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Hailey Dunn

Teen Goes Missing From Her Home


Mom's Boyfriend A 'Person Of Interest' In Texas Teen's Case

Officials say that the boyfriend of Hailey Dunn's mother has been named as a "person of interest" in the 13-year-old's disappearance. "There are persons of interest developing in this case, to include Shawn Adkins," Colorado City Manager Pete Kampfer told AMW on Jan. 13, 2011.

Sex: Female
Race: White
Age at Disappearance: 13
Current Age: 15
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Hair (Color, Description, Facial Hair): Light Brown
Hailey has light brown hair with blonde highlights.
Eyes: Hazel
Traits and Habits: Hailey is a student and cheerleader at Colorado City Middle School.
Location information: Hailey was thought to be spending the night at a friend's house on Dec. 27, 2010, but did not return home as expected the next morning.
Last Seen: Colorado City , TX
1800 block of Chestnut Street, Colorado City, Texas


Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance

Missing Since: December 27, 2010 from Colorado City, Texas
Classification: Endangered Missing
Date of Birth: August 28, 1997
Age: 13 years old
Height and Weight: 5'1 - 5'2, 120 pounds
Distinguishing Characteristics: Caucasian female. Light brown hair, green eyes. Hailey's ears are pierced in the lobes and her left ear is also pierced in the upper cartilage. She has a scar on the right side of her lip, a scar on the right side of her forehead, and freckles. Hailey has blonde highlights in her hair.
Clothing/Jewelry Description: A short-sleeved light-colored t-shirt, navy blue sweatpants, flip-flops or pink and white sneakers, and red hoop earrings.

Details of Disappearance

Hailey was last seen at her home in the 1800 block of Chestnut Street in Colorado City, Texas at 1:00 p.m. on December 27, 2010. She told her mother's boyfriend, Shawn Casey Adkins, that she planned to go visit her father, then spend the night at a friend's home. Adkins stated she wasn't wearing a jacket when she left, although it was a cold day. She never arrived at her friend's home or her father's home and has never been heard from again. Hailey's mother, Billie Jean Dunn, reported her missing the next day. Bloodhounds traced her scent to the parking lot of the Western Suites hotel in the 2200 block of Vine Street off Interstate 20. An extensive search turned up no sign of her, however.

The friend with whom Hailey was supposed to stay the night said they didn't often visit each other's houses and Hailey had never spent the night at her home, and she didn't know Hailey was coming over that day. The last time the two girls communicated was the day before Hailey vanished; she sent her friend a text message at 2:18 p.m. Her friend didn't reply to it.

Authorities don't believe Hailey left of her own accord. She left all her belongings behind, including money, clothes and her iPod. She was an eighth-grader at Colorado City Middle School and an excellent student who was involved in cheerleading, track, basketball and volleyball and played first chair saxophone in the school band. She was popular at school, has no history of running away from home and wasn't showing any signs of being unhappy with her life.

Hailey's parents are divorced. She lived with her mother, her sixteen-year-old brother and Adkins at the time of her disappearance, and her father, Clint Dunn, lived nearby with his girlfriend and their baby daughter. Photos of Clint, Billie and Adkins are posted below this case summary. They were all involved with drugs: Clint was on probation for a marijuana conviction at the time of Hailey's disappearance, and Billie admitted that she withdrew $140 from her bank account on the day of Hailey's disappearance in order to buy narcotics for herself and Adkins. Adkins claimed Hailey also used drugs on a regular basis. Her cousin and one of her friends said she might have tried marijuana, but they denied that she was a regular drug user.

According to a police search warrant affadavit, Billie and Adkins were asked to take polygraphs after Hailey vanished. The first time Billie was scheduled to take a polygraph, she was under the influence of drugs and consequently unable to take the test. She failed the test on the second attempt. Adkins volunteered to take the polygraph three times: the first two times he changed his mind and refused to take the test, and the third time the initial results indicated deception and he refused to complete the test. Adkins reportedly gave inconsistent reports of his activities on the day of Hailey's disappearance. He claimed he had been fired from his job that morning, but his employer said this was untrue. He also said he spent the whole morning at his mother's home in Big Spring, Texas, but his cellular phone records contradict this. He was the last person known to have seen Hailey; no witnesses saw her walking in town after she left home. Hailey's older brother said he came home at 4:00 p.m. and pounded on the door for several minutes, but no one would let inside. He finally climbed in through the window and found Adkins standing in the hallway. Hailey's brother said Adkins had a "deer in the headlights" stare at the time. In a television interview, Adkins said most of the information contained in the affadavit was inaccurate.

Adkins and Billie broke up in January 2011 and Adkins moved in with his grandmother. Billie at first defended him in media interviews, but within two weeks after Hailey's disappearance, she said she thought Adkins might have been involved in her case. In mid-January, authorities named Adkins as a suspect in Hailey's case; he has been the only person thus designated.

In March 2011, Billie was arrested after lied to the police when they came to home with a warrant seeking a DNA sample from Adkins. Billie said he wasn't home, when in fact he was. Investigators searched the residence and found Adkins, as well as prescription drugs. Billie was charged with three misdemeanor counts: hindering apprehension, lying to police and possession of dangerous drugs. After her release from jail, she obtained a protective order against Adkins. Investigators stated they had found pornographic images on Adkins's cellular phone, his USB memory stick, and computers belonging to his mother and grandmother. (He himself did not own a computer.) Almost all the images were of adults, but at least one picture appeared to be child pornography. Adkins denied having possessed any child pornography and noted that other individuals had access to the electronic devices. He has not been charged in connection with the pornographic material. In June, Billie pleaded guilty to one charge of making a false report to authorities. The other charges were dropped as part of the plea agreement. She was sentenced to 90 days in jail, suspended, and one year of probation. She now lives in Austin, Texas, about 250 miles from Colorado City.

Adkins strongly denies having harmed Hailey, and neither he nor anyone else has faced any charges in her disappearance. Investigators have stated they believe Hailey is deceased. Her case remains unsolved.


I held off on doing this case for all this time because there was no viable window of time. Her mother's boyfriend gave various times and places where she was seen, but these are unreliable because he is considered a suspect in a case. Even if he didn't do it, men who become suspects often tell bogus stories to confuse the police. So I just could not rely on those windows of time. But I was messaged by the mother in this case, Billie Dunn, who says she last saw her daughter, for sure, at 11 pm that night and possibly again at 6 am in the morning (although at that time all she saw was a lump in the bed and could not be sure that it was Hailey). So I ran charts for these times and some stuff began to pop. I am convinced that these charts that I now have are accurate and viable. So I am going to stick my neck out again and do an analysis on this now cold case.

The chart for 11 pm, the time at which her mother recalls having seen her, shows the child in the home and the mother in contact with the child, just as she is reporting. This is clearly shown by Mercury ruling both the first and tenth houses, Mercury being in the fourth and the first house Moon being disposed of by Mercury. I think it's interesting that Hailey is a Virgo and ruled by Mercury as well. In this chart, Virgo was rising on the first house cusp and I have seen this before in forensic charts. The sign rising at the time of the event is the same as the Sun sign of the subject. Because of all these factors, there is no doubt that mom saw Hailey at 11 pm the night before. But when you run charts for midnight, you see right away how things change rapidly. Because of the charts I will show you in this analysis, I am pretty much convinced that Hailey was abducted.

Notice in the chart for midnight that Mercury has moved into the third house, showing us the child leaving or being removed from the home. You see Mercury crossing the nadir (which in my analysis is the front door of the home, while the third house is the parking area or car). At the same time, you can see the seventh house ruler, Neptune, is entering the fifth house. This is a person sneaking into the girls bedroom. There are other strange markers that pique the interest in this chart. Neptune is in mutual reception with Uranus in the seventh house, which is conjunct to Jupiter while Jupiter rules the nadir. This placement tells me that the person in the girls' bedroom was not a stranger and may very well have lived or stayed in the home currently or at some time in the past. Also in the midnight chart, Saturn rules the fifth house from the first. The fifth house ruler in the first is an indicator that the child lived in the home on a regular basis and was not a visitor. Saturn as ruler placed in the first shows a person present that is older and "authoritative". This seems to describe an older relative or someone who plays a parental role over the child. In the same chart, the node is at the nadir, conjoined Pluto, which rules the third. The abductor planned this out (the node) and brought a car or had access to a car (third house). Pluto indicates that the person knew this would cause a big disruption in the household, would bring a big change to the lives of the people there as Pluto is transformative and chaotic. But Pluto can also be violent so this must be watched for in the charts. The purpose may well have been to disrupt the household or to change it in some manner.

And just to note, in case someone was looking for this car, the charts are describing it as old, junky, in disrepair and probably a dark brown or black color (Pluto) with a matte finish. There is no shine to the paint and there is body damage. Saturn in Libra also describes black but may indicate a reddish interior and this would also be dirty and old. Mars is a secondary marker and also describes something red on the car, whether it is trim, a bumper sticker, a red ribbon on the radio antennae, for instance, or something on the interior. But there should be something bright red in or on the car.

Up until the midnight chart, the the tenth house ruler is the Moon, which is in the first house. This shows us the presence of the mother. The first house ruler, Mercury, shows us the minor child but because this is also the sign Virgo, which was Hailey's Sun sign, we know that this child is Hailey. Then, at midnight, the Moon falls behind the Ascendant, showing us the mother going to bed (or literally, to sleep). At that same time, the charts show us the sudden appearance of a man in the child's room. Jupiter and Uranus, ruling the fourth and sixth houses respectively, are right on the Descendant, opposing the Moon. This tells us that the mother went off to bed because she has to get up early for work. This person who enters Hailey's room seems to know this or at the very least to be aware of the family routines.

In this same chart, there are markers indicating troubles within the family. In particular, the relationship between adults. The cluster of planets in the fourth house are all disposed of by Saturn in Libra in the second house. This shows us serious financial problems and difficulties with household expenses. At the same time, Mom was having a few problems with Hailey. Moon and Mercury are square so Hailey was a bit rebellious, arguing with her mother more as of late. Hailey had an interest in boys and it shows in this chart, which makes me wonder if Hailey knew the man who entered her room. The reason I wonder about their relationship is because her marker, Mercury, is sextile to the seventh house ruler, Neptune, which tells me that there was no friction between her and the person who took her. On first look, I thought she had gone with this person willingly and may even have planned it in advance. But I cannot say this for sure considering the circumstances. So I am keeping an open mind.

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The man who took her is described by Neptune in Aquarius. I will get into a description of this placement later on but for now I want to explore the aspects. Neptune and Uranus are in mutual reception so the same person who was in her room was also the person she left the house with. There was only one person. In the midnight chart you still see Mercury moving out of the fourth into the third, which shows us the child leaving the house. There appears to be a car involved (noted above) because the third house ruler, Pluto, is conjunct the node, showing advance planning. The co ruler of the third house, Mars, is angular in the fourth house, showing the car to be located at the same residence as the child. This does not mean it was the "family car" but that it was there that night. It might mean it had been there before or belonged to someone who lived there but the aspect clearly only shows that the car was present there at the house on this night. The next aspect that Mercury makes in this chart is a square to Jupiter, which rules the fourth house. This aspect alone tells me clearly that there was little likelihood that Haley would ever return to that home. She would likely disappear forever. Still, this is an aspect often seen in the charts of runaways so, once again, I just cannot be sure she did not go willingly.

So someone snuck into her room around midight and she left with them, either willingly or by force. Moon in the twelfth tells us she was sneaked out of the house carefully and hidden, such as perhaps in the trunk of the car. Virgo describes compartments like the trunk. Because Saturn is in the first and also rules the fifth, I am again tempted to say she went along willingly. This because Saturn and Neptune are in a wide trine (as well as the sextile between Neptune and Mercury) which can mean they were on a friendly basis or at the least she was familiar with this person. This is the third indicator that she knew her abductor and this was not a stranger. Jupiter ruling the fourth and at the seventh house cusp makes me think this person had lived with her at one time or was someone very familiar to the household. This is the second indicator that this person had either lived with the child at one time or did at this time. This person was familiar enough to know the way around the house and the time and place when and where Hailey might be taken. This is very clearly outlined by Mercury, which rules the child, being disposed of by Jupiter, which rules the fourth, and positioned right on the seventh cusp. There is a family and home connection between this girl and her abductor. When I was told by her mother that she had seen a "lump" in the child's bed in the morning, I thought Hailey was taken much later. But now I think that the "lump" she saw was created to give the illusion that the child was in that bed when, in fact, she was not. This also indicates advance planning.

In the 1 am chart, the Moon in the twelfth is now ruling the tenth, showing us the hiding place (the twelfth house) where Hailey was taken, which may well also be the home (or hangout) of the abductor (the tenth is the fourth from the seventh). Moon ruling this house and placed in the twelfth says that Hailey was taken to this persons home or hangout and hidden while there, perhaps still in the car. Moon in Virgo disposed of by Mercury in Sagittarius describes this home as temporary, a stop along the way, such as a hotel or short term rental would be. This was not the place this person would stay long term. Reports have it that the dogs followed her scent to a particular hotel in the city and these charts support that. This man was actually staying at that hotel at that time or lived elsewhere but kept a room there. The charts do not appear to show this person living there for long and there is a possibility that this person lived elsewhere over a longer term. Was there a family member or close friend who now lived in another city? Would that person have stayed at this hotel? These are questions that should be asked to determine who it may or may not be who took Hailey.

The next concern is where they went when they left the hotel. Mercury in Sagittarius, which marks their direction, is pointing east with a southerly drift. Mercury is retrograde so this is a road that is hard to follow, has impediments such as ditches or detours and has a very low speed limit. There may be doubling back in certain areas, where you actually lose ground on the way or places where traffic is held up at lights for long periods. I am thinking there may be railroad tracks with many trains that pass by, stopping traffic (Sagittarius rules trains). It takes a long time to get anywhere on this road and, on the night in question, there may have been road construction going on or other impediments. Jupiter in Pisces disposes of Saturn so I am pretty sure this roadway travels along a waterway or has bridges that go over larger bodies of water. This would be deep water, not just a local stream, because Jupiter describes vast areas of surface water with large fish. Jupiter conjunct Uranus in the sixth house in Pisces makes me think that a bridge was out or that work was being done on a bridge. In this chart, Uranus rules the fifth house and it is conjoined to Jupiter, which rules the sixth house. This shows us the child in that car. The ninth house ruler, Mercury, is also in the third house, so we know that this car was one that the abductor drove on a regular basis and could be considered to belong to that person.

There are a lot of financial indicators in these charts. I see these kind of indicators in many charts, most of which involve a financial transaction of some sort. Such as selling your child for cash or abducting a person to use as a slave or those that are shuttled into sexual slavery or porn. There are financial motives behind many abductions or disappearances. Sometimes the victim runs off to "make money" on their own and ends up as a slave. The streets are full of runaways who are now hookers and porn "stars". I am not sure that this is what happened to Haley. I do not see sexual indicators, which I believe would be present. When a child or young woman is taken for sex slavery or for porn, there is immediate sexual contact or, at least, that is what charts have presented in the past. But these charts do not show activity in the eighth house (the traditional house for sex) or the fifth house (the house of romance and sexual contact). You usually see activity involving the eighth and fifth houses together with violent planets when children are raped or sexually assaulted. These are not present here. There is an angular ruler in the fifth house but it appears to be passive. Uranus rules the fourth and is placed in the fifth, where it is disposed of by Neptune, which is also in the fourth. This indicates, to me, a family secret involving the child. But there are no sex markers so that is not it. The eighth house ruler, which might be a sexual indicator if positioned correctly, is actually in the seventh house, showing again financial troubles or burdens and a strain on relationships. I have no idea what the family secret is and I won't be guessing.

The seventh house ruler, which shows us her abductor, is in the first. She is in the company of another person, no doubt. She did not just run off on her own. In fact, her markers are both Mars and Pluto in the 3 am chart, with both of these planets in the third. This shows her to be in the car (still). They are, indeed, disposed of by Saturn, which is in the twelfth house. This continues the implication that she is hidden and restrained somewhere in the vehicle. Saturn actually rules the third and it is disposed of by Venus, which rules the seventh. From this we can construe that she is in a vehicle belonging to her abductor. This may be the dingy car described in the earlier charts or it may be a different one. But I think the key element here is that the charts do now show Haley leaving that vehicle. This is not a good sign.

It is in this next chart that you see all the planets bunch up in the second house. This is called a stellium and it steers the energies of the entire chart. It is in this chart that the emphasis on financial matters, which has been brewing in the charts all along, accelerates. Notice that these planets include the first and tenth house markers (the Sun, Pluto and Mars). Even the seventh house marker, which is at the first house cusp, is, accordingly, disposed of by the first house markers in the second house. This shows the purpose of the entire event to be Haley (seventh house ruler disposed of by first house rulers) and that somehow this event is related to financial matters. The seventh house ruler is not in the second so this "other person" may or may not be concerned about the money. In fact, this person appears to be concerned about the girl. This person has a purpose for the child and it does appear to be financial or to have a financial motive. I know this seems to be contradictory but I now think that there is a third person, either already involved or about to be involved in this escapade. The disposition of all the second house planets by Saturn in the eleventh indicates the emergence of another person, someone older. As well, the Moon also positioned in the eleventh is an indicator that this was someone known to the family, to Hailey and may even have been considered a friend.

Now, we already know that whatever happened to Hailey is still unknown and is a secret, even from the immediate family. This is shown by the consistancy of Neptune in the fourth, in mutual reception with the fourth house ruler. This is a shout from the chart about this "secret" which is still unknown to the family. There is a financial purpose involved in this secret, as if the child was used to obtain money or put to work for money or something of this nature. But the purpose is not clear. The sixth house has no aspects or importance in this chart and it would if the child were sold or put to work as a slave. The fifth and eighth houses are devoid of angular planets or important aspects and they would be present if this child were put into work in the sex industry. This leaves me with a big question as to how someone will benefit from abducting Hailey. Although I see financial indicators I do not see any indicators about the purpose of this abduction. As I said before, the usual indicators are missing. This makes it really hard to extrapolate why this happened or even to guess at the reasons. Although the abduction and outcome are clear in the charts I am looking at, the motive is hard to decipher. Other than financial concerns, I see no other reason to do this to this child.

The chart for 6 am, which is the time when her mother looked into her room, shows us just how close her mother came to discovering her gone. Notice that the Moon in Virgo is right at the tenth house cusp, the tenth house ruler (also the dispositor of the Moon) is in the first at the first cusp, the first house ruler is at the cusp of the fourth- all of which show us the mother (tenth house cusp) coming into close contact with the child (first house) but Neptune rules the fourth house and is in the third, so her mother missed something. She was in a big hurry to get out of the house and get into the car and go (Mercury rising disposed of by Jupiter at the nadir).. Neptune, which can describe a near dream state, such as we are in when we first get out of bed and since it rules the reasons for her hurry, it blinded her. In fact, Neptune rules the fourth and is placed in the third and when you consider that the third house rules our vision (or what we see) and Neptune presents a fog or a cloud, then you can see how she was duped. She saw what was presented and did not look further (Neptune also keeps things buried). I don't want her mother to feel guilty about this because things happen for a reason and there was a lot of planning that went into this (the node conjoined Pluto) and she could not have done anything differently. The ruse was carefully staged and there was no reason to suspect that things were not what they seemed. Besides, Neptune was in the way.

The chart for 7 am shows Hailey either still in the car or back in the car. I am not sure if she ever got out. But here you can see the first house ruler clearly in the third house with the Moon in the ninth. This does look like a different car, however. This car appears to be a work vehicle. Mercury implies a small vehicle that moves quickly. Mercury also describes a light blue color, while Sagittarius describes green and the planets Uranus and Jupiter (in the third house) describe a green and/or red plaid. I am thinking that this was a blue work vehicle with a buff interior (Mercury and the Moon together) and maybe a green or red plaid seat cover. This is my best guess, but it is, by no means, written in stone. I cannot say if this is a truck or a car or a van, just that it is small in form and moves quickly. Notice that the Moon is disposed of by Mercury, now in the twelfth house. Again, this shows Haley hidden in the vehicle. Mercury disposed of by Jupiter in the third makes me think it's the trunk, because Jupiter describes large spaces where things are stored, such as closets. I think the trunk of a car is as close to a closet as you can get in a vehicle. Although it could be a camper cover on a small truck or the back area of a van. Notice that Jupiter is with Uranus in the third, both disposed of by Neptune. There is a good chance that Hailey was drugged or knocked out. She appears to be unconcious or asleep. She does not appear to be dead.

The highest angular planet in the chart is Saturn at the midheaven. Saturn rules the second house, once again throwing light on financial matters. Again, you will notice just how empty the eighth, fifth and seventh houses are. There just isn't any indicator of sex, assault, rape, murder, violence or, in fact, even physical contact of any kind. She is restrained, either drugged or asleep, in the storage area of a work vehicle. She appears to be with a different person than the person who took her originally or with that same person in a different vehicle. The chart for 8 am is the first chart to show some aspects that could be part of a emerging death pattern. Mars at the first house cusp with the eighth house ruler moving over the Ascendant and into the twelfth house while conjoined to Pluto. The node is still hovering over Pluto. But this is not enough for a death pattern in and of itself although these aspects can be the first indicators. These aspects may also show Hailey being assaulted in some manner, perhaps she woke up and they had to knock her out again or slap her around to get her to do something they want but the only thing I can say for sure is she is not dead. The Moon has been in opposition to both Jupiter and Uranus for several hours so she has put up resistance and perhaps fought back. This may be why she was drugged or knocked out. It does look like she might have been slapped or hit over the head. But the death pattern is not complete and it may not come to completion and there are no sexual indicators either even now. Although the node traveling with Pluto and Mars throughout this event, I would think that violence was a part of the plan. This makes these omens all that more important.

The charts for 8 am and 9 am show planets lining up in an ominous pattern. They begin to move into aspects in houses that have darker energies. In the chart for 9 am, the stellium of planets has moved into the twelfth house. This shows ongoing bondage or confinement. The Moon in Virgo has moved into the eighth house, which can show sexual activity or violence leading to death. And then in the chart for 10 am, you see that Mars remains in the twelfth, Neptune is in the first house, Mars is disposed of by Saturn in the eighth and the Moon remains in the eighth. Saturn rules the twelfth. This certainly looks like a partial death pattern but there are indicators that it is not. Hailey is still in bondage, no doubt, but there are indicators that she is not dead or dieing. For one, the first house ruler, Uranus, is in the second house. Once again, a financial indicator raises it's head, with her financial "value" (first house ruler in the second) being an issue. This is underscored by the first house ruler in mutual reception with the second house ruler, which is in the first. Neptune is in play again, showing deceit and underhandedness as well as secrets being kept. There are a few other new indicators that point my analysis in a familiar direction. The new seventh house ruler, the Sun, is now positioned in the eleventh house with Pluto and the node. This is a common indicator of deviant behavior and sexual assault, especially with other supporting aspects. In addition, all of these planets are disposed of by Saturn, which is in the eighth house (the house of sex and death). This pattern of aspects has a lot to do with the motive for the abduction. The seventh house ruler is in the sixth house, disposed of by and in conjunction with Jupiter, which rules the fifth house. Mercury rules both the fifth and eighth houses and is positioned in the tenth. This IS the sex industry afterall. Whoever this person is who now has possession of Hailey, is in the business of making money from sex.

The difference in this chart from many others I have seen is that Hailey has not been assaulted by her first abductor and is still untouched, even as the money is exchanged. This indicates that, indeed, as the charts have indicated, she was taken by a friend or family member and may well have gone willingly at first. This would explain why she hasn't been molested or harmed beyond being knocked out or drugged if, indeed, she was. If her abductor was the sex merchant, she would have been "broken in" by now. But she has been basically unharmed. Still, money IS exchanged and she is turned over to a second man, who is taking her to a new location in a blue work truck or van. This man, by the way, is described by Sun in Capricorn and I will try to give the tradtional descriptors for this person to help those who are looking to get an idea. And again, he was driving a work vehicle in the color of blue with a green and/ or red plaid seat cover. This would be a smaller vehicle that moves quickly and is not a big truck or SUV. This is the man who gave money for the priviledge of taking possession of this girl. The charts indicate that once she was in his vehicle, they traveled dead east. I discover this by combining the houses and signs. Scorpio is north by east, the eleventh house is southeast by south and the sign Capricorn is south. So the north and south indicators cross each other out and you are left with EAST.

I think the main concern is to find Hailey. The charts are clearly showing that she is still alive. She has been taken, exchanged for money, and put to work in the sex industry. She was delivered unharmed and alive and taken away by a man after money was exchanged. The first man who took her, the man she knew well enough to go willingly, was described by Neptune in Aquarius. This person is fairly attractive, with "good looking" features. His profile is well balanced and even, with light eyes and possibly light brown to dark blonde hair. His eyes may be hazel and change from green to blue or green to light brown. He would be of average height and build but he would be in fairly good shape and not be fat or sloppy. This man may have dimples (in the cheeks or in the chin) and a pleasant voice. He has an even temperment, as well, and it not known for being violent or destructive. On the negative side, this man would be a dreamer, always planning the future based on intentions rather than reality. He would want the best for everybody and not have a mean bone in his body but he would also be lazy and rebellious. He wants his family to have everything but he is not willing to work hard enough to make that happen. He tends to put his faith in flighty plans, to gamble and to take risks. He can hold a regular job for a while and perhaps even long enough to create a stable life but he is always dreaming of something else. Aquarius is a fixed sign so he is capable of committment but Neptune is so dreamy and hazy he just has trouble finding his feet. Often drugs or alcohol get in the way. He likes to escape reality. He may have had financial problems that he kept secret from others and made a deal using the girl. And the man who bought her is a different kind altogether. He is not that attractive, very earthy and even boring in appearance. He can seem clunky and dry. This man is shorter in stature, perhaps a little heavier, with dark hair and eyes. He may have an animalistic quality. But he is very hard working, addicted to material things, desirous of being wealthy and powerful. He enjoys power and exercising power. He can be cruel. He can do anything, actually, for material gain, with little guilt. All is fair. He has an angular form and will look bony and jagged even when he is not thin. He may have a high forehead and a long nose. He has an intent stare that feels peircing. His eyes are probably brown but could be blue (because Saturn is in Libra and Venus is in Scorpio).

The most outstanding characteristics of this man are his grit, his allegiance to material things and a desire to make money at all costs. Pluto is conjoined the Sun in Capricorn, so he is willing to stoop to violence to achieve his ends and enjoys exercising power, especially if it will create change. The node is also conjoined to the Sun, which tells us that this was the planned end result of the abduction. Haley was to go to this man. This was the plan all along. Using the position of the Sun as the first house cusp, you can see that Mercury is in the second house. This indicates his focus is on the money he will make as the result of this transaction. To this man, Hailey is a number.

The final note I would like to add is that the chart for 11 am dovetails with the earlier charts and tells us something about where this man lives. In the earlier chart, when Hailey was first taken, the charts showed them moving along a road that was under construction and somewhere near a large body of water with a bridge. In the chart for 11 am, when we know that Hailey is with this man, we see that the home is in this same area. Tenth house ruler (the tenth is the fourth from the seventh) is Jupiter in Pisces in the first (Hailey is present at this location). Jupiter in Pisces, once again, refers to large bodies of water with large fish. Conjoined Uranus and disposed of by Neptune in Aquarius, this indicates an area under construction at the time. Neptune in Aquarius right at the Ascendant then shows us the bridge. It is not far from where Haileys family lives as the fourth house ruler, Mercury, is in the tenth. So her own home is not far from here and there is something similar between the two homes, something about them that is shared, either in the way they look, the color they are painted or the landscaping.

And I DO realize that Hailey's remains were found and that they know she is dead. But she WAS NOT killed on the night she was taken, she was sold to another man, who likely was the one who killed her. But all I can give in these charts is the reading of the actual event and cannot tell you what happened in the weeks that followed. My heart goes out to the family of Hailey Dunn but I cannot tell you what happened after the original event, which is what this reading is for. This is what the charts say happened to her on the night she disappeared. And that's all.

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