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Curtis Pishon

Retired Policeman Disappears from Security Post

 In the early morning hours of July 4th, 2000 Curtis Pishon was not found at his station where he worked as a security guard for an auto manufacturing plant. All his personal belongings were left behind. His car mysteriously caught on fire hours earlier. Curtis was never seen again.

 The family maintains a webpage, "" updated every July.

In 2010, acting on a promising tip, police dug at private residence but found nothing.

As of 2016, Curtis has never been found.

Curtis Pishon
Gender: Male 
DOB: 7/11/59
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 165 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Graying brown
Remarks: Last seen 7/5/00


For 10 years, Curtis Pishon cherished his career as a police officer.   Then he was stricken with multiple sclerosis, a painful muscular disorder that severely limited his mobility.   The disease progressed to the point where Curtis could no longer fire his gun accurately.   He had no choice but to turn in his badge.   His brother, Mark Pishon, believed this devastated Curtis:

“His personality changed. He became sort of quieter. And I don’t think even up to the time of his disappearance he really knew what he was gonna do the rest of his life.”

According to his family, Curtis became depressed and withdrawn.   But when he got a job as a factory security guard in Seabrook, New Hampshire, his self-esteem slowly returned.
On the night of July 5, 2000, everything seemed normal.   Curtis was already well into his shift when at 1:42 AM, he called Seabrook firefighters complaining that his car was on fire.   Jeff Brown, a Deputy Chief at the Seabrook Fire Department, was on call that night:

“He pretty much said that he saw a bunch of smoke… went to find a fire extinguisher and… put the fire out. One fire extinguisher is not going to have much effect. We did notice that he did try to put out the fire. But I don’t have any idea, or gut feeling–how the fire started or–or why the case ended up the way it did.”

Curtis’ car went up in flames

After interviewing Curtis, Deputy Chief Brown found him to be very accepting that his car had been torched.   This was puzzling to his brother Mark because Curtis had the odd habit of using his car to store what he treasured most:

“I would think that if he had seen his car on fire with his belongings in it that he would have been very upset. I would think he would have been almost in tears and in shame and I can’t believe he was quiet, timid.”

After the fire was extinguished, the factory’s security supervisor checked on Curtis. He appeared to be alright.   Then 20 minutes later, at 3:45 AM, a factory worker noticed that Curtis was missing. An exhaustive search of the factory and the surrounding area turned up nothing.   Curtis’ brother, Nicolas Pishon Jr., immediately suspected the worst:
“Our very first thought about what happened to Curt was that he could have taken his own life … Suicide was a possibility with somebody in Curtis’ condition, with MS. He had lost a job that he wanted all his life…”

Perhaps Curtis just walked away

Curtis had recently purchased a 9-millimeter gun from his father, so suicide seemed like a likely theory.   However, police found no trace of the gun in his car or apartment.
Investigators next focused on the possibility that Curtis had a mental breakdown.   They believed Curtis accidentally started the fire, and then became so despondent over losing his prize possessions, that he simply walked away.   Nicholas Pishon disagreed with that theory:

“There is absolutely no way that Curtis would have, or even could have, wandered off by himself under these circumstances. Curtis was a smoker. Smokers don’t leave cigarettes. You don’t… go anywhere without your cigarettes. It doesn’t happen. So he didn’t just walk off.”

Did Curtis encounter trouble on his shift?

It was also possible that Curtis called for a taxi or hitched a ride on a truck leaving the factory.   But investigators discovered that no cabs or company trucks left the plant during his shift.   That left a disturbing possibility for investigators–Curtis Pishon was abducted or even worse, murdered.   While exploring the possibility of foul play, investigators found that a door and two vending machines inside the factory where Curtis worked were damaged during his shift.   But no one knows who caused the damage.   For Nicholas Pishon, any possibility that his brother is alive has faded:

“My best guess is that somebody abducted him and did him in and disposed of the body in such a way that it hasn’t shown up yet… I think if he was alive he would have reached out already, and he never would have put us through this… I miss my brother. I miss Curtis. I was his best friend. And I miss him. I miss him very much.”

The case remains unsolved but Curtis’ family and friends hope he will someday be found.
This is a very sad story and even with the implications of suicide because of his health, his family is still searching.  I don't believe he committed suicide because his body has never been found and it's hard to hide yourself when you're dead.  So I think he was either murdered and buried somewhere and is just not found yet or he ran off.  I wanted to see what the charts had to offer.

Before I get started on my analysis, I have to share with you what I am doing with the blog.  The neuropathy in my arms and hands has gotten so bad I can hardly type.  It takes me days what used to take hours.  So I am trying to transition the posting to either video or slideshow.  I may share them on the blog and also on other platforms, like utube or even my facebook page.  Time will tell. There is a bit of a learning curve here but if I can record audio rather than type so much I can do a lot more. 

 With that much said, here are the charts:

The first chart I ran was for the time his car was set on fire.  You can see the cluster of planets in the third house, showing activity around a vehicle.  Right off I notice that the seventh house ruler, Mars, is there in third and the seventh house co ruler is in the seventh.  Someone else was there and most likely instrumental in the fire setting.  All of these planets in the third are disposed of by the Moon in the fifth. The Moon is always the chart co ruler and placed in the fifth seems to indicate that the fire was "for show" or to "create a certain appearance".  Notice that the chart ruler, is also in the third, closely conjunct to the Node.  Curtis was a player in the fire and perhaps even planned it an advance.  Notice as well Saturn and Jupiter rising in the first.  Saturn rules the tenth and this fire occurred in a public place, near authority and at a work place, all ruled by Saturn and the tenth house.  Jupiter is in Gemini and rules the eighth house while dispositing Pluto, the seventh house co ruler.  Jupiter is disposed of by Mercury, which is in the third house also, close to the first house ruler, Venus.  And I am thinking Curtis pulled this off with the help of a friend.  Mercury ruling the second house with Jupiter ruling the eighth, may point to a financial motive, such as an insurance claim, but that is not clearly spelled out here. It's possible but that's all.

According to the time line, the fire was extinguished and the police cleared the area around 3:20 am and then, 20 minutes later, at 3:45, he was discovered missing.  The chart drawn for 3:20 am, as shown above, shows a heavy emphasis on belongings and money.  His brother had noted that all of Curtis' possessions were stored in the car so the fire would have huge financial and emotional implications.  Yet, the charts show he was complicit in the fire, which is also held up by his family being amazed that he was not upset on losing the car, which they would have expected.  He was actually clam and accepting.  This dovetails with the theory that he set the fire himself.  Please note the chart above as I read it.

The Moon is the only angular personal planet in the chart and it is in the fourth house.  As well, it is disposed by the chart ruler, Mercury.  His family featured largely in this event if only because they were a reason he made the choices he did.  Also note the condition of the seventh house, which indicates other people in the matter.  Notice the seventh house is ruled by Jupiter, in the twelfth, conjoined with Saturn, the ruler of the eighth.  Although Jupiter and Saturn are not conjunct their dispositors are.  This ties them together closely and leads me to believe that the "other person" on this night is a criminal or other miscreant.  Uranus at the tenth house cusp indicates something unusual, unexpected and uncomfortable occurring at that location.  And also of note is that the seventh house ruler, Jupiter, is exactly square to the powerful Moon in the fourth.  There is some bad blood here; something has happened, either earlier this day or at an even earlier time, that has left somebody angry and bitter.  Perhaps Curtis has called the cops on this person before or has denied him or her entrance to the property?

The chart for the time he was discovered missing, around 3:45 am, shows some indicators that cannot be ignored.  Mars rising in the first is a constant bellwether for violence, such as an attack or a shooting.  Mercury rules the first and continues to the retrograde, indicating the Curtis was not "on the ball" that night or was somehow distracted.  Perhaps the car fire?  But here's how things line up.  Mars in the first disposed of by Moon in the fourth are the action markers.  The Moon is moving towards the third house, showing up Curtis either planning on leaving work or just having left.  He doesn't have a car so we assume he left on foot?  I do not see specific markers for someone else's car.  Anyways, the seventh house ruler, Jupiter, disposed by the first house ruler, shows that someone targeted Curtis and the rising Mars shows a sudden, fierce attack.  Another marker that stands out for me is the conjunction of Saturn, the eighth house ruler, with Medusa's Head, the fixed star Caput Algol.  I am afraid Curtis died by violence.

I want to know what happens now so I run a chart for 4:30 am.  In this chart I notice that the node has moved onto the fixed star, Castor, which is said to be connected to scheming and plotting of a devious nature.  So this would seem as if someone had plotted this whole affair and if it was a revenge plot against Curtis, perhaps he had been threatened and felt helpless?  The theory of someone plotting and scheming revenge towards Curtis is also supported by the presence of Antares, the "warrior star" close to Pluto, the planet of chaos.  The seventh ruler, Jupiter, being close to Hyades, seems to indicate that this person was ex military or had some sort of military training.

The last indicator by fixed stars is the presence of a star in the cluster of Pleiades, sitting closely to Jupiter in Gemini, which is a sign of great sadness and tears. 

In this chart, for 4:30 am, Saturn, the marker for the dead body, rules the seventh house so we can assume his body is in the possession of his killer.  Saturn close to Algol, disposed of by Venus which is conjoined to Mercury in the first, tells me they dismembered the body.  The plants in Gemini, the violent planets and the strong position of Mercury speak this to me and I think they scattered the parts. They transported the body (Moon in the third) to a small location on Earth and he was not dumped in the water.  The body is not "up in the air" such as on a mountain.  It is buried.  Taurus indicates a location with small animals and reptiles, such as turtles, snakes and rodents.  Virgo indicates the presence of wild herbs, wildflowers, nettle, etc.  Taurus can also mean the garden near a house or domicile.  Perhaps there is a farm?
Saturn disposed of by Venus and widely sextile to Venus in the first would indicate a clean, attractive location with some landscaping or plantings.  There could be cabins or cottages in the area with attractive curb appeal.  Virgo would indicate the color white so there may be white lace curtains or a home painted white in view.  The area itself is maintained, either by a private owner or by the city, and is usually trim and mowed.  It is not the landfill or similar dump or an area with trash, scum or insects.  He is buried rather deeply in peices or in whole.  

As I said earlier this person who attacked him is military trained and may have been in the special ops or other service in the past.  Pluto in the sixth is a strong indicator and the sign Sagittarius points to marksmenship.  I think Curtis was abducted, taken off and shot.  There are many markers for guns.  There was some sort of vendetta and perhaps he had threated Curtis in the past.  

One last note, the current location is marked by Neptune, which shows death as the ruler of the eighth house.  This can mean, unfortunately, that the body is so well hidden in a place no one would look at there is little chance of finding it.

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