular Planets
Part Two: Analyzing Angular Houses
Part Three: How to Determine Aspects in a Chart
Reference Guide: Traditional Planetary Aspects
Reference Table: The Natural Zodiac
Part Four: Quality of an Aspect
Part Five: The Meaning of Planets in the Forensic Chart
Part Six: A Guide to the Planets
Part Seven: The Moons Nodes
Part Eight: The Fixed Stars
Reference Guide: The Fixed Stars and their Meanings
Part Nine: Special Configurations
Reference Guide: Special Configurations and their Assigned Meanings
Part Ten: How to Determine Planetary Motion
Part Eleven: Locating Chart Rulers and Markers
Part Twelve: Combining Planets and Houses in the Event Chart
Rules of Thumb: Planetary Influences in Angular Houses
Table One: The First House
Table Two: The Fourth House
Table Three: The Seventh House
Table Four: The Tenth House
Part Thirteen: Determining Dispositions
Section Six: Exercises in Forensic Astrology
Part One: TEST- Creating the Event Chart
Part Two: TEST- Making Sense of the Chart
Reference Chart Section

This book is only 65 pages long but it is packed full of information. I didn't want to give you too much to swallow in the first gulp. I just wanted to get the rudder out of the mud. So this book should get everybody started learning, practicing and thinking about how to do this and the next series of five books will follow. These books will be, roughly, as follows:

Book Two: Timing Events and Tracking Movements in the Forensic Chart
Book Three: Determining Locations and Relationships in the Forensic Chart
Book Four: Determining Death Patterns and Cause of Death in the Forensic Chart
Book Five: Analyzing and Using Special Configurations in the Forensic Chart

These are working titles but you get the idea of how I am trying to lay the information out. By the time you are done with all of these books you should already be doing this. You might even be doing it after you read the first book. It is not that hard to do, it just requires a lot of knowledge. And I don't want you to spend years trying to memorize all of this knowledge. I have already done that so I am able to share it with you in a reference source you can keep forever.

The first edition of the book is in PDF format so that you can read it on your desktop or on your e-reader. Most e-readers can read PDF files so I thought it was the safest format. The books will be available in Kindle format at some time in the future. The PDF version is available here right now:

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