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Barbara Clemens Tedrick

\Woman Shot Down in Parking Lot


Case # 1997-0809-1724-00

Victim – Barbara Clemens Tedrick

Age – 59 year old W/F, DOB 12/01/37

Location – 839 Scaleybark Rd., Charlotte, NC 28209 (Overlook Apartments).

Date of homicide – August 9, 1997


On Saturday August 9, 1997 at about 5:20PM, the victim who had just returned from the grocery store and was carrying groceries towards her home was confronted by an unknown assailant and shot. A witness observed a M/B/5’9 - 5’10” run away from the area. The victim was pronounced at the scene.


This case is one of those cases that don't really get investigated, go cold quickly and get no public attention. Just an older white woman carrying some groceries home to her apartment in North Carolina. She gets shot by a total stranger for no reason at all and is left dying in the parking lot. They list the case on the pd website and then it just sort of fades away. There are so many of these, it's mind boggling. It's not high profile, it's not on TV and it won't get me many new viewers but I am going to do it in the hopes that someone might light a fire under it and get some justice for her family. The estimated time of death was 5:20 PM, as noted in the blurb I found online. So I ran a chart for 5:20 pm. And then I saw that the angular rulers were in the process of changing so I ran charts for 5:10, 5:20 and 5:30 pm.

This chart for 5:30 clearly shows the attack. First house is ruled by Capricorn with Saturn right at the nadir. Saturn is just inside the third house, showing her in the vicinity of her car and possibly in a parking area. It is also right at the cusp of the fourth house, which shows her front door. She was between her car and her front door, just as reported. Notice the seventh house ruler, the Moon in Libra in the tenth house. Mars, the fourth house ruler, is right there with the Moon, showing this person to be at Barbara's home (Mars). The tenth house also tells us that Barbara's home is where many other people live as well (it was an apartment building) and that she was outside in an open area, possibly near a highway (Moon and Mars disposed of by Venus in the ninth). It is very likely that the man who shot her lived in the same apartments. The tenth house ruler is Venus in Libra in the ninth, which describes the area to be landscaped and painted feminine colors and that many women lived in the same apartments. Venus is disposed of by Mercury in the eighth so the area was also a high crime area and was not always safe. Typical crimes were common thievery, break ins, hold ups and purse snatching (Mercury).

Neptune and Uranus in the first house also tell us something. Neptune in the first while ruling the third, says that because Barbara was in a parking lot, surrounded by cars, she could not see her assailant in advance (Neptune casts shadows). Uranus (also in the first house) describes the element of surprise. Uranus also rules the second house, so robbery may have been a motive. The Moon in Libra describes this assailant and since it is so close to Mars, this may be showing us the gun or, at the least, that this person was armed. Libra is an air sign so it describes things that fly through the air and air signs, in general, can describe sharp or fast moving weapons, among other things. Also, the Moon and Mars are both disposed of by Venus in Virgo in the ninth house with Venus conjoined the node. This could very well have been a botched car jacking. The ninth house, in general describes the parking area and Mercury on the cusp describes vehicles. Notice that Mercury is in the eighth at the time of death, so perhaps the car was the reason she was killed. It's possible.

I also note that the first house ruler, Saturn, is also the traditional marker for dead bodies or "bags of bones". This planet is right at the nadir, which is, to me, the front door of the victim's home. She was actually found dead only a few feet from her front door. Saturn is disposed of by Mars, which is in the tenth house, showing what I believe to be an attack in an open area such as a sidewalk or commons. You can see the actual apartments she lived in HERE. Although this happened many years ago and the apartments have changed names and been refurbished a bit, the architecture and landscaping is the same and the distance from the parking lot is also the same. It does not look like a high crime area but I have heard that there are break-ins there on occasion. I think her murder was unusual. There was no sign that she knew this person, the witnesses did not see anything shared between them, not even a glance, and the charts show clearly that she did not see him approach. The charts are really poor at revealing motives but I can tell what kind of person did this and maybe give some clues that would help find him.

The Moon in Libra rules the seventh house and is disposed of by Venus in Virgo in the ninth house. The ninth house shows the parking lot or area just outside of the homes. It always the outdoors but most often describes parking lots and sheds or storage buildings attached to the main domicile. In this case, I would guess it's describing the parking area. Notice how the node is right there with Venus. This actually looks like the shooter planned on shooting someone in that parking lot on that day. I am not sure if he meant it to be this woman or just anyone but the planning is there. Perhaps the plan was to steal a car and he failed in doing that after all. Keep that in mind while I analyze the rest of the aspects. The Moon in Libra is conjoined Mars so this shows this person in possession of a weapon. Mars most often describes guns. The tenth house is an open area in the outdoors, which is where the parking lot is of course. This chart shows this person in the parking lot with a gun, planning to shoot someone. The first house ruler is Saturn in Aries, showing her to be the target. This configuration raises the question of whether or not this woman was targeted and not just shot at random. The Moon is also square to Neptune, rising in the first house. And again Neptune is disposed of by Saturn in Aries, which describes our victim. Did she do something to piss this person off and he came after her? Perhaps this was not a random killing after all . Why do I say this? Well, the Moon, which describes our assailant, makes a close aspect to Neptune right before the shooting. Neptune makes a close square to Saturn, which is the marker for our victim. Neptune shows him hiding from her view; the node conjoined the dispositor shows planning in advance and the marker for our victim, Saturn in Aries, is disposed of by Mars, which is closely aligned with the marker for the killer and describes the weapon. I know this seems convoluted and complicated but sometimes the charts run around in different directions, showing us different details that come into play. It is possible this shooting was a random attempt to carjack this lady or perhaps it was a targeted killing. At this point, both possibilities exist. I think we can get a better idea of the motive (which charts are poor at revealing) by examining the seventh house ruler very closely.

The Moon in Libra describes our shooter. This is a position that puts someone into the mix with other people and there may have been a relationship dispute involving this man and this woman. The Moon is directly opposed to Saturn, showing disagreement or conflict. The tenth house ruler, Venus, in the ninth tells us that this man lived in a nearby area but one that might be said to be "over the railroad tracks". Near but not the same. Although the Moon shows us he has been in this area before, the indicators do not have him living there. I am thinking, at this point, that he knew this woman after all. There was nothing stolen, not her purse, not the groceries, no attempt to snatch her car. He just ran up and shot her and then ran off. This has all the markings of a planned murder, most especially the node. Not only is it conjoined to the tenth house ruler, Venus, but Venus disposes of the Moon, which describes our shooter. So he had planned to be in that parking lot, no question about it. With the Moon in Libra also square to Neptune in the first, he planned on sneaking up there and pulling this off by hiding himself well enough. This he obviously did because no one can given a better description of the man and he has, so far, gotten away with this. At this point, I have to ask if anyone has checked the friends list of her younger relatives. There is a possibility that this man was involved in a relationship with one of her female relatives (daughter, step daughter, daughter in law, niece, etc..) that she did not approve of. Many people disapprove of mixed marriages and perhaps Barbara had been vocal about this female relative being involved with a black man? Could this have been his motive for shooting her? If no one has looked closely at her younger female relatives and determined if there was a black man in the mix, then this could be the man who shot her. I am just saying that, in light of the reported facts (nothing stolen), the markers in this chart (Moon in Libra, Node so close to Venus, etc...) it looks to me like this woman was targeted and was known by the man who killed her. This was not, according to the charts, a random act of violence.

Another thing I feel compelled to point out is that this chart does not give a death pattern. Not every forensic chart shows one and sometimes you see other markers for murder or death. The standout marker in this chart is the opposition from the first house ruler, Saturn, to the seventh house ruler, the Moon and the Moon conjoined to Mars, showing an attack of some sort. The eighth house ruler is in the eighth, another marker for death. And Mars also ruling the fourth shows an attack at the victim's home. Other than these aspects, however, this chart does not give a clear death pattern. So keep in mind as you work with these charts that events can be described in many different ways and you have to use your intuition at times to determine exactly what they are saying.

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