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Jacqueline Nicole Vienneau

French Canadian Woman Goes Missing In Syria

From Find Nicole:

Name: Jacqueline Nicole Vienneau
Last Seen: March 31, 2007
Location: Cairo Hotel, Hama, SYRIA
Nationality: Canadian
Age: 33 (looks younger)
Height/Weight: 5' 6" and 130 pounds

Other: Brown hair, Brown eyes, wears contacts. She was last seen wearing a long-sleeve red shirt with white sleeves, long khaki pants with side pockets, gray and blue New Balance running shoes, a red baseball cap, red-tinted sunglasses and carrying a small blue knapsack.

Circumstances of Disappearance: Nicole was last seen the morning of March 31, 2007 by the staff of the Cairo Hotel in Hama, Syria as she left for a day of sightseeing in the area. She did not return, and has not been seen by anyone since. She left her personal belongings at the hotel.

She was last seen by the desk clerk at 8:30 in the morning as she left the Cairo Hotel in Hama, two hours north of Damascus.


This is a complicated and difficult case. The timeline of events as they occurred after Nicole disappeared is way too lengthy to include all of it here but if you wish to read about this case, you can see it at her brother's daily weblog, available HERE. She disappeared on the morning of March 31, or, at least, has not been seen by anybody since then, but the knowledge of that fact was delayed because she was so far from home. In Canada, her family did not sound alarms for a week or two, because she was sightseeing in Syria and was only contacting them every week or so. But there has been a long and detailed search, missing persons reports were issued in Syria and the local areas and the RCMP, the Canadian Embassy and Interpol got involved, so it cannot be said that efforts weren't made. But I must say that anyone planning to travel in a foreign country should take this case to heart; traveling alone is not a good idea, especially if you are a female. In a country such as Syria, where their attitudes and treatments of women are far different than ours, you should always bring a friend or at the very least arrange for a local contact.

Nicole is still missing. Her credit cards and bank accounts have been left alone and they are pretty sure (although not completely so) that she is not in a Syrian prison or prison in a neighboring country. Interpol has accessed her email accounts and been through her hotel room and has found no clues. The big question they have, regarding what evidence they have been able to trace, is whether or not Nicole even made it to the bus stop that morning after leaving the hotel. This is a credible suspicion because people who recall seeing her WEEKS before her disappearance do not recall seeing her after the last of March. Syrians do notice a Canadian woman in their midst, believe me. There were also extortion attempts that muddied the water; people saying they had her when they didn't. So the case is scattered, complicated and almost impossible to investigate. The best that could be done has been done. So what will the charts tell us? At the very least, we'll see if she got on that bus and whether or not she was still alive on the evening of March 31.

The first chart I draw up, for the morning of March 31, I see right away that Nicole is not alone. Gemini is rising and Mercury is in the eleventh house of friends in conjunction with Uranus and the north node. She is with someone else that morning, someone she met suddenly in Syria and made previous plans with. They had planned their morning together in great detail and were going off together to sightsee. Notice that Jupiter, the seventh house ruler, is in the seventh in the sign Sagittarius, in dignity. This person was a fellow traveler who had better knowledge of the region than she did. The fact that Uranus rules the tenth house also tells me that this person is a person in "authority", someone with stature and public presence. This person was to be Nicoles' "guide" around town this morning. I put quotes around the word authority because both Mercury and Uranus are disposed of by Neptune in the tenth so the story she was told may be false. In other words, this person may have claimed to be a politician or a local authority but have lied. Notice that the Moon, which is Nicole's co ruler, is in the fifth house. This hints that not only did Nicole expect this person to show her a "good time" but she may have been attracted to this person as well.

One more thing I want to add is that Mercury, the chart ruler, is opposed to the Moon, which is the co ruler. This tells me that Nicole went against her better instincts this morning and trusted somebody she wasn't sure she could. She took a risk, going on her emotions (the Moon) against her better senses (Mercury). I get the feeling that Nicole was a broad minded humanitarian type who did not judge people harshly. And here is the thing. In the chart for the next hour, at 9 am, the Moon has moved into the fourth house. Mercury is right at the midheaven, in conjunction, in fact. It is also EXACTLY square to the fixed star, Ras Algethi, which literally translates as "a devious plot is involved." Also to be considered in the chart is that Mercury, the Moon and Jupiter are all involved in a T-square, with Jupiter as the outlet. Jupiter rules the seventh house. And in this T-square we also have Ras Algethi. Nicole was obviously in "a jam" of sorts; she wanted to visit an area she could not get access to, perhaps. And this person promised to take her. I'm not saying this is exactly the case, just an example of possibilities. Since the seventh house ruler outlets for the T Square, which involves her ruling planets, there is no doubt that this person provided a solution to some problem she was having. The exact conjunction of the node to Uranus makes me think that the whole thing was a scheme.

Jupiter is such a powerful planet in this chart. It starts out ruling the seventh house, which is very telling. It is collecting light, as well, from both Saturn in Leo and Uranus in Pisces. And the Moon is sinister to a square. This makes the person who was in her presence both powerful and masterful. If this person had dastardly intentions she did not have the power or the strength to overcome it. Her chart ruler, Mercury, is in fall in Pisces and sinister to a square, an opposition and an inconjunction. This basically clouded her judgment and made her vulnerable and unable to save herself. The Moon having moved into the fourth house by 9 am indicates that she went to someone's home or office. She was taken there, basically, as she was in the company of someone else from the git go. I do not see any sign that she was taken against her will. But this would explain her not getting on the bus. She was led off elsewhere, perhaps to take other transportation. You will see in the next chart that this makes total sense.

When you notice that the Moon is translating light from Mercury to Jupiter, you can pretty much tell that she went willingly. She actually made the effort to seek this person out, as was previously planned. This person may have been waiting outside the hotel, I am not sure, but she caught up with him or her right away. Nicole was not on that bus, as was expected. She was waylaid elsewhere. In the next chart, for 9:30 am, Jupiter still rules the seventh and it falls into the sixth. With the Moon still in the fourth, this indicates that they went to this person's office and not the home. This is where he or she works. So they went there before setting off on the sightseeing tour that Nicole seems to have planned. Perhaps she was told that some work needed to be done quickly that morning; a return of a phone call, a picking up of a message, checking the email, perhaps. Nicole's rulers, Mercury and the Moon, are still in the angular axis, indicating that they are "out in the open" where they could be seen. It is not known if they were seen, actually, but at this point they were not hiding on purpose.

At around 9:45 am, Cancer rolls onto the Ascendant and Capricorn is falling. Saturn is now placed in the third house with the Moon following. They are leaving to go on their trip. Saturn in the third implies that her companion is providing the transportation, whether that is a car or not is hard to tell, considering cultural differences. Just that this person provides the method by which they are traveling. This may even be another, different bus. But notice how the Moon follows Saturn at this point, semi sextile in aspect, indicating that this person is leading the way and Nicole is following along, willingly. Again, I do not see her being forced. Coerced, perhaps, but not forced. Within moments of 9:45, the Moon follows into the third house. Do you know what this looks like to me? This person went and got the vehicle they would be using and came around for Nicole and she went along. This explains the delay between one moving and the other lagging behind, doesn't it? Especially when the lag is more than a few minutes; the time at which she seems to "get in" the vehicle is after 10 am, more than 15 minutes later! To be exact, 10:15 am, the chart for which follows.

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In this chart, the Moon is disposed of by Mercury in the ninth, the tenth and fourth house rulers are also in the ninth, the node is in the ninth, while Saturn is disposed of by the Sun in the tenth. This combination seems to say that they are out and about in the country, exploring "foreign" areas that are rather wild or unsettled, such as deserts, old ruins, caves or other "wild" and "out of the way" places. But they are "out in the open", along roadways or other public areas. Perhaps moving among crowds of tourists; that makes a lot of sense. Saturn, now the seventh house ruler, is in the second house which says that this person she is with is "making money" or "collecting money" or dealing with money is some fashion. Perhaps he is a merchant or trader and offered to take her to the markets. The other possibility is that he is spending money on her, taking her places and entertaining her. But Saturn is trine Jupiter in the sixth, which seems to indicate work and money together, so the first scenario is more likely.

Saturn is in accidental fall in the sign Leo in the second house and it is opposing Neptune, the tenth house ruler. Saturn is also retrograde. This reduces the power and strength of the planet and describes her companion as now being at a disadvantage. I think at some point it was exposed that he or she had lied in some way. The "scheme" or lie was revealed. He or she did not have the knowledge they had claimed to have. Or did not have access to areas they had promised. Something like this. Saturn is inconjunct to Uranus, hinting that perhaps a miscalculation caused this to happen. I cannot tell from the charts whether this caused a scene or a fight, in fact, it doesn't look that way at all. Moving the charts forward through the hours ahead, I see Nicole on her own, moving along, traveling. It's as if she separated from this phony and got off on her own, perhaps way off her original path or in a place where she got lost. She does not appear to be with the same person over time and it looks like she travels around a lot. At one point, she is trying to get money. Whether she did nor not would be a matter of record. But late in the morning, money became an issue. Perhaps she had expected her original companion to pay for everything and then, after this person was revealed as an imposter, she was left with her own resources, which may have been meager. And it looks like she was traveling a lot.

Now, I know the next question would be, in what direction was she traveling? Well, according to the charts and the traditional interpretations, she was coming from an area northeast of where she started out and was now traveling south by southwest, presumably attempting to get back to her starting place. Even as late as 1 pm, when Leo rules the chart and the Sun is in the ninth, you can see that she is still alive and traveling over open terrain. She was NOT in a city. She was out in "open" somewhere. I am totally unaware of the terrain of Syria, other than that my hamster is from there and it's got a lot of deserts and the hamster, whose name is Boo, digs tunnels in desert sand. So I am helpless in this matter; I just know she is not in a city or on a major highway. She is out "in the wild", whatever that is in Syria.

In the next chart, for noon, a new person has appeared. Capricorn has just moved onto the descendant and Saturn is now at the first house. This person presents to her, an introduction occurs. Moments later, the chart changes drastically. Leo takes over the first house and Aquarius is falling. The Sun in the ninth with Uranus shows that they met traveling, on the road. In a bus, perhaps? The node close to Uranus makes it look like a sudden event, the meeting, but that a plan was immediately made. They weren't together, but I think this person offered to travel with her, to help her, or to show her around. Saturn, which co rules Aquarius and is in dignity in that sign, is also disposed of by the Sun, which rules the first house. This person had "designs" on Nicole. No doubt about it. Mars rules the tenth house so they may have been in "rough terrain" and she may have been glad for the help.

At 12:30 pm, Uranus and the node join Mercury in the eighth. This looks like a scheme is hatched. A secret plot, of sorts. Mercury makes it seem like a younger person was used as a part of the ruse; in the middle east men often marry much younger women, so this may have been a "child bride". The Sun, Nicole's ruler, is disposed of by Mars, which in conjoined Neptune in the seventh. Neptune, if you also notice, disposes of the seventh house ruler. The ruse is used to bring them together and although Nicole is suspicious and questioning them aggressively, they manage to fool her. Mars is dexter to Neptune, which means she missed something. She overlooked something important in the matter; something they were lying about, perhaps. Moon is in the second so they may have assumed she had money. Perhaps they had seen her with money earlier; the chart showed her looking for money or spending some of it at one point.

Sometime between 1:30 and 2:00 in the afternoon, Nicole stopped traveling. Whether she got off a bus or came to a rest area or left a sightseeing group is just not discernable. But she did stop traveling. Notice in the 2 pm chart the big group of planets in the seventh house with Mars at the cusp. Notice also that the Sun has moved into the eighth and Saturn has crossed into the twelfth. Jupiter trines Saturn from the fourth. I think they jumped her and killed her quickly. It does not look like they hid her or took her anywhere alive. She was not raped or tortured or put through any ordeal. The aspects showing an attack or assault are simultaneous with the death. It was instant. So she did not suffer. And it seems to have been over money they believed she had.. or knew she had from seeing her spend some earlier. Uranus opposes the Moon on the first house axis. It was a quick, sudden confrontation. Mars and Neptune oppose Saturn from the seventh house cusp to the twelfth house. They sneaked up on her, attacked her and her death was very swift. Sun, the chart ruler, in the eighth house is disposed of by Mars, showing that her death occurred as a direct result of a physical assault. Venus, the tenth house ruler, is placed in the ninth, showing the terrain where they were to be "rough" and "outdoorsy". They were in a vast, unpopulated area.

It is an attractive area, however, with a lovely landscape. Venus in Taurus is in dignity and has great power at the midheaven. This may help those who are searching. The area would be one with fields of plants, wheatfields, perhaps, or other grains and maybe nearby pastures with cattle or other livestock. There may also be dark, hidden areas in the landscape such as caves or burrows where animals hide. There may be plowing or cultivating going on in this area. There may also be nearby fields with colorful flowers. This is where Nicole ended up. Looking at Saturn in Leo, I think it is somewhere with large animals (do they have wildcats in Syria?) and may be a desert area. Someplace hot and sunny. Also, it must be noted, that there was more than one person involved in her death. Two adults and one young female, it looks like. These people had nothing to do with her earlier foray with the person she had met in the morning. No connection whatsoever. But what the earlier side trip did was through off the searchers. She did not start out as she usually did; she had made plans with someone she had met and those plans fell through later, leaving her on a different route in a different area than she intended. This placed her where she was when she was robbed and killed. It is interesting that none of her cards or bank accounts were touched afterwards, indicating that these were simple people who didn't know what to do with anything but cash. And it may have been a small amount of cash; after all, many people are very poor everywhere, including America. To many people, a few dollars means a meal for the week. And a precious life is not valued by these people the way we value life; poverty has made them angry and terrified of living. So life has little value to them.

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