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Jessica Chambers



It has been over three weeks since the horrendous burning death of Mississippi teen Jessica Chambers. However, police seem to be no closer to finding the murderer or murderers than they were on day one. This has left many following the case frustrated and asking for answers, including Jessica’s own father, Ben Chambers.

The Associated Press reports that with the reward for information reaching nearly $18,000, police had hoped for more leads. However, it seems that leads are running dry, according to Ben Chambers. Ben works for the local Sheriff’s department, but has said they are keeping him far from the investigation, noting they are “looking out for my benefit.”

“They don’t want me to see the evidence up there. I understand their point too, they’re looking out for my benefit. They don’t want me to see things that bring back memories, or see something that maybe I’ll think someone had something to do with it and I’ll go do something to some innocent person. They’re doing everything by the book when it comes to me.”

However, Chambers can’t help but note that the information from those in the community involving the burning death of his daughter is almost “unbelievable.” Ben says that the people who usually “know everything about everything” are remaining silent on his daughter’s death.

“Nobody seems to know anything.”

Though the police are coming up empty-handed on any real leads in the case of the burning death of Jessica Chambers, the internet is abuzz with speculations and new “evidence.” Hactivists and data miners across the web have consistently updated their pages with new details about the people of Panola County and potentially exposing suspects in the Jessica Chambers death.

However, not everyone is happy about the data mining that is taking place. Some fear it is placing “innocent” members of the community in harm’s way. For example, the store clerk/owner/supervisor (depends on which media outlet you ask on what his official title is) who has been accused of cutting out some of the surveillance footage of Jessica’s final hours has received death threats following the posts by hacktivists.

With on-the-ground information reportedly drying up for police in Panola County, should the FBI take the reins in the investigation? Though Jessica’s parents have claimed to remain fully supportive of the police investigation, Ben Chambers seems to be losing hope that the killer will be found following the silence in the community even after the increased reward.

Here is the link to her facebook page:


What kind of homicide investigation is this, anyway? It’s perfectly understandable when public officials closely guard information in a sensitive, ongoing case. However, certain aspects of the Jessica Chambers murder mystery in rural Courtland, Mississippi point to a shocking combination of incompetence, indifference, frustrating evasiveness, and plain old C.Y.A. lying by those in charge.

It’s been almost a month since Jessica’s sudden and suspiciously gruesome death, yet despite an array of very shady characters and circumstances, no arrests have been made.

District Attorney John Champion says they are expectantly awaiting results of forensic lab tests and subpoenas, while they go back over everything they have so far — but that all they have in terms of leads in the case are, in his words, “unfortunately, one dead-end after another.”

We begin at the wooded roadside scene of an apparent immolation murder, the 19-year-old white female victim having been found burned over 98% of her body and clinging to life next to her car which was completely engulfed in fire.

The local volunteer fire chief, Cole Haley, says he received notification at 8:13 pm that night, December 6th, of a fully-involved car fire off to the side of Herron Road. Haley said “the tone came down” — that is, he received a signal about the burning car while he was on his way back to his station from responding to an earlier house fire. He and other first responders found Jessica Chambers still alive when they immediately arrived at the scene to extinguish her car.

Haley says that before Jessica was emergency medevac-ed by helicopter to a Memphis hospital, where she died a few hours later, he and Jessica “talked” and that she relayed vital information to him about what happened and who did it — but that he is not at liberty to discuss what she said.

By the most reliable accounting, about forty-seven minutes later, at around 9:00 pm, a tow truck hauling the victim’s burned-out car pulls into a nearby gas station/convenience store (an apparent hangout for local criminal gang members) so the tow driver can stop to buy cigarettes and “get a drink” while on his way to the sheriff department’s impound lot.

The 19-year-old Yemeni gangsta-jihadi gas station operator profiled in one of my previous articles, Ali Alsanai, takes pictures of the victim’s burned car as it sits hitched onto the tow truck in front of the store, then he posts the pics on Facebook, announcing specific details about how the victim was killed — that she had an accelerant poured down her throat and in her nostrils, and was set on fire.

When asked by a reporter about this seemingly atrocious lapse in evidence chain-of-custody and investigative security protocol, the District Attorney presiding over the case, John Champion, claimed that the crime scene and the victim’s car had “already been processed.”

…the crime scene and the victim’s burned-out car and had been formally processed for evidence in less than an hour??

As if to add insult to incredulity, Champion is caught in a blatant lie in the same interview, at the hyperlink. At the 10:37 mark, WMC Action News 5’s Michael Clark asks Champion about the CCTV video from the M&M First Stop gas station, where Jessica was recorded buying gas and cigarettes within two hours of her being set on fire only a couple of miles away. There has been scandalous (and reasonable, based on specific details) speculation that police never even knew or bothered to inquire about the existence of the store’s surveillance video until Clark, the reporter, went asking questions at the store, and discovered it days after she was killed.

At the 11:15 mark, Champion absurdly claims that “the actual hard-drive had already been collected” from the surveillance system even before deputies made an alleged return trip to the store to take an alleged closer look at the video. This is a rather obvious impossibility, a lame attempt at face-saving which makes no sense whatsoever. If police had taken the CCTV system’s hard drive away early on, as he states, how in the world would Clark, and deputies, be able to replay and scrutinize portions of video repeatedly at the store in the days which followed?

Bloggers have been pouring over photos and Google street-views of the crime scene itself (and everything else having to do with the case), which was immediately left unsecured after the incident, for weeks now. Some have even traveled to Courtland to examine the spot themselves, seeing as police are not forthcoming with any details about their response that night, or lack thereof.

Dogged amateur sleuths, along with some contributors with formal investigative backgrounds and training, post their findings and exhaustive analyses on (aka ‘The Last Refuge’), which over the last couple of years has become the cyber-clearinghouse for debunking hoaxes like the Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown fiascoes, and now this one. They have observed actual car parts such as a windshield wiper, a whiskey bottle, and other items where Jessica’s car was burned, apparently ignored or overlooked by those calling themselves the official investigators.

Laws in Mississippi against the release of 911 call recordings and other relevant findings in ongoing criminal investigations are more strict than in many other jurisdictions around the country. Be that as it may, we are not even getting answers from law enforcement nor the District Attorney as to whether or not any 911 call was in fact made, or who made it. We have not been told, officially, exactly how the scene was discovered and then reported. Reports that a motorist on Herron Road saw the burning car and called 911 are unconfirmed, and nobody has come forward as a 911 caller.

I don’t have the space here (nor the option, really) to proceed with an even more extensive presentation of the countless other bizarre and aggravating aspects of this caper, but many of you reading this have been following it as closely or even more closely than I have, and don’t need me to do so.


I think you'd have to live in a cave not to have heard about this case; it went viral when it first came out and everyone on TV has covered it.. If it doesn't bring tears to your eyes, you are harder in the heart than I am. This poor girl suffered what I think of as the most horrible of deaths with more torture and more extended torture than most victims. It is absolutely hair raising. If you haven't read about this, then go to Google and read. But for those of you who have heard of it, which should be most because it has gone literally VIRAL, then the details of the case have probably affected you. The conjecture, guesswork, sleuthing and finger pointing online has gone over the top. In fact, many people, most of whom are likely innocent, have been caught up in the crossfire and the blame game is in full tilt. But the truth is, the cops are stumped and no one has a clue. The person who did this is probably getting ready to do something like it again and laughing all the while. So I want to look at the charts and see if I can glean even the smallest of clues to help with this tragic case. I would like to see this bastard pay for his cruelty.

At first, I could not find a reasonable time line. I knew what she was seen doing but I did not know when. And then a reader of the blog and a student of forensics emailed me with more information on this case. She apparently found stuff online that I missed. On one page, she got the time of that video from the gas station where it shows her pumping gas at 6:40 pm. I believe that the charts are more viable and more forthcoming if the timeline is correct so I am going to start with that time and then also use other times in the event to shed further light. Let's see what the charts can tell us. 

In this chart, the first thing that leaps out at me is the Moon in the twelfth. The Moon is a co ruler in every chart but in this one it also rules the first. The twelfth house placement indicates that she is hiding in a way, staying out of view for some reason, and maybe doing something she doesn't want anyone to know about. This doesn't have to be illegal or even illicit but just something she'd be embarrassed about or something that her parents wouldn't approve of. The Moon is in Gemini and this sign implies more than one person so there may have been another person involved, perhaps out of view, in another car or somewhere off the premises. The Moon is disposed of by Mercury in the sixth in the sign Sagittarius. The sixth is the house of service (we know she was in a service station, for instance) and Sagittarius is a fire sign and rules flammables (she was buying gas). The group of planets in the sixth include the fourth house ruler and the second house ruler and are all disposed of by Jupiter in the second house. The clerk mentioned that she spent more on gas than she usually did, which he found curious. It has been mentioned in every post I've read. The combination of these planets makes me think she was buying gas for someone else as well. Did anyone notice a can? Did she put some in her car and some in a can? For someone who was out of gas, or claimed to be, perhaps? This is a very likely scenario with these placements. She put gas in her own car and put some in a can to bring to someone else who asked her to do that. She may have bought the weapon that was used to kill her. Think about that.

It's interesting that she was burned to death. There is a grand trine in fire signs in this chart and it includes the eighth house ruler along with three angular rulers. Wow.

So who is this other person who asked her bring gas? This would be her killer. Looking at the seventh house, the first thing I see is Pluto. This is a marker for violence, chaos, disruption and change. Here it is on the seventh house cusp, describing a person who has these qualities and tendencies. So this person is quite capable of violence. Saturn rules the cusp and is in the sign Scorpio in the fifth. A huge number of perpetrators in charts I have done this last year are ruled by Saturn in Scorpio. It is a vengeful, suspicious and jealous position when aspected poorly. Here, it is in the fifth house of romance and sex. It is very possible that this person who is so vengeful and possibly killed her was also someone she was romantically linked to. Either she went out with him or he wanted to go out with her or she had a crush on him; something like this. At this point I feel comfortable calling her killer "him" because of this placement; she was not a lesbian so her love interest would be male. And to add fuel to the fire, no pun intended, Pluto is disposed of by Saturn and they are in mutual reception. This has been a feature in many of the murder cases I have looked at; Saturn in aspect to Pluto can infer great anger and hate and is often a feature in hate crimes.

I must also note that the eighth house ruler, Uranus, is disposed of by Mars and Pluto with Mars in the seventh house as well. There is no doubt that this position is describing her killer; the anger and hate implied by these aspects is so great it cannot be otherwise. He was full of aggression and violence. 

This next chart is for the time when the firefighter gets the call about the fire. This is the next time that she comes to someone's attention and this time reflects the time when she was actually set on fire. The seventh house configuration at this point tells us a lot about the person who set her on fire. Uranus rules the seventh, it is in the fire sign Aries and it is disposed of by Mars, which is right at the seventh house cusp. Mars is in mutual reception with Uranus also. Uranus rules unexpected events so I would suppose she didn't expect this. He set a trap and she stepped right into it. Mars here shows aggression and anger. Mars disposing of Uranus and also in reception indicates that he planned his aggression in advance and knew exactly what he was going to do. This is why he asked her to get the gas. She is ruled by the Sun in Sagittarius, which is disposed of by Jupiter rising in Leo. This configuration shows that she was a participant in her own murder, bringing the gas and letting him sit in her car. The north node in Libra in the third shows planning in advance; the third house rules vehicles and they were in her car when this happened. The third house is also ruled by Mercury (which rules cars and other vehicles) and this is in the fire sign Sagittarius with the other planets in the fifth. Sagittarius, more than any other fire sign, describes actual fire in forensic charts. It is often the funeral pyre or a fireplace in the home or a place outdoors where people grill or have campfires.

The biggest feature in this chart is the switching of the Ascendants, moving from Cancer to Leo, putting the Sun front and center. The Sun is in the fifth house in the fire sign Sagittarius with other angular planets. There is no doubt in my mind at this point that a lover, a boyfriend, a love interest or someone who desired her did this to her. And it's amazing but unavoidable that he would use fire to do it. I wish I knew her birth chart; I wonder if fire rules the eighth. Just thinking of how and why this played out this way. I mean, this is the most violent and cruel crime I've seen in a while and with such a degree of torture that it boggles my mind. Someone had to be really hateful to do this. I know nothing about her love life but she had a bad seed in the mix. Her father has said that she was over and out of a relationship that had gone sour and no one has even considered this ex boyfriend as a culprit; her father also has said there was no one knew and she had not mentioned anyone she was even interested in. But this is a person who had feelings for her, no matter what. There was enough here for this person to be so angry and so hateful as to set her on fire. That is not something you do if you're just a little miffed. So who had she jilted? Who had she turned down? Was there anyone at all that she had only dated briefly but had shown greater feelings even after she had moved on? The Moon in the twelfth in the chart for the gas station tells me there was something she was keeping to herself; there was something she wasn't talking about and maybe even keeping secret. The video from the gas station has her waving at someone off camera and then there was a glimpse of a man pumping gas into a can and then she spends more on gas than usual? The charts are clearly saying that this person, whoever this was, had something to do with her death.

Here's what the charts say about him.. Uranus in Aries describes a strong willed, aggressive and inventive individual who may be a criminal. Aries often describes criminals on the run or in hiding; it specifically rules hideouts and hangouts for criminals. Uranus rules those who live outside the normal limits and can describe inventive, innovative, creative and brilliant people who change our world. But it can also describe those who change lives through outrageous, unrestrained, lawless behavior that does not know boundaries. This person does not live by the rules even if he is brilliant. Aries implies a leader and Uranus describes large groups so he may be a gang leader. At the very least, he is extremely dangerous. Why was this precious child involved with such a man?

At the time of her murder, Jessica thought she was with a friend. The Moon, her co ruler, is in the eleventh house. It is in the sign Gemini still, showing that second person, so she was with him at the time, believing him to be a friend. Gemini implies closeness so she knew him well. Uranus in the ninth with the ninth being the third from the seventh means that she either met him there or he came along in his own car. He left the scene in his own car. There is no doubt he got into her car with her and then did this with the gas can but he then left in a different car. I certainly hope CSI went to the scene and looked for tire tracks.

This chart doesn't have a death pattern. She did not die right away and in fact was alive as she burned and actually spoke to the EMTs when they arrived. Although reports differ on whether she was still on fire when the firefighters arrived or not, the fact that she had been burned over 98% of her body is accurate. Even so, she was not dead when they arrived there and she did speak to them. What she said has not been reported but in general it is believed that it was only a partial statement or was a name they could not make out. It will be interesting to look at the charts for around the time in question and see what might have transpired. Since the firefighters report getting the alarm at 8:13 pm, I am drawing up a chart for 8:30 pm, assuming they would have arrived at the scene by then.

This is the chart for the time when the firefighters arrived at the scene and she reported whispered something to them. I am hoping this chart will shed a bit more light on who did this and why. So far, we do know it's someone she knew and the attack was unexpected. We also know that she bought more gas than usual because she thought she was helping somebody out. Reports vary in relation to her love life but it is established that she was in an abusive relationship and that she had gone to a woman's shelter in the past to get help. That seems pretty serious to me and I would hope the cops have been talking to her ex. Since no mention has been made of him, I suppose he's not a suspect. In this chart you can see that Mercury has moved in close to the first house ruler, which is the Sun. That shows her speaking. This conjunction is involved in a grand trine with the seventh house ruler and Jupiter which is rising in the first. There is no doubt that the charts are saying that she did try to tell him who this person was. Whether they were able to get that information is questionable. She died without saying another word.

There are a few more clues in this chart. The Moon, co ruler of the chart, is opposed to the fourth house ruler, Venus, in the fifth. I beleive this person was someone she considered a friend, that this person had never met her family or been to her home and she had met him in school. I get this from the fifth house and the eleventh house placements and the aspects. Uranus in Aries in the ninth house tells me he is from a different culture, perhaps even an immigrant, and is not from her usual circle of friends. He's sort of an outsider. The Sun is in mutual reception with Jupiter rising in the first so it was her generous and optimistic nature that made her vulnerable. She viewed this person as a friend (Moon in the eleventh) and had good feelings towards him (Jupiter rising). She was actually feeling pretty good on the night this happened. She just did not expect this sort of ugliness from this particular person. Because he is not among her usual circle of friends and had not even met her family, it is unlikely the police are looking at him. But it is very likely he will do something horrible again and maybe on the path to become a serial killer. I say this because his marker is Uranus in Aries. He just does not play by the rules.

Uranus trine her marker, the Sun, shows that he had developed a friendly, warm relationship with her. But Uranus square Pluto in Capricorn and disposed of by Mars near the seventh cusp shows us that he is capable of doing this again; he is a violent person.

Accounts of when she died vary but the gist of it seems to be she died in Memphis after being airlifted there and that she died the next morning, on the 7th. Some posts say she died "shortly after being found" while others say she died "the next day". So I think it all comes together as being just after midnight in Memphis on the 7th. But since this is not an established fact, I will pass on the chart for her actual time of death. In general, that time is not reported. So I will have to end the analysis with what I have found so far.

This was not a dispute about money. I do not see drugs here. I do not see that this was a current boyfriend, although there are clearly feelings from him that she did not share. Whether she did anything directly to incur this behavior is unclear here but the placements describe a man who is violent, hateful and angry and is capable of violence. There is a strong suggestion here that he enjoys this sort of thing and will likely do it again. The cops may be looking for someone who targeted this girl but they should not limit themselves to those who were close to her or were known to be her friend. This is someone who can groom people as victims. I would hate it if they could not catch him before he does this again but it is likely. This person is capable of anything.


  1. I just want to let you know that the TIME on the surveillance was not accurate, it was not set to daylight savings time, it was stated in a video of the actual video, it was stated that Jessica was there at 5:30 pm...if this is so, then your time would be atleast an hour off and youd probably be hitting on exactly around the time she was actually killed. If you were lookin to start your search at the time she went to the gas station, I think you need to do more research as I DID see this stated in a video of the surveillance about the time stamp being inaccurate! Just FYI ;)

  2. I believe THIS is the video where its stated that the time stamp was actually inaccurate. Check it out and maybe you can get a more accurate reading. :) Unless of course you are already aware of this? I know that also Jessica's mom says she left home around 5pm, which actually coinsides with this video stamp supposedly being wrong?


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