Friday, September 4, 2009

Case Updates

A Message To My Readers

I want to thank all of my readers for their chart suggestions, they are always welcome and I appreciate it. I want to say, though, that many of them will not make it on this blog and for a lot of reasons. Those cases that do not have firm time lines will have to be passed on; variable or unreliable time lines make for incorrect charts. Also, many of you email me cases with incomplete information such as dates written as 198. I know this is 1980-something, but what? So when you email me a case either send me a link to the originating website or double check your note to be sure that all information is complete. I appreciate the efforts and I do many of them on the blog but I don't want you to be hurt or angry if your case has not been done. Double check your original email to me and if there are missing or variable times or dates, then correct the information and resend it. I promise that if I get an accurate time line and date, I will attempt the charts.

I want to also apologize for not completing some charts I recently promised I would. The Brenda Riley case has gone cold for me, literally and so has the Kristi Cornwell case. I have all the information I need but the charts are not reading well. I just can't get it. I am inviting any other Astrologer who has had luck with these charts to email me their analysis and I will post it here on Forensic Astrology and give you the byline. I promise you. Otherwise, these cases will wait on my own limitations and perhaps in the future, the sky will clear. In the meantime, they remain dark.

Here are some of the cases I have received but do not have enough information to complete. Christine Jessop, Eric Nicoletti, Mohamed Rihani, Noel Heimberg, Patricia Y. Clark, Harry D. Suresh, Peggy Sue Ashley.

Also, does anyone know if the case of Ryan Sainty was solved? Did he drown or are there other clues that he might have lived? The time lines are sketchy and the information is variable. Also, I am having a hard time with the Sharon Marshall case because I have way too much information and the information I have is variable and difficult to pin down. I just need a time and a date when she was last seen.

In the Susan Krause case, I need to know what time the previous evening she was seen in the grocery store. A window of a few hours is fine. Otherwise, as it stands, she could have been killed anytime in a 14 hour window. This is just too wide.

In other cases, I must apologize because the information, again, is just too sketchy. My abilities are limited. I want to thank you for having so much faith in me but I cannot read cases for unknown victims. My heart goes out to the Jane & John Does of the world and I wish I could do these cases but I will have to leave that to the psychics. If I don't have a time when the victim was last seen, I cannot do the case. I cannot build a chart on the time the body was discovered. All I can retrieve from these charts is the future of the police investigation. I cannot work it backwards, because how long would that backtrack be? I mean, did they die two weeks ago or six months ago? It's impossible.

So there it is. I am limited in my abilities to work these charts and I apologize for that. In all other cases that have been emailed to me, they will get done. When I am not slaving away trying to make a dollar in this horrible economy I promise I will be doing charts. I love this blog. It's not going anywhere. Oh, and thanks for reading it.

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