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Jennifer Renee Odom

12 Year Old Disappears 200 Yards From Home

From Hernando County Sheriffs:

On Friday, February 19, 1993, Jennifer stepped off her school bus around 3 p.m., waved goodbye to friends, and started walking the short 200 yards to her home in rural Pasco County, FL. Children on the bus reported they saw a faded blue pickup truck slowly following Jennifer as she walked home. Jennifer never made it to her door.

During the next days, law enforcement equipped with police dogs and hundreds of volunteers scoured 60 square miles of rolling groves, pastures and woods surrounding the tiny Pasco town of Dade City.

On Thursday, February 25, 1993, a man and woman searching an abandoned orange grove in southeast Hernando County, FL, found Jennifer. Jennifer's clothing, including the red sweater and Hooter's jacket, have not been found.

Approximately two years later on Thursday, January 5, 1995, a couple hunting for scrap metal in a rural area of Hernando County discovered Jennifer's missing book bag and clarinet case. The bag and case were found in Western Hernando County.

The suspect vehicle is a full size, older unknown model pick-up truck, blue in color.

Jennifer was last seen wearing a white zip-up "Hooters" sweat jacket with orange lettering on the left sleeve, a red long sleeve pullover sweater, possible cashmere or angora, a white turtleneck shirt, white denim pants and black lace-up style boots.


This is a really sad case involving a young child and those are the ones that get to me the most. On reading the current events in the Lyon Sisters case, one that I covered on this blog a while ago, I was very disturbed by the behavior of their family! I mean pointing fingers every which way, accusing each other and basically letting us all know that they didn't give a whit about those beautiful girls. If someone actually cared, they would have said something earlier and they wouldn't be changing their story every few minutes. The police have managed to arrest one of them for the rape and murder of the Lyon sisters and now the rest of the family is coming apart. In this case, the case of 12 year old Jennifer Odom, the charts show a quick event involving a stranger. I don't know which is worse but both cases break my heart.

Jennifer Odom stepped off her school bus and disappeared a few feet from her own home.

This chart is drawn for the time they say she got off the bus. I say it may have been a little earlier in reality because this chart shows the abductor already either very close to her or actually grabbing her. First house ruler, the Moon, is in the eighth house with the seventh house ruler, Saturn. These planets are conjunct to this shows the coming together with this child and her murderer. Both planets are disposed of by Uranus in the seventh, so they are brought together by an unusual situation that occurred due to sudden opportunity. The node is in the sixth disposed of by Jupiter in the fourth so he was trolling this neighborhood near her home but did not choose her in advance. She just happened to be there.

The placement of her ruler in the eighth is an omen for death. His marker in the eighth describes him as a career criminal Saturn says he is a lot older than her, perhaps even a father himself, and that he has spent time in prison for other crimes. Saturn is moving towards a trine with Pluto and Pluto is in the fifth house of children. Pluto rules the fifth. This portends violence against children, with perhaps sexual assault, and that he has done this before. There is a history of abusing young girls. Saturn square Pluto shows his time in prison and how hateful it made him. He is a violent, ugly man as a result of his hardscrabble life and the bitter taste it left in his mouth. Saturn is nothing if not a taskmaster.

This child, ruled by the Moon, was very close to her mother. Her mother was a bit unusual, was perhaps not married or raising her as a single mother at least. Her mother was probably young and able to relate to her generation. There was mutual understanding and love. Perhaps a bit too tolerant, however, and not watchful enough.

In this chart you can see Mars behind the Ascendant. This points to an attack that occurred just a bit earlier. By 3 pm, this child had already been struck and snatched. Running the charts backward, you can see the first strike occurred at 2 pm.

In this chart you can see Mars right at the first house cusp. This always relates to an attack on the body of the subject. A blow to the head, a bullet or a bat, a physical attack. The Moon and Saturn are already in place in the eighth. He was going to molest her, at least. And as we saw in the last chart, we see here as well, he is a career criminal and has done this before. The node is the same, showing us that he trolled the neighborhood but selected her based on the sudden opportunity. She was just there at the right time. Many criminals behave this way and think this way. It is called "magical thinking". They beleive that the victim that appears is the one they are "meant to kill". Danny Rolling believed this as well when he tried to doors to apartments in Gainseville. The one that opened was the one he was "meant to enter".

This chart clearly shows Jennifer's time of death. Apparently sometime around 4 pm. Sun rules the first and it is now in the eighth house of death alone. Now that Saturn no longer rules the abductor, it is a marker for her dead body. See that the Moon is with Saturn in the seventh, showing his possession of her but that she now dead. His ruler, Uranus is conjoined Neptune, showing his desire to hide what he has done. Sun is disposed of by Neptune so he is trying hide the child.

He didn't do that great of a job because she was eventually found... and not that long after she disappeared.

The man who took this child is described by Saturn in Aquarius. This makes him an older man, possibly also a father himself, who lives an unusual lifestyle. The placement of Saturn in the eighth at the time of the abduction describes a career criminal who was spent time in jail. Uranus means there is something unusual about him, such as a physical abnormality or a personality that is hard to ignore. He could be a real troublemaker and, if so, he may have ended up in prison afterwards for another crime. Uranus in Capricorn is not that different from Saturn in Aquarius. This person does not live by the rules and is living on the edge. He may be homeless.

The witnesses say he was driving a blue pickup truck. The third house ruler is Mercury in Pisces and, interestingly enough, the ninth house is ruled by Pisces with Neptune in Capricorn. Capricorn describes something pale and weathered, used. Pisces describes glistening colors such as those seen on flashing fish underwater. Blue is a signature color for all water signs but there should be something white, as well. Pisces often describes white shades or colors faded to white. It's interesting that the pickup was described as "faded".

Capricorn rules the knees so Saturn and Uranus in Capricorn as markers for this man may be telling us he has trouble with his knees. He may have a crooked or off center way of walking. A limp, perhaps. Aquarius rules the ankles, so this supports the picture of a man with a crippled walk. He may use a wooden cane (Capricorn) or an electric scooter (Uranus).

In my opinion, the node in the fifth means that he plans to kidnap young girls and then stalks them as he finds them. He has trouble getting around and he has been in trouble with the law in the past so he has to be careful. The situation has to be perfect. Capricorn describes somebody bony and frail so he may be scrawny and not very strong. This may be why he uses a vehicle and hits them over the head. His whole purpose is to have sex with these children. He is, no doubt, a pedafile and may have been arrested since this murder for molesting or kidnapping another girl.

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