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Elisa Lam

Young Girl Ends Up Dead In Hotel Water Tank


The Death
About a year ago, some residents at the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles complained about the water quality. Sent to inspect the cause of the blackened and odd tasting water, a maintenance worker made a grisly discovery: the decomposing body of Elisa Lam in one of the roof’s water tanks. For about 19 days, residents at the Cecil Hotel bathed, drank, and brushed their teeth with corpse contaminated water. Even weirder, the hotel remained open and guests continued to check in and out as firefighters removed Lam’s body.

Lam was a 21-year-old college student visiting LA from Canada. An autopsy showed that there were no drugs or alcohol in her system and Lam’s death was subsequently ruled “‘accidental due to drowning, other significant conditions: bipolar disorder.'”

Many questions have been raised following Lam’s “accidental” death. How did she get to the roof without setting off alarms? How did she open the supposedly locked roof door? How did she manage to close the lid of the water tank from the inside? If she truly was having a psychotic episode, how did she get to the roof undetected?

Maybe it really was unfortunate circumstance. The alarms might not have been set (or malfunctioned). The door might have been left unlocked. In a frantic state, Lam might have figured out how to close the water tank lid (people have done stranger things with high amounts of adrenaline coursing through their veins). Maybe no one was around to see her.

Of course, my attempts to explain away the mystery might not satisfy everyone. I’ve seen some speculation that the murder was a “Twin Peaksesque twist [and] that her death was caused by the supernatural.” Others give the more practical explanation that a hotel worker was involved.


What happened to Elisa Lam? I’d read about her drowning on top of the Cecil Hotel in a water cistern. Some had speculated it was a suicide as a result of drug use. As there had just been a shootout in Orange County earlier in the week, I have to admit, her death slipped out of my mind. It was only after a few friends mentioned it to me that I read more about the suspicious circumstances surrounding her death. The cisterns where she was found weren’t easily accessible, and while they were unlocked, an alarm and a locked door would have to be passed for her to have gone upstairs.

To make the situation even stranger, the last recorded footage of her alive is viewable on YouTube. It’s from an elevator camera and is as inscrutable as the cause of her death. She enters the elevator and presses all the buttons. She peeks closely at what she’s pressed, seems confused why the door isn’t closing. Then she appears to hide alongside of the wall, moves to the corner, then peeks furtively out. She gets back in, pushes all the buttons again, confused as to why it isn’t moving. Her most inexplicable behavior happens when she starts flailing her arms, and it almost looks like she is arguing with someone or signaling something, though her finger gestures also imply an unusual state. One question that kept on coming back to me was, why wasn’t the elevator door closing? Why only after she left did it close?

Some have speculated in an almost Twin Peaksesque twist that her death was caused by the supernatural. Others say this indicates someone who worked at the hotel had to be involved. Honestly, the footage caused me shivers. Part of it was the silence, not knowing what she was doing. Another part of it was realizing these were the last known movements of this girl who was going to get killed shortly afterwards. It also occurred to me that it was possible she was extremely nervous and was hiding from someone. Speculation on the Internet has been rampant, and several Chinese on chinasmack.com (which translates Chinese reactions over the net into English) have suggested it could have been her flirtatiously playing hide-and-seek with a lover, or that she was in fear for her life as she tried to escape.


It is hard to find any article on this woman's death without the banter about the video of her in the elevator and the fact that she was found in the water tanks.  No articles are left anywhere that just describe her first missing and when and when she was last seen; everybody is busy trying to figure out what happened here.  You can see the video on YouTube and about a thousand other websites; it is literally viral.  Her death is a literal mystery with much conjecture about supernatural forces and whatnot.  The police ruled her death an accident but, as everybody is pointing out, that is hard to believe.  How did she end up on the roof in the water supply?  There are a lot of locked doors before you get there and she was just a visitor at the hotel and did not work there.  Many people think a hotel worker was involved but if this is possible, why is no one investigating this?  Why is it just passed over?  I think part of the reason is that she was Chinese from Canada and not American.  She was just a "nobody".  It's exactly this kind of case why I got interested in offering this blog, hoping to use Astrology to look into cases from a distance and possibly find clues.  If nothing else, I can poke the monkey and maybe spark interest in reopening cases like this one and giving these victims some real consideration.

I don't think this was supernatural, as tempting as that drama might be.  I also do not think she went up there and got into the water tanks, regardless of bi polar disorder.  I have known lots of people with bi polar disorder and the depression they suffer is really deep, so that many of them do consider suicide.  But I do not believe they get this creative just because they are bi polar; jumping off a roof or hanging oneself is easier and quicker than making ones way to the water supply, something, in fact, few visitors to hotels even think about, much less know where it is.  I just don't believe she got there on her own, had some sort of weird accident, was kidnapped by ghosts or demons or was on drugs.  The elevator video looks to me that she is playing around with someone, perhaps someone she is hiding from, trying to attract, spy on or just play around with.  We never get to see the other person but I strongly believe there was somebody else there.  Down the hall or in the doorway of a neighboring room, perhaps.  And even though there were many deaths in the hotel and serial killers stayed there from time to time, this is true of many hotels and residences.  This death is one of the strangest I've ever heard of and that makes it impossible for me to ignore.  I just have to see what the charts tell me.

One problem I have is no time line.  She was last seen on January 31st, in the hotel by witnesses.  She was due to check out on February 1st and never did but then this video of her surfaced and this is where she was actually last seen on the date she was supposed to check out.  Here is a generalized time line of her activities:

Jan. 26: Traveled to California
Jan. 31: Last seen at The Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles
Feb. 1: Lam is recorded acting strangely in hotel elevator
Feb. 1: Lam was due to check out of hotel, but never surfaced
Feb. 6: LAPD hold press conference about disappearance, family attends
Feb. 19: Body found on hotel roof in a water tank

By the time they found her, she had been missing for two weeks.  I do not believe they know exactly when she ended up in the water supply.  Everybody keeps saying that she died shortly after she was in the elevator and this is based on the known fact that she never checked out on that date.  So she died at some point on that same date... or she was kept from checking out for some reason and maybe held or trapped for an unknown period of time before she was dropped in the tank.  It is my starting argument that she was dead when she was dropped in the water tank and no one knows for how long.  So this is my problem with the timeline.  This leaves me with no other recourse than to start running charts early in February and then keep going until something makes sense.  Let's hope it gives us some idea of what happened.

Looking on Booking.com and TripAdvisor, I find the check out time at the Cecil Hotel is anytime before noon.  But after much searching, I found a website that documented the actual timestamp on the video and gave 2 pm as the time when she was seen making hand gestures.  You can see this page here: CAFEMOM .. Anyways, I will work with this and see what I can discover.

I want to point out a few things right off.  Now, this documented time for 2 pm is already two hours after her scheduled check out time.  So she was already planning to stay longer?  Or was she detained by someone else, perhaps the same person she is seen gesturing to in the video?  Almost everything about this case is a mystery that raises more questions and nothing provides any answers.  It is beyond fascinating.

Looking at this chart, you can see that the first house cusp is changing from Gemini to Cancer.  The changing of the Ascendant and it's ruler is a marker for imminent change.  So there is no doubt that her circumstances were already in flux.  Cancer on the first makes the Moon her ruler in the chart, as it is always the co ruler of any chart and in this one the first house ruler as well.  It is positioned in the fifth house and the fifth house is a common marker for hotels, restaurants, bars and dance halls.  The Moon is in Libra and is disposed of by Venus in the eighth.  The eighth house rules sex and death; the fifth house also  commonly rules romance and sex; romantic opportunities especially (as those you find in hotels, bars and dance halls).  Saturn rules the seventh house and is a marker for anyone else who might have been in her company.  Since it seems as if she is gesturing someone, hiding from someone, maybe even playing around with someone, this idea of another person looms large for me.  Saturn is also in the fifth house of hotels and lodges as well as romance and sex.  Was this other person an unnamed lover?  Someone she was flirting with?  Or actually having sex with?  With these markers, this is possible.  There is also no doubt that both this girl and this other person were in the hotel at the same time.I do not like Pluto in the seventh, it is a marker for chaos, disruption and violence and plays a role in rape and sexual assault.  There is no aspect between the Moon and Saturn so there is no definitive descriptor of their relationship so it may be that they had only recently met each other.  The node in the fifth, near to Saturn, indicates planning in advance.  So was someone plotting and scheming in this instance?  Was their meeting that morning something planned or, at the least, wished for?

Other factors I must note is that the fourth house ruler is Mercury, which is a strong marker for temporary housing and short term residences, which includes hotels.  Mercury is in the ninth house and the ninth house is a descriptor for foreign places, foreigners, tourists, travelers, exchange students, etc... and we know this girl was Chinese from Canada and was a tourist in LA.  This much in the charts dovetails with the known facts, which helps us determine that the charts are viable.

Most of the blog posts I read said that this video was taken only minutes before she was killed.  I do not know how they know this; the police have been unable to say exactly when she ended up in the tank nor how long she had been there.  Just because she had not been seen since does not prove that she was killed right away.  Running the charts for 4 pm on the same day, the charts are telling us something else:

In this chart you see the first house ruler, still the Moon, is in the fourth house along with the seventh house ruler, which is still Saturn.  This is her and her friend in the residence, most likely his room in the hotel.  The Moon is disposed of by Venus, which is now at the seventh house cusp, and this shows Elisa in the company of someone else (the seventh house always depicts the "other person" in any instance).  The seventh house ruler, in turn, is disposed of by Mars in the eighth house of sex and by Pluto in the sixth house.  This placement leads me to believe that this person she is with is interested in sex with her.  This person may well have worked at the hotel (Pluto in the sixth), possibly in maintenance or construction.  The sign Capricorn is an earth sign that has an affinity for wood so perhaps this person was a carpenter or worked on the wood finishes in some manner.

The Moon, which marks our victim, is disposed of by Venus in Capricorn, which in turn is disposed of by Saturn, which describes her "partner".  This type of complimentary loop often indicates that the two of them came together because of mutual desire.  It would seem that she was there because of him (or her) and had not been forced or coerced. Since Saturn co rules Aquarius we might also note that Mars and Saturn are in mutual reception.  This adds aggression to the personality as well as discipline and determination.  This person she was with was strong and determined and could be hard to resist.  Mars is getting ready to change signs, to move into Pisces, so watch what happens with the rest of the chart (most especially the angles) when this occurs.

The node in the sign Scorpio in the fifth house and disposed of by Mars in the eighth, there is no doubt that sex played in role in this event.  And the chart for 6 pm, makes it perfectly clear.   From here on in, I will describe her friend as a male, assuming she was heterosexual and that no other claim was made about her sexuality.

Here, you can see the seventh house ruler is Uranus, so expect something unexpected from her "friend".  As Uranus is in the eighth house, this person is either a criminal or capable of lawless behavior.  Sun is now ruling the first house cusp and it has moved into the sixth.  This placement, the first house ruler in the sixth, is a known descriptor for disappearance; in charts where someone has run away and you see this placement, you must conclude that the person will never be seen again.  In this instance, it is saying she will never been seen again, at least not alive.  The Sun here is disposed of by the seventh house ruler, Uranus, so you can be sure she is doing his bidding and that he has plans for her.  She is with him because she wants to be with him and now he is in complete control.  She may have been so enamored of him that she had been coerced into doing something illegal (such as using drugs) in order to go along; although the tox screen did come up clean. Uranus in the eighth is, in turn, disposed of by Mars, in the seventh house, and this certainly looks like an assault, an attack, a situation that has turned to force.  He is attempting to do something illegal by force and since Pluto is in the fifth house as well, I would say that he raped this girl.  At the very least, he assaulted her.

So we know that she was still alive and in the company of an unknown person at 6 pm that evening.  So she did not die "within minutes" of the video.

Another point I wish to make is about her bipolar disorder.  First of all, this is not a reason for her to have an accident or to end up in a locked tank.  This is not a magical condition that allows you to do magical things nor does it predispose to an accident.  The police must have learned about her condition from her parents, which would mean she had been diagnosed and probably was being medicated.  When they are on their medication, bi polar people are just like the rest of us.  If she fell off her medication, this may explain some of the components here.  For instance, they tend to get "high" on delusional ideas for sure and perhaps her infatuation was a bit extreme due to mania.  She may have been convinced that she had found her soul mate or that she "belonged" with this person, which is a common misconception among people with delusional disorders.  She may have made bad choices because of mania and ended up with a dangerous individual.  She may have been convinced to use drugs as well, especially since mania makes bi polar sufferers feel invincible (but, again, I must note that the tox screen came up clean).  She may have been likely to do all sorts of things she would not ordinarily do.  Now, I realize the argument has been for depression but, for one thing, she does not look depressed in the video and it is unlikely she would have left her room to begin with if she were severely depressed.  I do not believe this was suicide, no matter how conveniant that explanation seems, mostly because she got through several locked doors and ended up in a tiny. locked tank.  Who on earth could believe this was an accident?

Please notice Jupiter in Gemini in the tenth.  Now, Jupiter does not rule any angles nor does it dispose of any angular planets but it's placement in the tenth must be studied.  It is disposed of by Mercury, which is angular at the descendant, and is key in describing this "other person" Elisa was with.  Gemini implies two people.  Mercury at the seventh describes somebody young, such as an older teen or young adult perhaps.  Mercury stands alone and is not connected to the other planets in the seventh so I believe this is one or two people, young people, who live and/or work at this hotel.  The other planets in this house are Neptune, which rules the eighth house and Mars, which rules the fourth.  Mars is telling us they are still in the hotel in a room.  A room where somebody lives.  Neptune, the ruler of the eighth, is telling us that either sex or death was a part of the purpose in this event.  Sex has been mentioned by the charts more than several times now, so it was likely a sexual attraction that brought Elisa to this room with this person. Pluto co rules the fourth from the fifth, another marker for sex.  With Pluto, it could easily be forced sex or sexual assault.  I am getting more and more convinced that Elisa was raped and possibly by more than one person.  I am just wondering if they even checked her for this since they seem to have assumed she climbed in there on her own.  But, to excuse this apparent misstep on their part somewhat I must admit that water tends to wash away body fluids and makes it hard to prove that flesh is damaged.  Immersion in the tank might have made a rape kit useless.

Now, to save time I will resist running a ton of charts past you as I look for the next big moment in this event.  The charts I run for the remainder of this night are reflecting small events, such as eating, drinking or sleeping and are boring and unproductive.  But running the charts forward, I find that she is still alive and in this same room days later.  There are placements in the charts along the way that reflect captivity or restraint.  It is possible, if he lives in the motel and does not require maid service, that she was kept in this room for quite some time.  Her body was not recovered until the 19th.  The next best prospect, under these conditions, is to run a chart for the time of her discovery and see what it reveals.

I ran charts for the day they found her and discovered that, at around 3:30 pm, the planets are lined up to describe what we know to be true.  Here the tenth house ruler, Mars, is in the eighth.  The tenth house describes authority, such as the police or even hotel management, and the eighth house shows us death.  The first house ruler, Elisa's marker, is here in the eighth along with Mars, in the water sign Pisces and all disposed of by Neptune, also in the eighth and in Pisces.  Neptune is in dignity so it is the strongest marker here and it is known to describe "hidden things".  Pisces describes the water in the tank and Neptune shows her submerged and hidden there.  Saturn, which always describes dead bodies in death cases, is in the water sign Scorpio in the fourth.  She is definitely still at the hotel (the fourth) and hidden in water (Scorpio).  DARK water as was described many times in this case and Scorpio always describes DARK places and places that are hard to navigate or where darkness hides things.  So this chart is reflecting what we already know; she was discovered in the water tank, dead, on February 19. 

Now I cannot help but be curious about when she was put there, knowing that the charts have been telling us she was in the room for weeks.  So I run charts backward to see when the first house ruler enters the eighth and then when it enters the sign Pisces.  This is the chart I discovered:

In this chart, at this time, the first house ruler is Cancer and the Moon has just entered the sign Pisces at 1 degree.  This is when she was dropped into that tank; maybe not the exact moment but within this time frame.  The Moon is closely adjoined to Neptune, reflecting the need to hide her.  The seventh house shows us the person who put her there and this is ruled by Saturn. Saturn is still in Scorpio and in the fourth house.  Again, he lives at the motel and he wanted her for sex and then he needed to hide her (Neptune and the sign Scorpio both reflect secrets).  The node is in the fourth, having just passed over Saturn, telling us that he planned this in the recent past and had already chosen the hiding place.  Something he does at the hotel allows him access to the water tanks.  He may well have been among those that "discovered" her.  So I think I would be willing to say that she was already in the tank by Feb 10.  Which means she actually died within that 10 day period.  So I am going to run charts for that period and see if I can find the time of death.  From that, we might be able to determine both how she died and who killed her.

I did occur to me that they probably killed her either early on the 10th or in the days preceding that date.  I believe she has already been placed in the tank on that day (or within the 24 hour period prior to this event, mainly because I can't imagine them keeping a dead body around for a long time).  So I started with the 9th of February and hit on the first death pattern right away.  It is present at 3 pm on February 9th and I cannot duplicate it at any other time on any other day.  The pattern actually started at 2 pm on that day and then continues until 3 pm and then disappears.

Looking at this chart, you can see what I am referring to.  Cancer rules the first house cusp and is Elisa's marker.  Here it is in the eighth house of death.  It is under the Sun's beams, which is a marker for danger and for misfortune.  The twelfth house ruler, Mercury, is in the eighth house as well and Saturn, the marker for the dead body of the victim, is in the fourth house, showing her body to have expired in that room.  Saturn also, curiously, marks the "other person" in this event.  I am not sure what that means outside of a "togetherness".  I won't comment on that.  The tenth house ruler, Mars, is also in the eighth.  All of these placements indicate death and the presence of a dead body.  I must also note the mutual reception between Pluto and Saturn, which has several meanings.  One, that the dead body died by violence.  But another is hate.  Pluto and Saturn disposing of each other can often mean murder for hate, or, in other words, a hate crime.  She may have been targeted because she was Chinese.

This pattern stays in place during the same trending time for the next 24 hours or so.  And then the charts show the dumping in the tank event.  So she was killed around the 9th and then dumped on the 10th.  So she was in the tank for 9 days before she was discovered.  She could have ended up in there for months if no one had complained about the water.  And just because she had "bi polar disorder" and was Chinese and not American, her death was chalked up to suicide and dismissed, even though the known facts just don't support that theory.  Whether or not you believe in Astrology, you must admit that not much attention was given to the death of this girl.

The last chart I was to study is the one drawn for the day before she was discovered.  I want to show you something.

Notice that Uranus rules the seventh house.  Notice that Uranus is in the ninth house, showing someone who may be foreign or from another country.  And then Uranus is disposed of by Mars, which rules the tenth house and Mars is in the eighth.  The person who killed Elisa and knew she was dead and in that tank was among those who "discovered" her.  I thought this might be the case when I saw the first charts I studied but I could not reveal it until I had more clues.  But now it is obvious to me.  He worked at the hotel, lived or used rooms at the hotel, raped and abused women at the hotel and was among those who discovered this girls body.  He may have never killed a girl there before or if he had he may have taken them elsewhere.  But the rooftop tanks, behind locked doors, were safe and hidden and if he had access to them, easy for him to take advantage of.  This man is the person who kidnapped her, held her, raped her and killed her and then dumped her in the tank, only to "discover" her later.   

How can we tell more about him? Perhaps find more clues as to who he is and how he can be brought to justice?  First of all, I seriously doubt that he will ever be caught for this or punished.  I do not think the police will ever change their story or, if they do, it will be many years from now with new people.  But the charts say he works there and lives there and has access to the tanks.  This should narrow it down to some degree, if anyone were to care.  And the markers are there to describe him in other ways as well.  Using the chart I drew for her actual time of death, I can draw some details from the seventh house.  Saturn in the fourth describes someone who lives at the hotel, which we already know.  Saturn in Scorpio describes someone older with dark features.  This person is secretive, quiet, apparently shy and reclusive.  He is not friendly with others at the hotel and spends a lot of time alone.  Saturn is trine both Mercury and Mars so he has said little to others that would raise suspicion, is very careful in his words and actions and has not ever drawn fire or anger from others at the hotel.  He will avoid confrontations at all costs.  He gets along with everyone on a superficial level but no one knows anything about him.  He does not incur their curiosity, either.  He stays to himself. 

He is probably thin and small in overall size. Dark features, closed up features, does not smile much.  Does his job, doesn't forget or shirk responsibility but prefers to work alone and has gone out of his way to get other people out of his job.  This should give people some information helpful to singling him out.  I very much doubt anyone is looking to do this at this point but attention should be given to other women who either may go missing or may end up dead.  The Saturn and Pluto connection here gives a tendency towards violence and Mars in Pisces trine to Saturn as well can point to perversities and exotic desires.


  1. The CafeMom site does not say Elisa Lam was in the Cecil Hotel elevator at 2pm, unless I'm missing something. If I'm reading CafeMom's article correctly, they are stating that Elisa Lam's weird hand gestures begin at the 2 minute mark in the video. Thank you for writing about this sad, strange case.

    1. I did not give my entire criteria for assuming the time but more went into it than the link I gave. There were videos on Utube by people who reset the speed on that video and found that it was around 12:30 pm but then there was the checkout time for the hotel and that she was supposed to come to the desk at 3 pm and never did. She was also seen by people who reported it at around 1:30 pm... so I just went with the 2 pm mark because of all of this input. I just didn't want to flood my post with explanations and also I get lazy at times. Just wanted you to know that I beleive my time mark is good. Thanks for paying attention! I am not always right and I don't mind hearing about it when I'm not.

  2. It was an illuminati hit, the illuminati card game has an Eliza card with water. This is why the police adopted their ridiculous story. Why was Elisa in la? Did the cia lure her there? why did they not take a closer look at the hotel employees?


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