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Sylvia Newman Gregory

Woman Disappears From Her Home


Cold Case # 1972-6573
Victim: Sylvia Newman Gregory
Age: 22 / White Female
Location: Highway 160, near Fort Mill, SC, one and a half miles below the city limit sign.
Date of Homicide: 04-18-1972


The victim is a female who was 22 years old at the time she was kidnapped (date of birth 7/28/49). She was 5'7", approximately 135 pounds, light brown shoulder length hair and brown eyes. The victim was home alone at the time of her abduction. When her husband arrived home he found the door on their trailer ajar and could not locate the victim. There were signs of a struggle. He then reported her disappearance to the police. Sylvia was apparently abducted from her trailer at approximately 2200 hours on 4/18/72. Her remains were located on 10/10/73 in woods off of Highway 160 west of Fort Mill, SC. Anyone with information regarding this homicide is asked to contact the Cold Case Homicide Squad.

This is about all I could find online about this case. In other newspaper articles they make references to the body find and that she had been shot in the head with a bullet. I cannot copy these pages but you can read them here:,405023,437257

I have been snooping around various county websites for cold cases. I did not want to end up doing a whole bunch from my area or from any particular area and wanted a national source. This was one of the cases that stood out to me. Something about her picture.. and memories from the 1970s. I felt really bad that this girl was only 22 years old and no one has yet been charged with her murder. So I drew charts for the time she was presumed abducted, for the time when her body was found and for the days and hours in between. I enjoy doing really old cold cases because it puts them back on the web, with a new slant, but it also allows me to study a variety of events with astrology charts.

It has been stated that she was assumed to be abducted around 10 pm that evening. I wanted to start a half hour before that time to see what was going on. And this first chart has a lot to show me. You can see that the seventh house ruler (the person she is "about to meet" is Mercury and that Mercury is in the fourth house (which describes her home). So, from this, we can assume he is already in her home at 9:30 pm. But notice that the fourth house ruler is Neptune and that Neptune is in the twelfth house. This shows something in that home that Syvlia could not see. Something was hidden from view and it's my guess it's this visitor. He is hiding in the home as early as 9:30 that evening and she did not see him right away. He must have caught her by surprise.

Mercury is trine Neptune so things are going to go his way. Neptune is the darkness there that keeps her from seeing him at first and this is how Neptune assisted him. Jupiter rules the first house and so Jupiter is Sylvia's marker. Jupiter is also in the first house, showing her to be in "her own place" which translates into her home (or any other area she frequented). Jupiter is disposed of by Saturn, which is at the Descendant (the marker for her abductor). Saturn is exactly opposite Neptune in the twelfth so she would stumble upon him (caught by surprise as noted) and this may be what caused the struggle in the house. There were reports from her husband, who was the first to discover her missing, that the house showed signs of a struggle. Saturn is also exactly sextile to Mercury so, from this, we can assume she had seen this person before. In fact, Jupiter opposing the Moon (with the Moon dexter by a few degrees) tells me that she had contact with him in the days before her abduction. She did something she didn't ordinarily do, such as being kind or supportive to a stranger, and he saw this act of kindness as a come on (or a sign of weakness). He chose her at that moment for some reason but the idea that should would be sympathetic, passive or "easy" seems to stand out for me. The Moon is really strong in Cancer but Jupiter is in fall in Capricorn, so this thing she did (this act of kindness) may be viewed as being a great quality of a strong character by many of us but, to this man, it would also look like Sylvia was weak. Kindness is often misread. This is what this looks like to me. He misread her kindness as a weakness towards him; perhaps flirtatious.

So he saw her in the days prior to this abduction and somehow knew where she lived. Mercury in Aries is his marker and this is disposed of by Mars in Gemini with both planets in mutual reception. He found it easy to discover where she lived and also found it easy to enter the home. We know that her home was a trailer, which are notorious for being unsafe, and the fourth house ruler, Neptune was in Sagittarius. Sylvia and her husband had not been in the trailer long and they had plans to move on eventually, maybe even travel out of state. That's what Neptune in Sagittarius is saying. It may also be saying that they were new to the area, having moved there from somewhere far away. It also is a marker for travel. Although I have no idea what either Sylvia or her husband did for a living, it is possible it involved travel of some sort.

Getting back to the abduction, I have to note that the seventh house ruler, Mercury, is in Aries and is disposed of by Mars in Gemini in the seventh house. Mars, in turn, is conjoined to Venus. At the same time, the Moon in Cancer is in the eighth house and Mercury rules the tenth house with Pluto at the midheaven. This is striking. His purpose in being there (Mercury disposed of by Mars) was to "get" Sylvia. He was not there to rob or steal and this was not a random event. Mars being so close to Venus in this scenario makes a female (most likely the victim) a target of this man's intentions. As well, the Moon in Cancer in the eighth house is a strong indicator that he wanted her for sex or death or both. Pluto, a violent and chaotic force in forensic charts, is in the last few minutes of the sign Virgo. The presages a change in events and since Pluto is angular and high in the chart, I would say it was going to be chaotic. Also, the tenth house describes this man's home and with Pluto there, I would guess he had done violent things in his home previously and had intentions to do so again.

In the chart for 10 pm I see that Mercury rules the tenth house from the fourth house. This man lived in the same neighborhood as Sylvia and lived in the same type of housing. It appears he lives in a trailer. In the chart for 11 pm, notice how the seventh house ruler, Mercury, at that hour has moved out of the fourth and into the third. They are on the road at that point. But the third house is not a highway or an interstate, it is a neighborhood avenue. He did not take her far. Moon in the seventh house shows Sylvia to be in "his custody". And the real interesting pattern in this chart is the cluster in the sixth, including the tenth and fourth house rulers with Saturn, which disposes of Jupiter in the first. Venus and Mars are exactly conjoined (within 30 seconds) so this represents two people who live together and may be married. Saturn there as disposition for the first house ruler, shows Sylvia with these two people and the probability that she will never be seen again. These people are transients who move around alot and may have been in the armed services at some time or, at the least, come from military families. The sign Gemini reinforces that there are, in fact, two people, close to each other in some manner and that they move around a lot and are not settled. Uranus in Libra in the tenth house shows us an alternative lifestyle of some sort: swingers, people of the same sex, living together unmarried (in the 70s that was "alternative") or some other unusual set up. I would say, just from my own viewpoint, that it would be rather unusual for two people, married or otherwise, to kidnap a woman and bring her to their home, for any purpose.

Then it's the chart for 1 am where things become crystal clear. Notice how the tenth and fourth house placements have changed to Taurus and Scorpio but that their rulers remain the same, Venus and Mars. This is that same couple but now things have changed. Venus and Mars are together with Saturn, which now rules the first house, in the fifth house. They are having sex with Sylvia! They have made a threesome with her, most likely against her will. Swinging was a popular past time in the 1970s but I have only heard of a few instances where a woman was abducted and used by a couple. Notice the tenth house ruler, Pluto, in the eighth house? And that all of these planets, Venus, Mars and Saturn, are disposed of by Mercury in the second house. And, also, that Neptune is within 3 seconds of exact opposition to Saturn, which rules the first. This, altogether, looks like sex on film for money and a possible snuff film in the making. Snuff films were a big rage thing in the 70s, also. When you have all the players planets disposed of by one planet in the second house, it starts looking like money as a motive. But Pluto in the eighth adds violent death to the mix and Neptune opposing Sylvia's marker looks like her being recorded against her will. She was abducted and forced into sex with these people; all of it was put on film for money. But it wasn't just the sex they wanted to record. Pluto in the eighth is disposed of by the same planet in the second house, Mercury. Documentaton of death. That's what it looks like to me. And the dignified Moon in Cancer lingering in the sixth house does assure us of one thing: Sylvia will never be seen again.

Another thing that Neptune opposing Saturn tells me is that they drugged this girl. She was drugged and then murdered. And with all the planets in Gemini disposed of by Mercury in Aries, this fits a gunshot to the head. Gemini also describes projectiles, often more than one. The Moon in Cancer can indicate drowning. Cancer rules the death house at the time of the abduction and the Moon is in Cancer also in the death house. There is a good chance that when all is said and done, they dump what is left of her in the water.

The first house ruler enters the eighth house for the first time at 2 am and remains there for hours. Pluto remains with the first house ruler, Uranus, in the eighth house until around 3 am, earth time. This seems to be saying that the sex and violence went on for quite some time before she died. Or, as much as I hate to say it, the sex and violence went on after her death. One or the other or both. This was a horrific act, according to these charts, and there is no nice way to say it.

This chart for 3 am shows that Sylvia is dead, as the charts before it also seemed to say, but in this one, they move her body. Pluto has moved into the seventh house, showing a disagreement between the two about something. Saturn, which represents the body of the victim in death, is now in the third house. They have taken her out of the home, perhaps into a car. Saturn rules the twelfth, which sort of affirms the idea that she is dead, and is directly opposite Neptune in the ninth (separated by only 2 minutes). I am thinking they took her out to the garage. Neptune has no house rulership so it is not prominent in this placement except by the opposition. I think they knew they could not hide her in the garage and they knew they could not burn the body without drawing unwanted attention. So Neptune would not work for them at this point. The third house ruler is Venus and it's placed in the fourth house so they had a car at their disposal. Both Venus and Mars so close together in Gemini seems to indicate that they both shared one car, rather than having two cars. Venus also rules the eighth while Saturn rules the twelfth so they were going to use that car to dispose of her; take her to her resting place, so to speak. North node in the twelfth indicates two different ideas: that they have done this before with people they knew and/ or they take the body (or bodies) to the same place every time. Add to that the node disposed of by Uranus in the eighth with Uranus ruling the first house, this may even be a part of their lifestyle. They think of their marriage as "alternative". Also, second house ruler, the Sun, in the second house may be describing a business contact that buys their "product". Back then, hard core porn was fairly new (it was rare in the 1960s) and snuff films were on the rise. I remember how horrified most of us were when we realized that.

Moon in the fifth house in this chart again describes sexual activity and with the first house ruler, Uranus, in the eighth, this may include "unusual" sexual activity. The Moon is sinister to a square with Uranus and this shows me that most of their victims were not willing. They fought back. Perhaps this was part of the "fun"? It is interesting that the Moon is the strongest planet in this chart, which seems to give the victim more power than it seems she had. At the same time, the tenth house ruler, Jupiter, is the weakest in the chart, and this shows us their home was vulnerable. They could have been easily discovered if someone had gone into their home. The victims could have revealed this if they would have gotten away. And perhaps, over time, someone did reveal them and they have since been imprisoned for crimes of this nature and/ or executed. Pluto in the seventh house underscores a violent personality and it is unlikely they continued this sort of thing and did not get caught.

I also think the presence of Uranus in the eighth after Saturn has been moved into the third, shows the couple having sex after moving the body. Yuk.

Remember that Saturn becomes the victim after death. The first house then becomes the abductor(s) / killer(s). The seventh house represents anyone else who enters the picture or has influence over events. The victim is no longer moving so you follow the body wherever the murderer may take it. Since this chart is showing us the victim as dead, then Saturn is her marker at this time. Saturn is in Gemini in the third house. Uranus in the eighth disposed of by Venus in the fourth conjoined Mars shows us this couple still in the home while Saturn in the third, shows Sylvia's body to be outside the home. The cusp of the seventh house is involved in a grand trine with Neptune in the ninth and Mercury in the first. They are probably going to cremate the remains. Mercury in the first in Aries will determine when and where they do it. The opposition from Neptune to Saturn confirms that they cannot hide her there, in their home, or burn her body there. So, Aries describes an area where the ground has been disturbed (for any reason), a place with abandoned buildings and empty structures (of any kind) Mercury describes an area within walking or driving distance, in the same neighborhood, perhaps in an area where things are stored or kept. Could also be an area near a truck stop, a school (likely closed), a paper mill (operating or not), an empty parking lot or any closed or abandoned business such as a car lot, a bowling alley or playground (any lot where sports were played). Any of these types of locations in the local area (not far from Sylvia's home) would be where they took her body and burned it. Aries describes outside cooking stoves, grills or ovens and if you keep this in mind, you can narrow it down. A camping site not far from a truck stop would make perfect sense. Sometime between 4 and 5 am in the morning, they took her body to a location similar to those described and burned it. And, then, with the Moon so strong in Cancer, they took the ashes and tossed them out over the water.

The couple who abducted her are described by Venus and Mars in Gemini. These were the markers at the time of her abduction. This describes an "intellectual" type couple who enjoyed playing "games". They liked strategy sessions and planning out their "adventures". They liked to share partners and to "swing" with other people but I think they mostly would stick with women as victims and maybe have adventures with other couples, both women and men, but these did not involve rape and murder. Venus and Mars square Uranus in these charts tells us that this couple was "adventurous" and different in their makeup and needed excitement. It probably started with "swinging", which was big in the 1960s and 1970s. They probably watched porn, when it became widely available, and indulged in experimentation. Mercury in Aries here shows us that they got aggressive about their strong desires and started dreaming up schemes where they could exercise power and be "in control". Gemini is playful so at first this was probably just acted out. But Mercury in Aries trine Neptune is now telling us that drugs and alcohol have often been involved and imaginations got wilder over time.

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