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Morgan Harrington

Young Lady Leaves Metallica Concert and Disappears

From Wikidpedia:

On October 17, 2009, Harrington and three friends drove to the John Paul Jones Arena for the concert. During the opening act's performance, Harrington told friends that she was going to the restroom. When she did not return, they called her cell phone at 8:48 pm and she told them that she was locked out of the arena because of its "No Re-entry" policy. She added that she would find a way home and they should not worry. According to witness reports, she was last seen around 9:30 pm hitch-hiking on a nearby bridge. There are also two witness who claim to have seen her with 3 men after she had left the arena.

The following day, her purse with her identification and cell phone (with batteries removed) was discovered in one of the arena's overflow parking areas, the RV lot at UVA's Lannigan Athletic Field.

Her remains were discovered on January 26, 2010 about ten miles (16 km) from the arena in a remote area of a 742-acre (3.00 km2) farm and at least one and a half miles from road access. Although investigators have not released information about her death, her parents confirmed that the death had been very violent and bones were broken.

In April 2010, law enforcement confirmed that a Pantera T-shirt that was found back in November outside of an apartment building about a mile and a half from the arena, was indeed the shirt she had been wearing on that evening according to forensic tests. Police believe the murder to be related to a similar abduction and sexual assault, and that the killer may be familiar with the area where Morgan's body was found

Gil Harrington confirmed on May 17, 2010 that Morgan Harrington had been raped. "It has been seven months since Morgan was abducted, raped, and murdered. Still no resolution! We find some comfort in having recovered her body; knowing is better than not knowing and trying to 'fill in the blanks'".


This case was sent to me by a reader. In fact, several readers of this blog are talented psychics and many of them have worked on this case. I did not ask what their results were, I do not like to have an opinion about a case before I work on it. My opinion seems to have a sneaky way of working itself into the chart and making it work out the way I think it should. In this case, I was as dumb as rocks. I knew nothing about it at all but when I heard about it I was really upset. As a young lady, I loved concerts and must have gone to over a hundred, many of them hard rock and metal concerts. I loved the energy of the music. As an old lady, I hardly even listen to music anymore, but God forbid something this horrible happen to any young girl! The fact that it was at a Metallica concert was a little too close for comfort.

I started with the charts for when she was last seen, both at the arena and then again, hitchhiking on a bridge. I used a chart for 9 pm, which was square between the two sightings. The chart for 9 pm shows Morgan still at the arena, with several other people who have no real meaning in the event. None of the markers rule angular houses or are placed in angular houses. The Sun is in the fifth with the chart ruler, Mercury and the Sun rules the fourth house, but this shows this person to be from the arena and living nearby. (His home is right there, so to speak). So this group of people were likely people who had wanted to see the show but couldn't get tickets or had been bounced for some reason. Sometimes people who live near an arena just go there to hear the music from outside. They did this at a Beatles concert I went to in the 60s. These charts just do not show any danger from these people.

Moving forward, though I see that the charts are changing. The chart for 9:30 pm shows someone coming along in a car. The seventh house ruler Jupiter, which shows the person she is next to meet, is in the ninth house with Neptune. This shows someone in a car (the ninth is the third from the seventh). Jupiter in Aquarius describes an ash colored car, a dark grey. There may have been something blue in or on the car, such as a blue sticker or artwork, blue trim or blue interior (Aquarius). This car was hard to see at night and nobody saw him pick her up. Jupiter is disposed of by Uranus in the tenth so this was on a major highway and Uranus in Pisces describes a place near water. Witnesses report seeing her hitchhiking on a bridge. Aquarius describes something "up in the air" but static or solid (fixed sign) and Pisces describes deep water. This very clearly describes the bridge.

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As far as the seventh house goes, Pluto is positioned there in the sign Capricorn and the house cusp is ruled by Jupiter in Aquarius. Pluto in the seventh house in Capricorn describes a physically strong man with violent tendencies. Pluto in Capricorn describes something odd about the knees, possibly an old injury and a strange way of walking as a result or a deformity of the knee. Jupiter in Aquarius would suggest something about the ankles. Overall, this describes something unusual about the knees and ankles. I do not want to guess what it might be. In other placements, the node in the eighth house tends to indicate destiny. This might mean that there was something fated about this event. Things did seem to come together in an unexpected but conspiratory fashion. I mean, she just happens to get locked out of the concert? And she just happens to be on this bridge at this hour? Just saying..

The eighth house ruler, Saturn, is in Virgo. This describes her body and it's interesting they found her on a farm. Virgo describes wheat fields and chicken ranches but also farmland. It also describes dairies and malt houses so I wonder if that farm is near any of these types of places. Pluto is disposed of by Saturn so extreme violence (Pluto) resulted in a dead body (Saturn). It's also interesting that Pluto is in Capricorn and it is said she had broken bones. Saturn rules the bones. Pluto describes a death that is very violent. It describes a violent man. One more thing I want to point out in this chart is the Moon and Mercury under the Sun's beams. I have found in doing many charts over the years that this does not always predict death.. or even grave danger.. but it is almost always present in charts where people actually were in danger or died.

Notice that the first house ruler, Mercury, is in the fifth with the co ruler, the Moon. Morgan was in a party mood that night. She had maybe had a bit to drink or was smoking pot or something that made her "happy". That is not a given; the fifth house often indicates drink and drugs but it can also just mean "having a good time". It is a definite marker for a concert. At one point she was with a group of people, shown in the charts for 8:30 and 9 pm, but none of these other markers rule angular houses. They are meaningless people. They were just hanging around outside the arena, as already noted. And already noted, she left the arena to look for a ride home and ended up on a bridge.

We know that she is dead and they have already found her body so there is no sense tracking that. Except, perhaps, to see if the charts reflect what we know.. and so far they have. The death houses are ruled by earth signs and she was found on a farm. We also know she died violently so there is no need to dwell on details. The charts are harmonizing on that as well, with Pluto in Capricorn in the seventh in conjunct Mars in Leo. But there is a greater need to get an idea of who did this to her. The charts are showing it was a single adult male who picked her up on the bridge. It was not any of the people she was seen hanging out with outside the arena. This person came along later. Now, I have found that traditional astrology has been unreliable in relation to physical appearances. I have tried to employ it in most of my posts, with the hopes that some of it might work out. So far, it has not been that accurate. For instance, hair color, facial features and racial characteristics are way out there. So I am not using so many traditional markers any longer but relying on my own knowledge base. I am not a profiler and have no idea how to describe someone who commits atrocious crimes although I did study a bit of psychology in college. So my only tools in making a guess is the chart and my knowledge of astrology.

Going with the basics, I would say that Pluto in Capricorn would describe a large man with thick muscles. A barbarian type appearance with heavy eyebrows, dark eyes, overhanging brow, perhaps. Thick, hammy hands and arms. Possibly a farm worker who had worked on the very farm where he tossed her body Shorter legs with something odd about the knees and ankles. This man could be simple minded in many respects, focused on sex and money. Likely, he would have a violent temper and has been in altercations before. He may have spent some time in jail because of violent acts. Jupiter in Aquarius adds to the descriptors with a thick chest and stocky frame, possibly shorter than average in height. Both placements describe a working man, someone who does physical labor. In the chart, Pluto is square to Venus so this man may have an axe to grind with women. A bad relationship in his past may have left him bitter. Or perhaps he has often been rejected by women. This girl was very attractive so this probably played into his overall resentments. Jupiter in Aquarius conjoined Neptune describes someone with secrets, a secret side, perhaps even a secret life. He may have been doing things that no one else knew about. His friends and family would never suspect him of this crime. He has kept all of it to himself. Even if he has hurt other women, which is possible, no one knows or suspects.

Jupiter is also trine the Moon in Libra so he found Morgan attractive. Moon in Libra is a marker for her beauty and the trine shows affection. He may have made a pass and been rebuffed. If this did, indeed, happen, this rejection could have set him off. In fact, Mars in Leo inconjunct to Pluto in Capricorn, makes me think that he just went too far. He got carried away. He forced himself on her and she fought back, which made him hurt her more. The broken bones may tell the story of her fight to resist. The charts, when moved forward to 10:45, show this man in a home. His marker, Saturn, is in the fourth along with the first house ruler, the Moon. So I am thinking he brought her back to a home to attack her and take advantage of her. That probably means that the home is the crime scene. We know she was dumped on the farm but that she was probably killed elsewhere.

So I am going to take a shot at describing the crime scene, in the hopes that someone can identify this man through his residence. There may even be evidence still in that house that could help them close this case. In the chart for 10:45, where we see the two of them in a residence, note that the tenth house ruler is Pisces and the fourth house ruler is Virgo. These signs both point to westerly direction, one north and one south. To me, this means that the house he took her to is west of where he found her and is north of Morgan's home. So this should be measured first as being north of Morgan's home and then moving the line to an area west of the bridge where she was last seen. In the center of that circle should be the area where he lives. Mercury in Libra describes his home which I think is a trailer or mobile home. The home would be small in size and movable. Libra often describes upstairs rooms and buildings with attics or lofts. There are mobile homes who have a second story so this may apply here. That would make his home stand out, no doubt. Silvercrest and Clayton both make two story mobile homes and sample models are shown on their websites. It should be checked to see if they sell their homes in Virginia. I would think they probably do. Sterling makes a modular two story home that can be picked up and moved, although it's not considered an actual "mobile" home. But this would still fit the profile.

With Mercury and Moon in Libra, I am inclined to think his bedroom was on the second floor. He took her there. At the time of the murder, Saturn rules the seventh house from the fourth house. This is his home. Also, Saturn is in the last degree of Virgo, leaving the sign and leaving the influence of that sign. This tells us that he is about to change his behavior and decide to do something he hadn't planned to. He is moving from one frame of mind to another. I suspect that, up until this point, he believed that he had made friends with Morgan and had a chance with her. It was when they got to his home and he made an advance that things changed. That's my best guess. This is when he changed his mind and forced her to have sex. The cluster of planets in the fourth house seem to say that she died in the home. The eight house ruler, twelfth house ruler and fourth house ruler are all huddled together in the fourth. This seems to indicate "end of life".

A few last things that are worth mentioning for those of you who are studying the charts. The Moon in Libra, which is Morgan's co ruler, is conjoined the elegant fixed star, Spica. This shows kindness, insight and a positive outcome. I think this describes the victim. I think she went along with him out of kindness and consideration. I think she really believed things would come out alright. But besides the Moon conjoined with Spica, the rest of the planets in that grouping are in an area of the chart known as "combust way". It puts these planets in contact with violent, evil stars that create havoc. This grouping includes the first house ruler, the twelfth house ruler, the eighth house ruler, the fourth house ruler and the dispositor of the first house ruler. This brings all of the most pertinent planetary rulers together in a very dangerous place. There is a conjunction with Uranus, the tenth house ruler, to the fixed star, Markab, which usually involves gun violence. Although it has not been said that she was shot, it's possible she was controlled with a gun. A gun may have been used to frighten her. Perhaps she was even pistol whipped. Also, note that Neptune is directly opposed to the fixed star, Phecda, which describes a pathological sex addict. Neptune is conjoined the seventh house ruler in the first chart and is positioned in the angular tenth house. This man cannot help himself. He is addicted to violent sex and has committed rapes before.

"Somewhat lost in the hubbub of the back-to-back (-to-back) snowstorms of the past few days is the press conference held by the Virginia State Police in the Morgan Harrington case last Thursday. As the snowstorm bore down on a nervous town that afternoon, the police were holding what struck me as a rather unusual press conference. The nut of the event was that Harrington’s death is being treated as a homicide, and that police want to relay “six key points” to the public. In a press release (Word file), they enumerate them as follows:

1. The person responsible may or may not have a formal connection to Anchorage Farm where Morgan was recovered, but investigators believe the person(s) responsible is likely to have traveled, worked, recreated, or lived in close proximity to this farm or some other nearby property.

2. The person(s) responsible in this tragic incident may have been inclined to return to the farm location during a period of increased stress.

3. Investigators are confident that persons, through no fault of their own, know the person(s) responsible or have knowledge of specific instances whereby the person(s) responsible visited or traveled through the general location of where Morgan’s remains were recovered.

4. Investigators believe the person(s) responsible had specific knowledge, and was comfortable operating in the area, which is a considerable distance from the nearest roadway.

5. This choice of location is quite different from the decision to leave a body on or adjacent to a major public roadway, or some other area accessed with little or no risk.

6. Traveling to the Anchorage Farm location would have created a significant risk for any person unfamiliar with the area, and not comfortable to this type of setting. Farmland like the place where Morgan’s body was discovered presents difficult obstacles such as fences, streams, and difficult terrain variations – such challenges a person unfamiliar with this particular location would most likely have avoided."

The full report on this page has the cops calling this a "homicide" and not a murder, indicating that they might think this was a tragic accident. This idea confers nicely with the inconjunction between Mars in Leo and Pluto in Capricorn, which describes an accidental death in the commission of a violent crime. I tend to think he beat her to death while raping her because she probably fought back. But she was no match for this man and he ended up killing her. Read the part of the following reports where they say her bones "were shattered". Pretty descriptive of Pluto in Capricorn.

And here is a report on the actual rape and murder, with a sketch of the perpetrator. Apparently, DNA gathered from Morgan's body matches DNA gathered from a rape in 2005. Here, from True Crime Report:

"It wasn't until January that her remains were found on a farm 10 miles outside Charlottesville. Though police haven't released the manner of death, Morgan's parents say her bones were shattered. But police believe her killer had to be someone with intimate knowledge of the area, since the farm is in a remote location not easily navigated by outsiders.

Evidence from a 2005 rape links this man to Morgan's murder. Still, detectives hadn't caught a break until recently, when forensic evidence matched up with that from a 2005 rape in Fairfax.

In that case, a 26-year-old woman was walking home from the grocery when a man grabbed her from behind, carried her to the pool of a townhouse complex, and raped her. The woman got a good enough look to help create a police sketch of the creep, but the pervert was never caught."

So this is a serial offender, which the charts have indicated is probable considering his violent nature. Look at the sketch and consider the profile of Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Aquarius. I think it's a pretty good match.

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