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Jesse Warren Ross

Popular Student Disappears at Conference

Jesse Warren Ross was a 19-year-old sophomore when he vanished on Nov. 21, 2006, while attending a mock United Nations conference in Chicago, Ill. According to police, Ross was last seen at about 2:30 a.m., leaving the Sheraton Hotel and Towers, where a conference dance was held. Surveillance footage from the hotel does not indicate Ross was intoxicated when he left. It is believed he was headed to his hotel, the Four Points Sheraton, which was located about ten minutes away. What happened to Ross after he left the Sheraton Hotel remains a mystery. For more information, visit Find Jesse Ross .


Successful Student Vanishes Without A Trace

Nineteen-year-old Jesse Ross was only a sophomore at the University of Missouri in Kansas City, but he lived a fast-paced life unusual for most students his age. Although Jesse was busy with his school work, he earned the acclaim of much of his Kansas City community through his internship at a local radio station. He may have only been an intern, but Jesse's personality and charisma channeled its way through the radio waves as he became a popular personality on the "Shorty and the Boyz" morning show.

Jesse had fame and it was likely he'd soon have fortune, too.

Then, the popular and successful student traveled with a group of his peers to Chicago in late November to participate in a model United Nations program. That's when things took an abrupt and unexpected turn for the worse.

Since then, cops have combed the Windy City, looking for clues in Jesse's disappearance, but they've uncovered nothing.

Where is Jesse?
Jesse was last seen on November 21, 2006, leaving his downtown Chicago hotel early that morning. Since then, cops have combed the Windy City, looking for clues in Jesse's disappearance, but they've uncovered nothing.

Police in Jesse's hometown say he was a good kid, with no record of trouble of any kind. While there is now a void in Jesse's family, much of Kansas City feels the void, too -- his morning show colleagues and university friends are truly concerned, and want to know what's become of an engaging young man with a bright future ahead of him.



5 feet 10 inches tall
weighing 140 pounds
has bright red hair and freckles

He was last seen wearing a green warm-up jacket and blue jeans. (CBS 2 Chicago)
Police divers were searching the Chicago river near the Sheraton Hotel where Jesse Ross had attended a party the night before.
Jesse Ross, of Belton, Mo., was last seen early Tuesday at a party at the Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers, 301 E. North Water St.
A student at the University of Missouri at Kansas City, Ross had been participating in a student United Nations conference at the hotel.
He never returned to his room at the Four Points Sheraton, 630 N. Rush St. He is believed to have disappeared about 2 a.m. (Chicago Tribune)
Anyone with information please call Chicago police at 312-744-8266.


This case was sent to me by my readers. I looked up the details online and got as much information as I could to verify timelines. The first chart I drew up was for the time he was last seen leaving the lobby of the Sheraton after the dance was held. In the chart for 2-30 am, you see Jesse with others moving through the lobby of the Sheraton (first house ruler in the second house with the tenth and seventh house rulers and the Moon). The second house is the natural house for the sign Taurus, which is a marker for hotels. Also the lobby is the area where the money is transacted and where the general business of the hotel is conducted and this relates to the second house and the sign Taurus as well. Most of the planets in the stellium are disposed of by Pluto, which is in the third house in Sagittarius. This shows these people to be "traveling" or "away from home", as most people in a hotel would be. Jesses' ruling planets (Venus and the Moon in Sagittarius) are disposed of by Jupiter in Scorpio, which is in out of sign conjunction with them. This shows continuity in purpose. The purpose is defined by Jupiter, which rules the third house. Because of this, I do not beleive that Jesse was headed back to his hotel right away. He wanted to "walk around", perhaps "see the sights" or just "get some fresh air". He was going for a walk before he returned to his digs. But there appears to be a bump in the road, so to speak. The seventh house ruler represents the person we are "next to meet" and this house is ruled by Mars. Mars is in Scorpio, a few degrees behind the Moon. There was someone walking in the same group with Jesse who would come to run into him later on. I do not think this was planned in advance as the node is not in contact with these planets other than a wide trine to Mars. As well, the node is not in an angular house.

Please remember that time on Earth is different from the time in space. In fact, the time in space is related more to distance and therefor events that happen within minutes of each other can be shown over larger areas of space, reflected in various times on Earth. I say this because the chart here that shows Jesse running into this other person occurs in a chart drawn for 4 am. But we can pretty much guess that he was not walking around for an hour and a half before this happened. It may have only been a half hour or less. Yet, looking at the chart for 4 am, you see Mars enter the first house. This is where Jesse runs into someone else (the person in question reveals his or her self to him). This would be the same person that left the hotel when he did and appears to run into him by accident (the node is not involved in the pattern). Mercury is close to Mars in the first house, so this person seems to be another student and is definitely as young as Jesse or even younger.

In examining this chart even further, I can see that this looks like a possible robbery. Mars, which rules the seventh, also rules the second house, so money could be a motive. Mars is disposed of by Pluto in Sagittarius (which describes purpose in the matter) and Sagittarius often indicates firearms. It definitely defines ammunition, such as bullets or arrows. Sagittarius never indicates knives because Sagittarius covers a great distance in general and so would describe ammunition that traveled over a distance rather than being close to the subject. This indicates bullets and arrows mostly. In addition, Pluto usually indicates violence, whether this is interpersonal or disruptive chaos in general such as rebellions, uprisings, riots, etc.. So Pluto in Sagittarius often means the use of a gun for violent reasons. Also in this same line of analysis, I see that Mars is in the first house, which shows a direct confrontation, attack or even an assault on the subject. And with Mars so close to Mercury in the first, it again looks like a robbery, as Mercury so often indicates common criminals such as theives. Purse snatchers is the traditional reading, as I recall. So this looks a lot like a random act of opportunity, where another student at the conference, either the same age as or younger than Jesse, is looking for someone to rob (he has a gun in his possession we can assume) and chooses Jesse as the victim

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The chart for 5 am has a fascinating pattern. Notice the huge stellium that has moved into the first house. There is a lot of energy and activity surrounding Jesse at this time. The first and seventh house rulers are together in the first and Mercury has not slipped into the twelfth, so Jesse is not dead at this time. But the Moon, which rules the ninth house and Venus, the seventh house ruler, are together in the sign Sagittarius, disposed of by Jupiter in the first. I think they hustled Jesse into a car and took him somewhere. Or let me say that it is not actually a "car" but a very large vehicle, such as a truck or small bus. The Moon rules the ninth in Sagittarius so this is not a small car. Sagittarius gives us a yellow color while the Moon describes cream or light buff so I am going to stick my neck out and say that this was a yellowish beige vehicle that was larger than the average car. To be exact, at the stars go, it would be a creamy light yellow. The Moon gives a chrome trim with large mirrors. There would also be a lot of nightime reflectors. This vehicle has been driven long distances over a period of time. It is not in bad shape but it is dusty and road worn. Sagittarius gives us an east by southerly direction. The first house is angular so this is a road with high speed limits that travels quickly over long distances.

Everything in these charts is underscored by Pluto and Jupiter. More than anything else, these planets together describe an act of violence in a moment of opportunity. Also, Mars rules the sixth house, which is a bad sign. It usually means the person in question will never be seen again. It is one of the indicators in a forensic chart that a missing person will remain missing forever. This would be the placement of the first house ruler in the sixth or the co rulership of the sixth and first houses, creating a secondary reception between the two houses. I hate to see the rulers in the sixth in the charts for missing children. It is very hard to tell parents they will never see their child again but that is a probable end of the event. It is my beleif that after accosting Jesse with a gun, the theif made him get into a vehicle. This is shown by the conjunction of the seventh house ruler (Venus) and the ninth house ruler (the Moon) since the ninth is the third from the seventh. This accoster is in a vehicle that likely belongs to him and with Mars in the first, Jesse was forced into the vehicle and perhaps knocked out during a struggle. A gun was used to intimidate him. Why they hustled him off instead of just robbing him and running I cannot say nor does it make sense that they didn't just shoot him right then and there. But you can see that Mars, which rules the first, is moving swiftly towards the twelfth along with the eighth house ruler, Mercury and the tenth house ruler, the Sun. This is a partial death pattern but it is strong. With Mars at the first cusp moving into the twelfth, it looks like he dies from either a gunshot wound or a blow to the head. Because Mercury (the eighth house ruler) moves into the twelfth before Mars (the first house ruler) does, I think he was unconcious for awhile before he died.

There does not appear to have been advanced planning in this event. That trine between the node and Jupiter indicates opportunity but there is more than one trine so things "fell into place" and a plan was quickly made and followed. This was a crime of opportunity. He was followed but that's where the opportunity arose and the plan was quickly formulated. The criminal just sort of "picked him out of a crowd". Neptune rules the fourth and is in the third so no one saw exactly where Jesse was when this happened. Three angular rulers in the first house indicate there were other people around, maybe even people who knew who he was or had seen him before but Neptune is telling us they saw nothing. There was a general assumption or belief that Jesse went back to his hotel (the fourth house ruler in the third) but Neptune in the third hides from view his true path of travel.

After death, Saturn takes the place of the body. The first house ruler becomes the accoster as the dead person can no longer "act". So the actions described by the first house ruler after someone dies are those of his killer. The seventh house is usually the victim in death but can also be an accomplice in the matter or can help with places and persons after the fact. In this chart, with the Moon conjunct Venus, which still rules the seventh, I would read Venus as the victim after death. So in the chart for 6 am, after Jesse has passed, we see Saturn in the ninth house. I have seen this a thousand times and it indicates the body was taken outdoors, perhaps into a wooded area. Saturn in Leo disposed of by the Sun in the last degree of Scorpio (void of course) and in the figurative zero degree of Sagittarius, I would imagine they might have burned his body. Especially with Venus and the Moon together in Sagittarius. Sagittarius rules ammunition and military weapons. Someone with more knowledge of weapons could break down the qualities of the Moon in Sagittarius and determine what type of gun was used. Sagittarius together with Leo and Saturn (the body) in Leo, seems like fire to me. I would tend to think they burned his body to destroy evidence and they did it in a wooded area outside the city. The area in question is ruled by the Sun in Scorpio. The Sun is void of course and moving into the zero degree of Sagittarius but it still has great power as the ruler of the tenth. This is the locational marker.

The area where they left his body is full of insects and small pockets of water, such as retention ponds and swamps. The ground is soggy but not sinking. It is a dirty, marshy area that is hard to navigate, as I said with stagnant pools of water that smell badly. There may be an old vineyard in the area. Look for yellow flowers, an old mineral mine that may even still be active and beekeepers nearby. There may also be swarms of bees in some parts of the area with large hives. Look for wild poppies growing on the grassy parts of the swampy area. The Sun is conjunct Jupiter so this is a vast area and it will be really difficult to pin down the exact location. The Sun does change signs shortly and this might indicate a change in the body's location, mostly caused by the elements. There may have been a drying out of the area where he was left and the body may have come to the surface. Saturn in Leo can mean exposure to sunlight and the drying out of the bones. So there is a possibility that his body is not underground and can be located on the surface.

I am always very sad after doing these charts, feeling really horrible for the victims. The violence in our world really gets to me, both against people and against animals, and sometimes I have to stop my work long enough to dry my tears. In this search for this killer, remember that he is described by Mars in Scorpio. To me, this means he is a very private person who probably works alone. He is sensitive in many ways, but not compassionate. He is driven by his needs, which can mean addiction to drugs or alcohol, and will do what he has to in order to survive. He feels challenged by the world and when he is hurt, he builds up resentments and grudges and doesn't forget the slights. In turn, he lashes out. In appearance, tradtional readings would give blue eyes with dark blond hair and swarthy skin. He should have large, deep set eyes that seem peircing, soft features, a good, strong chin and a wide forehead. He would be average to below average in height. Since Mars was near to Mercury and seemed to move with it, I would guess he is around Jesse's age or younger. This man has lived most of his life on the streets and has a history of crime. He has most likely been arrested before (Mercury rules the twelfth in the abduction chart) so there should be a file on him. This is what the astrology chart has to offer on this case.

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