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Jodi Huisentruit

TV News Anchor Disappears

From Wikipedia:

Jodi Sue Huisentruit (born June 5, 1968 – declared legally dead May 2001) was a television news anchor for KIMT, based in Mason City, Iowa in the United States. She disappeared in the early morning hours of June 27, 1995 and is believed to have been abducted. She was 27 years old at the time.

On the day before she disappeared, Huisentruit participated in a golf tournament and then visited the home of Mason City resident John Vansice. According to Vansice, she came to his home to view a video tape of the birthday party that he had arranged for her earlier in the month.

At about 4:00 AM on June 27, 1995, KIMT producer Amy Kuns noted that Huisentruit had failed to report to work as scheduled, so she called Huisentruit's apartment. Huisentruit answered the telephone, explained that she had overslept, and said she was preparing to leave for the station. By 6:00 AM, however, she had still not arrived, and Kuns filled-in for her on the morning show "Daybreak." At about 7:00 AM, KIMT staff called the Mason City police.

When police arrived at Huisentruit's apartment they found her red Mazda Miata in the parking lot, as well as evidence suggesting there had been a struggle near that car. Among other evidence, Huisentruit's personal items, including her keys, were found strewn about the area and police reported recovering an unidentified palm print from her car.

The ensuing investigation revealed at least three neighbors in her apartment complex who said they heard screams at about the time Huisentruit would have likely been leaving for work. In addition, a neighbor who lived nearby reported seeing a white Ford van with its running lights on parked in Huisentruit’s parking lot at about the same time. This van was never positively identified.

In September 1995, the Huisentruit family hired private investigators from McCarthy & Associates, Investigative Services, Inc. (MAIS) in Minneapolis, MN who in turn enlisted the assistance of Omaha, NE private investigator Doug Jasa. McCarthy and Jasa appeared on several national television shows, including; "America's Most Wanted" and "Unsolved Mysteries."[2] In November 1997 they and members of Jodi’s family traveled to Los Angeles to meet with three prominent psychics. This meeting was televised and served as the pilot for the "Psychic Detectives" television show. Although each show generated a large volume of leads, none resulted in concrete evidence or the identification of a suspect.

In May 1996, about 100 volunteers searched an area of Cerro Gordo County and left flags to mark anything that appeared suspicious. Each of these sites was then re-examined by law enforcement, but no promising evidence was located.

Since Huisentruit's disappearance in 1995, police and private investigators have conducted more than 1000 interviews relating to her disappearance.[3] None has resulted in conclusive evidence pointing towards a suspect. Huisentruit was declared legally dead in May 2001.

There have been periodic resurgences in the story. When new cases arise that appear to bear similarities to Huisentruit's or remains are found in the area, speculation quickly leads to a connection with the missing reporter. So far, however, no suspect has been tied to Huisentruit's disappearance and all remains have proven to be from other sources. In 2005, many media outlets, including 20/20, again focused on the story as the 10th anniversary of the disappearance approached.

In early June 2008, photocopies of the 84 pages of Huisentruit's personal journal were anonymously mailed to a local newspaper. The Mason City Globe Gazette received the material in a large envelope with no return address and a June 4 postmark from Waterloo, IA. The original journal has been in the possession of law enforcement since the investigation of Huisentruit's disappearance began. Within days, Mason City Police reported that the sender had come forward and then identified her as the wife of the former Mason City Police Chief. Although noting that the former chief had inadvertently taken a copy of the journal home when he left office, the police gave no motive for his wife sending the copy to the newspaper.

The FBI, the Mason City Police Department, the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, and MAIS's investigators are all still actively working on Huisentruit’s disappearance, and the television show "Nancy Grace: America's Missing" spotlighted her case on February 23, 2011.


I did this case for a private party but I wanted to do it for the blog because Jodi was well known in her area and many people are still trying to close this case. I used slightly different information for the private reading than I did for the blog post because I used the information given to me by the client in the private case and in this one I used Wikipedia. I wanted to use a source for information that all my readers could access. Anyways, there are some discrepancies in my findings as a result of the differences in details given to me from both sources.

The first chart I drew was for 4:00 am in Mason City, the time which her producer said she called her and actually spoke to her. So this is the chart for the time last seen. Notice that the first house ruler is right at the ascendant along with the Moon in the first house. This tells us that Jodi was alone and that she was doing what she wanted to, she was not under duress or threat from someone else. Notice now the seventh house ruler is Jupiter and that it is just under the descendant, in the sixth. Jupiter rules the broadcasting and publishing fields and since it is in close contact with the descendant, this is the contact from her producer. Jupiter is also in the sixth, showing the producer to be at work. As a final note, Jupiter is in dignity in the sign Sagittarius, showing this to be someone in a position of power and control at the job site. Interesting, no? Altogether, these factors prove the chart to be viable; it is working with the known facts.

So we know that Jodi is alone and fine at 4 am, when she gets the phone call from work. But the chart for a mere 15 minutes later, at 4:15 am, is quite different. Notice how Mars becomes angular by entering the fourth house. This is a man getting into her home. Mars moves forward from the fifth (rather than backward from the third or appearing in the fourth near the third house cusp). This shows us that he entered into her bedroom probably through a window. When Mars appears in a chart at the nadir or just outside the fourth from the third, we see someone getting in through the front door or some other shared living area. But the fifth house is ones private chambers and the fifth house can also describe windows or places were viewing is done (like movie theatres) so it can be assumed that this man got into her bedroom through a window. Mercury in this chart rules the first house and it has slipped into the twelfth by 4:15 am. Jodi has fallen back asleep or been knocked out; she is unconscious And notice how the Sun has moved into the first house along with the Moon and Venus. This puts the Moon under the Sun's beams. It has been under the Sun's beams for eight hours but here they occupy the first house together for the first time. This is not good at all. It presages great danger for Jodi.

Mercury is in dignity in the sign Gemini, showing Jodi to be in a good place, at home and in her own sphere, which should give her an upper hand and some security. But the Sun rules the fourth house while being so close to the Moon, showing that this place of safety and security was also a place of great danger, a trap. It is because she is at home that this man is taking this risk. The same safety and security of her home also provides him with privacy and control. And Jodi has fallen back asleep, or is otherwise unconscious, making her more vulnerable. Notice how Mars in Virgo is disposed of by Mercury, with describes his purpose. He was there for her. So this was not a stranger or someone who had chosen her at random but rather either someone she knew well or someone who had seen her on TV or elsewhere and had a desire to come here and take her. Now Mars in Virgo is exactly square to Mercury in Gemini so I am thinking he took advantage of her being asleep and he knocked her out. She appears to be knocked out for a period of time after he enters her room. Although I consider Mars to be the marker for the intruder, we cannot ignore the seventh house. Jupiter still rules the seventh and it is involved in a T square with Mars and Mercury with Mars as the short leg of the T. This would not matter much if Mars was not angular in the fourth and the marker for the intruder. This T Square tells us that he has a reason to be angry with or excited about Jodi and he is going to "let her have it". Mars as the short leg of the T means that he has big frustrations to release and the explosion will possibly cost Jodi her life, this being supported by the Sun.

I realize that it's conventional wisdom that she was grabbed outside by her car. A struggle appeared to have happened there with her purse and her keys scattered about. But the charts clearly show this intruder entering her room while she was asleep. This is what this blog and my work are about, reading astrology charts for clues. The chart is clearly showing Jodi unconscious (Mercury in the twelfth) with someone in her room (Mars in the fourth). I am not sure what happened outside by her car but perhaps the charts will offer more. We know that the police arrived at 7 am to do a wellness check because her producer was upset when she did not arrive at work. This is when they found the signs of a struggle by the car. So the charts for 6 am and 7 am may help shed light on that part of this case. But the chart for 4:15 am shows her knocked out with an intruder in her apartment. And then in the charts for 5 am, the twelfth house ruler, Venus, has entered the twelfth house with Mercury. The north node has moved into the fifth and it is in the sign Scorpio so I'm wondering if there were sexual elements to this abduction. The fifth house ruler is also Venus, which rules the twelfth as we already noted, and has moved into the twelfth. This is a mixture of influences involving sex and death. I don't want to explore that any further at this time but leave it at that. The eighth house itself houses Neptune and Uranus, both of which have been tenth house rulers during the event. Pisces, in fact, is just turning it over to Aquarius at this hour. This makes me think that he wanted to kidnap her for the media attention or, conversely, that he wanted to abduct her because she worked in the media. Either or and possibly both. This abduction, no doubt, got a lot of media coverage and this is what he would have wanted. This is supported even more by the eighth house cusp and the planets in the eighth all disposed of by Saturn in Pisces in the tenth house.

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At 5 am you will notice that Mars remains in the fourth house and the Moon is near to crossing the first house cusp into the twelfth. He is spending time with her, enjoying her "captivity". She appears to be unconscious, not fighting him or interacting at all. But there are markers for romantic or sexual activity with the node in the fifth and the fifth house ruler, Venus, in the twelfth conjoined the first house ruler. This just seems like he either had sex with her while she was knocked out or he enjoyed some other "romantic" fantasy. Neptune with Uranus in the eighth also indicates sexual fantasies but the abnormal kind; some sort of perversion or fetish. Just after 5:30 am, the Moon passes over the ascendant into the twelfth house. The tenth house ruler, Neptune, is in the eighth house and the fourth house ruler is in the twelfth. This is a death pattern. Cancer is on the first house cusp and the Sun is moving onto the ascendant while the Sun is disposed of by the Moon, which is in the twelfth house. I am not going to say she is dead already but I am afraid a pattern like this indicates she will be. Both of these charts give me the impression that he has stayed in the home with her for quite awhile, playing out a fantasy. The were reports of beer cans in the trash and other paraphernalia showing the presence of someone else. Perhaps he had a few while he played out his fantasy with her? Anything is possible. To support the idea that he may have been drinking even more that these two beers is the conjunction of Pluto to the fixed star Polis, which is a marker for drunkenness or the use of drugs.

The chart for 6:03 am has him leaving her apartment. His marker, Mars leaves the fourth house for the third at that exact minute. The third house ruler, the Sun, is with the Moon in the twelfth so he took her with him. The seventh house ruler is Pisces and Neptune is in the seventh house. He may have drugged her. I wonder if they tested the glasses and beer cans they found in her home. The conjunction of Jupiter in 7 degrees of Sagittarius to the fixed star Kelb Alrai can indicate poisoning. And now that I think about it some more, Pluto and the node in her fifth house may show him preparing her for the abduction in some way, like putting her in a shower, drying her off, dressing her, doing her hair.. etc.. whatever might turn him on. But these charts are very clear that he spent time with her that morning before taking her downstairs at just after 6 am. He was quite brave, willing to take huge risks, to keep her this long and then to dare go out with her. But the node in the fifth in Scorpio shows me that he was meticulous about it because he was obsessed. Notice Pluto in the fifth at 6 am. Pluto is disposed of by Mars so he was very strong and he overpowered her, controlled her, easily. He was not gentle about it. Now, I also understand that people generally believe that she screamed at just around the time she would have been leaving for work. Reasonably, this would be around 5 am at the latest. But these charts show this man spending time with her and toying with her until after 6 am. And at just after 6 am, he abducted her from her apartment and took her down to the parking area (the third house) and put her into a white vehicle. Mars in Virgo describes a white vehicle. Something utilitarian, useful, maybe a work van. Something masculine. So in this regard, the charts appear to fit the reports of a van waiting downstairs in the morning. By best guess, looking at these charts and considering what people have reported, is that she tried to get away when they got downstairs, made a break for her car but he managed to overpower her. Mars square Mercury does describe a struggle at some point and that she would be too diminutive, too tiny, to fight him off. After all, this was his fantasy and he came prepared to act it out. He may even have tried to make it look like they were together, dressing her and fixing her so that she would like right as he led her to his vehicle, gun to her back. There had to have been a gun in this case, Saturn in Pisces is close to the fixed star Markab which describes guns, bullets and shooting a gun. It is probable that he used a gun to control her.

At 6:00 and at 6:30 am the charts have Capricorn on the seventh cusp with Saturn in Pisces in the tenth disposed of by Neptune at the descendant. This is the descriptor for her abductor. He went onto a highway after leaving her apartment, this is shown by the his ruler in the tenth house. Neptune in Capricorn at the descendant is an indicator that he disguised himself somehow, changed his appearance. He drove to a public area of the community, such as the government sector might be, the commercial sector or wherever there were large institutions like colleges, libraries or golf courses, places where lots of people gather and there is a lot of activity. He did not take her off to a cabin in the woods, in other words. Saturn in Pisces hints at a storage place or commercial unit (tenth house) with water related collectibles or valuables. This could be art such as paintings of oceans or fish or it could be vintage fishing rods, boats, or boating gear. He may very well have taken Jodi to a boat in a large, popular marina somewhere near to the heart of a commercial or business district. If there is a marina that fits this description, you would be looking for a vintage, collectible type of boat that was either being renovated or needed to be. It could have been in torn down condition or it could have been in dire need of TLC.

I am always asked for more details when I read the charts for abductions. In this case, the home or place where they started was south by west of where they were headed, which makes the direction north by east. They went north by east from her apartment. This would mean north with a slight turn to the east or a road that travels north with an eastern swing. The distance between the first marker, the fourth house, and the second marker, the tenth house, is 8 degrees. The signs are mutable so this would be about 8-10 miles from her apartment. This is where he took her. North by east about 8 miles. And I cannot tell you if she was dead or alive when they got there. They arrived there at just after 6:30 am. And then it's interesting that his marker moves into the ninth house sometime between 6:30 am and 7 am, indicating that maybe they went on a plane out of the area or on a boat out to sea. Since many of the markers in the chart seem to indicate the ocean, I am inclined to think he took her out on a boat. Again, I am not sure if she is dead or alive at this point. It is possible she is alive but unconscious. And the markers for his appearance are both Mars in Virgo and Saturn in Pisces. This right away tells me that this man has poor eyesight and has to wear corrective lenses or contacts. Mars in Virgo would lead me to think he is physically fit and Saturn in Pisces would indicate a restricted diet of some sort. He may have health issues that force him to avoid certain foods. This person would have dark hair and blue eyes. He would be medium in size and thin. Noticeable features might include a large nose, bad teeth, pointed chin and dimples. This person is a casual dresser who wears comfortable clothing and is very clean. He would not be walking around in dirty clothes or unwashed in any way. He would be neat and clean in appearance.This person can be cold and calculating but also fickle. Mutable signs have no problems changing direction to follow the current tide. He is not easily committed because he is the victim of circumstance. He can lack firmness and determination. However, in the case of Jodi, he was obsessed. People around him would have noticed that he had an interest in her. He had probably recorded her shows or taken pictures of her and kept them. When his desires are aroused he can be persistant. His apparent sincerity stems from a deep fantasy life that he believes is real or could be real. He acts on his dreams. He is constant conflict with other people over his responsibilities and obligations but when it comes to his desires, he is a stalker. He does thing in private that he keeps secret from everyone else. The opposition between his two markers reflects inner conflicts; he has perversions and eccentricities that he considered disgusting. He is often guilty and ashamed of his actions. Sex is a big problem for him, he cannot function in a real relationship and spends a lot of his time dreaming about women he cannot have. In this case, he acted on his fantasy, and got the woman. But he couldn't hold her and he knew that so he killed her.

So where is Jodi's body? Again, we go to Saturn in Pisces for answers. This is because Saturn is the natural descriptor for the human body. It describes our bones, which is mostly what is left when we die. At 7 am, when the police are looking for her and finding the remains of the struggle near her car, the charts are showing that she is with him most likely on a boat. Saturn rules the seventh house and it also rules the body, showing him together with her, dead or alive, in the ninth house, which shows the outdoors. The sign Pisces indicates a water source such as a river, lake or ocean; this would be a large body of water with larger fish. This is not a pond, lake or stream. Neptune and Saturn are in mutual reception so he was able to hide her so well that she has never been found. The sign Capricorn indicates hard earth materials like stone and rock so it is possible he weighed her down with rocks and this is why she hasn't been found. There is no ocean in Iowa so I am assuming this is a large fishing lake or a deep water river where people fish for larger fish and go boating. So he took her out on the boat (Saturn in Pisces) and weighed her down with rocks to hide her (Neptune in Capricorn).

Please remember when considering the timelines presented in the charts that Astrology can reflect what happens on Earth but the element of time is skewed a little. In space, time is actually distance and so exact times as we see on the clock do not always work with what the charts present. The upshot of this is that the times are close but they are variable so exact minutes do not work the same way as exact degrees. In most cases, the times are reflected in variables of minutes, sometimes as many as 30 or so. So do not take the time on earth as reflected in the charts for that time to be the exact time something occurred. In fact, many charts for a single time will give you the whole story without ever needing another chart. And then other cases require a great number of charts just to see a single action at a time. So the minute by minute play by play is often skewed so that it happens over hours of time or it happens in an instant. There is no way to be exactly sure. In my readings of the charts, I give the exact times on Earth for the chart given and then try to work with the spatial time and distance thing. The end result of all of this is that the times are variable and cannot be relied on to exactly match the clocks on our walls. So the exact times when these events occur is variable. They do not always match the kind of time used by earthlings! So just be liberal in your judgements when considering actual times.

Now, no one has found Jodi Huisentruit. Her body was never found, even though they have declared her dead and done the symbolic burial thing. It is highly unlikely she is still alive because we know she would not have just run off on her own and not come back. She had to have been taken and even if she had been held for awhile, it could not end well. However, if you have any information on this case please don't hesitate to go to Find Jodi and send an email. They also have letters posted on this site that were sent to Jodi and that I believe, now, after seeing them, were written by her abductor. There are people still looking for Jodi and no information, however arcane or unsubstantiated, could be the key they have been looking for.


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