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Laurel Rogers

Florida Woman Disappears Without Medication

FROM Orlando Sentinel News :

February 4, 2010 | By Alan Schmadtke, Orlando Sentinel

Port Orange authorities are looking for 28-year-old Laurel Lea Rogers, missing since Feb. 1. Rogers, 28, was last seen leaving her residence on Horizon View Boulevard about 8 p.m. on Feb. 1, police said. Police said she does not have a working vehicle.

Rogers suffers from Lupus and does not have her medications, her mother, Lauretta Rogers, told police. The GPS on Rogers' cell phone shows the phone is in New Port Richey.

Rogers is described as standing 5-feet, 7-inches tall and weighing about 150 pounds. She has blue eyes and sandy blonde hair that falls to the middle of her back. Police said she had no distinguishing scars or tattoos but that because of her Lupus, she has "substantial" bruising on her arms and legs, police said.

She was last seek wearing blue jeans, a black shirt and sneakers. She often wears rings on every finger and a necklace with two rings as charms, police said.

FROM Palm Beach Post :

Police searching for a missing Port Orange woman started interviewing area doctors Friday. They think a doctor may hold the key to Laurel Rogers' disappearance since she's been known to use prescription pills.

The family has been plastering the area with posters, but police are not getting a lot of clues, except that Rogers and some of her friends took prescription pills. So police, as they try to find her, are now looking into where those medications came from.

Doctors interviewed in search for missing Port Orange woman

Rogers is no stranger to doctors. Diagnosed with lupus at 16, she's been on medication for 12 years and her mother, Lauretta Rogers, says she knew, at times, Rogers was overmedicated. "I do blame the doctors for her problems. I do," Lauretta said.

Police confirmed they're now interviewing several doctors in connection with Rogers' disappearance, though not saying specifically which ones.

"At this point, I don't know all of her doctors anymore, but you see it on the news every day. Doctors are overprescribing every medication they can get their hands on," Lauretta said.

Police have learned some of Rogers' friends also took pills and those friends, Rogers' family said, are not providing a lot of answers.

"We've checked absolutely everyone, called absolutely everyone, everyone knows, and nobody knows any answers," friend Angela Eells said.

And yet, with Rogers' car still in her driveway, her family feels it must have been a friend who took her somewhere. Her bank accounts have not been touched.

Her cell phone, tracked by police to the other side of the state, has been turned off. She left all of her medications for Lupus at home, a sign, her family says, she intended to come home, and Rogers' family says she was not a person who made enemies.

"There's nothing in her nature to be argumentative or violent. There's nothing like that in her," Eells said.

Police said their main focus on interviewing doctors is getting information that leads to Rogers, not a drug investigation. There's a $5,000 reward for information that helps find her


This young woman has been missing for 4 years and they haven't figured out what happened to her yet. She's from an area not far from where I live so I've heard a lot about it. She is quickly joining a long list of missing women including Michelle Parker, Traci Ocasio, Jennifer Kesse, among others. It almost seems like they have more cold cases than solved homicides around here. I thought I'd take a look at this case and see what the charts might offer. This first chart is for the time she was last seen, 8 pm on Feb 1, 2010.

This chart tells that Laurel was off to do something she wanted to do, had planned to do, in fact. The Moon in the first shows her under her own power, not kidnapped, forced or coerced at this point. The first house ruler is in the fifth house with the node, telling me she had planned to do this in advance. The fifth house describes parties. But with the seventh house ruler, Neptune, in the sixth showing some other person at work, I am thinking this is a bar or restaurant rather than a private party. There are too many people "working" to say this was not a place of employment. The fourth house ruler, Jupiter, is in the sixth as well but it is in a different sign than the other planets. This shows me someone perhaps from Laurel's family, close relation or distant cousin or even someone close to a sibling such as a boyfriend or fiance of a sister or some such. So there are two employees in the picture here, one somehow related to Laurel through family or relation and another person. The second person is the one she is about to get tangled up with. This person is marked by Neptune in Aquarius. Because of Neptune's placement and the secondary placement of Jupiter in Pisces, I am going to guess this was a seafood restaurant, a fish house or a bar that serves oysters and fish snacks. Uranus in Pisces is in the seventh house, which makes it angular, and since it rules the sixth I am pretty sure that this is a seafood joint. Uranus and Neptune are in mutual reception so Laurel's visit to this place has everything to do with whatever came next.

The Moon in Virgo is rising in the first house, disposed of by Mercury in the fifth. Mercury is closely aligned with the node, as I have already noted. Saturn rules the fifth house and is rising in the first, behind the Moon. This is significant. Laurel could not have been kept from going to this place. She was determined to be there. Why is the next question and I just can't answer that; I can guess that maybe it was a band that was playing there or a special dish she really enjoyed or a cook she had a crush on or whatever. But Laurel had planned to be there, had probably gone there many times before and was going to be there, come hell or high water. Pluto has just entered the fourth house and it deserves watching but, right now, it has no meaning here. She is fine, there is no looming danger, she is happy where she is. Let's go forward and see if things change over time.

There are a few changes in this next chart but the consistencies are even more obvious. Moon still in the first house with the first house ruler in the fourth shows her in the same place, happy to be there, with the fourth house ruler, Jupiter in Pisces in the sixth house, probably a restaurant or a bar. This person that she is there to meet is a fascinating figure, with Neptune ruling the seventh from the sixth, Uranus at the seventh cusp and also in mutual reception with Neptune, the ruler. This all spells someone who is a bit bohemian, different in appearance, artistic, creative, even mesmerizing at times. This is a person who is either a real throwback of sorts, retro in look, behavior and clothing like a fine collectible or someone really modern, advanced, into technology, possibly space age stuff as well. Uranus and Neptune together describe an excellent memory, a fast and clever wit, a storehouse of information, a love for the past and memorabilia but a mind that loves to entertain the possibilities of the yet to be seen future. This person probably follows the space program and likes to talk about his memories of the shuttle or missile programs of the past. There is a strong pull towards him for Lauren and he is the reason she has gone to this establishment. From the collective influence of all the aspects, I would guess that he and Lauren were close in age and shared a lot of the same memories.

This chart also has a few changes worth noting. The Moon has slipped into the twelfth with Saturn. In a chart with no other indicators of death or confinement, the twelfth house tends to show us things that are hidden or not easily seen. Since the first house ruler, Venus, is still in the fifth we know that Laurel is still in the bar or restaurant and since the seventh house ruler, Mars, is now in the eleventh, there may be a romantic contact with this other person. In fact, the twelfth house planets may be showing us Laurel moving to a more private or hidden area of the establishment in order to make romantic contact with this man. I am only assuming this is a man for expediency; I have heard nothing about her sexual preferences. But there is nothing astrological that describes the actual sex of this other person. It could be a woman. But for expediency I am going to refer to this person as a man. Mars in Leo in the eleventh might be saying that this man was an ex boyfriend, or a lover from her past. The eleventh house tends to show us divorces, break ups, love affairs that turn into friendships, but combined with the fifth house influence, this could easily be a reprise. Mars in Leo is disposed of by the Sun in the fifth right up and cozy with the first house ruler, Venus. There is no doubt that she came together with this man on some level, possibly intimate or physical. The fifth house ruler, Uranus, in the sixth house in Pisces is not an important placement here but it does seem to hint that the establishment was a bit unusual and may be permissive in a manner considered sleazy by many. Since the Moon rules the tenth from the twelfth it would be my guess that there were places in the establishment where people met for more than just a drink. I cannot say for sure at this point that this wasn't a strip bar or some other sex oriented business. Regardless, so far the charts have shown us that Laurel is not in danger and she is under her own power.

I have to note that the first house ruler, Venus, is under the Sun's beams which is a traditional horary marker for danger. It could be assumed that she has been in danger most of the evening and probably because of where she was and who she was with. The chart for 11 pm, as shown, makes me wonder if she hadn't worked in this place in the past, was looking for work there at this time or was currently working there part time. The reason I ask this is because the dispositor of the first house ruler is Uranus, which is in the sixth house. Was she doing something rather unusual for money? Uranus often indicates part time or occasional work, often of a sporadic and unusual nature. I don't want to give examples because that tends to lead others to think I mean that they are actually doing certain things. I am not sure in this case what she was doing except that she had a romantic attraction to a man who worked in this bar or restaurant. Is there a possibility that Lauren was stripping a few hours a week for money or possibly waiting on tables in a place like this to make up for girls who called in sick or could not work for any reason? As I said earlier this could easily be a strip bar but is, at the least, a bar or restaurant of a slightly sleazy nature with an unusual atmosphere. I do not see her leaving this place until 12:30 am, as shown in the next chart.

This chart has the first house ruler, Mars, moving out of the tenth into the ninth. The shows us the subject leaving the public place (tenth house) for the parking lot (the ninth house). Mars is disposed of by the tenth house ruler, the Sun, which is on the cusp of the fourth moving into the third. So this person as described by the Sun is getting his or her car and Laurel is planning on riding with them. Notice also that the Sun is closely aligned with the seventh house ruler, Venus. This appears to show us two people heading out to the car. Moon in Virgo, the chart co ruler, is disposed of by Mercury, the natural ruler of vehicles and travel in the third house, the natural placement for Mercury and also a ruler of vehicles and travel. So there is no doubt that Laurel is expecting a ride from these people. So the jist of this chart is the story of how she left the car, when and with whom. If she gets a ride from these two people, how is it that she does not return home? The next few charts should tell us.

In this chart you see the first house ruler enter the ninth house. This is Laurel getting into this person's car. The ninth is the third from the seventh so it shows us the abductors vehicle. To underscore it, the Mars is disposed of by the Sun in the third house, which is the house of travel. So here we see the victim getting into her kidnappers car. We know that Laurel did not have her own vehicle so the charts are plausible. Sun in Aquarius describes a light blue, azure blue or sky blue car. The sun gives us something shiny so there was probably a lot of chrome. Something yellow in the windows or on the body, such as a bright yellow sticker or a yellow sun shade. Maybe some gold chrome or gold trinkets hanging from the mirror. The Sun is conjoined Venus and Venus rules the seventh house so there may have been another woman getting into or already in the vehicle and because of this, Laurel was not afraid. She trusted this ride because there was another woman going along.

When you do charts for a few hours at a time and see the first house ruler in the same place, you have to ask what she is doing. Mars continuing in the ninth with no death pattern shows us the girl still in that car and alive. So where is she? Are they still on the road? Maybe she's leaving town. But when you see that Mars is in Leo, a fixed sign, you realize that the car has gone somewhere and stopped. And when you analyze the sign Leo you realize they have driven into the woods, a wooded area like a park or just a patch of woods near the road with an area to park a car. Leo always describes areas with wild animals, tall trees and firepits or grills. This feels like a park backed up to woods where there are bears and deer. I hate to admit it but this describes about every thoroughfare in the state of Florida. So they have driven along an interstate or other highway near Port Orange and parked in nearby woods. Mars is disposed of by the Sun so Laurel is in the car because of a man, perhaps the same man she was interested in at the bar. He may be the only reason she has come to this point, in a car in the woods. But I am not really sure how long they stayed in the woods. I do know they spent hours in that car. I just cannot figure out why. The best guess is that they traveled quite some distance away from Port Orange. At some time between 2 am and 3 am, as you will see in the next chart, the first house ruler becomes Jupiter. Jupiter is at that time and from then on in the third house, the house of travel. So although Mars in Leo shows a stop in a wooded area, I believe Jupiter in the third has them on the road again. And they stay on the road until the chart for 6 am shows a drastic change. Now, this is 4 hours celestial time which can be quite some time on Earth. If I were to guess their direction of travel I would say that Jupiter is traditional north by west or north west and the third house shows directional north by east or north east. The two negate each other and give us directional north. The third house is cadent and is therefor slow in motion so they did not travel quickly. When you consider traffic when you move north on the western side of the state that is likely and I am thinking the time gives us northwest Florida or around the Pensacola area. Sadly, Penscola is a spring break type area with lots of young people and a reputation for sex slavery and abduction of young women. I'm pretty sure that is the direction being given in the charts.

But is Laurel still alive or is she dead? When and how did she die if she has passed? Perhaps the charts can nail it down.

Running the charts forward, progressing them hour by hour, I finally come to a death pattern. It is in the chart for 6 am, as shown above. This does not mean that she died at 6 am exactly but that by 6 am she was either dieing, dead or about to be killed. We only know from this chart that she did die at some point in this event and that she was likely dead in the early morning hours.

What first appears for me is the first house ruler, together with the Moon, in the eighth house of death. This is a opening salvo for the pattern and is a strong omen. Mars in the seventh shows violence on the part of a person she is with. This is physical violence mostly but can also be a gun. Mars is disposed of by a first house planet so this violence is aimed at our subject. Other indicators include the tenth house ruler, Pluto, a common marker for violence and chaos, is in the twelfth house of endings; the planet disposing of the Moon in the eighth is also in the twelfth house near to Pluto; and the node, which describes planned events as well as destiny, is in the twelfth house too. All of these twelfth house planets are disposed of by Saturn in the eighth house of death and Saturn usually describes the bones or, more generally, the dead body. All of these placements together point to death. It is most likely that she was attacked by this other person, probably with a weapon, and killed. Since the sign Leo points to fire and heat, I am going to assume this was a gun and not a bat or brick. There is nothing here that describes earthen or building materials or things that fly through the air such as arrows or knives. It just looks like a bullet to me, especially since the marker for the weapon is disposed of by a planet in the air sign Aquarius.

There are a few things you also have to consider. The seventh house ruler is the Moon, which is also a co marker for our victim and it is in the eighth with Saturn. This shows the actual killer staying with her body, moving her body and doing something with her after death. Not all killers do this; most of them just dump the body somewhere nearby and familiar. But this one is thinking about it. This shows some degree of remorse so there is no doubt in my mind that this person knew her and targeted her. I am not sure he intended to kill her and after he did he was probably sorry.

So assuming that Laurel died in the early morning hours of the day she disappeared we have to then ask where did her body end up? Was it dumped somewhere or buried? Is in laying out in the open or hidden in a trunk? There are so many possibilities but the charts will narrow it down. So I start with this same chart, with the death pattern, and analyze what Saturn is telling me. Saturn in Libra in the eighth house points to her body being left somewhere off the ground. In many areas this can mean mountains, hillsides, dunes or towering trees. Some of this may apply in Florida but it is unlikely she was left on a mountainside since there aren't any. So we have to get a little more creative in our assessment. Libra also rules sawmills, outhouses, upstairs bedrooms, storage units with clothing, closets, windmills, radio stations towers, ranger stations, lifeguard towers, etc... Among these we have to determine what works in the northwest Florida area since this is where the charts are telling us she was taken.

There are several sawmills in the northeast region as well as lumber companies. If any of these are up for sale, have been left unattended or have been abandoned or empty for awhile, then she might be on that property. There are also ranger stations in some of the heavily wooded areas throughout that region. There is also a large acreage dedicated to farming, with cows everywhere, and most of these farms have outhouses, many of which are no longer used. It is unlikely they left her in a lifeguard tower because it is too open and easily seen and people have been there since no doubt. Radio station towers are impossible and so are windmills as these usually don't have hidden areas or even platforms on which a body could be hidden. So these are ruled out. But there are lots of sandy beach areas inland and along the coast with dunes where she could be buried. So she may be buried in a dune or a sandy beach or she may have been left in an empty sawmill or outhouse.

This chart continues the death pattern and the after death ritual of the killer. At this point, he is represented by the Sun in Aquarius in the first house. This tells me he took her somewhere familiar to him and possibly also familiar to her and a place that maybe she had visited before. This has the feeling of a tribute of sorts, which dovetails with the remorse he appears to have. Saturn is in Libra disposed of by Venus in Aquarius, both air signs. The other markers for her burial place involve earth signs. The sign Capricorn on the twelfth house also with a Virgo Moon and Mercury in the twelfth in Capricorn. These all point to burial. Burial in a sandy, heavily wooded abandoned area where few people go any longer if they ever did. Way off the beaten path. Near sand dunes or an area of hillside above sea level with rocky sand and trees. Lots of stones in the area, making it hard to navigate and very little ground vegetation. Most of the trees are nearly ancient, gnarly and untrimmed, wild and unruly. Saturn rules Cypress and Cypress is plentiful in Florida (some harvested in the Everglades) and the northeast region has several sawmills and lumbermills that specialize in Cypress. The sawmill may be out of operation and in disarray, falling apart and old or it may be in operation and run roughly, with little upkeep. She is likely buried in a sandy, rocky, wooded area not far from an aging or abandoned sawmill that uses Cypress. If there is a pine tree stand in the area, then even better. It is a good bet, considering all these aspects, that she is buried in that area after being shot and killed. Northwest Florida on the gulf side near the beach but not on the beach, in a sandy gritty area with old, battered trees. She is in a dune or a sandy area above sea level where the sand is always shifting and moving in the air. There is little vegetation and no water in the immediate area. There are lots of rocks and stones and the area is rarely navigated. Look for tall, ragged trees that are wild and unruly and a run down sawmill, in or out of operation, with lumber made of Cypress. That's the best I can get from these charts but it's a good start if someone wants to recover her.

I want to take a shot at describing the person who did this to Laurel. From the charts we can see that he is described by Venus in Aquarius. This is the person who owns the car she rode in and the person she left the bar with. Venus in Aquarius traditionally describes someone very attractive and, in fact, is often described as beautiful or handsome. I would guess he is caucasian (white) and has blue or light colored eyes. His skin would be fair. I do not like to use traditiional descriptors a lot because they are stereotypical and often times racist or sexist. Using my more modern insights I would say that this person was "under the gun" in some fashion, being threatened or otherwise harrassed. I see that his marker, Venus, is under the Sun's beams and this can indicate danger. Venus is disposed of by Uranus in Pisces in the fifth, describing someone who is unusual and possibly eccentric, as well as someone who likes to party. This person enjoys fun, liking drink, drugs, sex or gambling maybe a little too much. Uranus and Neptune are in mutual reception so this person stands out, is unusual in some manner of appearance or personality. The dress may be artistic or cutting edge; the hair is probably kept in the most current style. Uranus in Pisces describes an eccentric sense of humor and strange or peculiar hobbies and pasttimes. This person has a dark side and can be melodramatic when depressed. He would be thin but not bony, having some fat on his bones. Venus is inconjunct to the Moon so Laurel has an inaccurate image of this man, perhaps not knowing something important about him and thereby making poor choices when it comes to him. For instance, he may be gay without her knowing and she is romantically interested. Not this in fact but something like this. Mars disposed of by the Sun with the Sun hovering over Venus would indicate that another man introduced Laurel to this man. The first man would be older than Laurel and someone she admires or fears to some extent, someone she views as powerful and impressive. The fact that this man introduced Laurel to this other man made the other man seem better than he actually is in reality. And, in reality, the second man (the one who abducted Laurel) is frightened by and perhaps even in danger from the first man, who is also has a tendency to misuse his power.

Pluto as co ruler of the first in the second house makes me think that money had a lot to do with Laurel's complicity. She got involved with these men because they promised to pay her for something or had, in the past, employed her. She was impressed with their financial situations and beleived both men to be wealthier than they are in reality. For a reason I cannot fathom from these charts, she went along for this ride to nowhere and ended up dead. I can only hope they find the "friend" who did this because he is likely to do it again and, in fact, may already have.

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