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Dean Marie Pyle Peters

Young Girl Disappears at School Program

From Grand Rapids Press:

Police Hunt For Missing Cascade Girl

February 7, 1981

Grand Rapids Press

Page 1A

Area police Saturday were distributing photographs of a 14-year old Cascade girl who has been missing since Thursday afternoon. Deanie Peters, an eighth-grader at Forest Hills Central Middle School, was last seen by her mother about 4:45 p.m. Thursday when she excused herself to go to a restroom during an after school program at the school, 5810 Ada Dr. S.E.

Deanie is the daughter of Mary Peters and the stepdaughter of John Peters of 2541 Pebblebrook Drive S.E. Deanie's legal name is Dean Marie Pyle. School authorities and staff had scoured the middle school building for traces of Deanie that afternoon and into the evening. "She said she had to go to the bathroom", said Middle school principal Ted Culver. "She never showed up...never found her again."

Kenneth Kleinheksel, a detective sergeant with the Kent County Sheriff's Department, said police knew of no reason for the disappearence. "I can't detect any family problems at this time," he said. "She left her wallet home. She's a pretty girl and she'd never go anywhere without makeup," he said.

When last seen, Deanie was wearing a brown ski jacket, pink sweater, blue jeans, and a cream colored scarf with the word "ski" written on it in dark brown lettering. Culver said it was first assumed the girl may have attended one of several school events that were occurring that evening. But after a thorough search of the grounds, no trace of the girl was found. Culver said he contacted students Thursday night whom he thought may have seen the girl late Thursday afternoon. He said not one of the students could place her near the school restrooms. "People had seen her around that afternoon," Culver said, "but you know how it never expect anything to go wrong." She just disappeared, just gone," said Kleinheksel, who said the department was alerted at 6:42 p.m Thursday.

Culver said Kleinheksel had been working "tirelessly" since the case since Thursday. Kleinheksel said he had contacted school authorities, classmates, hotel and gas station personnel. Her natural father, who lives in California also was contacted, he said. "There is no reason for her to go out there," he said.

Anyone with information about the missing girl should call the Sheriff's Department at 774-7113. "


The last time Deanie was seen was at 4:45 pm on her way to the bathroom at the school. This occurred in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Drawing up the chart for this hour, I find that this is another very clear chart. I don't always get clear charts but lately I've been lucky. In the chart for 4:45 pm, the Sun is the first house ruler. The Sun is in the seventh house in Aquarius and disposed of by the seventh house ruler Uranus in the fifth. This shows that she was intercepted by another person on her way to the bathroom. In fact, Uranus is in Scorpio and Scorpio rules bathrooms, among other things. Uranus is in Scorpio and disposed of by Mars, in the eighth, conjoined to the Moon, in Aquarius, both planets, in turn, disposed of by Uranus, the seventh house ruler. This loop shows that this person singled Deanie out. There was a sexual attraction and that is what he was acting on. The ruler in the fifth indicates that he was involved with the kids, the students. He could have been an athletic coach, teacher, homeroom monitor, teaching assistant, and because of the nature of Uranus, he was likely to be a temporary teacher, a substitute or someone that worked at the school occassionally. The combination of Sun in the seventh, Uranus in the fifth, Mars conjoined the Moon in the eighth, shows a strong romantic or sexual energy.

The first aspect the Sun makes is a trine to Pluto in the fourth and Pluto is a secondary dispositor for the seventh house ruler. This shows that he took her to his home. Or to a place near or on the school grounds that he used like a home. Too boot, the Sun and Pluto are the only two angular planets in the chart. She was completely at his mercy, he snatched her forcibly and forced her to come with him. This was easy for him to accomplish for an unknown reason but the trine from Pluto to Mars shows that he had force and strength on his side while the square from Uranus to Mars shows that he overpowered her completely. Although I think the square also shows that she tried to fight him, did not go willingly and was subdued by force. How this was accomplished in a busy school with a child in public going to a public bathroom just seems to underline the possibility that he was a teacher or otherwise at home in the school and beyond suspicion. People did not notice him because he was not out of place; he was always at the school and always hanging out with the kids.

Pluto is disposed of by Venus in the sixth. This tells me that he disabled her in some fashion, injured her, drugged her, otherwise made her helpless. Why do I say this? Venus in the sixth while under the Sun's beams. Venus is also conjoined to the descendant while ruling the nadir. It is a powerful, angular player in this chart. Also, notice how the Sun, Deanie's ruler, is opposed to the node in the first. This is a karmic marker and I believe it is a symbol of fate. It is also a symbol of mass conciousness and the movement of minds. He planned this out, targeted her and snatched her at his first opportunity. Things fell into place because this involved a pattern of fate that is both driven by his planning and design but also by spirit; both Deanie and her abductor were in the "right place" at the "right time", so to speak. To top off the cross currents of energy present in this chart, note that the node is disposed of by the Sun. It's almost as if Deanie's behavior brought this about and allowed it to happen. Not concious behavior, however, as the node is never concious. This is all happening on another plane. The plane that is sometimes called "mass destiny".

Through the next hour, they do not leave his home. By 5:45, the planets are making aspects that point to violence and close personal contact. Look at the grouping in the seventh. Deanie's ruler, the Sun, huddled up with Mars while the Moon, which has slipped into Pisces, is closing on Mercury. He is forcing her to spend time with him, be affectionate with him, listen to him; he is very emotional. The seventh house ruler is now in the fourth house, so there is no doubt in my mind that they are in his home or a place he considered a home. Because the fourth house here is the tenth house for the abductor, it might suggest a place in the school where this man often stayed, even slept. This would certainly be true if he were employed by the school, which the chart seems to suggest. Mars, which disposes of Uranus, is directly square to Uranus, showing that he is in conflict, feeling desire and guilt all at the same time. This is being acted out in fits of violence and emotional outbursts. Moon conjoined Mercury in Pisces, he is colorful and verbal, berating the girl and often using "colorful" language.

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Also at 5:45, Venus comes further into the foreground. It now rules the tenth, is still placed in the sixth and opposes the Node, which has moved into the twelfth. The whole point of this event would be the Deanie's death, as this would be the only way to keep this whole thing secret. The node is also sextile to Saturn, which I often read to be the victim's body. It is also often the bones that are found later, after a lot of time has passed. In this chart, Saturn is in the third and with the node in the twelfth I just get the feeling that he buried her right there in the neighborhood. Uranus in Scorpio disposed of by Mars in the seventh and these planets being square also gives me the feeling that she died as the result of a violent attack. Perhaps a sudden violent act during the act of sex or, at the least, close personal contact. I think her death was sudden and a surprise; he did not expect this. With the node in the twelfth, I think the long range plan was to hide her for awhile and continue this relationship for as long as he could, especially with so many planets in the seventh. It's as if he believed they had a relationship. The Moon disposed of by Neptune in the fifth shows his fantasies about children; these were romantic fantasies fueled by contact with the kids. In fact, it is likely he had contact with Deanie in the past and as a result he had built up a vivid fantasy around her, a dream world where he and she had a special relationship.

This relationship is emphasized in the event chart by the contact between Mercury and the Moon. He was busy making his dream a reality; he probably told her all about it. He told her what he dreamed. I am not sure what she might have made of that, although the square here between her ruler, the Sun, and his, Uranus, shows that it is likely the feelings were not mutual. If she fought him or tried to escape, then this could have been the surprise he had not expected. The surprise that led to his violent act that probably ended her life. At 6:45 pm, the Sun falls into the sixth house and with the Sun in fall and weak, Deanie's life was in grave danger. Neptune has moved into the fourth house, disposing the Moon in the seventh, and this shows him acting out his fantasy in a family way. Perhaps he was telling her (Mercury) about how they were going to set up house together as husband and wife. The seventh house is so strong in this chart I cannot shake the suggestion that he wanted a real relationship with this child; that was the entire focus of the abduction.

When I run through the charts and push the aspects forward in time, I find that she probably died around 11:00 that evening, give or take a few minutes. In the chart for 11:00, the planets have formed a death pattern. Capricorn has moved onto the fourth house cusp while Saturn has crossed into the twelfth. The first house ruler has moved into the fourth house. Pluto is in the first and both Pluto and Saturn are disposed of by Venus, which is now Deanie's marker. It's interesting to note that both the Moon and Mercury have moved into the fifth house. The Moon is sinister to an inconjunction to Saturn, which tells me once again that her death was an accident. It was the result of a miscalculation on either Deanie's part or on the part of her abductor. Pluto trine Mars from the first to the fifth house also indicates violence during the act of sex. Mars square Uranus at the same time indicates that this was totally unexpected. He did not intend to kill her. Her death was a mistake. Mars, as his marker, during this death pattern, shows her death to be the direct result of an aggressive act. He just went too far.

I beleive the charts are showing this man to be someone Deanie knew. He worked at the school, most likely in a temporary or part time position. Perhaps he was an assistant coach or substitute teacher. He had close contact with the kids and had had close contact with Deanie. He had built up a big fantasy life around Deanie, his desire and lust driving him to abduct her. It is very likely that he has repeated this behavior with another young girl and anyone from that area who had been fired from a school for inappropriate behavior should be considered. Also, he might be in jail for molesting or raping another child. Anyone from that area, who had a school or teaching background, who had been arrested later on for pedafilia, should be looked at. It is very unlikely that someone with this kind of fantasy life ended his pursuits with Deanie. It is very possible that she was his first victim. But it is not possible, in my opinion, that she was his last.

Generally speaking, he is an unpredictable personality who has strong passions. He may even inspire fear at times, being mysterious and overly emotional. He takes slights poorly and seeks revenge for wrongdoings. If he feels cheated or manipulated, he is likely to make a scene. He may well have been fired from Deanies' school for being a "loose cannon". His eyes are intense and he tends to stare at people. His gaze can be discomforting. He considers himself to be a maverick of sorts and has great pride in "breaking the rules" and "living outside of the box". He may spend some of his life in prison. He is hotheaded and overly sensitive and is known for getting into arguments or fights. He can be stuck in his ways and refuses to consider other people's opinions. His appearance would be dark; dark hair and eyes, swarthy skin. He may have a hawkish nose or a unibrow. He is not attractive and something about his appearance is unusual or off putting. He spends way too much time hanging around kids and the kids may be afraid of him but say nothing about it. He tends to keep secrets and to encourage secrets in others so it's likely that some of the kids in the area at the time had suspicions about him but said nothing.

Although the Astrology charts seem to suggest that Deanie is dead, her body has never been found and her cold case has been reopened in that last few years. Therefor, in the interest of being as much help as possible, I encourage everyone to take a look at Deanie's picture. If you know anything about this girl, about what happened to her, then please call the Grand Rapids SO at 1-616-774-7113. If you see someone who looks like Deanie, no matter how unusual or unexpected the circumstances, give them a call. I am sure they would appreciate any lead they can get. Let's all pray for Deanie and the possibility of her safe return.


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