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Corrie Anderson

Mother Disappears Before Picking Up Her Son
From the Huffington Post (Video Slideshow):

"Corrie Anderson, a 36-year-old mother of three from Chautauqua County, N.Y., was last seen at about 1:00 p.m. on Oct. 28, 2008. Family members reported Anderson missing at about 3:45 p.m. that day, when she failed to show up at her sons school for a meeting. Two days later, a hunter discovered Anderson's car abandoned approximately two miles from her house. Authorities used ATV's, helicopters and dogs to search areas of interest in the case but to date they have found no sign of Anderson. For more information, visit Findcorrie.com."

From Find Corrie :

Maps and Key Locations

On the morning of October 28th, 2008, Corrie went to her part-time job at JCC's Hultquist Library in Jamestown, Chautauqua County, New York.

At 1:00 pm she stopped by the Lake County Dodge car dealership on Washington Street in Jamestown to say hi to her boyfriend.

She was last seen leaving the car dealership at approx. 1:15 pm. She missed a meeting at 3:15 pm and did not pick up her son from school. This is totally out of character for Corrie.

She was driving a dark blue, 2005 Dodge Caravan, NY registration number CX404.

A tip from a hunter led NY State troopers to her van on Oct. 30, abandoned on a trail past a gas well off of Kortwright Road in Busti, not far from her home."

From Discovery Blogs:

The Search for Missing Mother of Three Corrie Anderson

November 02, 2008

I was on the scene in Jamestown, N.Y. today looking into the case of 36-year-old Corrie L. Anderson, a southern-tier mother of three who went missing early last week.

According to police, Corrie was last seen on the afternoon of October 28, leaving the Lake County Dodge dealership on Washington Street in Jamestown. Family members reported Corrie missing later that day when she failed to pick up her 6-year-old son from school. Investigators with the New York State Police opened a file on the case and issued an APB (all points bulletin) for Corrie's blue 2005 Dodge Caravan, New York license number CX404.

"We're appealing to people who have large parking lots... hotels or motels that this vehicle could be left abandoned where it wouldn't soon be noticed, so if people can, please check lots to see if any vehicles were left abandoned," State Police Major Christopher Cummings told WIVB.com.

On October 30, a hunter discovered Corey's car abandoned at a gas well off of Kortwright Road in the town of Busti.

"I was working outside, when an old fellow I know came walking out of the woods and said that he had found the woman's car on my property," the landowner, who does not wish to be identified, told Investigation Discovery. "He said he did not want any part of it, so I took my farmhand up there to have a look. The van was just past the gas well, out of site from the road. I walked up to it and looked inside, but I did not see anyone or any sign of trouble. We compared the license plate numbers to the one listed in the paper, and sure enough, it was her car. I phoned the police and within an hour they had the whole area cordoned off."

State police recovered the vehicle from the field, and sent it to Batavia for forensic testing.

That night, investigators searched the Celoron, N.Y. home of Corrie's second husband, Kenneth Anderson. It should be noted that several outlets are reporting that the Andersons are divorced; however, neighbors with whom I spoke said that their divorce had not yet been finalized.

Investigators reportedly questioned Anderson for several hours; however, what – if anything – they learned is unknown. Police have not called Anderson a suspect or person of interest in his wife's disappearance.

Getting back to the location where the car was found, the property owner said that it is not unusual for people to go onto his property to hunt or target shoot. He said he did not see any unusual activity in the area in the days leading up to the discovery of the car; however he did point out that the location is only a half-mile walk through the woods to Corrie's house, which is situated just across the road from the Wellman State Forest – a 447-acre state park. Driving distance from the location the car was found to her home is roughly two miles.

Corrie and Kenneth Anderson had lived together in the house prior to their breakup, which occurred about two years ago. Corrie reportedly had one child with Kenneth and two children with her first husband.

The property owner said he knew Kenneth personally and that, in previous years, he had allowed him to hunt on his property.

In a recent statement to the media, Lt. Jim Quattrone of the Chautauqua County Sheriff's Department warned the public that there are a lot of "rumors" and "disinformation" out there. As a result, I took the information I was given to the authorities for verification; however, they had "no comment." Hence, the validity of the land owner's statements remains unclear.

During the past week, multiple agencies have been involved in the search for Corrie. Authorities say that have used ATV's, helicopters and cadaver sniffing dogs to help them clear areas of interest. At this time there are no plans to organize a community search party.

When asked by a reporter from WIVB.com if there appears to be foul play, Chautauqua County District Attorney David Foley replied, "Well, we can't rule it out, so I think, from my perspective, we treat it as though there has been foul play."

Corrie Anderson is 5-foot-11, 170 pounds, with green eyes and blond hair. She was last seen wearing black corduroy pants, a black leather jacket, and small wire-rimmed glasses.


I do not know what the police are thinking in this case, whether they have a suspect or not but this chart is showing some interesting things that I don't think I've seen anyone talking about. I wasn't even going to do this case because the charts were so static but I thought I'd give it a shot for, at the very least, I could show my readers how to work with static charts. What that means is that there is little change in the charts that are drawn from the very first one. The chart for when she was last seen has most of the story in it and the others just support it but don't change it much. I'll show you what I mean.

From all accounts, Corrie was seen leaving the car dealership at sometime between 1:00 and 1:15 pm. She is not said to have left with anyone so I can assume she left there alone. We do know that she had been there visiting her boyfriend. So let's look at the seventh house to differentiate this boyfriend from others who may appear later. In this chart, as in the charts for the next hour or so, the Moon rules the seventh house cusp. At this hour, the Moon is in the ninth house. The Moon is nearly exactly conjoined the Sun, which puts it under the Sun's beams. This seems to describe a desperate or frightening situation for this person. I am not sure, however, if this person is her boyfriend at the car lot or someone else who has come along. I am sure, however, that this person was at the car lot at the same time that Corrie was. The ninth house is the seventh from the third so it often describes parking lots, garages and other places where vehicles are kept. Both the Sun and Moon are disposed of by Mars, which is in the tenth house and also rules the midheaven. This shows a place of business that is open to the public and has people on the property.

Looking at the first house to see what is going on with Corrie, we see that Saturn rules the first from the eighth. She has some financial concern perhaps or maybe she is heading to the bank? She may have just come from the bank. There is cash in her wallet. Virgo is ruled by Mercury and shows us paper bills. Mercury in the sign Libra shows us her purse, hanging from a shoulder. This is where the money is or will be when she gets to the bank. She may be coming or going. Perhaps she gave some money to the boyfriend on the premises and this was witnessed? There are many possibilities. Notice how Jupiter in Capricorn sits at the first house cusp. In turn, Jupiter disposes of the tenth house and fourth house rulers. It looks like she may have just cashed her paycheck or gotten cash to pay bills or go shopping. The fourth and tenth house axis makes me think she had gotten money to pay a house bill. Perhaps the rent or the mortgage. And the presence of the second house ruler, Uranus, in the second house makes it look like she has just gotten an unexpected raise or bonus. This, together with the opposition from Saturn, the first house ruler, in the eighth house, it would seem that someone has already asked her to give them some of this money. So, the condition appears to be that the woman had money on her and this has something to do with the event. At the same time, we must remember that the seventh house ruler poses under the Sun's beams and shows someone else to be in deep distress.

The thing that stands out to me in regards to the financial markers is the T square involving the opposition from the first house ruler, Saturn, to the second house ruler, Uranus and squared to the fourth house ruler, Venus. Does this seem like someone may be losing their home or being in danger of foreclosure or some other disaster? I do see markers that indicate a mortgage being due. Perhaps this was not Corrie. Perhaps someone else was in dire need of help to stay in their home. Perhaps this was the person who was in dire circumstances, as shown by the Sun conjunction, and who had asked Corrie for money. Perhaps this was why she had gone by the bank and was carrying cash. But here's the thing. The closed end (or short end) of the T Square is the Venus position in the eleventh house. The eleventh house represents relationships that have come to an end, such as divorces, separations and romantic breakups. Because it is the seventh from the fifth, it is always a romantic relationship that has ended. This is the traditional house of "divorce". So are we talking about her ex husband here? Or is this the boyfriend?

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I believe it was said that she had her ex husband had shared a home that was near where her body was found. In the chart, the eleventh house marker, Venus, rules the fourth house (the shared home). And Venus is, in turn, disposed of by Jupiter, which is at the first house cusp. Was her husband still living in that home and was he in financial trouble, perhaps, in danger of losing it? Wouldn't this have tugged her heart strings? Wouldn't she have wanted to help? All of this needs to be considered by those close to the case who have more of the facts than I do. It may be that they were still living together even though they were divorcing and the shared home is the mortgage that was due. But this was probably a situation she had not shared with others. When you notice that the North Node is conjoined Neptune in the first house and that these placements are disposed of by Uranus in the second, it would seem that she had a plan she was keeping secret and it had something to do with money. I think she did something on this day that she told no one else about. She got money for a hidden purpose and went about meeting up with someone with that money for the purpose of sharing some of that money. The charts are showing this person to be someone she had broken up with, a divorce or separation, and it is stated that she had two previous husbands as well as a current boyfriend. I will try to address the general appearances of this person later in the analysis.

The next chart I drew up was for the time when she was reported missing. I do this because the charts are totally static and nothing happens between the time she was last seen and the time when she was reported missing. I mean this literally. The charts show no changes so movement is impossible to track. However, things do change at the time when she was reported missing, which is interesting. In the chart for 3:45 pm I see the death pattern emerge. This shows us that Corrie is definitely no longer with us and that she died sometime that same day. Notice that the Moon, the chart co ruler, is in the eighth house. The first house ruler, Neptune, is in the twelfth with the node. The eighth house ruler, Venus, is right at the midheaven and the seventh house ruler also rules the fourth house and is disposed of by Venus. Venus is also conjoined to the fixed star, Ras Algethi, which often defines a devious plot or scheme. Uranus, in the first house, is within a few degrees of the fixed star Markab, which is a marker for shootings; victims are often shot with a gun. The Sun and Moon are both also tightly square to the fixed star  Asellus Boreali, another marker for shootings and murders committed with guns. So it is possible that Corrie was shot and killed. There are no markers for homes or houses. Neptune, the first house ruler is in the twelfth, which tells me that she was in a place that no one else knew about, a private place with this person. Neptune disposed of by Uranus in the first tells me that she went there on her own and was not abducted or forced. But the nature of Uranus does show surprise so perhaps she was not expected or, on the other hand, something unexpected happened to her. Both Neptune and Uranus are retrograde so she was not far from her own home at this time and she would remain in the same place and not be moved. So she was left where she died. Buried someplace nearby perhaps. I only get a few weak pointers here towards location. The first house is Pisces and the eighth house planets are in Scorpio so there may be water in the general area or there may be a water source that she had spent time around, such as a pond, lake, river, beach, etc... The tenth house provides the best markers for the current location when a home or house is not indicated. The tenth house is Jupiter in Capricorn. Jupiter describes woods and bushes in an area with a nearby orchard and a place where horses are either kept or ridden. Capricorn always defines the grave. It, too, describes bushy places. It also describes dark places, corners near the ground and areas under the shade of trees. Please refer to the section below where I tackle the location in detail.

This brings me to the point where I will try to describe the person who killed Corrie. I do not wish to point any fingers at specific people; I am not the police. But I am an Astrologer and the charts say this person is defined by Mercury in Libra. The qualities of Mercury in Libra describe a very social person with a pleasant personality. This person is a good negotiator and is very diplomatic with others, trying always to be agreeable and easy to get along with. They are great harmonizers and enjoy the communication and banter that goes on in relationships. In fact, they may get married just to have someone to talk to... and someone to make decisions for them. They are, at their worst, indecisive, judgemental, manipulative and fussy. At their best, they are thoughtful and considerate of others. They make great sales people, diplomats, counselors and therapists. They are natural psychologists and can use this in both good and bad ways. Physically, this man is average to slightly tall with some degree of slimness. He would be working all the time on being "in shape". He has an airy. aloof personality that makes him seem distant at times. There is likely dimples on the face, either one in the chin or beside the cheeks. These people are attractive and easy to look at. There may be quite a bit of conceit, with concentration on appearances. They have well balanced features that can be called beautiful and they spend a lot of time fussing over their bodies. They like to look good in a swimsuit. There is probably a thick, full head of dark to medium brown hair. There may be some curls or wave to the hair. The eyes are probably dark.

In another attempt to use these charts to locate her body, I will say that I think her killer buried her. Saturn in Virgo shows a grave in the ground. This dovetails with the locational markers discussed already. This area would be a sandy, desert like area near the woods. The wooded area nearby would be home to very old growth with some ancient trees still standing. The wooded area would be very dark with lots of overgrowth and thick brush. There might be a burned out cornfield in the area or a run down chicken ranch. There may be animal graves in or near the cornfield. Look for freshly planted potatoes or carrots in a garden or a field nearby, perhaps on someones neighboring property. There may be wild yellow flowers growing near the grave site. Look for buttercups, cats ears, marigolds and forget me nots. There will be oak trees all over the place and feral cats. Saturn (and Capricorn) describes the grave and Virgo describes a shallow one. In the chart, Saturn is disposed of by Mercury in Libra so look for windmills, sawmills and / or outhouses in the same area. There should be mountains within view. She is NOT buried on a mountain or a hillside. She is in the level ground in a shallow grave. This is what the charts here are saying. Once you locate a sandy, desert like area on the outskirts of a wooded area that fits some of these markers, you should look for her body in the southwest corner of the field, near yellow flowers. Since all of the planets are above the ground and none of the major players are retrograde there is no reason this body could not be located. In fact, the 2 degree aspect between Jupiter, which rules the tenth house and describes the authorities and Saturn, the body marker, shows that the police could have found her in 2010. Mercury is one mitigating planet with a square from the sign Libra. This may mean that a dog or dog handler was a problem at the time or that the police were looking for her too high up or too far off the ground. The other mitigating planet, Uranus in Pisces, which opposes Saturn from the first house, could mean that weather conditions have relocated the body further down into the ground, or that the body could be submerged into a sinkhole or swamp area and is now harder to find. Or it could mean that the weather on the days they were looking was rainy or treacherous. A new search should be done.

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