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Woman Leaves Family Party and Disappears


August 5, 2006
Youngstown, Ohio

Lori Boffman was last seen on August 5, 2006, at 6:30 p.m., when she left her home and took a drive in her vehicle. She did not take her purse or identification with her. Additionally, Lori was taking medication for diabetes. Her vehicle was found the next morning at 5:30 a.m. in the next town over from her home. She resided in Liberty Township, Ohio, and the vehicle was found in Youngstown, Ohio. The vehicle appeared to have been in an accident and was abandoned. Lori Boffman has not been seen or heard from since this incident.

Lori Boffman wears her hair in dread locks. She wears glasses and has a scar on her abdomen. She may also go by the name of Lori Ann Stubbs.

From: Nancy Grace Transcripts:

GRACE: Every day, 2,300 people go missing in America, disappear, vanish. Their families left waiting, wondering, hoping, but never forgetting, and neither have we. Fifty people, 50 days, 50 nights we go live, spotlighting America`s missing, boys, girls, mothers, fathers, grandparents. They are gone, but where?

Tonight, to the heartland, Liberty, Ohio, a beloved mother of three, Lori Boffman, heads out in her car, August 2006, leaving behind her purse, her I.D., and diabetes meds. She`s never seen again. The car, a 1992 blue Mercury Sable, found the very next day near a library one town over, apparently, part of a fender better, but mysteriously, the key still in the car.

The ignition, the engine, still running. Also, adding to the mystery, family says Lori had just won the lottery the night before she goes missing. Her children still waiting for mommy to come home. Tonight, where is Lori? Jean, what happened.

JEAN CASAREZ, LEGAL CORRESPONDENT, "IN SESSION": You know, Nancy, it was a good day. It was February 5th, August 5th, 2006, and it was a day of a picnic, and she just won over $1,000 in the lottery. Her daughter was home from college. She was getting groceries to take to the picnic. She had the picnic with her family and her friends. I want to go to Phil Trexler, reporter for the Akron Beacon Journal joining us tonight from Ohio. Phil, who was the last person that we know saw her alive?

VOICE OF PHIL TREXLER, REPORTER, AKRON BEACON JOURNAL: Well, you know, the details were kind of sketchy there. Obviously, she was with her family there at the picnic. There was this companion that they spoke of who drove with her to take the food back to her home. That appears to be the last person. Now, there were some sightings in the days after she was reported missing. None of those have been confirmed.

That`s a common problem or phenomenon, so to speak, with missing person cases. That there are a lot of sightings, but very few of them prove to be founded. So, it`s a little sketchy as to who was the last person with her. Obviously, her family, when she left the barbecue, the picnic, and then, the man who was supposedly with her that night, but again, it`s a mystery.

CASAREZ: All right. To Natisha Lance, NANCY GRACE producer, first of all, do we know who that man is that was last seen with her?

NATISHA LANCE, NANCY GRACE PRODUCER: We don`t. We don`t know who that man is, and we also don`t know who the man is who was with her at the grocery store. Police have yet to identify that man as well, too.

CASAREZ: All right. Natisha, she was last seen August 5th, 2006. When was she reported missing?

LANCE: She was reported missing on August 7th. Now, what her family says is that her children went on August 6th to Youngstown Police Department to try to report her missing there. They were told, according to the family, that they should wait a little bit longer, and also, that they would have to report her missing in the town that she lived in, which is Liberty. Then, on August 7th is when her niece went to Liberty Police Department and made the report to file her missing at that point.

CASAREZ: And with us tonight is Chief Richard Tisone, who is joining us from the Liberty Police Department. Chief, thank you, once again, for joining us. She had won, you said, about $1,000 in the lottery. What I want to know, when her apartment was searched and her purse was found in the apartment, was that $1,000 there?

VOICE OF CHIEF RICH TISONE, LIBERTY POLICE DEPARTMENT: No. We did not find any substantial amount of money. There were no signs of any foul play in the apartment. There was no forced entry, and basically, the one daughter had been living there. So, there was nothing of any evidentiary value that we found there.

CASAREZ: Did you find through any bank accounts at all that that money had been deposited?

TISONE: No, we did not.

CASAREZ: You did not. So, that`s a missing element right there, the money she`d won from the lottery.

TISONE: Quite possibly, yes.

CASAREZ: All right. To Patricia Saunders, clinical psychologist, joining us from New York. Dr. Saunders, the thing that just -- I can`t get out of my mind is this car with the engine running and the car door open and her glasses are still in there. Two pairs of glasses are still in there. I mean, that tells me that somebody had to get out fast.

PATRICIA SAUNDERS, CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST: Very fast. I think this might be a mixture of medical psychiatric vulnerability and that someone took advantage of her, some predatory person. It was said that she had a chemical imbalance and diabetes. Sometimes, chemical imbalance is a euphemism for bipolar disorder, Jean, or what used to be called manic- depressive illness, spending $500 for food and crying to her kids that she had no one to take care of anymore at the picnic suggest that she might have had truly unstable moods.

Whether that was secondary to the diabetes, which is possible, or the diabetes was secondary to psychiatric medications, I don`t know, but this was someone who I think made a profound decision based on her instability to leave her life, and somebody may have helped her leave her life and exploited her.

CASAREZ: And the question is, could she still be alive if she decided to leave her life there in Youngstown, Ohio? Or is she the victim of foul play? Everybody, Lori Ann Boffman, 45 years old when she went missing in 2006, 5 feet 9, 180 pounds, black hair and brown eyes, and she wears glasses, and she had a scar on her abdomen. May go by the name of Lori Ann Stubs.


This case is a true mystery with some really weird circumstances. It was hard for me to resist even when the charts proved to be difficult. It took me many weeks of study to get a viable analysis from them and I am still not sure of some of the circumstances surrounding this case. But there are standout aspects in the chart drawn for when she was last seen and when you look at the chart for 6:30 pm, the time at which Lori left the bbq, you can see right away that the charts show her to be in grave danger. First and foremost is the placement of the first house ruler, Saturn, just under the Sun's beams in the seventh house. This is a definitive marker for danger and usually from the person defined by the house placement. We do see several planets in the seventh house, the first house ruler, Saturn, with the Sun, Mercury and Venus. Venus rules her fourth house so this is showing us her family members, females with children (Venus conjoined Mercury). These people were probably the witnesses that gave the report that she left the bbq with an unidentified man. Notice that Cancer is the sign on the seventh house cusp. This is a placement that tells us that she is, indeed, in someone else's company. I say this because the Moon, which rules Cancer, is also the co ruler of the chart and the subject. In this chart, it also rules the seventh house so this tells us that Lori is in the company of another person and they both share the rulership of the Moon. Now, notice that the Moon is in the twelfth house conjoined Pluto. Pluto rules the tenth house. Mars also rules the tenth and it is in the eighth house. The twelfth house and eighth house are both houses that indicate death. The eighth house can also indicate sex. Mars and Pluto both indicate violence. And with the ruler under the Sun's beams, this chart screams danger from many different placements, with possible violence and death.

This chart is what I call a "scary" chart. Another ugly aspect is the sinister conjunction of the Moon and the fixed star, Sinistra. Sinistra often refers to rape or sexual assault and with Mars in the eighth, this is an idea that we have to address. We know that she left with this person in her car and that her car became a focal point in the aftermath of this event so we look at the third house for enlightenment. Notice that Mars rules the third and it is in the eighth, as previously noted. This may indicate the theft of her car. In fact, that dovetails with Pluto and the Moon in the twelfth, which can mean an attack from behind. So it is possible, according to this first chart, that Lori was attacked from behind in her car and her car was then taken from her. So this is a possible car jacking. The conjunction of the Moon and Pluto lead me to believe that there had to have been, at the least, an altercation. There is several reports of her strange behavior prior to the disappearance and that she may have wanted to get away from her life. She had also just won some money in the lottery. It was not a lot, a thousand dollars, I believe, but enough to make her a target. She may have been looking for a good time, with that cash, and hooked up with the wrong people. All of these things are possible. Sickness and medications are shown by the sixth and ninth houses in the chart, although these are not angular houses and are not considered under usual circumstances. The sixth house is used most often to determine whether the victim will ever be found or return home. Mostly this has been used in horary charts for runaway children. In this chart, both the ruler of the sixth and the ninth houses are conjoined in the angular seventh house. This gives these rulers some degree of importance in the chart (as well as the rulership of the angular fourth by Venus). Especially since both of the planets are disposed of by the Moon in the twelfth. I believe this is telling me that she is possibly in bondage to this man (twelfth house Moon ruling the seventh) and this is causing her some worry over her health (Mercury conjoined Venus in Cancer). It may, in fact, create difficulties or even danger for her as time passes (Mercury in Cancer exactly inconjunct to Pluto in Sagittarius).

We have gleaned all that we will obtain from this chart. The gist of the chart seems to be that Lori is in danger.

Now, I am going to leap forward to the day when her car was discovered. I am doing this to bring the two big events in this case together, but I promise I will progress the charts along in the interim to determine the events as they occurred and whether or not Lori is dead or alive and where she might have gone. But I want you to see the chart for the time when her car was found, still running, in the yard of the library with no one in it. Right away, I must note that the first house ruler, the Sun, is in the first house in the sign Leo with Saturn 1 degree away. This conjunction can be either good or bad, depending on the rest of the chart. A first house ruler in the first house is usually a sign that the subject is still alive. But Saturn in the same place is not so good. We will have to wait and see. The chart co ruler, the Moon, is in the sixth house, disposed of by the first house Saturn. This is not good. Moon in Capricorn is in fall, which weakens it's power, and the placement in the sixth is very sad, often meaning that the victim will never be found (as already noted). It's disposal by Saturn in the first is also a possible omen, as Saturn usually describes the bones (or dead body) of the subject. But we have not yet seen a death pattern, so let's keep our thoughts on a better outcome.

The most telling aspect in this chart, I'm afraid, is the seventh house ruler (Uranus) placed in the eighth house. The seventh house ruler in the eighth is always a marker for a criminal, a bad guy. This is almost always a person who lives outside of society, on the edge, so to speak, outside the law. Often described as "dark and sleazy" in many older tomes, I prefer to say that this person has lived a hard life and is jaded; this person refuses to live the boring staid life that society condones. At the same time, Uranus is also often a marker for an unusual person, who does not play by the rules and does things in their own way. This can be good if this person is an artist but when it's in the eighth house, it more describes a dangerous person who has no morals or values. Uranus in Pisces with Neptune in mutual reception from the seventh, more than whispers that this person has a drug problem and/or some degree of mental illness. Lori's marker, the Sun, is almost exactly opposed to Uranus, telling me that she did not care for this person that much but might have a reason to be in his company. At least, until she became a victim. With the ninth house ruler in the seventh and the node also in the ninth, I would say that this person was driving Lori's car and may have carjacked it. At that time, this person considered the car to be his and at his disposal for whatever purpose. The node indicates that this person had a plan to take the car, with or without Lori's permission, I suppose. This validates the police theory that Lori most likely was not driving her own car at the time it was wrecked. The charts appear to support that.

Going back over the period of time that elapsed between the hour that Lori left the bbq and the hour when her car was found, the chart for 9:30 pm is my next and it is very telling. Notice how the first house ruler, Neptune, is in the twelfth. This supports the other charts that indicate she was "in bondage" to this man. He has her hidden somewhere, perhaps restrained in some manner. Neptune is in mutual reception with the twelfth house ruler, which is in the first house. The node is also in the first house. Perhaps Lori had made plans of some sort with her captor and then was surprised by the sudden turn in events. She apparently went along with the plan long enough to end up a captive. The Moon - Pluto conjunction is now in the tenth house, which is usually the home of the other person, which, in this case, is likely the man she left with. Mars is right at the seventh house cusp. When they got to his home, perhaps sometime around 9 pm, then he became violent and controlling, strong arming Lori and restraining her. The tenth house ruler is in the eighth and notice how Mercury, the seventh house ruler, is together with Venus in the fifth house. I believe this tells me that he took her back to his place to have his way with her. He resorted to violence to gain control over the situation and get what he wanted from her. Mars also rules the second house and Venus rules the eighth, so he was after her money as well. It is probable that he stole her winnings, raped her and possibly even killed her. I am still looking for a death pattern to show me her death or for the charts to otherwise show me what came of her at this mercy of this man.

The next chart to stand out to me and also to reflect a big change in events in the chart for 12:30 the next morning. Notice here that the Moon - Pluto conjunction is now in the eighth house. Mars, the current seventh house ruler, is now in the fifth house. This is a standout for sexual assault. The tenth house ruler is in the fourth and since this ruler is Saturn, it is telling us that the home is very old, in disrepair, possibly dirty and has very few amenities. Saturn in fall in the sign Leo says that the house has nothing special or attractive about it. It is what I might call an "ugly" house. The fourth house ruler is the Moon so it is likely that he does not live here year round or that he is only there temporarily. Venus, the first house ruler, in the sign Cancer conjoined Mercury in the third house is a good marker for a house that can be moved, such as a trailer, an RV, a boat, perhaps. I am suddenly pretty sure that he lived on a run down boat and this is where he took her. The boat probably doesn't run or has a broken engine. He has lived in various marinas and moorings in the boat, never staying anywhere long. He is a hard man to find. On this night, with all the planets in Pisces, Cancer and Sagittarius, I am sure his invitation to go to his boat seemed exciting and fun to Lori and so she went along.

After progressing the charts through every hour until the hour when her car was found, I am not seeing any death patterns. In fact, the charts are very similar to the ones we have already seen. Nothing much changes. These charts do echo the indicators that she was beaten, assaulted and held captive by a violent man. But I am not seeing any hints in these charts about where Lori may be or what happened to her. Is she dead or alive? Can she be found? The sixth house is telling us that finding her, dead or alive, is highly unlikely. Often this is because the subject does not want to be found but I have seen this in stone cold cases where a body has never been located. But what I want to know is if she is dead or alive. I am hunting for death patterns or indicators that she is on her own. So I end up running charts for the hours after the car was found and I eventually find what I am looking for. In the chart for 6:30 am, you can see the first house ruler, the Sun, rolling back into the twelfth with Saturn on the horizon. Mars is moving towards the first. The Moon and Pluto are in the fifth house, continuing the ongoing indicators that this has a sexual component. Is she being assaulted just for the fun of it or is this a sex slave situation? The Moon in the fifth is disposed of by Saturn at the first house cusp. This could indicate continued confinement or it could indicate a body reduced to bones (such as what occurs when someone dies). The fourth house ruler, Pluto, is also in the fifth and is disposed of by Jupiter in Scorpio in the fourth. This creates a mutual reception between Jupiter and Pluto, which seems to indicate the crazy notion that she is being restrained and sexually exploited. This pattern looks to me that she is being held as a sex servant, having sex for money. The co ruler of the fourth, Mars, is in her second house of money. The node is in the eighth house, another indicator that money is involved. Uranus, the seventh house ruler, is still in the eighth, telling us that she is definitely in the company of dangerous criminals.

I think the next chart gives us a viable death pattern. Notice that the first house ruler, the Sun, has moved into the twelfth, along with Saturn. This is an omen that she has "passed" and is now reduced to bones. Pluto, the fourth house ruler, has moved into the fourth, the resting place. The co ruler of the fourth house, Mars, is now in the first. I cannot be sure from these markers that she died exactly at this hour but that violence and abuse (Pluto, Saturn and Mars) damage her enough to bring her to the brink of death and possibly beyond. And perhaps when the Moon enters the fourth house, within the coming hour, that will be the coup de gras. We know she had health issues and was fragile in many ways. Saturn, the sixth house ruler at this hour, shows us a long standing health issue that played into her weakness and vulnerability. Moon in fall in Capricorn in the fifth house continues to describe a violent situation involving sexual exploitation. I am not convinced enough to say for sure if she is dead or alive. The pointers do indicate death but they are not strong. She could have nearly died or otherwise come very close and still be alive. It is just impossible for me to tell.

But I am pretty sure that what we see in these charts is a violent kidnapping and car jacking, a beating and a sexual assault that very likely brought about Lori's death. I do not believe, looking at these charts, that this young woman could have survived this. There is a slim possibility that she survived being held in confinement and used for sex and is possibly in slavery still today but if so, she is probably addicted to drugs. Neptune in the sixth house implies that she was drugged heavily to make her more compliant. But where is she? If she is alive, where can she be found? And if she is dead, where would be body be located? Do not forget that the charts are telling us she will never be found and this is born out by the aspects indicating her current location. Lori is north east of where her car was discovered. This is either where she was kept that night or it could be where her body was buried if she is, in fact, deceased. If she is alive she is being kept in an inaccessible place that is almost impossible to get to. And if she is dead and buried, then her body would be in the deepest, darkest, heavy forested area in the local area. Think of a deep woods area where sportsman hunt and the animals are larger than they are in other areas. Her body may be near a feral cat colony. Wild cats of all sizes may roam in this area. Are there local wildcats like panthers or cougars? Look in those areas where they hunt to find her body.

If Lori is still alive, she is most likely in the sex trade. She would be working in porn most likely, being photographed. She could be a prostitute as well, but she would be working in areas where she would be working in the business district or in an area with government buildings. She may also work an area along a strip of entertainment venues. The local theater district is a possibility. I do not see any indicator in these charts that she was taken to another part of the country. The third house in some of the charts do indicate that she was relocated from that house to another place but I believe if she is still alive she in the same area.

The man who kidnapped and carjacked Lori is described by Uranus in Pisces. He is addicted to drugs and is living a criminal lifestyle. He is an outlaw who makes up his own rules. He is unpredictable, violent and dangerous. In his personal life, he has an interest in the occult and supernatural. He may have used drugs to facilitate his investigation of paranormal things. He has a vivid imagination and can be paranoid at times. He also has a malicious turn of mind at times and can be mean. He can be verbally abusive. He is extremely critical of others and sees them as being beneath him. He has inflated ideas about his own ingenuity and intelligence. This man is extremely adventurous and has lived a peculiar, unusual life. He lacks fear in many situations and is often convinced he is right even when facing destruction. He can be unrealistic and views his own actions through rose colored glasses, always believing himself to be an innocent victim. He has sociopathic tendencies. He takes advantage of others for his own purposes and believes himself to be more deserving than his victims.


  1. Caroline, fascinating! The amount of detail you are able to obtain from the chart is amazing. It almost seems like A) you've been doing this for so long you can do it in your sleep or B) you are also psychically gifted and the chart story comes to you naturally. Or perhaps both! Thank you for another chart we can learn from. Kelly

  2. Caroline, you mention in your book about the inconjunct aspect saying you will tell us more about how you use it. I noticed you referred to it with this case in regards to health. Can you explain more? AND in several cases you mention the Moon in the 6th house being a sign the body won't be found. Can you go a bit more into depth with how you come to that conclusion? THANKS!!! Kelly

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  4. Hello could you pls analyze Avonte Oquendo's chart:
    My analysis is grim - the Moon under beams shows a male agressor. I have turned the chart and Mercury signifies the child while Jupiter signifies the killer. Jupiter is in 18 Cancer conjunct fixed star Geidi signifying rape. Also the turned 4th House marker is Libra - but its the killer's workplace which makes me think that Jupiter person is a dance or performance arts teacher (martial art is also viable as well as sculpting/singing)...I am leaning towards dance for some reason; since there's a square from Mars in the 8th House, I think the boy was raped, held captive in the basement in the workplace (Venus in Scorpio) then disposed off in the river. Let me know what you think of my analysis.


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