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Christopher Milton Dansby

Boy Taken In Public Park
From For The Lost:

Last seen in New York City, New York, on May 18, 1989

Vital statistics: Black male. Born on March 30, 1987. Black hair, brown eyes. He has a figure eight shaped birthmark on his neck. Last seen wearing a blue jacket, a floral print shirt, blue jeans and green and white sneakers. Was two at the time.

NCIC number: M-377468704

Circumstances: Dansby was last seen in a park on 114th Street and Lenox Avenue around seven in the evening. He was last seen with two children.

Classified as a Non-Family Abduction.

If you have any information on Dansby's whereabouts, please e-mail For the Lost at this address. Or you may contact the New York City Police Dept. at 212-694-7781. All information sent by e-mail will be kept confidential.

Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance

# *Missing Since*: May 18, 1989 from Manhattan, New York
# *Classification*: Non-Family Abduction
# *Date Of Birth*: March 30, 1987
# *Age*: 2 years old
# *Height and Weight*: 2'6, 30 pounds
# *Distinguishing Characteristics*: African-American male. Black hair, brown eyes. Christopher has a birthmark shaped like a figure eight ("8") on his back. He has a burn scar on his thigh.
# *Clothing/Jewelry Description*: A blue jacket, a floral print shirt, blue jeans and green and white sneakers.

Details of Disappearance

Christopher was last seen at the /Martin Luther King Jr. Towers/playground located at 113th Street and Lenox Avenue in Harlem in the New York borough of Manhattan on May 18, 1989. His mother had been with him in the park and decided to go to the store for food, but she did not have Christopher's stroller with her, so she left him in the care of of several relatives at the park.

When Christopher's mother returned half an hour later, he was gone. The relatives told Christopher's mother that they had seen him playing with a red ball. Christopher had not brought a red ball to the park and his mother could not find one in the vicinity. It had apparently vanished along with her son. A seven-year-old boy from Christopher's neighborhood told authorities he saw Christopher walking on west 111th Street later in the day. According to the witness, Christopher was accompanied by an unidentified African-American male with braided hair. Christopher has never been seen again.

Christopher's case shares striking similiaries with the disappearance of Shane Walker who disappeared from the same playground in August 1989, three months after Christopher did. Both boys were African-American toddlers and lived in the same apartment building. Both disappeared on the same day of the week (Thursday) at roughly the same time (Shane at 5:00 p.m., Christopher at 7:00 p.m.) In addition, just before his disappearance, Christopher was playing the same two children who were with Shane when he was last seen. Police still aren't sure whether the cases are related, however.

Authorities investigated the possibility that the boys' cases were connected to a black market baby-ring operation and that the infant Andre who was abducted from Brooklyn in March 1989, was possibly another victim. All of the children are African-American. The three cases remain unsolved and it is unclear what happened to any of the missing children.


I can't resist cases that involve small children. Although this is stone cold and there is the general belief that he was taken by the same person or persons who took several other children, I still wanted to chart it. Perhaps after doing this one, I will be able to glean something from the other cases that might create a link that would help solve this. When I ran the first chart, I was stunned. It is probably the most glaring chart I've seen in quite awhile. I will show you what I mean as I analyze it. This first chart was drawn for the time he was last seen, 7 pm. Reports of that hour have him walking away with a black man who had his hair in braids. Here, in this chart, you can clearly see that he is, indeed, in the company of someone and the prospects don't look good.

The first thing that popped out at me was a death pattern. It looked to me that the child was already dead and I might have believed it if I hadn't read reports that he was still alive at 7 pm. Of course, reports depend upon the reliability of the person who reported the information. So I pushed past that and tried to read the charts otherwise. I knew, from the beginning, that this child was not with his mother and was basically "on his own". The people who were "caring" for him were not "watching" him or they would never have left him just wander off. In my opinion, their credibility is in serious question here. To be safe, I used Mercury for the child instead of the fifth house ruler. You can see Mercury in the seventh house with other planets. This shows us the child in the company of other people but I am not sure at this point if this is the people who were "watching" him or somebody else. You can see the tenth house ruler, the Sun, and the seventh house ruler, Venus with Mercury. They say he walked away with a single black male but this chart shows at least two people. So which is it?

Another factor that I have to consider is that the tenth house ruler always points to someone adult, probably male and in control of the child, as it usually marks the father. The seventh house ruler is a person who enters the event at some point. The first house ruler, in this instance, must be the people or person who was supposed to "watch" the boy. This is Scorpio, ruled by Pluto and Mars. Pluto is in the twelfth house with the Moon and Mars is in the eighth house, a grouping that often describes a death pattern. Pluto is right with the Moon in the twelfth house and remember that the Moon is always a secondary marker for the subject. Mars as co ruler of the first sitting in the eighth is a descriptor for a criminal. And since Mars is disposed of by the Moon, I feel confident in saying that this person was targeting this boy. The actions of this criminal appear to be directed towards our subject, the two year old child. So this makes me believe that this was not a random act; there was a plot afoot to take this boy. Notice also the node at the nadir in the last degree of Pisces. The fourth house usually rules the home but it also describes the family, the close relatives, the mother in particular. Why is the node in the fourth if the person who took this boy is a stranger? It just doesn't make sense.

Not long after the boy is last seen, here is the chart for the next half hour. As you can see, Mercury remains in the seventh house, meaning he is still in the company of someone else. The Sun has moved off the tenth house cusp and now we see Mercury there, which indicates the second person obvious in the last chart has now moved on. Mercury is close to Venus, which still rules the seventh, so the child is still in the company of that person. But this is only one person, as the witnesses claimed. So perhaps no one ever saw the other person? Or perhaps this other person was one of the babysitters and they let this child go with this man? There was contact there so I am not sure which is what. But the child is still with this other person, Venus in Gemini. The other patterns in the chart are consistant but I am reconsidering my first impressions. Mars rules the first house and it is in the eighth house, commonly a marker for violent death. But in this chart Mars rules the fifth house of children. But the fifth house, combined with the eighth, is a combination that most often describes sexual activity. With Mars or Pluto, it can be construed as rape or assault. Mars is disposed of by the Moon which is a secondary marker for the child. So it is possible that this person raped the boy. Also, the Moon is with Pluto in the twelfth house and the twelfth house is another death house. I will not say that this is not a death pattern, because I believe it is, but it also seems to describe someone in hiding. The twelfth house relates to hidden things as well as confinement and death. So the boy was hidden and probably constrained in some manner. He was also assaulted and perhaps, in the act of this assault, the boy died. I know that it is common belief that the boy was taken and sold into adoption but there are no markers for money in this chart. Money did not change hands and it does not look like the boy changed hands either, at least not before he died. I am sorry the charts say this because I would like nothing more than to say this boy was still alive. But if you credit the charts with the truth, then the boy is most likely deceased.

And here is the thing. The death pattern remains consistant in the charts for 8 pm and 8:30 pm, which shows that the boy is "still dead". And there is one more thing I have to point out. Please notice that the Sun is exactly conjoined to the fixed star grouping, The Pleiades, or "weeping sisters", an omen that portends a situation of great sadness and grieving. It is also within minutes of the fixed star, Miram, which means someone is lying. And also within 3 degrees of Algol, or Caput Algol, the most violent star in the heavens. I do not believe the reports given by the other people and I find them suspect because they allowed this child to walk off with a stranger. Some babysitters. The presence of a violent star like Algol and the Weeping Sisters, as well, is a marker for murder and mayhem. It was present in many famous cases, such as the Gainseville Ripper, Ted Bundy's assault on the Tallahassee dormitory and several of Jeffrey Dahmer's murders. It almost always describes a violent death and if it is also placed in the tenth house, the case will get national attention. In this case, the conjunction occurs around the seventh house cusp, showing us a violent person who kills this boy. At the time of the kidnapping, this conjunction is right at the seventh cusp with the Sun ruling the tenth house. This case got some interest in the news but was mostly a private matter that simply went cold. Because of the tenth house involvement with the death pattern planets, I am suspect of the child's father and wonder why he is never mentioned in this case.

Using whatever resources I have at my disposal I will attempt to describe the person who abducted this child. Venus in Gemini is his marker. Venus is also closely aligned with Mercury and Jupiter, all in the sign Gemini and all in the seventh house. He is involved with a number of people and has an interest in children. I agree with speculators that this person has taken children before and the number of planets in Gemini makes me think he uses kids to get other kids. This child was seen playing with two kids who were also seen playing with another boy who went missing. This makes complete sense. The charts seem to be describing exactly that. And because of that link, I do believe that this case is related to others in the same area. Venus in Gemini describes a person who is fast talking and fast walking; good at handling people, glib, witty and sometimes critical or difficult. There is a soft voice and possible singing ability, fast music such as rapping, using words and good at rhymes. This person is creative and good with his hands. He has hobbies that require dexterity and cleverness; he can be quite a hustler at times. This man walks fast and darts about quickly, he is hard to keep up with. He is good with kids but probably doesn't have any of his own. I do not see specific perversities here so I cannot say if he is the rapist or if he gets these kids for someone else. Venus in Gemini seems to imply more than one person. But all of the planets connected to Venus are disposed of by Mercury, so there is a good chance that he makes a business of these children and that there has been more than one.

I do not believe the boy is still alive. I just do not see money here so it's hard for me to imagine the child was stolen for cash. The only small lead in that direction implicates the child's family. This is shown in the abduction chart (7 pm) where Uranus rules the fourth house (the family) and is sitting in the second (money). I hate to implicate the family in this without more aspects supporting it but there is a very tiny possibility that they sold the child to this man for money. But with Saturn and Neptune also in the second, hugging Uranus, it doesn't look like it was very much money. So that leaves me suspect of this altogether. Who would do this to their child for a small amount of money? In fact, Neptune may show that they were bilked and never paid and Saturn may be saying that the payment was delayed and much smaller than expected. So again I am not going to follow this any further and just say that it's highly unlikely that money played a part in this murder.

Venus in Gemini often describes piano and guitar players, people who use their fingers to create music. It can also describes painters and sketchers, sculptors, writers and tattoo artists. Gemini also rules cars and transportation so this person may drive a cab or delivery vehicle. Gemini also rules tools like scissors and, by relation, hair dressers and dressmakers, especially with Venus in Gemini. So these are all possible public occupations for the man who took this child. He could be driving a cab all day and looking for kids. I think it's interesting that he was described as having dreadlocks; dreadlocks are a very Gemini hairstyle, with the locks looking like fingers. My bet is he was also a smaller man, thin and wirey and quick on his feet. He took that child quickly and hardly anybody noticed as he dashed away; a very Gemini kind of thing to do.

In trying to discover what happened to the child and where the child might be found is done by tracking Saturn. After a death pattern appears and the assumption is made that the subject is dead, Saturn then becomes the marker for the body. This is because Saturn rules the gates to the afterlife and in the human body, it rules the bones. Most bodies are reduced to bones quickly after the spirit leaves. So in these charts we will take a look at Saturn and try to discover what was done with the child's body.

In the charts that follow the death pattern, Saturn is in the sign Capricorn and remains in the second house. The sign Capricorn is an earth sign and the second house is ruled by Taurus, also an earth sign, so it can be assumed that the body is underground. He has been buried. Both Taurus and Capricorn imply dirt. The second house usually concurs with a small area, something like a park or memorial of some sort, but one with small animals. Not the ones with hands like squirrels and raccoons but those that are close to the ground and move slowly. This would include turtles, snails, tortoises, porcupines, armadillos, mollusks, hermit crabs and other land animals that are small in size but have a protective shell. This does not mean scorpions or snakes which are ruled by the eighth house or small furry animals with hands as they are described by the third house. There may be a water source nearby from where the turtles and crabs emerge but it will not be a central focus of the park area. If there is no water source nearby then the kind of animals are more greatly restricted, mainly being tortoises, armadillos, snails and porcupines.

It is in the type of small park that the boy is buried. Since Saturn disposes of itself, is in natural dignity and rules the cusp of the house in question, it has total dominion over the boy and where he ended up after death. But the aspects and placement of Saturn have a great deal of information to offer. Mars is directly opposed to Saturn from the eighth house and then from the seventh house, while ruling the twelfth. The twelfth house rules over the end of life, the process of dieing and the afterlife. It most often describes the final resting place. Mars in opposition is in the sign Cancer, which reintroduces the possibility of a water source nearby. So if there is a park in that area of the city that has a water source nearby it is the place to look. The water source does not have to be deep or large. Cancer rules the crab and crabs are semi aquatic, spending a lot of time in shallow water. So this water source can be anything really from a retention pond to a small lake. But it would not be large enough to house sizeable fish because that terrain belongs under the rulership of Pisces.

Another aspect that influences the analysis is the sextile from Pluto to Saturn as Pluto rules the first house in most of the charts. Pluto's influence over the matter reinforces the probability that the boy was buried because Pluto describes disturbed ground. It also describes areas that are filled with bugs and debris, muck and trash. This area would smell badly and even have a sewer odor about it, perhaps even sewer runoff nearby. Pluto is in natural dignity in the sign Scorpio so it is powerful in this chart but the sextile is not a powerful aspect. So it's influence is somewhat mitigated. So I would think with all these factors, you would be looking for a small park or memorial area with sandy dirt and small crawling animals like turtles. This area should be near a water source and might have some muck or mud, pools of standing water, bugs like mosquitos and flies and a bad smell. It is in this type of area that this boy was buried, probably deeply, most likely in the sand and not the mud. Saturn so close to Neptune and retrograde means the boys body was well hidden and would not surface for years, maybe even decades. Saturns aspect to Pluto and Mars indicates that the body may be revealed when work is done in that area, when the ground is stirred or disturbed. The body may actually be unearthed by an earth moving machine and one can only hope that it doesn't end up in the trash, a common outcome for objects ruled or influenced by Pluto. In that regard, if work has already been done in the area then the search should move to the local landfill. And, of course, as with all retrograde planets, most especially Neptune, it may well be that the body will never be found but continue to be hidden by nature.

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