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Richard "Cody" Haynes

Young Boy Disappears From Family Home Overnight

From Lukes Army :

"Richard "Cody" Haynes was born 4/16/93. By all accounts, his was a life with several strikes against it even from birth. Cody was raised by his father and in retrospect, many questions arise about the quality of his life. Cody was referred to children's protective services in Kittitas, Washington on at least two occasions before his disappearance.

The principal of his school at Ellensberg Elementary referred the Haynes' family to CPS in February 2002. Earlier the family was referred to CPS in Dec. 2001. Both times the referrals were for physical and emotional abuse and neglect.

Until Cody disappeared from the planet, CPS in Washington state deemed Cody's father was satisfactory even after investigating the complaints.

Cody Haynes was last seen alive on September 11, 2004. His father's girlfriend, Marla Jaye Harding, has a scuffle with Cody. According to the girlfriend, Cody refused to do some chores he was assigned after dinner. Cody had to remain in the kitchen until almost midnight that night. At midnight, again according to the girlfriend, Cody was sent to his room. His sisters were told not to go near his room. Nobody checked on Cody until 5 pm the following day. At which point Cody was not in his room and his father phoned in a missing person's report. Something terrible happened to Cody sometime after dinner September, 11 and 2:30 am later that night, September 12.

Because at 2:30 am that night, supposedly after the scuffle between Cody and his father's girlfriend, Cody's father, Richard Haynes, took a long and strange trip. When he left, to go "looking for car parts", Cody was allegedly in his room. Sent there after refusing to do his after dinner chores and after being punished by having to remain in the kitchen until midnight. Then Cody was, according to Richard and Marla, sent to his room. Two hours after sending Cody to his room, Richard Haynes embarks on a mission to find car parts at 2:30 a.m. and returns home at 4 p.m.,later in the day. An hour later he reported Cody missing.

Child Protective Services failed Cody, now the justice system might fail Cody.

Cody and his four sisters were alleged to be home-schooled and did not attend local schools. Two referrals to CPS and no one checked into the "quality" of this home schooling. CPS thought the children were fine. So much so that there was no need to even bother checking.

A week after Cody vanished, his sisters were removed from their father's home and placed into foster care. The removal order alleged abuse, neglect and lack of supervision in the Haynes household and was based mainly on the fact that the girls' brother, Cody, had been made to stay in his room for eighteen hours without being allowed to eat, drink, or use the toilet and without being checked on by an adult. Harding stated that he was a rebellious and deceitful child and needed discipline. Cody's sisters had been declared dependent by the state.

Richard and Harding, who married sometime after September 2004, have hired lawyers and will not cooperate with investigators about Cody's disappearance. The rest of his family has cooperated fully with police. Before the Haynes children were taken from their home, Richard refused to allow police to question them.Richard was reported to CPS for possibly physically and emotionally abusing and neglecting his children. Witnesses stated that the Haynes children were made to stand outside for long periods in the wintertime without coats or shoes. Both times the allegations were found to be without merit.

Haynes told The Spokesman-Review he would not discuss his son's disappearance without his attorney present."I'm not interested in talking about it. I'm not talking without my attorney present. No way," he said. Meanwhile, Richard Haynes and Marla Harding have lawyered up and refused to attend a candlelight vigil for their son. Even a preliminary scan of the facts reveals that Richard Haynes was not a model father. Richard Haynes lived with his girlfriend in a tiny apartment with five children.

Now the police and attorney general are at odds.It's a certainty that the CPS has failed Cody Haynes.In February 2005, police obtained a warrant searched the Haynes residence. They had interviewed Cody's sisters several times since their placement in foster care. Initially the girls said nothing had happened to their brother, but later Cody's oldest sister told investigators that he had been beaten severely inside his home the day he vanished. Police searched for traces of blood in the apartment's kitchen to back up the sister's story, but the flooring there had been replaced after Cody's disappearance and without the landlord's knowledge or consent. A second search was made and police seized a computer and Richard's Chevrolet Suburban. They also searched Harding's car. Authorities made what they termed a "significant discovery" during one of these searches, but have not elaborated on what exactly it was they found.

To this day,Cody is still missing and no arrests have been made."


This child had a rough life and that touches me. Having had a bit of a rough go of it myself I am really compassionate towards children who are abused or bullied. It makes life so much harder than it has to be and life is hard enough without all that baggage. Looking at his picture makes it all even worse for me. This boy was an adorable child. I am not sure where I got the info on this case, it could have been from a reader or it could have been from an online post. But I was attracted to it and then when I saw the charts, I knew I had to read them. The charts, now that I have read them all, are quite clear and draw an entirely different picture of this case than I have heard anywhere else.

Right away, the charts were tricky because the timeline was just outrageous. So obviously fabricated. I mean, they say they forced the boy to do chores in the kitchen until midnight, which is a nasty thing in my opinion to begin with. Then they send him to his room after midnight and forbid anyone from entering his room. This until 5 pm the next day, when they finally decide to declare him missing. But then only after his father goes on a strange trip at 2:30 am and doesn't come back for over 12 hours. Strange is a mild term for what I think this is. Sounds a lot like the Powell case, doesn't it? With midnight camping trips and all that rot. Right away, I am pretty convinced the father and his girlfriend are making up stories to deflect the police and they know all too well what happened to this boy. It's just ridiculous to believe otherwise.

Although I went into this a bit prejudiced, I made every effort to keep an open mind. I mean, my personal opinions are often way off base. The charts, however, are usually spot on so I will leave it to them to tell me what happened rather than the other way around. The first chart I drew up was for 11 pm that evening, just to see how events unfolded during the entire evening. You can clearly see, looking at this chart, that the child is still in the home at that hour. He appears to be alive. Mercury rules the fifth (the natural ruler for children and the ruler of the fifth, the natural house for children) and it is placed in the fourth house (the home). Notice that the first house ruler is also Mercury with Jupiter on the seventh cusp. This is the father and his girlfriend and notice that Jupiter is in the fifth house along with Mars and the Sun. The fifth house shows the physical bedroom in the home and the presence of the Sun, the fourth house ruler, also there, shows one or both adults in the child's bedroom. I think both of them were there, Jupiter being the girlfriend and Mercury ruling both the boy and his father. Since it rules two cusps, I am thinking it shows two people. So I am pretty sure this chart shows us the adults in the child's bedroom with the child still in the home.

The standout markers in this chart, for me, are Pluto at the seventh cusp and Saturn in the second. Saturn has strong financial indicators in this chart, being the ruler of the eighth house, placed in the second, disposed of by the Moon at the nadir with the Moon ruling the second. Pluto shows a chaotic situation, a disturbance of some sort, and they have admitted that the stepmother was always angry at the child and this night there was an argument. This chart seems to indicate that the girlfriend was a disruptive force within the family unit and was always campaigning for change. Since Jupiter is disposed of by Mercury, it is probable that he either blamed the children for her discontent or wanted to make big changes involving the kids. This is all blending tightly with Saturn in the second, in fall in the sign Cancer. They were having big financial problems within this family and because the Moon is placed right at the nadir, I would say they were afraid they might not be able to stay in their home. This is supported by Uranus, which rules the tenth house from the tenth and opposing Mercury from the fourth. Now, taking the Moon, a strong significator and chart co-ruler, and seeing that it is disposed of by the Sun, which is in the fifth in a wide but same sign conjunction with Jupiter, I would think she thought if they made changes involving the children they could solve their money troubles.

The next chart I work on is the one for midnight. Right away, I see that the child is now in the car with an adult. This is shown by Mercury and the Moon in the third house. Moon rules the first house so this is his father. Notice that the seventh house ruler is now Saturn, the marker so far for their financial struggle, and it is conjoined Venus, which rules the fifth. Doesn't this look like a financial transaction involving the child? At the very least, a financial plan? Notice also the node in the eleventh house, disposed of by Venus, the ruler of the fifth. Doesn't this look like a plan, as well, involving the children? The eleventh house can mean friends but it also often means trouble in relationships. It is the house of divorce. There is a strong indicator that their relationship was in serious trouble and because of the financial strain, may have collapsed altogether without a solution. Since they believe the source of their troubles to be both financial and the cost and difficulty of raising so many kids, it is possible that they were planning to make some big changes in this area. They appear to have taken Cody in a car at midnight with a plan in mind.

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The charts do seem to indicate that he traveled quite some distance with the boy. Running the charts way forward, I see them in the car for hours. Isn't this strange? Would he have taken the boy to look for car parts? Perhaps something happened while they were out looking for car parts and the child was accidentally killed? This would fit the profile, with money troubles perhaps they were trying to put the boy to work? Anyways, running the charts way forward I suddenly see where things change. Up until about 2:30 am, the time, by the way that he says he left the home, the seventh house rulers keep showing the boy and his father alone in the car. At 12:30 am and 1:30 am, for instance, the seventh house ruler remains in the first with the Moon and Mercury in the third. This shows everyone in the current event to be together in the car. At just after 1:30, the Moon moves into the second, which dovetails with the next chart, as I will show you.

In the chart for 2:30 am, the magic hour Cody's father gives for leaving home to "look for car parts", you can see that someone else is moving into the event. The first and fifth house rulers are still in the third house, showing ongoing movement. The fifth house co ruler, Pluto, has moved into the fifth. The seventh house ruler is in the eighth house, in mutual reception with the eighth house ruler, which is in the seventh. This is a clear descriptor for a criminal presence. This new person, who has just arrived on the horizon, is a criminal personality who lives "on the edge" of society. I do not like Neptune in the seventh, which describes someone with peculiarities and dependencies. This is not a member of their family and anyone they know well. Mars rules the tenth from the third and also rules the fifth. It is conjoined to the first house ruler, the Sun. Cody and his father have arrived at this man's home or place of residence. Aries on the tenth house cusp would not be unusual to describe a "criminal hideout" or a place where thieves or outlaws hide. At this same hour, you can see that the node has arrived in the tenth house, as well, in the sign Taurus and disposed of by the fourth house ruler, Venus. This man's home is also his place of business. And Cody's father is there to conduct business.

There is one really good thing I want to offer here. No matter how far ahead I run the charts I do not see a death pattern. I do not believe this child is dead. In fact, the next chart is for the time when the father claims to have come home and found him missing. It clearly shows that the boy is in the hands of someone else. The first house ruler, Saturn, the fourth house ruler, Venus, the fifth house ruler, Mercury, and the chart co ruler, the Moon, are all in the seventh house. Even at this late hour you can see that the child is still alive and that there are no omens for death. So this is good news. So what happened to Cody? I believe, from these charts, that the was sold for money or put to work somewhere. In every chart and instance, the second house and eighth house rulers are featured. There are no sex links from the fifth house so he may not be in the sex trade. I'm not saying this to be the case for absolute certain, just that the charts do not feature the markers. But they do feature work and money an awful lot so I am pretty sure that whatever they did with Cody it was for compensation. And he was sold or handed over to criminals.

In an effort to describe the person he was given to and to figure out what direction his father traveled in to get there, I will refer back to the earlier charts. Please refer to them as I tell you what I see. The first chart I will consider is the chart for the time when I first saw the boy in the car with his father. This is the chart for midnight. Notice that the Sun rules the third and it is placed in the fourth house, showing a direction due north. The Moon in the third, which helps describe the actual movement of the car, shows us an easterly turn (Leo) during a long trip north. So this describes a start due north with a slow easterly drift along the way. Sun rules the third which is disposed of by Mercury so they went along avenues and streets and not so many highways. Residential areas perhaps or areas with trade and commerce such as city streets. They are definitely heading towards Uranus in Pisces, as Uranus rules the ninth house cusp (their destination) but is placed at the mid heaven. This describes a city destination, perhaps even a "downtown" destination in an area with lots of commercial businesses. Pisces can describe tenements and slums while Uranus also describes an area with technology based businesses such as radio stations, cell phone companies, TV stations, camera or spy equipment manufacturers or dealers, etc.. Pisces can also describe hospitals, old age homes, hospice, businesses that service the elderly or sick, etc.. which could be in the same area. Because Uranus in Pisces is right on the mid heaven, I dare guess there is a drug rehab center in the immediate area. Remember that this place is a hideout for criminals, a place where the bad guys hang out. So it is probably in a tenement or slum in a city downtown area.

Between the time I see them leaving, which is midnight, and the time the charts show us they arrive, which is 2:30 am, the distance between Mercury (their starting point) and Mars (their arrival time) is about 18 degrees in a mutable sign (Virgo). It is always easy to determine a length of time involving days, weeks or even years and a little trickier to boil it down to minutes and hours. It is also really difficult to boil down actual distance on the surface of the Earth as it relates to planets and stars in the sky. As I have said before, there is a difference between Earth time and Celestial time. I will show you exactly how I manage it in the next ebook, I promise you. But for now, I will simply toss out a distance of about 270 miles due north with a slight easterly turn and a time frame of about 5 hours. I know the charts show 2 hours by chart time but I believe my calculation is accurate for Earth time. So anybody considering where he took the child could start with this calculation, giving 270 miles (or thereabouts) due north and 5 hours travel time, mostly along smaller streets and avenues and not on an interstate.

The descriptors I have isolated for the man who took Cody center around the placement of Uranus in Pisces. This man may be considered "sleazy" by most of the people who know him but he is also artistic, creative, unusual and peculiar in personality. He has a lot of addictions and habits, likes to collect things and has a sentimental quality to his nature. He loves old things. In fact, he might steal antiques or other valuable antiquities or just old stuff. Photography and art are hobbies. He likes tech stuff, too, and probably has the newest gadgets. There is something odd in the way he looks, perhaps a quirky hairdo or odd facial expressions. He is a talented liar and actor, putting it on for people and spinning everything. None the less, he is not a good salesman and most people don't believe anything he says. He is just too "out of the mainstream" for most. Neptune gives a pale, thin appearance. He may be a drug abuser or just look like a heroin addict. Uranus and Neptune are both retrograde so he is rather slow, or just not as bright or "on the ball" as others. He is probably distant and "spaced out" a lot of the time. The strongest aspect affecting Uranus is an opposition from Mercury. He does not have children himself but he has an interest in children. I don't see sexual markers or perversions in any of these charts, so perhaps he sells children for adoption (Neptune rules adoption). His sixth house marker is the Moon, which is in the second house of Cody's father, showing a financial transaction. I think these charts clearly show that Mr. Haynes sold his child for cash and the boy is still alive and in the hands of criminals many miles away.

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