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Michelle Parker

Young Woman Disappears After TV Show

From The Huffington Post :

Police in Florida are trying to locate Michelle Parker, a 33-year-old missing mother of three from Orlando who has been missing since last month. Dale Smith, the father of Parker’s twin 3 year olds, has been named the prime suspect in the case over her disappearance.

The following timeline begins on Nov. 17, the day Parker disappeared without a trace.

NOTE: This timeline will continue to be updated and amended as more information becomes available. Please send tips.

2 p.m. – An episode of “The People’s Court” with Parker and her ex-fiance, Dale Smith, aired on television. The couple was in dispute over a $5,000 engagement ring that was lost after Parker threw it at Smith in anger. During the program, which had been taped in August, Parker alleged that Smith has a drug and alcohol problem and had been violent with her in the past.

“He gets pretty malicious and vindictive,” Parker said. After hearing both sides Judge Marilyn Milian ruled the couple should split the cost of the ring and ordered Parker to pay $2,500 for her half.

According to Parker’s mother, Yvonne Stewart, her daughter regretted taping the show.

“It was the most humiliating experience of my life,” Stewart told ABC News her daughter said of the experience. “I don’t even ever want to see it. I wish I had never gone.”

2:30 p.m. – Parker visited with family members at her mother’s salon in in Oviedo, Florida.

3:15 p.m. –Mitchell and Parker exchanged flirty text messages.

3:18 p.m. – A security camera records Parker dropping her twin 3 year olds off at Smith’s condo on Goldenrod Road. Due to the angle of the camera, her departure time was not recorded.

3:30 p.m. – Parker’s 11-year-old son arrived home from school. Shortly thereafter he called his grandmother, Stewart, and notified her that his mom was not there.

4:26 p.m. – Parker’s brother, Dustin Erickson, sent her a text message and asked her where she was. Moments later, Erickson received a reply with the single word “Waterford,” a possible reference to a nearby area.

4:30 p.m. – According to Smith’s attorney, Mark NeJame, his client went to visit his parents with his children.

6:53 p.m. –Parker’s sister was unsuccessful in her attempts to reach her by phone.

7:20 p.m. – Parker’s sister reported her missing to police.

8 p.m. – Parker failed to show up for her job at The Barn restaurant in Sanford. At about the same time her cell phone stopped transmitting a signal to a tower near Belle Isle.

November 18 – Parker’s 2008 black Hummer H3 was found in a parking lot on the west side of Orlando. Decals for Parker’s mobile tanning business had been removed from the windows.

Police conducted a search of Smith’s condominium. What — if anything — of interest was found is not yet known.

Parker’s mother told WFTV she believed her daughter was the victim of a random crime, possibly a car jacking.

“If anybody has her and you’re holding her hostage, please let her go,” Yvonne Stewart told the news station. “Let her come home so she can raise her babies.”

November 19 – The Florida Department of Children and Families opened an investigation into the children’s welfare “after allegations of past domestic violence were reported,” the agency said in a statement. “This report was generated after the mother was reported missing to authorities.”

November 22 – The Orlando Police Department announced they had no new leads.

November 26 – Orlando police served a search warrant on Smith’s parents’ home on Rose Boulevard in Orlando. Witnesses told ABC News a SWAT team served the search warrant.

“Roughly 12 guys piled out, banged on the door, yelled ‘search warrant, search warrant,’ and basically took everybody out of the house,” said neighbor Don Partin, according to ABC News. “They took everybody out, sat them in the yard and then the cops went in, and the crime lab went in and pretty much everybody from all departments showed up.”

According to, police said they found nothing of significance.

November 28 – Orlando Police Chief Paul Rooney announced Smith as the primary suspect in Parker’s disappearance.

“We had to look at every aspect in the case before we could come out publicly and state that Mr. Smith is our primary focus,” Rooney said.

Rooney did not elaborate on why he was considered a suspect, but did say Smith had refused to take a polygraph test.

Smith’s checkered past, however, may play a role in why police suspect he could be involved in Parker’s disappearance. He was convicted of battery in the 1990s, serving 10 days in jail. His second wife, Shannon, died of an accidental drug overdose. In 1996 he joined the U.S. Marine Corps, and he was court martialed in 2001. Smith was subsequently dishonorably discharged in 2003. More recently, in 2009, Parker attempted to obtain a restraining order against Smith, but the request was denied due to lack of evidence.

Parker’s mother pleaded with Smith to cooperate with police. “Dale, if you had cooperated with the police and took a polygraph test when they asked you, you could have avoided a lot of stress,” Stewart told reporters. “Our family needs to have Michelle home. We need to heal.”

November 29 – The Florida Department of Children and Families claimed Smith was a “significant future risk” to his children and placed the twins in protective custody.

Dale Smith Legal Documents

NeJame said the timeline in the case and the suggestion that his client may have been involved does not add up.

“Get in your cars, and run that track, and see if you can do it … and in between, you’ve killed and gotten rid of — disposed of a body … where nobody can find it,” NeJame said. “There’s no marks, no defensive wounds, no scrapes, no blood, no nothing suggesting a struggle or a death.”

He added, “You then, in an hour and 12 minutes, go from one side of town to the other, you then drop off your vehicle, you get in your vehicle and you drive to your father’s house. In an hour and 12 minutes. It’s not physically possible.”

November 30 – Smith allegedly knocked down a TV news photographer on his way into juvenile court for an emergency custody hearing. The photographer, who suffered scrapes, cuts and elbow pain, told WESH News he planned to go to a doctor to assess his injuries before deciding whether to press charges.

An Orlando juvenile court judge dismissed a petition filed by the Florida Department of Children and Families. The judge said the agency failed to present sufficient probable cause for him to sign a petition on custody. The judge ruled in favor of Smith, pending any future developments in his ex-fiance’s disappearance.

Authorities searched an area near Lake Ellenor in south Orange County for Parker. The location is five miles from Smith’s parents’ house and close to the cell tower that logged Parker’s last transmission. Dive teams and search crews from the Orlando Police Department and the Orange County Sheriff’s Office participated.

The Orlando Police Department announced a body found near a south Georgia Interstate 95 on-ramp was not Parker.

December 1 – Texas EquuSearch’s founder Tim Miller arrived in Orlando to meet with law enforcement.

December 2 – Authorities searched a fenced retention pond near Smith’s home. Nothing of interest was found.

December 6 – Smith’s mother, Tamara Smith, was questioned under oath at the Orange-Osceola State Attorney’s Office.

December 7 – Smith’s father, Dale Smith Sr., was questioned under oath at the Orange-Osceola State Attorney’s Office.

Parker’s family announced her missing iPhone 4 has been found, along with the pink, black and white case that she kept it in. According to the missing woman’s mother, family members were asked to identify the cell phone at the Orlando Police Department. Police did not say where the cell phone was located.


The cops have done extensive work on this case and it has gone on for quite some time. Right now, it has gone cold. I wanted to do this case for a very long time but could never find a useful timeline. They just kept saying she was last seen on TV. For me, that could be the time when the show played or the time when they recorded it... or did they record it live? Anyways, no one knew what time that actually was! So I was left with no real time to work with. But recently a reader messaged me on Facebook and sent me a link. This had the time she was last seen on video, dropping off her kid at Smith's house. I fully expected when I did the charts to find that he had killed her in that apartment and then buried her somewhere. But boy was a surprised when I saw what the charts were saying! And I think you will be, too.

The timeline says that she was last seen on video at around 3:18 on the 17th. I ran a chart for 3:20 just to see what happens after she is recorded. Take a look at this chart. Right away, you see the first house ruler in the second and the second house ruler in the first. This has financial overtones. Notice that the tenth house, which shows the next place she will be, is ruled by Pluto in the eleventh. The fourth house, which shows the place she is at right at that moment, is ruled by Venus which is conjoined Mercury in the ninth. Mercury rules the fifth so this shows us that she is with her children. Gemini is a marker for twins and with the Moon also in Gemini in the fifth house of children, we not only see that she has twins but that she is with the twins at this hour. This all dovetails with the reported facts, that she was dropping off her kids with their father. The tenth house ruler (the father) is Pluto and Mars. Pluto in the eleventh tells us that there was a divorce or some other sort of breakup. The eleventh house documents a friendship and romantic history but one that has ended. Pluto is a violent planet so it shows disagreement or perhaps even acrimony between these two. The secondary ruler, Mars, is at the seventh house cusp, again describing an angry breakup. They were both especially angry about something at this time and since we know they had a financial dispute that was aired on TV (second house markers) then perhaps this was it.

However, Dale Smith is not the person she is going to meet next. At this point, she is at his home to leave the kids and was back out the door. Although the cameras do not show her leaving his home, she was NOT murdered there. They probably argued a little, with her marker in the second house and his at the descendant it would seem that she was not happy about the results of the court decision. Uranus is disposed of by Mars so she was ready to argue with him at that time. She was more than a little pissed off. But I do believe she left that house alive. In the next few minutes, specifically around 3:45 pm by the charts, she left and went about her business. You can see the tenth house ruler (her next destination) is now Jupiter, which is in the third house. Jupiter in Taurus describes a big, sturdy, expensive luxury vehicle which describes her Hummer. Jupiter is disposed of by Venus conjoined Mercury in the ninth, showing her in the Hummer out on a highway. Moon in Gemini is disposed of by Mercury so she had errands to run. Moon in the fifth might mean she had things to do for the kids. Second house ruler Neptune is in the first, closing in on the cusp, showing money to be on her mind. In fact, the first house ruler is in the second, as well, which makes me think she was headed to the bank. At the same time, the third house ruler, Venus, is opposed to Jupiter in the third, so something was about to happen with the vehicle.

The whole thing comes into focus for me when I study the seventh house. That ruler, the Sun, is in the eighth house. This is a dead on, no doubt about it, never fail reference to a desperate criminal. Sun conjoined Saturn shows a hard scrabble, difficult existence that creates a bitter, hateful personality and the eighth house puts this person outside the law. Both of these planets were disposed of by Venus, which, as we know already, rules the third house. This shows focus on the Hummer. I believe Michelle Parker was car jacked at a bank by a desperate criminal. This is what the charts are saying. In black and white. So my conviction that she had been killed by Dale Smith just got smashed. Her ex fiance had nothing to do with this abduction but some desperate, dangerous criminal did.

The chart for 4:30 pm, just about one hour later, has a death pattern. Apparently she was murdered right away after the Hummer was commandeered. Look closely at the chart and I will show you the pattern. First of all, the first house ruler has now become Neptune and it has moved into the twelfth house. The Moon in Gemini is now in the fourth house and is disposed of by Mercury in the eighth. The eighth house ruler, Venus, is in the eighth. Both the eighth and fourth house rulers are disposed of by Pluto, which is in the tenth house. This while Pluto in Capricorn is disposed of by Saturn in the eighth. Since Saturn represents the dead body then Pluto is the means by which the body died. Pluto in Capricorn, in my humble opinion, seems to describe a beating. Pluto is violence and Capricorn is often a blunt object, perhaps made of wood such a baseball bat? The node is right at the tenth house in Sagittarius. Sagittarius often describes sporting equipment, such as the baseball bat. The node says that this was part of the plan and maybe had been used before. Twelfth house ruler, Uranus in Aries, in the first house tells another story. This looks like she was shot in the head. Uranus in Aries can describe a bullet flying through the air and the first house always depicts the head. However, Aries can be violent and physical and can describe a beating, as well. Especially with Uranus, which describes unusual items and a gun would not be unusual. Aries rules the head, so no matter what, she was shot or struck in the head. Uranus is also disposed of by Mars in Leo, which can show physical violence, too. And do not forget that Mercury is now the seventh house ruler and it is placed in the eighth house, showing consistency. She is still with this dangerous criminal when she dies.

The tenth house ruler being Sagittarius and both the node and the tenth house being disposed of by Jupiter in Taurus in the second house, this was a robbery of some sort. I believe it was a car jacking but this chart also shows valuables or things of value. Of course, the Hummer is an expensive vehicle and is motivation enough for the right criminal but I think she also was wearing jewelry that had some value and maybe had just gotten money out of the bank that was taken as well. The Moon is disposed of by Mercury and Mercury is conjoined to the third house ruler in the eighth house. I believe they killed her for her Hummer. Mercury is also the seventh house ruler and both Mercury and Venus are disposed of by Mars in the sixth house. This person does this sort of thing for a living. He is a career criminal. Mercury in Scorpio is his marker at the time of the abduction so he is young but he is vile. He lives a truly seedy lifestyle, under the radar, in a really nasty place. Scorpio and Pluto describe dark, secretive places that are dirty and possibly infested with insects. Pluto in Capricorn can describe places low to the ground, without floors but set only on dirt, falling apart. Sagittarius on the tenth house cusp gives us a place in the woods, very rustic, hard scrabble. Mercury in Scorpio also describes somebody devious and scheming. Mercury, by itself, gives theives, hustlers and con men. Scorpio gives dark features but with possibly blue or light eyes. Mercury gives us someone young and small in stature; wiry and flexible. Scorpio slows the body down so this person is not athletic although they can scramble if they need to. Strong survival instincts but a reclusive, difficult personality. No one knows this person well. He spends a lot of time alone.

Now, this chart is the one that shows where he dumped her. I am not sure, at this point, if this person worked alone or had a helper. Mercury often implies two but Scorpio is a loner. So I cannot say for sure if there was any more than one person involved in this. It seems like it would have required two and perhaps he did have help but maybe only with the body dump. I am just not sure. However, in this chart you can see the grand trine between the Moon, Neptune and Saturn. Since Saturn is the body and the Moon is her co ruler, this trine is important. It is in air signs and two planets are angular. This tells me that her body was tossed from an overpass or a bridge. She was up in the air when she was discarded and probably remains up in the air. I think she might have ended up in a tree in an area under or around a bridge or overpass. Saturn is conjoined the Sun so that place gets a lot of sunlight and heat during the day so she decomposed rapidly. Both planets are in Libra so she is hanging from some high place or is perched on something that stands above the ground. Moon in Gemini hints at two things so I am thinking brush or high overgrown with lots of branches or stems. But she is no doubt up in the air somehow. There are no mountains in Florida but there are a lot of tall trees and deep ravines under bridges. She is not in the water. She is not buried. She is out in the open under a bridge or overpass in thick brush that stands high off the ground. Also, Neptune in Aquarius in the twelfth house is retrograde so she is well covered and will be very hard to find. It will take years to find her. Aquarius shows that she is stuck somewhere and will not be moved by the elements. Neptune shows she is very well concealed. And the retrograde motion of Neptune tells me it will be many years before she is found.


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