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Jeremy Ivan Childress

Man Goes Missing On Hunting Trip

Jeremy Childress was last seen on a hunting trip with a male friend and his young son. The three men were on a annual Elk hunting trip in the Tillamook National Forest in Oregon. He was armed with a rifle and had with him his car keys and a knife. He was not an easy target for some casual attacker and being that he was way out in the woods, it is unlikely somebody followed him out there with evil intent. What actually happened was that the three men got lost in the forest and split up to find their way home. His friend and his son found their way back to camp but Jeremy just disappeared, never came back to camp and has been missing now for several years. Nothing was taken from his home, his car was left behind, there are no pointers that indicate he ran off. He simply vanished in thin air.

The general consensus to this day in Oregon is that Jeremy got lost, had an accident, got himself injured or other mishap and died in the woods. Since then, his wife has obtained a death certificate on him based on this assumption so that she would be able to get on with the business of their properties and such. And being that it is generally believed that this is true, why on earth would it matter what the chart said? And, better yet, if the chart showed nothing different, then what would be the purpose of even doing it? Well, I do believe that it might serve a twofold purpose. One to show the brilliance of Astrology and two, to perhaps give guidance as to where Jeremy may lay, be it that he is dead. And, so with these solemn purposes, I went about the drawing of the chart and this is what I found.

As so many other missing persons charts, I find Pisces rising and Virgo falling. Gemini on the nadir and Sagittarius on the midheaven. Neptune in the twelfth in Aquarius and Uranus in the first house in Pisces. The descendant is occupied by Venus, Jupiter and Mars. The Moon is close to the midheaven mark in Sagittarius. Looks like a good day for hunting!
Now, you ask, is there a kidnapper, a perpetrator, a killer? And even better still, is there even a victim?

Well, the chart bears out quite a bit of what we already know. Mercury as ruler of the Descendant is in Scorpio in the ninth house conjoined with the Sun. Here is the father + son combo who accompanied Jeremy hunting. Mercury representing our youth and the Sun his father. Mercury is disposited by Pluto at the midheaven, which tends to show violence. It is in Sagittarius so might we assume that they shot some deer that day? Being that Mercury represents the boy and he was a very young boy, I am reluctant to say that Pluto points to violence from the child. Especially since he was in the company of his father (the Sun) all day and night. I feel perhaps the boy was "dealing with violent feelings" during the course of the hunting trip, no doubt because it was the first time he shot at animals. Consider the sign, Sagittarius, the hunter.

Although Mars in the seventh house I don't see it having any serious aspects in the chart. It is disposited by Venus, which in turn sits in the seventh and is disposited by Mercury, once again pointing at the child. So now I am wondering, did the boy accidentally shoot Jeremy? Did they bury him and hide the truth? Is that possible?

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Looking at Jeremy's planets, we see Neptune in the twelfth, which right away tells me that he is hidden well. Uranus is close to the Ascendant, which indicates an accident, sudden circumstances or unexpected behavior. There is a possibility that the boy accidentally shot Jeremy and then they tossed him somewhere to keep from being caught. But I cannot say this for sure. The Moon in the ninth is the only planet contacting Uranus. It is squared to Uranus, which is in the first house. The Moon is traditionally the co-ruler of the "victim" so I am looking at that to represent Jeremy Childress. So here it looks as if he is the cause of his own accident. A sudden, rash decision or an unforeseen situation arises. And with this combo, whatever happened to our missing man was an accident or the result of a rash decision. It is possible that someone shot him accidentally and hid him... or it's also possible that he made a stupid mistake and ended up dead.

Since we agree that he is dead and hidden, then where on earth would that be? Well, looking at the Ascendant combination of planets, Neptune in the twelfth and Uranus in the first, I would say it's in a body of water. He slipped into a pond. He tripped over a sunken hole with quicksand. He fell off a cliff or ridge and landed in a lake. I do not know what bodies of water exist in that area but I would say that's where people should look. Saturn, the planet of death, is also in a water sign, Cancer, and placed in the fifth house. This means a place of recreation. His body is decomposing in a waterhole where people go swimming. It is likely it is now nothing but bones.

Will they ever find Jeremy Childress? Well, we can tell by looking at movement towards the tenth house, where we find public knowledge. The Midheaven is ruled by 15 degrees of Sagittarius. Neptune, the victim's marker, is in 12 degrees of Aquarius. Tracking the movement of Neptune towards the Ascendant, we see that is will make contact in 3 degrees. Neptune in a fixed sign, placed in a cadent house, means years. Jeremy Childress will surface, so to speak, sometime after 3 years from the date that he disappeared. Giving a few months or so for retrograde motions, I would guess something will happen early in 2008. Perhaps kids will swim in the waterhole or pond in the Spring or early Summer and.... he might make his appearance then.

For Astrologers who wish to do comparison charts, Jeremy Ivan Childress disappeared on October 17, 2004 in Tillamook County, Oregon. He was last seen by anyone on that day at 4:30 pm PST. -- ma.gnolia -- Netscape -- RawSugar -- StumbleUpon


  1. I stumbled across your site this evening, and I was very surprised. I have never paid much attention to astrology, and I certainly didn't realize how complicated it is. You have educated me.

    Interesting post, and very nice looking blog. It's well designed with lots of eye appeal, and generally a pleasure to work with.

    Have a very nice day.

  2. After ready this for the first time and seeing you predicted that something would surface after 3 years, you indeed were wrong. Nothing has been found and it's still a mystery what happened to my husband's cousin.
    I really wish something would have came out but unfortunately without any help from his hunting companions we are left with no hope yet again.


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