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Abigail Hernandez

Young Girl Disappears After Leaving School

From: Missing Kids:

Missing Since: Oct 9, 2013
Missing From: North Conway, NH
DOB: Oct 12, 1998
Age Now: 15
Sex: Female
Race: Hispanic
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 118 lbs

Abigail was last seen leaving her school on October 9, 2013 at approximately 3:00 p.m. She was last seen wearing a thin charcoal grey sweater with horizontal stripes, black yoga pants, tall leather boots, and was carrying a grey shoulder bag.

From Help Find Abigail Hernandez Facebook Page:

Abigail Hernandez, age 15 (DOB: 10/12/1998), was last seen leaving Kennett High School in North Conway, New Hampshire on Wednesday, October 9th, 2013.

Police deployed search dogs at her last known location. The dogs followed her scent back to Abigail's home at 86 Village Way, leading police to believe that she returned there before she disappeared.

Abigail is Hispanic with a light olive complexion, 5’4” tall, weighs 118 lbs., has brown hair and brown eyes. She was last seen wearing black stretch pants, tall brown boots and a light colored sweater with a yellow pattern and flecks.

Anyone with information regarding her whereabouts is asked to call Conway Police at (603) 356-5715 or 1-800-CALL-FBI.

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I started this case by drawing a chart for the 3 pm hour. This chart shows us that Abigail was still on school grounds at that hour and within view of others. This chart is changing signs on the first and seventh cusps, which is a descriptor for imminent change. This means that whatever transpires at 3 pm has no meaning in regards to what is about to transpire. So I move the charts ahead, to 3:30 pm, to see what has changed. In this chart, the first house ruler, Uranus, is in the second house, showing us that Abigail was concerned over some possession of hers. I do not believe it was cash. Uranus often describes electronics and tech items. Uranus is disposed of by Mars in the seventh house, so her purpose appears to be to meet with another person about this item. The sign Leo is on the seventh house cusp so this describes the person she is going to visit. The Sun in Libra in the eighth house shows us that this person is not a nice person, but actually someone dangerous. Possibly this person is a criminal. I do not know if Abigail used drugs but this person could have been a dealer. The Sun in Libra is disposed of by Venus in the tenth. There is something going on at this person's house involving a woman. This woman could have been his mother, his wife, a sister or a girfriend. I am not sure what is going on involving this woman, just that she is in his house.

The darkest omen, besides his marker, is the disposition of the Moon in Sagittarius in the tenth house by Jupiter in the sixth. I am afraid this is saying that after she arrives at this persons house she will never be seen again. Pluto in the eleventh describes something dark, perhaps violent, between friends (or aquaintances). Pluto and Saturn are in mutual reception between the tenth and eleventh houses so this shows that whatever happened to Abigail happened to her in that house. The house in this case is best described by Venus in Sagittarius (the female influence of the woman who lives in the house) and Jupiter in Cancer, the ruler of the tenth. Jupiter and Venus together would describe a rather large house that has curb appeal. It is a pretty place with plantings, especially flowers, outside. Sagittarius will give it a fireplace, smoker or chimney, perhaps on a second floor or on a rooftop, and/or other interesting elements like stables for horses or an archery target range or a tennis court or basketball hoop. There would be something sporting about the place, where people can engage in sports such as those things described or other similar items. The possibilities are not limited to those I've mentioned. Sagittarius also describes an area on sloping ground, some place not quite level and moving upwards, even if only slightly. Jupiter in Cancer seems to bring in the element of water. But this could be something like a swimming pool or pond or fountain on the property. Although Jupiter is usually expansive and has a strong affinity for deep water regions like the ocean, large lakes and fast moving rivers, it can also describe a deep pond or large fountain, for instance. Sagittarius is connected to travel so we could be talking about a large hotel or residence inn. As long as the property has the elements described herein, it is a possibility. So if you cannot relate these elements to a private property around the area in question, then look to temporary lodgings that are rather upscale. They should be expansive, larger than most, have flowers and landscaping, have a feminine appearance that gives it great curb appeal and have some water element as a feature such as a pond, a lake or a fountain.

There is no doubt in this analysis that, at the least, Abigail went to another individuals home after school, with a possession of some sort on her mind. This possession could even have been money. Perhaps someone owed somebody else some money? Anyways, this person she was visiting is a criminal, a seedy person who lives outside of the law. His or her marker in the eighth house is a terrible omen and describes a relationship in which this girl is in danger. She is not safe with this person, even if they are romantically involved. This person is usually a sociopath. And no matter what time I run the charts for, the same placement of the seventh house ruler in the eighth house remains consistant.

In the 4:30 pm chart, it appears as if drugs have come into the picture. Neptune ruling the first and placed in the first shows us that Abigail was not being held against her will. She went there freely and was not afraid at this point. In fact, the person she is with she considers to be a friend. This is shown by the seventh house ruler, Mercury, disposed of by Pluto in the eleventh. They are together at this moment because they are friends. However, Mercury, the seventh house ruler, is in the eighth house (as all the seventh house rulers have been) and this tells us again that this friend of hers is a criminal. The appearance of Neptune may be telling us that he is a drug dealer or it may just be that he wanted to drug her for some purpose. But drugs were introduced. The tenth house ruler, Jupiter, which shows us his home, is placed in the fifth house of entertainment. There was definitely some sort of party going on in that house. Jupiter and the Moon are in mutual reception so it might be assumed that Abigail had gone there before and that she had attended a party there in the past. The Moon currently at the midheaven assures us that she is still in that house and has not left.

What bothers me here is the pending transition of Neptune, the first house ruler, into the twelfth. My first impression is someone going to sleep. So I am pretty sure the charts are saying that she was drugged and became unconcious... or fell asleep. Many drugs can have this effect. I do not believe this is an overdose because I do not see a death pattern. In fact, in all the charts I ran for this case I did not ever see a death pattern. There is a very good possibility that this child is still alive. The charts, in that regard, are dovetailing with the facts as we know them since this child has written her mother a letter long after she went missing.

In the chart for 5 pm we see that she either falls asleep or goes unconcious. This being caused by the drugs she has been given. However the drugs were given she participated willingly, whether the drug was slipped into a drink or handed to her. At the same time that Neptune slips into the twelfth, the twelfth house rules moves into the first. With the twelfth house ruler, Uranus, being disposed of by Mars in the sixth, I would say that the drugging was a part of the process that made this girl disappear. According to this, sudden occurances were at play that caused her to never return. The seventh house ruler, Mercury, is also disposed of by Mars in the sixth so this was the doing of this criminal person she was hanging out with. Mercury conjoined Saturn tell me he is older than she is and far more desperate. In fact, he is in constant need of money. He's lived a hard life and he's bitter about that. Saturn conjunct his marker describes someone who has lived a hard scrabble life, doing menial work and hating it, choosing to go outside the law to make his living rather than succumb to poverty. Look how close the node is to Saturn and Mercury. This means this person has actually chosen this lifestyle and planned it this way rather than follow the rules. Mercury means he is young but Saturn makes him older in many ways and certainly older than Abigail.

In this chart I want you to notice that the Moon, the chart co ruler, has moved into the ninth house. This may mean that she was taken to a garage and put into a car. The Moon is a transient planet, constanting moving and changing signs. It creates many of the changes that are seen in a forensic chart. Also, the ninth house represents the car belonging to the other person, in this case the criminal friend. it is very likely that they took her in a car somewhere but, at the very least, the planets show that she has been taken outdoors. In most home scenarios, the ninth house shows the garage or parking area. Pluto in the tenth at 5 pm shows that things in the house begin to get intense. Mercury in Scorpio is disposed of by Pluto so it would be this friend of hers who creates the tension. At the same time, it is noted that Neptune in Pisces is retrograde in the twelfth which informs that Abigail will be unconcious or asleep (or heavily drugged perhaps) for quite some time. Also, the combination of Neptune in the twelfth with Mars in the sixth, this girl is going to be taken into hiding where it will be almost impossible to find her. And all the chart indicators seem to say she went along willingly. So I do not see here any indicators that she was abducted or taken to the house against her will. But even though she went there willingly does not mean that they did not abduct her at some later time.

In fact, the idea that they took her in a drugged unconcious state and put her in a car is abduction. If she is not concious and giving consent, then it can be assumed to be against her will. In fact, what seems to transpire over the next few hours is most likely not with her consent. Notice in the chart for 6 pm that her marker, Mars, is in the fifth house. The Moon is still in the ninth and the seventh house ruler is in the eighth, consistantly showing us this same person. Moon in the ninth is disposed of by Jupiter in the fourth. She is still on the property, just not in the house. Both the Moon and Venus (the seventh house ruler) are disposed of by Mars in the fifth. This person is having sex with Abigail. Pluto is angular in the tenth, showing violence in the home (as already noted). I think she was assaulted. At the same time, in this chart, there is a strong connection involving a fixed star. Fomalhaut, which indicates drug addiction and drug abuse, is exactly conjoined (sinister by a few minutes) to Neptune in Pisces in the twelfth and exactly square (dexter by 3 minutes) to the seventh house ruler, Venus, in the eighth. This is a good sign that this person was either addicted to drugs, abusing drugs, selling drugs or all of the above.

Another factor in this chart that has to be considered is the potent grand square in cardinal signs. Pluto opposes Jupiter from the tenth to the fourth house and Uranus and the Sun oppose each other from the first to seventh house axis. This creates a powerful grand quare in cardinal signs from angular houses. A Grand Square of this power and influence will create impediments and obstacles. The nature of this square is to involve the eighth house ruler (Pluto) which indicates that some of the obstacles with involve sex, death or money. The Sun is involved from the seventh house cusp and is disposed of by the seventh house ruler in the eighth. Venus is disposed of by Jupiter, which is involved in the square from the fourth house. And Jupiter is disposed of by the Moon, the victim's co ruler. I beleive there are emotional obstacles in this matter that keep this person from killing Abigail. She delivers something for this person that cannot be resisted. Venus co rules the second house so look for money to become a factor. Uranus, on the first house cusp, is disposed of by Mars in the fifth. This shows romantic or sexual feelings in the matter that are part of the obstacle. I do not believe this person ever intended to kill Abigail. I believe she was wanted for something else.

The next few charts are going to tell us what that is. In the chart for 6:30 pm we can see that the seventh house ruler, Venus, is still in the eighth house and the Moon has joined it there. These planets are disposed of by Jupiter in Cancer in the fourth. Jupiter is in exaltation so there is joy in this somewhere. This person is alone with Abigail and because the first house ruler, Mars, is still in the fifth they may be still using drugs but I think they are having consensual sex or, at the least, sex where she is not resisting. But, again, this could be due to the drugs. I do not know this girl and therefor I cannot assume things. She may not use drugs willingly or have sex with anyone willingly. On the other hand, she might. That is up to her family and friends to figure out. The charts do not show outright violence beyond an episode of forced sex. After that, the charts show no resistance. She seems compliant.

The chart for 6:30 pm clearly shows sexual activity. It does not appear to be brutal and it does not involve more than two people, the subject and her abductor. This is shown by both the Moon and his marker, Venus, in the eighth with the first house marker in the fifth house. This combination is very sexual and romantic. Notice how the Moon and Venus are disposed of by Jupiter in the fourth house. This is going on in the home. Jupiter is disposed of by the Moon and has no harsh aspects so I am pretty sure she wanted this. It looks to me that this man was a romantic figure for her. The north node disposed of by the first house ruler, Mars, in the fifth house looks like a planned event to me. It looks like she either planned this with him in advance or did not resist when he suggested it. Whatever has happened to her, she is not dead and she is where she wants to be, with this man. Who, by the way, is a criminal and very dangerous. Also, the recent markers showing drug use leads me to believe that he used drugs to make her compliant. At the same time, there is familiarity between them and she is not there against her will.

None of the charts I ran from 6:30 to 8 pm changed much. It appears to be the same until 8 pm, when the seventh house ruler, Jupiter, appears in the third house. This shows us that he gets into a car. Moon is in the seventh, showing solidarity between this man and the subject, so I beleive she got into that car with him. To further press that theory, the Moon, the char co ruler, is disposed of by the seventh house ruler, Jupiter, in the third. They get into a car together and she does this because he wants her to (Moon disposed of by Jupiter). Moon also rules the third so they are "moving on". Her marker in this chart is Mercury in Scorpio. Mercury is appropriate because she is much younger than this man. Mercury in the sixth is telling us that Abigail will "never be seen again". Once she gets into that car, she is gone.

Sagittarius describes travel, people who spend their time on the road. It also describes distant places, including foreign countries. Moon in the seventh indicates they were travelling west from their original location. Sagittarius can mean that they traveled on major highways and left the area. Jupiter in Cancer in the third means the car is probably large but not a work truck, more like a sports vehicle. The color indicators are mixed. Cancer gives grays, beiges, silver and white. Jupiter gives sea green, blue or purple. Also an ash color or a mixture of green and blue or a mixture of yellow and green. The only colors that seem to match at all are the ash color with the beiges or white. So I might say the car or SUV is light colored, ashen or beige. Perhaps. Hard to say with all the indicators in this case. For additional input, consider that the Moon rules the third and the Moon also indicates white or silver.

The chart for 8 pm is very important because it is the only chart where the seventh house ruler is somewhere other than the eighth house. This describes a change in the situation, one that has to be considered. His ruler is now in the third because the change involves movement, most likely in a car. Also, in this chart, Abigail appears as a child for the first time. Mercury, the first house ruler, is in the sixth in Scorpio. This indicates, as I said before, that she will never be seen again. But consider also that Mercury is conjoined Saturn and the node. The node shows planning again and tells us that she not only wanted to go along but may have planned or at least considered a plan to run off like this sometime in the past. It was likely discussed at some point. Saturn conjoined Mercury shows the child making an adult decision and beleiving herself to have the gravitas to do that. Also, Saturn, by it's very nature, implies a long period... even as long as decades. So do not look for this child to be found anytime soon.

I want to take a shot at describing this person she left with. Perhaps someone close to her will make a connection if I can get it right. First of all, he is a youth but he is older than Abigail. She is 15 so perhaps he is 18 or something like that. He is not a full grown adult but he has lived a hard life and is bitter about it. He fights back by living a life of crime. He uses drugs as an escape from reality and is not adverse to using his sex appeal to control younger girls. He is a schemer and a planner. He always has some plot he's working on. He's cerebral and rather intelligent, quick and facile with his hands. He has been a thief most of his life and has been arrested for stealing. He can get the wallet out of your purse without you seeing it. He has mastered the ability to "disappear" or to become "invisible". He is small in size and can blend into a crowd. He is probably thin and wirey. He walks quickly and doesn't stay around long; always "on the move"; lots of nervous energy. He has been interested in Abigail for awhile and she has a mutual attraction to him. So if there were any young (but older) men she seemed to be infatuated with, then the search should start there. And if there were any young men she had been warned about, then the search should definitely start there. This girl is still alive, she is on the run with a young man who is a criminal and can be dangerous. She may not be found for quite some time and maybe not until he is arrested for something else.


  1. Thank you for spending so much time working on this. For further assistance finding her whereabouts, should this be shown to her friends, mother, authorities? It was shared with me by a friend who came with myself, Abby, and another friend to a lunch summer before last. my email is

  2. She was found ALIVE yesterday, July 20th, and subsequently reunited with her parents. Look her case up on Google.


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