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Toni Heartsong

Woman Murdered on Her Front Step; Husband Indicted but Set Free

From 48 Hours Mystery:

Bob says he spent most of the day at a job site in Delray Beach, 43 miles south of Jupiter. Investigators say the murder happened around 1 p.m.

"I was there 'til about 2:30," he tells police during questioning. "I mean, I’ve got five witnesses that are verifying that I was there."

Bob was later seen at a Mazda dealership in Delray at 2:45 p.m. And he says he didn’t get home until 5 p.m., when he discovered Toni’s body.

West Palm Beach FLA

Who Killed Toni Heartsong?

Although her husband was charged and indicted for her murder, he was not convicted and the case has since been closed. But who really did kill Toni? Was it her "peace loving" hippie husband? Or was it a stranger? I saw this show on 48 Hours Mystery about this case and it grabbed me. Not that I think I can solve it, as I very rarely solve any crime.. but that Astrology may give us some insight into what happened. Since the chance is there, I want to take it.

Before I launch into this case, I want to say a few things about the blog. Too many people are taking this blog way too seriously and getting bothered by the readings. I must remind everyone that this blog is about Astrology, Forensic Astrology in particular, and is not intended to be a crime solving blog or a final word on what happened to anyone. I simply ask the question, can Astrology answer this? Can Astrology solve this? And that is where it ends. This is not my opinion, in fact many of the charts end up contradicting my personal opinions. But this is the reading of Astrology charts the way they were meant to be read and if I get it right, bravo! But if not, it's not the end of the world. In the future, I am going to shift the focus away from victims and start profiling the murderers and see what Astrology can lend to that. If there were some clue, some secret key, to the personalities of people who are inclined to kill, perhaps Astrology can give that key or clue. I think that would be fascinating... so look for it in the future.

Anyways, when I drew up the charts for this murder, I was surprised by how clear and straightforward they were. I started with the time of the murder, 1 pm, and worked them backwards and then forwards to get the whole picture. The first one here is for the time of the murder, 1 pm in West Palm Beach. The chart shows Sagittarius rising with Gemini falling, Jupiter in Gemini in the sixth and Mercury in Libra in the tenth sector. Jupiter in Gemini is in fall and in the sixth house, it shows Toni to be in a bad way. Note that Jupiter is disposed of by the seventh house ruler, Mercury in Libra. The Moon is in Virgo in the ninth house, also disposed of by Mercury. This tells me that Toni was doing whatever she was doing because of her attacker. She may have come outdoors because she was called outside, drove home because she expected to see this person there, was running an errand for someone else, that sort of thing.

Noted also is the square between the Moon and Jupiter, showing Toni making rash and poor decisions. Pluto opposes Jupiter from the twelfth house, showing the actual attack. There is no doubt, from this chart, that Toni was called outside for some reason and attacked from behind. Saturn lingers nearby also in the sixth, showing that she did not die right away. Noted also is the north node in the eighth house, showing also that the murder was planned or was a part of a larger scheme. The north node is also disposed of by the Moon, the chart co ruler, showing also that this was no accident; Toni was the intended target.

I wanted to get the entire picture so I ran the charts backward a few hours and the next one I read was for 11 am. Here, Scorpio is rising, Taurus is falling, Mars is in the tenth house with the Moon and Venus is in the twelfth. Interesting. With both the Moon and Mars, the ruling planets, in the tenth house, it is saying that Toni was "out and about" so to speak, in the public eye. She was in a place out in the public, perhaps shopping, driving, walking... where she could be seen by others. In more detail, I see that both the Moon and Mars are disposed of by Mercury in the eleventh, so she is in the company of a friend or friends. She is either visiting friends or simply out in their company. Mercury is in Libra, indicating that this friend is likely a female. Was there a record of anyone being with her that morning? I am not sure if I heard this or not. However, this is what the chart seems to be saying.

Also, the seventh house ruler, Venus, is in the twelfth house, defining in many ways the person she is "about to meet". Is this person hiding? Doesn't the twelfth house seem to suggest that? Is this her future attacker? Venus is in an out of sign conjunction with Mercury and disposed of by both Mars and Pluto. Mars is in the tenth, as already noted, and Pluto is in the first. This person is hiding "in the open" so to speak and may be prepared to face Toni at the right time. Pluto in the first, also a co ruler of the first house, indicates also that Toni is where "she wants to be", doing "what she wants to do". So any hints that she might have been coerced or forced are not substantiated here.

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The next chart, for noon, has developed the dial that is present when Toni is murdered. Sagittarius is now rising with Gemini falling. Jupiter in Gemini is in the seventh house, Mercury in Libra is in the eleventh house and the Moon in Virgo is right at the midheaven. Mercury rules both the seventh and the tenth houses. The Moon, the chart co ruler, is disposed of by Mercury, as well. This tells me that the next person she comes across is a "friend" or at least someone close to her. Mercury is the prominent force in this chart and it's placed in the eleventh house of friendship. Jupiter is right at the seventh house cusp so Toni is in the presence of this person and may have made a concerted effort to connect with this person. Again, the chart is saying she is "visiting friends". The creepy part of the chart for me is the closure of Pluto on the Ascendant while directly opposed to Jupiter. Someone is going to attack her. There is no doubt about it, according to this. Someone will confront her and it won't be pleasant. I must iterate again that the disposition of Pluto by Jupiter enforces the idea that Toni is the subject of this confrontation, it is no accident, nor is it a mistake or a random act.

But since we don't need to prove that Toni was murdered, this is already known and we don't need to prove what happened to her body, as it was found on the day of her death, the only question still unanswered is who did this to her. Many people pointed at her husband and indeed it does seem like the kind of personal murder that occurs between spouses and other close relations. And, at trial, the jury let him off on a technicality, saying afterwards that they believed he actually did do it but they couldn't convict. Sort of stacks the deck, doesn't it? But since he wasn't convicted and he still claims his innocence, I thought I'd go into this with an open mind. In that spirit, I will take a close look at the seventh house and see what it might reveal.

The seventh house ruler starts out as Venus but changes to Mercury just before Toni was killed. Both Mercury and Venus spend most of the time in the eleventh house, which is telltale. As the chart says over and over again, she is in the company of a "friend" or "friends". There is no indication that this "friend" is a lover or husband. There are no pointers that aim at the fifth or seventh houses separate from the natural influences of those houses. Interestingly, I must note that Venus and Mercury are in out of sign conjunction, as well, within a close 5 degrees of each other. This is a form of "solidarity", which indicates to me that the first "friend" in her company is the same "friend" who appears later on. Or perhaps, this is TWO friends? Two friends, working in tandem? The seventh house is inhabited by Gemini, which often indicates the "twins". Two friends who were very similar in nature? Of course, this is what the chart hints at but it is up to us to read it and make sense of it.

The idea of two friends who are similar or one friend who was in two places is supported by the fact that Mercury is disposed of by Venus. And then, you must note, Venus is disposed of by Pluto. The first aspect that Mercury makes is a completion of the conjunction to Venus and since it is moving faster than Venus, this aspect is sinister. In that same vein, both Mercury and Venus are sinister to a square with Neptune, which rules the fourth house. This says it's no surprise that his person went to Toni's home. The home, in fact, was chosen by this person for the staging of this event.

I hate to say this but the charts are not pointing at her husband. Admittedly, he had an alibi that the prosecution attempted to punch holes in but was never discredited. Mercury in Libra describes someone lithe, beautiful, tall and feminine. I am NOT saying it must be a woman, however, Mercury does point at someone younger than Toni. This person, according to Astrology, would be a fine looking person with a clear complexion and a head full of thick, luxurious, light brown hair. Mercury in Libra conjoining Venus doubles this influence, with Scorpio adding sex appeal. This was a beautiful young person, perhaps a woman, or TWO women, who may have been hurt over something, jealous or angry.

In the spirit of being thorough, I must also mention that Astrology describes this person as "scatter brained, easily hurt, covetous and petty". With a chart square to Neptune, this person seems also to be deceitful, untruthful and with a hidden purpose. Was Bob having an affair, perhaps? Or was there a younger woman who was on the periphery of their relationship? Did Toni have extra marital affairs, with men or women? Is this something that should be considered? I cannot say. I do not see specific aspects pointing at lovers or secret relationships. I do not see aspects indicating any specific relationship with this person other than that this was a "friend" of Tonis.

Regretfully, I do not have a firm result from the reading and since it does not seem to point at Bob, the true murderer is perhaps still out there, enjoying his or her life, having escaped punishment. I doubt, at this point, that this crime will ever be solved to satisfaction nor will anyone else ever be charged with this crime.

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