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Kipling R Hess III

Young Boy Disappears Walking to School

From Florida Missing Persons :

Last seen alive: March 27, 1979 at 7:10

Circumstances: Kipling was last seen on his way to school in Merritt Island, Florida on the morning of March 27, 1979. He never arrived for classes that day and has never been heard from again.

First Name: Kipling R
Middle Name: R
Last Name: Hess Iii


Age When Last Known Alive: 12
Race: White
Sex: Male
Height: 64.0
Weight: 90.0

City: Merritt Island
State: Florida
County: Brevard

Hair: Brown
Eye: Brown

From National Missing Persons Database :

Case Information

Status Missing
First name Kipling
Middle name R
Last name Hess III
NCMEC number 1151903
Date last seen March 27, 1979 19:10
Date entered 12/21/2009
Age last seen 12 to 12 years old
Age now 47 years old
Race White
Sex Male
Height (inches) 64.0
Weight (pounds) 90.0


City Merritt Island
State Florida
Zip code
County Brevard


Kipling was last seen on his way to school in Merritt Island, Florida on the morning of March 27, 1979. He never arrived for classes that day and has never been heard from again.


I do realize that they consider this case solved. They have accredited this boys disappearance to a serial killer who was in the area at the time. They have also accredited this same serial killer with several other unsolved disappearances involving young boys. They never proved any of it in court and there is no evidence to directly support these claims but it does help the cops close some cold cases. In most of these cases, very little police work was done. This happened in the 1970s and I lived in the area at that time and can tell you it was a sleepy place and the cops spent more time in the doughnut shop then they did chasing dangerous felons. They loved to write traffic tickets and chase pot heads, though. LOL. On two of the cases in question, the cops did not even look for the boys. I am still working on one of the cases privately so this one has some interest for me. If the same person killed both of these boys I should be able to tie together descriptors in both charts. I am hoping to be able to not only do that but to make a strong attempt to locate the body of either of these boys. So I wanted to run charts to see if what I find matches what the cops theorize happened.

To be fair, I want to include information given by the cops that ties this particular serial killer to the Hess case.

From The Charley Project:

"John Rodney McCrae is the one and only suspect in Kipling's case. He met Kipling a few days prior to the child's disappearance, at a church carnival, and later assisted in the search for the missing boy. Several years later, police found a missing persons flier for Kipling taped in McCrae's locker at work". According to witnesses, I might add, McCrae was seen to intervene on some boys who were bullying Kipling. Kipling appears to me to be just the type of boy that would be bullied and also easy to prey upon. Don't ask me why I say that. Just a feeling.

Anyways, John McCrae died in prison so whether or not he did this is no longer a matter, except that if he didn't do it then somebody else got away with taking this boy. Whether the boy is dead or alive today is also an unknown. I would like to see if things match up in the charts. If they do, then this is more proof that Astrology does work, even though this is in reverse, it is proof that it should work in forward. I never blame the charts for the lack of evidence in any case; I blame the human reader, who is working with a seriously clouded vision.

My first problem with this case was the screwy time data. They report that the boy was off to school at the time he disappeared but then they give 19:10 military time as the time. I don't know if they're dumb or just asleep but 19:10 is 7:10 IN THE EVENING. The morning time would be 7:10. Midnight is always zero. So I took a leap of faith and assumed they meant 7:10 am and not that the boy was taking evening classes. So I am using that time in this first chart. And looking at it, I right away notice that the first house ruler is conjoined the Moon in the twelfth. This indicates a secret of some sort. Something private that is shared, perhaps. So perhaps Kipling when off to school that morning with a secret plan of his own, such as meeting up with someone no one else knew about? Notice that the seventh house ruler is in the eleventh house. This shows someone this boy knew or wanted to be friends with. Could this be the secret? Plans to meet up with someone he considered a friend but not someone he told his parents about? The weirdest part of this chart is that the Moon and Mars (the chart rulers) are disposed of by Neptune in the eighth house. This implies a secret about sex. I don't know why but I think this 12 year old boy may have been too young to be making plans to have sex with someone? Would the short meeting at the Carnival be enough time for this man to make such a proposition and obtain consent? I am not sure but it seems like a stretch to me. Not saying it's impossible, though. Looking at the tenth house ruler in the fifth sort of blindsides me; this aspect shows sex with an adult male! I say that because the 10th house points at patriarchal figures and most often describes the father in the charts of young boys. I am not going to expound on this any longer except to say that these aspects cannot be ignored.

The next group of aspects I notice seem to support the idea that Kipling had met his abductor in the past. Moon ruling the fourth from the twelfth shows this person had either been to the boys home or neighborhood and they had met and maybe even had a previous rendezvous. When I first saw this I assumed that this involved someone from his family or close circle of friends because of the fourth house connection. But the carnival in question was in the neighborhood, there in his home town, not far from where he lived. I am not sure of exactly where Kipling lived but Merritt Island but the island is a short bike ride or walk around and even shorter car ride, more like a hop, from one end to the other. Therefor the carnival could be said to be in his "neighborhood". So perhaps this is the meeting the chart is referring to. Jupiter in Cancer in the fourth emphasizes family entertainment, a "fun" place. It can also indicate churches in the area and I am thinking this was probably a church carnival. Jupiter rules the ninth house and this also points to churches. We have had many church carnivals in the local area over the years. Moon trine Jupiter leaves no doubt in my mind that Kipling was excited by the carnival and by his new found friend, the man who defended him from bullies. There is emotional excitement in this placement and I am thinking he was more than happy to meet up again with his abductor. These placements clearly support the trip to the carnival and the meeting of a new "friend". And they fully support the police theory that this boy was taken by John McCrae.

The next chart I drew was for a little over an hour after the boy was last seen. We are not aware, at least there are no eyewitness accounts, of when he was abducted or where. We just know he never made it to school. I assumed he walked to school as no mention of a bus was made. This chart, for 8:30 am, clearly shows the boy at the abductors home. The first house ruler, Venus, is in the tenth house (the fourth from the seventh). Notice how the seventh house ruler, Mars, is conjoined with the Moon (the chart co ruler) in the eleventh house. The eleventh house describes many things, from friendships to dreams, on the one hand, but on another, it describes unharmonious relationships, marriages that end in divorce and often unwanted sexual attention. Notice that Mars, the seventh house ruler, is close to the fixed star, Markab, which can describe using or shooting a gun. The Moon is close to the fixed star, Scheat, which can mean death by drowning. Venus in the tenth house also opposes the fixed star, Phecda, which can indicate sex addiction. And then, at the same time, Mars (the seventh house ruler) and the node (in the fifth house) are tied up in a T Square with Neptune in the eighth house. This layout has sexual components that are hard to miss.

Another thing I see here is that Uranus, which is at the seventh house cusp, is trine Mars (the seventh house ruler) and square Venus (the first house ruler). I would think that perhaps this was a blitz attack on the boy, taken by surprise and a sudden turn in events. All planned out by his attacker, of course (node in the fifth) and ending up in a sexual assault, or so it would seem. Pluto, the seventh house co-ruler, is disposed of by the first house ruler, Venus, which tells me that this person targeted the boy. His whole purpose in this event was to get the boy alone.

The charts for the next few hours all show the same slow development with a stellium in the eleventh house, Pluto in the fifth and Neptune moving through the seventh house. This was a ruse, no doubt. Perhaps he invited the boy over to meet other kids, to play games, to look at videos? The fifth house could be any form of entertainment, including sex play. Perhaps the videos were porn movies? Neptune in the seventh means he misled the boy in some manner, most likely about who he really was and what he really wanted. at 9:30 am, Mercury becomes the first house ruler. Mercury is the natural ruler of children and, in this chart, also rules the fifth, a house that is attributed to children and children's activities. I don't know about Kipling's interest but if there was a sport he was enthusiastic about, this could have been part of the lure.

In the chart for 10:30 am, the stellium moves into the tenth house, emphasizing the fact that this boy is in this man's home. Perhaps they have moved into the living area of the home (tenth house) or around a swimming pool (Pisces). This appears to be a brick and mortar house. Now, my question would be, if the charts are correct here, did this McCrae person live in a home in the Merritt Island area? It is known that he worked at the local prison, which is in a town many miles north of the island. The charts do not appear to show anyone in a car or going for a drive. But I must assume a car was involved because of the way he disappeared. They would have been seen walking together if they had, indeed, walked to the home. Yet, it is the chart for 8:30 am, an hour later, that shows him in the home. And an hours drive is quite within the distance I am familiar with from the island to the area where the prison is located. Would Kipling have gone along for a drive so far from home with a stranger (or newly made acquaintance)? If so, there must have been tremendous motivation.

Going back to the chart for 7:10 am, when he was last seen before he went missing, I want to point out a few more things. The first chart is always the most revealing in these cases. Notice how the first house ruler, Mars, is conjoined to the Moon in the twelfth. This shows someone disappearing into hiding, being stashed away somewhere, perhaps restrained and/or confined. Also note that Mercury, the universal marker for children, is under the Sun's beams. This always shows grave danger. The north node is in the sixth house, disposed of by Mercury. The tenth house ruler, Saturn, is in the fifth house, also disposed of by Mercury, and retrograde in motion. Neptune is in the eighth house. I believe there is a direct motivation and purpose in this abduction, mostly to kidnap children, have sex with them and then dispose of them where they will never be found (node in the sixth). The conjunction of the Moon with Markab may mean that he forced this boy at gunpoint. This may be why the boy was willing to sit through an hours drive. He knew he was in trouble already. The boy's ruler, Mars, is disposed of by Neptune in the eighth. These planets are also square. This points to the boy either having a secret or having secret knowledge, which he was, perhaps, reluctant to reveal. Or, it may mean that the boy had secret knowledge of exactly what this man wanted and was not willing to participate. The square shows resistance of some sort.

Running the charts forward, I encounter the first death pattern at 3:30 pm. This does not mean he died at 3:30 pm, just that the stars compelled his death at this hour. It may have occurred later in the day or just before the pattern formed. In the chart for 3:30, you can see that the first house ruler is in the eighth, the eighth house ruler is in the fourth, the Moon is in the eighth and the twelfth house ruler is in the eighth. This combined with the Moon in the eighth along with Mercury, the Sun and Mars. Mercury, the Moon and the Sun are all disposed of by Mars, which co rules the fourth. These are all houses of ending, coming to end, dieing and passing over. The fourth house also describes coffins and burial sites and the tenth house shows their location. The Moon has left it's conjunction with Markab so I do not believe that Kipling was shot. He was probably forced along with a gun but he was not shot. Saturn in the first is rising to the twelfth and shows the body becoming bones. It is in the sign Virgo. It is disposed of by Mercury in Aries in the eighth. The Moon is also in Aries. Mercury in Aries is a marker for where his body ended up but it is retrograde so it would be many years before it was found. There are no markers indicating the body will never be found. The sixth house markers earlier in the day indicate that the purpose was to make sure he wasn't found and this has been a stumbling block for many decades. But none of the rulers indicating the boy or the body are in the sixth house. So it is possible to find him, just that it would not be done for a very long time.

Since the seventh house ruler is Jupiter and it is in the third house, I say he took the body in a car from his home to the place where he dumped it. Neptune in Sagittarius is in the fourth house, so this describes the grave or disposal site. Venus in Aquarius rules the tenth so this shows the area where that happened. Saturn is close to the node so it is possible that this burial place was familiar to the murderer, a place where he had either visited before or had dumped other bodies there. This place would be described by Venus in Aquarius and Mercury in Aries. This would be someplace recently dug up or under construction (Aries), near a highway or other major thoroughfare (Mercury), involve a garden of some sort (Venus) and airplanes or other flight systems (Aquarius). The place on Merritt Island that best fits this description is the Rocket Garden at Kennedy Space Center. Back at this time in our history, the whole place was under construction of one sort or another. I am doubtful that the abductor had access to the center directly but that complex is surrounded by woods and swamps and a protected area known as the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge. Neptune in Sagittarius may reflect an outdoor area that is hidden, dark or hard to access. This describes a large portion of the refuge and the surrounding scrub. There is water in that area filled with gators and snapping turtles (Mars in Pisces).

Considering that Venus, the tenth house ruler, is at the descendant and that Mars co rules the fourth house with Pluto, I would say that the place he was killed AND the place he was buried would be very near to where this man lived at the time. Since he worked at the prison, which is very close to the Space Center, and is in a town called Sharpes, not far from the area where many NASA engineers bought homes. That area is very closely proximate along a very large highway system that actually runs up most of the state (US Highway 1). All of this fits the profile so I am ready to say that this boy was buried somewhere in the refuge or any nearby outdoor area where the Rocket Garden would be visible. His abductor could access much of the external area there by car but would have to get out on foot to move farther into the swamps. It is my opinion that the boy was likely buried in a swamp (Aquarius, Pisces and Aries). If the grave was shallow, most of his body may have been scattered by alligators but some of the bones may be located in the swamps. But if the grave was deep, then his skeleton may be in tact. He could have been buried close to the road there because the traffic is sparse and moves by really quickly. Back then, it would have been even more desolate. If he did it at dusk, no one may have seen him digging. But I am not sure how unusual that would seem back then when so much of the area was under construction.

Anyways, I do think the charts support the idea that he was abducted and murdered by the man he met at the church carnival. This means that John McCrae did kill Kipling even though he denied it to the end. And it creates a possibility that he did, as well, murder the other boys he also denies killing. I will be working on those charts to try to draw comparisons in those cases and determine if the charts support the idea. This sort of study helps to determine if Astrology can match the facts in known outcomes. If it does, this supports the assumption that it should be able to do the same in advance.

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