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Christopher Robin Coan

Young Man Disappears After Leaving Work

On September 3, 2007 Christopher Coan left his job at Subway in Cedar City, Utah and hasn't been seen or heard from since. At the time of his disappearance, Chris was 18 years old. Today, he would be 19 years old.

Chris was last seen wearing his black Subway shirt with a green shirt underneath and black corduroy jeans. His vehicle, a 1994 Chevy Blazer S-10 maroon/burgundy and silver in color, are missing as well. The vehicle had a temporary license tag. It also had several bumper stickers.

He left in the evening, which is between the hours of 6 and 9

First of all I want to say that I think his name is really cute. His parents were clever in naming him Christopher Robin and I hope his life has been an adventure worthy of an adorable Winnie The Pooh tale. That much said, I wish to also say that my heart goes out to his family and friends. The suffering, I know, is unimaginable. This case was emailed to me by a reader. It grabbed my attention because it seemed to be unusual; there are few young men who just disappear this way. It is not the normal case I see. So I went over the data I could find on various sites on the net. And decided to go ahead with a chart, based on what information I had.

I scoured the chat rooms and forums, looking for more information. It was on a local Utah forum that I found a post by somebody who claimed that Chris left work at 8:15. I think they said this had been documented by the local media out in Utah. I will use this as my starting point. My first chart is drawn for 8:30 pm, at 15 minutes past his departure time. And the chart is very telling. Pisces is rising and Virgo is falling; Neptune is in the twelfth house and Mercury is in the seventh. This tells me that Chris had a secret, he was doing something behind the scenes that no one but himself knew anything about. Neptune, the chart ruler, is inconjunct to Mercury, the seventh house ruler so I think there was someone else in his plan but perhaps this other person was not aware of it? It might have been a miscalculation or a chance that Chris wanted to take even though he did not have all the facts. The Moon in Gemini is in the third house which describes a conversation. And Mars is lingering around Mercury so there could have been a disagreement at some time or even a threat. Did he argue with his boss this night? Or perhaps an angry customer? I just see an argument and I am not sure if it has anything to do with his disappearance.

The chart for 9 pm shows that Chris has gotten into his car. Aries is rising and Mars is in the third house. The Moon has moved into the second house so money is on Chris's mind; perhaps he just got paid and needed to cash a check.... or if not, then maybe he was going somewhere to collect money or to spend money. But money was a factor. Notice also that the Moon is opposed to Jupiter in the eighth so again I see a sort of miscalculation, perhaps made with too much self confidence. He was way too sure that everything was going to be fine. Libra is now on the seventh house and Venus is in the fifth. I know that Chris had a girlfriend that he lived with and that he loved her very much. Perhaps he had a plan to buy her something. Was it her birthday? Were they engaged? Mars is exactly (within minutes) sextile to Venus so he was very happy with his love interest. This describes being "in love" actually and "enjoying romance". Jupiter in the eighth trine to Venus and square to Mars says that it Chris was feeling that he wanted to do something more in his relationship. He might have felt that she was wanting more from him, real or imagined. I think he was worried about something he wanted to buy for her and was either going to go buy it or was looking to get a second job so that he could afford to buy it. He may even have been pursuing an ad he'd seen in a paper or on the internet. It's hard to say. But he was doing this because of his feelings for a girl. That's clear. And whatever it was it involved money.

The Moon is applying to Mars in Gemini. He is ready to spend money on something or to get money for some purpose. The sign Gemini has many interpretations, including commerce, business, travel, roadways, cars, hands, writing, speaking, telecommunications, industry, cellphones, newspapers and all sorts of stuff. So you see that he might have seen an ad in the paper, called this person and was trying to buy his girlfriend a cellphone or book. Or he might have answered an ad for a second job with the intention of earning money to buy her a gift. Venus is in Leo in the fifth so he might have been looking to get her jewelry. However, this position is two edged. It also says that he was hoping to see her, either right away or later on. I think he was hoping to impress her; Venus in Leo says he thought she'd like nice gifts, pretty things, jewelry or clothes. He might have considered her to be "out of his league" and just head over heels. Venus is also opposed to Neptune in the eleventh so whatever he was up to was kept a secret. Mars is trine Neptune so this tells us that Chris didn't mind about any of this; he was very happy with her. He was not only happy to do it, but excited about it; eager.

The chart for 10 pm becomes even clearer and hints at some interesting angles. Taurus is now rising and Venus is in the fifth, which tells me that Chris is still thinking about his girlfriend. He is in the throes of romantic joy and having fun. He may have gone shopping for her and if he was, the fifth house, points at jewelry, clothing or makeup. If you notice that the seventh house ruler and co ruler, Mars and Pluto, are positioned in the second and eighth houses, respectively, saying that he felt responsible for money in their relationship; he wanted to give her more and better. He very much loved giving her gifts. Not that he could afford to give her much; the eighth house position does not describe wealth and in fact could mean poverty. He was not rich by any means. But what he is up to this evening is not well defined in the charts; he is in the "fifth house" meaning that he is having fun somewhere and could mean anything from shopping in a mall to partying on the beach. It's hard to say.

And, as late as 10 pm, we can see that Chris is happy and where he wants to be. Nothing dangerous in the charts, just a financial thing with or for a girl. The chart for 11 pm shows that Taurus is still rising but Venus has moved into the fourth house. But now this looks like Chris has gone to someones home. Mars and the Moon have come together in the first house, showing that he has gone to this home because of this thing he wants for his girlfriend. Was he, for instance, trying to buy her a stereo or a surfboard, something pricey that he could not afford and so was prey for an offer from a stranger? But the scene is still being driven by Chris's desires and he is not, at this time, in any danger. And then, at midnight, the charts change and things look a little scarier. Gemini is rising and Mercury is in the fifth, showing that Chris is still having a good time wherever he is. This looks like he is doing something he enjoys. But some ominous signs have appeared. Sagittarius is on the Descendant with Jupiter right on the seventh cusp. Pluto is tagging along right behind it. Mars and the Moon are quickly closing in on the Ascendant. Somebody dangerous has appeared. I can't say for sure, but perhaps this is someone he already knows. There may be two men, actually, Jupiter and Pluto. Mercury, Chris's marker, is directly square to Pluto and this is a bad sign. Violent anger is possible; someone really doesn't like him or wants something he has. This is the first red flag I have seen.

Between 12:30 and 1 am, the Moon and Mars both slip into the twelfth at the same time that Jupiter slips into the sixth. This is not good. It looks like the homeowner is in bad shape. It looks like he or she may have been assaulted or killed. Jupiter square to the Node and the Sun, which are in opposition, appears that this was a "hit" or at least, a plan. The man who hurt this man came here with that in mind. Mercury has Chris in this house at this time. What on earth he is doing there I am not sure except that the chart keeps saying he is doing this "out of love" so I assume he thinks he is getting or buying something for his girlfriend. Could it be possible that he thought he was applying for a job? But both the Moon and Mars describe the danger he is in. Jupiter is also opposed to the Moon and Mars in the twelfth, so the assault of this man may have presaged the dangers to others. Pluto is directly square Mercury, the first house ruler, so Chris may have been a singled out. Mars in the twelfth describes a concealed weapon to me. Someone brought a gun and no one saw it until it was too late. I do not think the person he went there with is still present; in fact, Venus is in the third and I dare to guess that he or she has taken off in a car. But Saturn is also in the third and Capricorn will take over the seventh in less than an hour so I also dare guess that one of the other men at the home went with her; perhaps together they stole Chris's car? And when you see that Jupiter also opposes the Moon and Mars, it might be saying that the man who Chris was meeting with was responsible for things going south. I think, watching Pluto follow Jupiter into the seventh, that he literally followed this guy back into his house and then assaulted him and then also assaulted Chris.

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Fearing that perhaps I watch too much daytime TV and I am unconsciously writing an episode of As The World Turns, I go over the charts again carefully. I have to say that I have no doubt that Chris came into danger and may have been killed or abducted. The Moon, co ruler of the chart, stays in the twelfth from midnight onward, as long as it takes for Cancer to take the Ascendant. This keeps the Moon consistently in the twelfth for a very long time. Pluto starts out ruling the Descendant and then moves along with the angles to stay in the seventh, showing violence from another person. The markers for Chris, the first house rulers, remain either in the fifth or the fourth the entire night, showing me that he is at someones home, unafraid and actually happy. I am becoming more sure, as I sift through the hourly charts, that Chris was invited there to inquire about a job; the homeowner needed help or had a business that needed help. And there is also no doubt, from the charts at least, that he did keep this a secret. But I don't think Chris was targeted. I think this was a horrible chance event. I think he went to this house and some violent person showed up there to do a home invasion or to get after the homeowner. Perhaps this was drug deal gone bad? Pisces is on the midheaven and Neptune is in the ninth house, so this is possible.. but I don't think probable. It just doesn't look enough like drugs for me to say that it is.

But then when you notice that Venus and Saturn have entered the third and shortly afterward Capricorn moves onto the seventh cusp, I have to say that it looks very much like someone stole Chris's car. The chart for 2 am shows Venus moving into the second with Saturn and the Sun still in the third. Capricorn is still on the seventh so I am thinking that there are two men in the car and they have just dropped off a girl. Chris may have, in fact, been invited here by this girl. After dropping off the girl, the men are still in Chris's car. Cancer is on the Ascendant and the Moon is in the twelfth, again saying that Chris is either dead or hidden. The Moon is disposed of by Mercury in the fourth, showing me that Chris is still at this house or home. He is either hidden in this home or he is dead and his body is still there. At 4 am, Leo is rising and the Sun is in the second, disposed of by Mercury in the third. This seems to be saying that Chris is going back in the car. The chart literally has him "in his possession". Uranus rules the seventh cusp and is in the eighth house, which whispers that someone else around him is either dead or in very bad shape. The tenth house ruler, Mars, is hanging out with the Moon in the eleventh house. Once again, the chart says that Chris was with "friends" or people he knew and trusted. These planets are disposed of by Mercury in the third, making me think that these "friends" are the people who stole or borrowed his car.

At 3 am, the chart shows Saturn, the seventh house ruler with Venus, the fourth house ruler, together in the second house. This shows people he knows in possession of something he owns. Again, the car. I am beginning to think that this whole ruse was designed around the car. Quite a fancy scheme for a simple carjacking, don't you think? In this same chart, Mars rules the Midheaven and is conjoined with the Moon in the eleventh house. Cancer is rising and this describes a scene where Chris is in the company of a friend; perhaps the homeowner. This friend, or homeowner, is in bad shape. Either assaulted or dead. The charts between 3 and 5 am seem to keep showing the car and Chris in varying aspects which leads me to believe they may have come back there and gotten him. In fact, charts for 5 and 6 in the morning show Chris with "his belonging", as if he were back in the car. So I think that the carjackers returned and put Chris's body back in his Jeep.

This chart is a stormy, sort of confusing one where danger comes and then goes. It's hard to get a pin on it exactly but I think he went to this home and was involved with some shady types and didn't know it. At the home, in pursuit of either money or a gift for his girlfriend, he ran into trouble when another man invaded the home and assaulted the homeowner. I don't believe he was actually killed but this man was left in a bad way. Chris was then killed as well, perhaps as a witness, perhaps because he had a vehicle, or whatever. Later on they either decided or had previously planned to return for Chris. And then they took his body out and dumped it, perhaps still in the car. The chart for 4 am shows him in "his possession" as I said before, hinting that they returned him to the car and disposed of both. It's interesting that the marker is the Sun and it is in Virgo, disposed of by Mercury, which rules moving vehicles. And, to boot, Mercury is in the third house, in it's dignity twice. The only little clues I have are Virgo for the vehicle and Pluto in Sagittarius as the bad guy. Virgo says the car and the body may be found in an area near a cornfield, a hay rack, a storage area, a chicken ranch or a secret compartment. This indicates that it is most likely hidden in a secret storage area, in an abandoned shed for instance near a cornfield or a chicken ranch. Or it might be in a storage unit, left there to rot. Virgo usually means small places so look for it to be tucked away somewhere, not discounting the earth as Virgo is an earth sign. It may well be down in a bog or under a pile of hay or mud. I DO NOT see water. But then, what do I know? I've been wrong before.

And let me take another futile shot at describing the man who did this. Pluto is a rough planet and usually describes criminals, thugs and murderers in general. He has probably had a criminal record and been in prison before. Sagittarius describes an athletic or sporting type so he is in good shape, tall and strong. He is probably a hunter and likes to hunt big animals like boar and deer. To be obvious, may I suggest he might be adept at bow and arrow? Lots of hunters know how to use these; he may also be good with a knife. Look also at horsemen, firefighters, arsonists, ex military, marksmen or hikers. This man is muscular with auburn brown hair and penetrating brown eyes. He has something threatening about him, the way he stands and looks. He does manual labor and likes adventurous sports. Don't kid yourself, he can be very dangerous. Pluto is nothing if not chaotic and violent. Disruption and revolution are his bywords; he lives for the thrill of danger and enjoys walking a fine edge. When you apply these aspects to others in the picture, you can see that the homeowner was ruled by Jupiter in Sagittarius. This is dignified and says that this man was honest and forthright. It also says that he was likely a business man and that it is very likely that Chris went there to see about a job. Has anybody talked to the manager of the Subway? Had he given a reference for a second job? I don't know what happened to the homeowner and why no one has reported his death. Or perhaps they have and no one tied these two events together. In that spirit, they should check all deaths in the area on this day or around this day and see if any of them match. A home invasion in a neighboring town with a dead homeowner would lead no one to think Chris had been there. Chris kept his pursuit of a second job a secret so he could surprise his girlfriend. This is a hard one to trace but I think it can be done.

Of course, there is always a chance that the stars are wrong or that I am reading them wrong, I have done that before. So there is always hope that Chris is actually still alive and could be brought home. His case is still an open case, unsolved and he is still listing as a missing person, albeit endangered. So, in the spirit of hope, I am posting his picture for those of you who might not have seen it. Please memorize it and keep it in mind when going through your day. If you have any information on what happened to Chris Coan, believe you have seen Chris or his Jeep or think you know where he is today, please contact the Cedar City PD at (435)586-2956.

Christopher Robin Coan is described as a white male, 5'6" tall, 125 lbs., with blue eyes and shoulder-length blond hair. He was last seen wearing a green T-shirt under a Subway uniform shirt, and black corduroy pants. Chris's vehicle is described as a 1994 maroon, burgundy and silver, Chevrolet S-10 Blazer, temporary license number 78596. There are three stickers on the back window. One says "The Wizz cartoon," another says "Jerry Bear," and the third says "Beatles."

You can read a recent update on the case at ID online HERE.


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  1. It has been confirmed that Chris did have a problem customer that night at Subway. I find it interesting you picked up on that. Many of us who have looked at this case have wondered if that did not lead to his disappearence. Maybe this person was just deranged.
    I also believe someone stole Chris's car. There have been very reliable sightings of it. It was very distintive because of all it's bumper stickers and those witnesses were able to name some of them.
    Thank you for doing a reading on Chris. His case has always remained close to my heart. He has a really nice family who deserves answers.

  2. Chris's body has been found. His car plunged off of a curvy canyon road and he feel 300 feet to his death. His car was found with his body still inside. Chris died of a tragic accident. May he RIP.

  3. Christopher Coan was found deceased, in a car that was down an enbankment.
    Pretty much what you described, although I guess it remains to be seen whether they can prove anyone else was involved. Good job, Caroline!


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