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Sierra La Mar

Young Lady Goes Missing on Walk to School

From AMW:

On March 16, 2012, Santa Clara County investigators received a 911 call about a missing teenage girl. Authorities say Sierra Lamar, 15, had been missing since 6 a.m. that morning, and she never showed up to school.

Immediately following the report, a command post was set up to start fielding tips to find her. So far, nearly 1,000 leads have poured in and over 5,000 hours have been dedicated to this case. As time goes on, investigators believe this is not a simple missing child investigation. Sierra does not have a history of running away, and authorities say they believe she is a victim of an abduction. The day after Sierra was reported missing, her cell phone was located around 7 p.m. at the corner of Scheller Avenue and Santa Teresa Boulevard. Investigators say this location is less than a mile away from her mother’s home in Morgan Hill. Authorities say forensics of her phone and personal computer were conducted, but so far, they have not revealed any new information.

In a press release, the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office is asking the community to, “Please report any suspicious activity observed from neighbors, co-workers, or other persons in the community. Suspicious activity can include: someone who suddenly changes their appearance, recently cleaned their vehicle in an excessive manner, has unexpectedly missed work days, and/or obsesses or avoids media reports about the case."

If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of Sierra Lamar, call our hotline right away at 1-800-CRIME-TV.

From Huffington Post:

Authorities investigating the case of missing California teenager Sierra LaMar have arrested five sex offenders.

The arrests come after authorities interviewed nearly 300 sex offenders in regard to the teen's unsolved disappearance.

"As a result of contacting ... sex offender registrants, for information in the Sierra LaMar case, the Sheriff's Office Sexual Assault Felony Enforcement Task Force has arrested five separate persons, and is investigating several others," said Sgt. Jose Cardoza, a spokesman for the Santa Clara County Office of the Sheriff. According to Cardoza, the men were arrested for violating sex offender registration requirements.

LaMar was last seen around 6 a.m. March 16, when she left her Morgan Hill home in Santa Clara County to attend classes at Sobrato High School. The sophomore never made it to the bus or school. Her mother learned LaMar was missing when she got a message from the school's automated attendance system at 6 p.m., police said.


Everyone is looking for this girl. Every day when I open my browser one of the lead stories is an update on this case. I think something like 10 sex offenders have been arrested for various reasons during this investigation and over 300 have been interviewed. It is a total mystery. No one can figure out what happened to her on her short walk to school. However, I must admit that this is not the first case where a child went missing on a short walk to school. The most famous of which was Etan Patz who had a less than 10 minute walk to a bus stop. I just finished another case where a child went missing on a walk down her street to the school bus. I have come to think of the trip to the bus or to school as a dangerous activity for children. Of course, it's also the time and place when kids choose to skip school and run off with friends or to run away from home altogether. I remember skipping school by not going to the bus myself. So let's see what really happened to Sierra La Mar.

The first chart I did was for the time when she was last seen, at home, just as she was leaving for school. The time given was 6 am. In this chart you can see that the first house ruler is Uranus so this is the marker for Sierra. That planet is in the first house, showing her to be doing what she wants to and, at this point, safe. However, please note that the seventh house ruler, the Sun, is positioned right ahead of her and Mercury is conjunct Uranus. Mercury rules the fourth house so this is another younger child at home perhaps or it is a marker for her leaving home for school. This definitely shows us how close she was to home at the time. But the Sun being just ahead of her is of concern. The Sun is in Pisces and is disposed of by Neptune, which is right at the Ascendant. Something is hidden from her. But this is being done on purpose. It is my opinion, when looking at these charts, that someone was ahead of her along her path and hiding, possibly hiding from everyone or possibly hiding from Sierra. But there is another marker of importance. Uranus is disposed of by Mars in the seventh house. It feels to me that she is going to have a confrontation with someone and it won't be friendly.

Another aspect worth pointing out is that Mercury and Mars are in mutual reception and both planets are retrograde. Since Mercury rules an angular house (the fourth) and Mars is positioned in the angular seventh, this aspect is very important. I beleive she was fighting with someone and had been for some time. There was either a bullying situation, a romantic dispute, a fight with another girl or a disagreement with someone else. And this was the person waiting for her along her way to the bus and hiding from her and from everyone.

Another thing I want to point out is the movement of the dial. Very shortly after 6 am, the ascendant will move from Aquarius to Pisces, making Neptune the first house ruler. Shortly after that, Neptune moves to the twelfth house. This at the same time that Saturn remains in the eighth and Mars in the seventh. This, to me, shows that she was attacked on her way to the bus and taken off and killed pretty quickly. Take a look at the next chart and see what I mean. Neptune, which is now the first house ruler, opposes Mars in the seventh. This is a close opposition. Virgo now rules the seventh and Mercury is in the first house. There is a definite confrontation here. She is literally attacked. Someone just jumps out of hiding and attacks her. Mercury is disposed of by Mars so this person had the purpose of being here to do this. This person intended to attack Sierra so this was not a stranger or a random act of opportunity. Also, since Mercury also rules the fourth, this person knew were Sierra lived and that she would be in this place at this time. This tells us a lot.

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Noting that the node is in the sign Sagittarius, I think this person chose their hiding place because it was wooded or had cover from foilage or bushes. This attack happened outdoors and did not involve going into anyone's home or getting into a car. She was literally grabbed on the street. But Mars and the node are square to each other so I do not this person planned to kill her. I think they planned to attack her and when this happened, she was hit too hard or hit with something that either killed her on the spot or injured her so badly that she died shortly afterward. This is supported by the conjunction of the Moon and Pluto in the sign Capricorn. The attack was violent and it just went too far. Noting that the Moon and Pluto are both in the eleventh house, these people were peers and possibly from the same school but, at the very least, had been or still were among her circle of "friends". This person may have been a freind who was on the outs. But since both Pluto and the Moon are disposed of by Saturn in the eighth, I am pretty sure she died as the result of this attack.

Saturn, which rules the body, is in the eighth house, indicating death. Saturn is along combust way and although it is in dignity, it is a marker for danger. A standout marker for me is the conjunction of Neptune to Fomalhaut, a fixed star describing drugs, drug use and possible drug addiction. Neptune is the traditional marker for drugs. I do not assume that Sierra took drugs. That is not a part of the information the family or the police have given. However, drugs are present here and have something to do with this event. Perhaps the person who did this had to get high on drugs to pull it off. But drugs were somehow involved in what happened to Sierra La Mar.

In looking at the charts for 6:30 am, I am convinced she died pretty quickly. Neptune has already crossed into the twelfth while Saturn is still in the eighth house. Mars right at the descendant opposing Neptune in the twelfth is pretty strong indicator that she died as a result of this attack. The signs Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus (the eighth house ruler is Venus), indicate a physical beating. I don't see a gun or a knife here. Mars in Virgo and Venus in Taurus are both signs of the pugilist. This person or persons beat her up. But with Pluto also in Capricorn, they likely hit her with something large and wooden. Perhaps a bat or something like that and this did too much damage to her body and killed her.

Where this happened is determined by the tenth house cusp. Jupiter is in Taurus in the second house. This was a small area in a large natural setting. Jupiter is conjoined Venus so this is a place with flowers and ornamentals. Venus in Taurus describes small land animals with fur. Not handed tree animals like squirrels or raccoons (which are ruled by Gemini) but groundhogs, moles, minks, fox, skunks, marmots, rabbits, etc.. Mostly Taurus indicates animals who would be used for luxury items like fur coats. So any area that has these types of animals or has a farm raising these kinds of animals would be a good place to start. Again, it is a small section (second house) of a larger (Jupiter) natural area (Taurus). She was dragged there and beaten. She did not get into a car or enter anyone's home. Venus in Taurus describes the area as having flowers or ornamentals, gardens, a possible nearby wheatfield or a place where cattle are grazing. Venus conjoined Jupiter adds woods, bushes, an orchard and possibly horses nearby or a farm with domestic fowl (Turkeys most likely). Her body was left in this area. She was left in an outhouse, a sawmill (if there are in the area they should be searched), on a mountaintop or a high hill. She is in the dirt (Saturn) in a sandy area. This is a dirty area with lots of garbage and debris left about. She is buried in a grave (Capricorn).

The person who did this to Sierra is best described by the Sun in Taurus. Traditional readings say that this is a short, strong person with a well made, athletic body type. He or she would have a dark complexion with a broad, roman type nose. He or she would have a wide mouth or a mouth with thick lips and dark complexion. This does not mean the person is black but they could be. This person is jealous and revengeful and never forgets a slight. He or she holds a grudge and when they are angry, they are blind with rage. It is very possible that a person with this marker would become so enraged that they would beat someone to death. There might be remorse but once they get angry, they are like an angry bull. Rage as the result of a dispute is common; this person cannot admit when they are wrong.

I hate doing these fresh cases because I know the family is still hoping for a good outcome. I will rush to do them if the charts show the person to be alive and could still be found. In this case, I almost didn't post it because the charts are showing death patterns and I hate being the bearer of bad news. But it has been several months since she disappeared and it is most likely that the cops are looking for a body now and perhaps this might help them do that. That is, if they took anything I said seriously. LOL. One can only hope that one can be a help somehow. My heart goes out to her family and friends and I want them and everyone to know that I care about victims and this is why I am trying to perfect a method which can be used in these cases. So far, that is still in the experimental stage. Thanks for reading my blog!

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  1. They have arrested a man who does look very much like your description. They have not found her body yet.

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