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Christina Morris

Young Lady Disappears From Parking Garage

From Christina Morris Facebook Page: "MISSING: This is my daughter, Christina Morris. Christina is 23 years old. She is 5' 4" tall, about 95 lbs. she has brown hair w/ blonde highlights. She was last seen Saturday, August 30 at about 3:00 am leaving a friend's apartment at The Shops of Legacy in Plano. Her car was found in the parking garage there last night. No one has heard from her since that time. We have notified the authorities, and filed a missing persons report."

NOTE: They put phone numbers in the post on FB but I am not sharing them here. I don't want people harassed and that could happen. So if you know anything, send me your email and I will forward it to them. That way, you can even remain anonymous. My email for this is

From HLN TV: The suspect accused of kidnapping 23-year-old Christina Morris was a sexually frustrated man who lied to investigators multiple times, according to police.

A felony probable cause affidavit recently filed by a Plano police detective details the evidence that authorities say points to a man who allegedly kidnapped the young woman from an upscale shopping center in Plano, Texas four months ago.

Enrique Gutierrez Arochi, 24, was seen on surveillance video walking with Christina Morris in a parking garage at The Shops at Legacy in the early hours of August 30, 2014. A few moments later, a car belonging to Arochi is seen leaving the lot; Morris’ car remained behind, according to investigators.

After denying involvement in Morris’ disappearance during multiple interviews with police and the local media, Arochi was arrested earlier this month and charged with aggravated kidnapping.

Plano police say Arochi lied to investigators by saying that he parked in a different lot than Morris, that he didn’t talk to Morris as they walked together, and that Morris was never in his car. Morris actually was parked in the same lot as Arochi, they spoke, and she even used his phone to contact her boyfriend moments before she went missing, according to the affidavit.

Police believe that Morris was in the trunk of Arochi’s car when he left the garage due to a DNA match. According to the expert used by the police to test DNA evidence, based on the amount of DNA present on a swab taken from the interior of Arochi’s trunk, “he does not believe the DNA source to have merely been touch DNA, but more likely that the DNA source was a bodily fluid such as blood or saliva.”

Based on cell phone data and the DNA found in Arochi’s car, police believe Arochi left the Shops at Legacy area and returned to his home “with Christina Morris in the trunk of his 2010 Chevrolet Camaro.”

“Christina Morris would have had to have been placed or forced into the trunk of Arochi’s vehicle without her consent,” according to the probable cause affidavit.

Arochi had allegedly tried to hide the evidence in his car, according to investigators who found empty bottles of chemical cleaners in his trash.

The affidavit also reveals a possible motive for the alleged kidnapping: “Arochi intended to violate or abuse Christina Morris sexually,” according to investigators, and “was sexually frustrated.”

According to police, Morris has not made contact with family or friends since she went missing and there has been no activity on her cell phone, bank accounts, or social media accounts.

Arochi is charged with aggravated kidnapping and is being held on $1,000,000 bond. Arochi’s attorney, Keith Gore, has released a statement saying, “My initial reaction to the affidavit for Enrique’s arrest is that it appears based largely upon conjecture and speculation, and leaves many questions unanswered. The arrest affidavit confirms that further investigation is required. We are encouraged that the police continue to investigate. In the coming weeks, I expect the court will hold a hearing on the issue of Enrique’s bond. Between now and that hearing, we will continue investigating the allegations against Enrique, and we will also continue cooperating with the police.”

Timeline in this case FROM Star Local Media :

Aug. 30, 2014

12:31 a.m. Morris’ ID scanned at Scruffy Duffies bar at Shops at Legacy.
12:34 a.m. Credit card transaction made w/ Morris’ MasterCard at Scruffy Duffies bar..
-Arochi, Sabrina Boss and Paulina Petrosky go to Whataburger. Morris and friend Steven Nickerson returned back to Petrosky's apartment..
2:34 a.m. Morris sent photo of her hand holding two keys to boyfriend Hunter Foster...
3:30 a.m. Morris and Arochi leave Petrosky’s apartment on Scruggs Way...
3:43 a.m. Morris calls Steven Nickerson, says she’s still walking to her vehicle...
3:50 a.m. Text or phone call made from Arochi’s phone to Foster...
3:53 a.m. Text or phone call made from Arochi’s phone to Foster...
3:55 a.m. Text or phone call made from Arochi’s phone to Foster...
3:55 a.m. Arochi and Morris seen on surveillance camera entering parking garage...
3:58 a.m. Arochi’s Camaro leaves the parking garage...
4:08 a.m. Arochi’s Camaro passed through Custer Road gantry northbound on S.H. 121...
4:47 a.m. Morris’ phone pings cell tower at 5800 Granite Parkway (north of Shops at Legacy)..
4:56 a.m. Arochi’s phone pings cell tower at 5800 Granite Parkway (north of Shops at Legacy)..
32 a.m. Arochi’s phone pings cell tower in 1500 block of Bethany Drive near his home...
6:21 a.m. Sun rises.10:15 a.m. Arochi pumps gas, inspects trunk and driver’s side of vehicle at Allen Kroger, 1212 E. Bethany Drive. He is seen on video wiping down passenger side door and scrubbing back of vehicle with squeegee...
11:00 a.m. Sprint coworker says Arochi arrives to work about 3 hours late, parks in back and appears “messed up,” walking with a limp. Coworkes says Arochi had visible scratches and a bite mark on his arm, and was complaining his ribs hurt...

I had a hard time getting this case done sooner because I was given so much conflicting information. First, she was seen leaving a friends apartment in the early morning hours... then she was reported to have been visiting a friend over night... and then she's leaving a shopping mall with a stranger? Just too much variation in the reports and I didn't trust any of it. This is often the case when a person first goes missing and it's the reason I try to avoid fresh cases. I like to let the cops do their job first and then, if it goes cold or is stalled somehow, I will peek and see if there is something I can contribute. Serious, frightening and heartbreaking events such a kidnapping, rape and/or murder of an innocent victim is a highly charged situation with too many opportunities to hurt people or create misinformation. This case is solved, my opinion, as I will show you how the charts support the person they arrested as her kidnapper. I also believe they will convict him of murder, even if they do not locate her body. But before I make declarations that will break hearts, I will show you what the charts say and how I come to the conclusions I do.

The first chart I want to present is the one for the time she was last seen. It is drawn for August 30, 2014 at around 3:55 am, the time where Morris is last seen alive in the company of her kidnapper.

Right away, I must point out the similarities between this chart and the chart I ran for the last case, Elisa Lam. The seventh house is the same, with Capricorn on the cusp and Saturn in Scorpio in the fourth house. What I see here is the same thing I saw there, they went to his house and his focus appears to be sex. Whether this woman (or Elisa Lam, for that matter) went along willingly is not a reason for them to come to harm. But it does look to me that this girl, Christina Morris, did leave with this person in his car. There was DNA found on this trunk liner but I don't see indicators that she is in the trunk when they leave the parking garage. This chart shows us that she went to his home and we see this because the first house ruler (and co ruler of the chart in general), the Moon, is in the fourth house. At the time they are leaving the parking garage, 3:55 am, the Moon has moved into the first degree of Scorpio. The fact that her ruler is changing signs means that something changed for her when it did. It seems to have occurred at the time she got into his car, so perhaps she went along for one reason and then realized that his intentions were different. The change from Libra to Scorpio can imply sex so perhaps this is when she realizes what he wants. Both his marker (Saturn) and hers (the Moon) are disposed of by Mars and Pluto. Mars is in the fourth and this can mean violence or, at the least, aggression carried on within the home. This makes me think that they duked it out when they got back to his place, probably when he tried or succeeded in raping her. This is supported, by the way, by the reports of his condition on the next day. He apparently was all scratched up and bruised badly. I must also note thatPluto in the sixth is unfortunate because it indicates she will never be seen again. This is a very real possiblity that must be considered.

Although the charts keep showing a residence, there was an awful lot of time spent in his car. From 3:55 am untill 5:32 am someone, one or both of them, is/are still in his car. That is over an hour in transit when he lives a distance of a 13 minute drive from the Shops of Legacy. So why is he in his car so long? Or was he in the car, they went to his home, he killed her and then got back in the car? Or maybe he restrained her and then went to get something he wanted? Let's see if we can dope this out. We will start with the next chart. I ran it for 4:56 am, the time when his cell phone pings after an hours transit when he should have already arrived at his home.

This chart shows us something interesting. Notice how the Sun, the first house ruler, is in the second house? But the Moon, the chart co ruler, is in the third? At the same time, the seventh house ruler, Uranus, is in the ninth. The ninth is the third from the seventh so this is showing us this man in his car (the third rules vehicles). At the same time, the Moon is in the third, so she is in a car as well. But the Sun is in the second. The second is the twelfth house from the third and is often a storage area in the car, such as the trunk. Her DNA was found in the trunk. But our last chart showed us the two of them in the car together, with her most likely in the cab of the vehicle and not showing descriptors for the trunk. This sort of makes me think that he took so long getting home because he stopped to force her into the trunk... perhaps because she had started to resist him when she realized what he was up to. Venus is in the first house, rising, and it rules the tenth, which is the fourth from the seventh. He is trying to take her to a new location, perhaps one that she did not expect. Perhaps she had refused to go to his home but agreed to go to a store or a restaurant or a bar or some other location. He continued to take her to his home anyways or so it appears. Uranus, his marker in this chart, is disposed of by Mars in the fourth house, supporting the idea that they were heading to a residence.

The next chart is for the time when the cell phone pings near his home. Again, this is way over the time it takes him to get home from where they started. He may have tried to assault her in the car; he may have taken her elsewhere first (a store, perhaps); he may have stopped to force her into the trunk but no matter how you look at it, from the cell phone pings and/or the charts, you can see he had her in the car for an extended period of time before arriving at his home.

This is the chart for the time when his cell pings near his home. We can assume he is either arriving home at this time or in the neighborhood. A mere half hour earlier he was still on Granite Parkway or in the general area north of the Shops of Legacy. Uranus is still in the ninth (the third from the seventh) and her marker, the Moon, is still in the third (the natural house that rules travel and vehicles) so we can assume he is still in the car. The one thing that has changed is the first house ruler, still the Sun, has moved out of the second house and into the first. This means he has removed her from trunk and brought into the front seat. Venus, the tenth house ruler, is right at the Ascendant so they may be in his driveway or somewhere very close to his home. I looked on the map at these homes and see that the area is very nice and the homes are large. Venus rules the tenth house and it is in the sign Leo, which describes, offhand, a "fixed home" settled on the ground and not moveable. A fixed sign like Leo also infers a long term residence and we know he was not new to the area. Leo is a sign focused on creature comforts, luxury and pride among many other things, but in this instance it infers pride in the home, luxury details such as plush furnishings, perhaps, and creature comforts. We know that Arochi drove a Camaro, which is a flashy car that males drive to get attention. His marker in this chart is Uranus in Aries, which is disposed of by Mars in the fourth so he had an area of the home dedicated to his needs, such as a "man cave" or a "den". Mars is in Scorpio so he often brings women back here to impress them into having sex with him. The combination of the fixed signs Leo and Scorpio and Aquarius indicate someone is determined to have his own way. From all accounts, he lives alone but the presence of Saturn in the fourth house makes me think that there's something more going on in the home. Saturn rules the sixth so this could be something as simple and inconsequential as a home office.

5:32 AM is the time the police believe he arrived home. This is based on the cell phone pings and this is when the cell tower pinged was close to his home. No one knows why he traveled north from the Shops of Legacy before going south, which is the direction of his home. I believe there may have been a place he wanted to take her, perhaps to seduce her or just outright rape her and he met with such resistance that he locked her in the trunk and determined to take the risk and take her home instead. Since the cell phones stop pinging at this hour, the next chart will be arbitrary and not based on any special occurrence. We need to see what happens after he gets Christina to his home.

This next chart is the kind I call a "rape chart". Check this out:

Here you have the seventh house ruler, Uranus, entering the eighth house. This describes someone engaged in criminal or illegal activity and the eighth house is the natural house of sex and death. Then you have to note Pluto in the fifth. Pluto is the planet of violence, chaos and destruction and the fifth house is the house of romance and sexual encounters. Pluto in the fifth always describes a sexual assault in my book. And then notice that Mars, the planet of male aggression, is in the fourth house of the home. He gets her into his home and attacks her. He may beleive he has more control over her in that atmosphere rather than from behind the wheel in a car. Moon is in the third in the first degree of Scorpio, disposed of by Mars, showing me that he had to forcibly remove her from the trunk and drag her into his home, probably giving a good fight. I do not know if they have found anything connecting Arochi to drugs but Mars in 20 degrees of Scorpio is conjoined the fixed star Unukalhai, a marker for drugs. Venus, in 22 degrees of Leo, at the first house cusp, just inside the twelfth, is very close to the fixed star Alfard, which describes asphyxiation or strangulation. At the same time, we can see his focus on sex with the eighth house ruler, Neptune, in the seventh. He was willing to deceive, connive, plot and scheme in order to get sex. Neptune is the master of illusion, also a marker for hidden things. He could well have hidden her somewhere. And I know that other Astrologers are looking at this chart and seeing the Sun moving towards the twelfth while ruling the first but this is not going to happen. The Sun will change signs and never rule the first at the same time as moving through the twelfth. There is no death pattern here. In fact, there is never a death pattern in any of the charts I draw up for this night. But all this means is he did not kill her within the first 24 hours. So I will run charts through the first 48 and see if anything pops. In the meantime, I want to examine the charts for the rest of the event, as documented in the timeline shown above.

One more thing I must point out in this chart is the mutual reception between Saturn and Pluto. This is a feature in many murder charts, especially those involving hate crimes. Mutual reception between these two planets, Pluto in the fifth with Saturn at the fourth house cusp, describes a degree of vehemance and anger and is a sure sign that this man was angry, I mean really angry at the time and took it out on this girl. I would expect the rape to have been especially violent with her giving as good as she got. He was pretty beat up the next day.

After running charts for the remainder of the day, I see that nothing much changes. There are no markers for Christina at this point and no death pattern. The charts show this man going to work and everything coming to a halt. So the next charts I run are for the time when he would have left work. I want to see if he goes to her and she is alive or if he has her and takes her somewhere else or if she is dead and he is doing something with the body. We left off with him raping her and beating her pretty badly and then going off to wash his car and go to work. This implies to me that he no longer needs his car for this crime; she must be somewhere he can either leave her permanently or he can move her with use of the car. When running the charts for 6 pm and later, I discover this:

This shows us that the victim was dead when he returned home from work. The first house ruler, Neptune, has slipped into the twelfth. The Moon is in the eighth. Saturn (the marker for a dead body) is in the eighth along with Mars. Pluto, the marker for violence and chaos, is in the tenth house (the fourth from the seventh) so the violence occured in his home. Pluto is disposed of by the eighth house Saturn, the marker for her dead body, so I am thinking she died from a beating. There was a real fight that happened when he took her back and tried to rape her. The fifth house ruler is in the eighth also, which seems to say that a sexual encounter led to her death. Mercury rules both the seventh and the fourth houses so he is trying to figure out where to put her, where her grave should be. Uranus in Aries in the first house, disposed of by Mars in the eighth, tells me he did not intend to kill her. He just made some serious mistakes, allowed unexpected events to dictate the outcome of this and was likely shocked by her resistance and just got crazy trying to control her. He knew he could overpower her, Mars is his masculine strength, but it was not easy. Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn is describing her surprising energy and strength (Uranus in Aries) up against his violence and anger (Pluto). He was surprised by her unexpected willpower and resistance. I am not sure, looking at this death pattern, that he actually did rape her. I am not sure she gave him the chance. But Pluto in Capricorn implies a beating with a blunt object, something wooden perhaps like a baseball bat or a table leg or other similar object. He did eventually kill her.

Neptune in Pisces shows her to be submerged in deep water. Moon in Scorpio shows us really dark water, in a dark swampy area that is either hard to navigate or so dark that it's hard to find your way. Saturn and Mars in Scorpio describe an area full of bugs and reptiles, maybe even alligators or crocs. Thorny vegetation such as cactus (with is spiny and holds water) and other succulents. Her body would have been submerged deeply into this quagmire and may be in water also filled with silt, loose debris and garbage. This is not a clean place. There may be sewer runoff in the area and it probably smells bad. This area would be close to his home area because the charts do not show a lot of travel. He waits until dark after work to do this so he is afraid of being seen so the area is not really remote. Moon trine Neptune shows harmony between her markers so the area is consistant with little diversity. In other words, you aren't going to find a tennis court in this area or a shopping center, the markers are very clear. The area has not been developed because of a nearby deep water channel, lake, pond, river or even the ocean and this place where he submerged her is an outlet, a channel, a deep water hole. Neptune in Pisces means people do fish in the area, mostly hardcore fishermen who wear waders and have the right equipment. Moon and Mars in Scorpio disposed of by Pluto in Capricorn describe an area that is dark, low and dirty. There is sandy ground with lots of debris and it may be a dumping ground for trash, especially boat and fishing related trash. There may be a wooden boat grounded along the shore or partially sunken in the deeper water area. The tenth house ruler, Jupiter, is square to Saturn, her body marker, and a distance apart although it is sinister. This may mean it will be at least 8 months after her death that her body is either discovered or comes to the surface. I know there are people looking for her so I can only hope that maybe this analysis gives them some clues they can use in their search.

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  1. I feel that there so much Saturn and Neptune tied with this case. It's like the answers are right under their noses (Saturn) and yet they can't find them (Neptune)! I think the mother senses this and thus tried to devote her life to finding her daughter only to get a nod from Saturn that living as such was not a good idea.

    I have a feeling that this family won't get much if any closure on this until at least early next year as Saturn completes a 2.5 year period since 8/30/14. Neptune still lingers though and as the Saturn/Neptune squares play out in 2016, I fear there are still going to be more questions than answers. The June Gemini new moon seems to be stirring up news related to Arochi's trial set for September right around the solar eclipse. Interesting times ahead. Thanks for your interesting analysis!


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