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Young Woman Disappears After Night of Fun

From Crime Watch Daily :

 Kortne was a free spirit who loved the clothes, music and attitude of the 1960s. But did all that peace and love lead down a dark road?For Kortne, it all started here in Palmyra, Pennsylvania, a perfect blend of country living and city life. The pretty green-eyed blond grew up loving the outdoors and all it had to offer. She's exuberant, full of giddy energy and love.But even Kortne's parents Scott and Wendy admit their beautiful, loving daughter is also bold. Now they worry she may have been too bold for her own good. 

"Kortne was 21. She was going to the bars, she was partying, she had her own apartment," said Wendy. "She was a hippy at heart. She wore tie-dye everything."Saturday, July 28, 2012, was supposed to be one long party for Kortne, her boyfriend Bradley and other guests at their apartment. But before the night can even get started, neighbors call the cops and cut the party short.

"Probably about 9 o'clock Saturday evening, authorities did go over and break up what was essentially an underage drinking party," said Lebanon County District Attorney David Arnold.

Bradley is caught drinking, and that's a big problem. He was on probation for a DUI, so cops haul him off to jail.

Kortne's furious with the busybodies next door.
She and her friends decide to move the party down the road to the nearby town of Harrisburg. But more alcohol isn't the cure for Kortne's fury. She gets into a screaming match with another guy and his girlfriend at the bar.

Kortne gets kicked out of the bar, and now she's really fuming. She heads back to her apartment with an old friend, Cody Pruett. Cody's following Kortne to make sure she gets home safe.
"I feel like she didn't want to be there by herself and she knew there were problems with the neighbors, and probably bringing a big strapping fellow back might help the situation," said Wendy.

And she's looking to settle the score with her nosy neighbors.
"She confronts the neighbors -- shouting, screaming, yelling," said Scott Stouffer.
Police are called a second time. Kortne and her neighbor Todd were about to come to blows.
"The police came and they were all outside in the yard, and Kortne was in Todd's face, chest to chest, yelling at each other, and the police came and told them all to go back into their own apartments and to just leave each other alone," said Wendy.

Cody takes Kortne inside to cool down. But Kortne is now on fire.
Less than an hour later, cops are called again. But this time, to their surprise, officers find nothing but peace and quiet.

At 7:30 that morning, Cody wakes up. Kortne is nowhere to be found.
"Cody told Scott he woke up at 7:30 and didn't see Kortne, and he left and went to a convenience store, where he texted her," said Wendy.

But Kortne would never receive that text. Sometime in the previous three hours, she went missing.

FROM  Lancaster Online:

Nearly five years ago, 21-year-old Kortne Stouffer disappeared from her Lebanon County apartment after a night out with her friends.

The puzzling case drew national attention following the Palmyra woman's disappearance on July 29, 2012. Investigators pursued numerous leads over the years but the case remains unsolved.   
On Sunday, the case will be featured on an episode of Investigation Discovery's "Disappeared" series. 

Stouffer disappeared from her apartment sometime between 3:45 a.m. and 7:30 a.m., according to LDNews.com. She was last seen when a Palmyra Borough police officer responded to her apartment for a disturbance involving a neighbor at 3:12 a.m.

The case is still considered an active investigation, the Lebanon County District Attorney's office told LDNews. Scott Stouffer, her father, has also  private investigator, Leah Jennings, to investigate the case. 

And there is even more to this story if you can believe that.  I was stunned by the tale as it was told on Disappeared on Investigation Discovery Channel.  I could not believe that no one had found her and the whole thing was so complicated.  I couldn't resist trying to dope it out.  On the one hand, she does not arouse sympathy being so defiant, argumentative and self centered.  On the other, there is never an excuse for hurting another human being and if she has been hurt, we need to know.  So, if you want to read more about this case you can google it and find it in detail on Crime Watch Daily and on ID.  It is the strangest mystery.  But I was able to get charts for the time she was last seen, in general, I suppose since it is really a window of time, and have done an analysis.  Here it is:


Right away I must point out the first house ruler in the sixth.  This is a traditional marker in missing person and runaway cases and it basically means she will never be seen again.  The first house ruler disposed of by a planet in the twelfth indicates she had a secret purpose in what she did and no one knows what was planned.  This is amplified by the conjunction of the node to the Moon, the first house ruler, in the sixth.  She very likely planned this out, to disappear. The seventh house ruler, Saturn, shows us an older male and since it is placed in the fifth, we can assume this was a lover.  This ruler disposed of by a planet also in the twelfth, not far from her maker, indicates he was "in on" her secret and helped her with this.  
If we are to assume that she planned this escape and intended to disappear, the question remains as to her well being.  Is she still alive?  Is she safe?


The first house ruler in the first shows us that, at this hour, Kortne was doing what she wanted and she was in control of the outcome.  This  girl was not kidnapped or forced; this was an act of will.  The seventh house ruler in the ninth indicates that she has hooked up with a foreigner, someone from another country and with Uranus ruling both the seventh and the eighth I would guess this may be a criminal or an illegal immigrant.  If this is an immigrant this does not also mean this is a criminal since the "illegal" label makes that true in and of itself. But Uranus in Aries also implies someone who is hiding out, in a place where outlaws find safety and that he is hiding her.  But she is there because she wants to be, not because he is forcing her.
In fact, the Moon's dispositor in the eleventh along with the 4th house ruler and the Moon in the fifth, they are in a "love nest" so to speak.  Saturn in the fourth shows us the person who lives there and this appears to be the same older man who helped her run off.  But I am not so sure she is safe where she is in the long run.


This chart shows dangers.  His marker is still in the eighth, describing a criminal personality who lives "on the edge".  Pluto in the fifth can define passion and excitement but it also describes violence. Pluto rules the fourth so there is a danger of violence where she is. Moon moving into the fourth shows her settling in here to stay and not trying to leave.  And her ruler in the twelfth at this point shows both her sleeping in the early morning hours but also that she is hiding in a place where she feels she will never be found. Neptune in Pisces in the seventh hints at drug dealing or drug abuse or both.

This may be his criminal activity, use and sale of drugs but the square between Neptune and the node in the fourth indicates that drugs were not a part of the plan.  And here is a clue for the local authorities:  the Moon and the node in the fourth disposed of by Jupiter in the tenth may describe public housing or HUD housing in that area.  They may be living in a Section 8 development.
It makes me kind of sad to do these cases, knowing that family and friends are in pain.  There is a special kind of remorse when you see that someone just up and left their loved ones, no concern.  Seem pretty selfish.  I know it's better than hearing they are dead or being held against their will, which present their own brand of horror but, at least, in those cases, whatever small solace it is, there is a chance of getting them back and of knowing they did not leave on their own.  How angry or unhappy does one have to be to leave in this manner?

The good news in these charts is that there does not appear to be any immediate plans to kill her or to use her for porn or sex slavery or anything like that.  There are violent markers intermingled with romantic ones so this is an abusive relationship but one that she entered voluntarily.  The charts I ran for the next few hours throughout the day show that she is there willingly, subject to a volatile man but not being mortally harmed in any way.

The presence of the first house ruler in the sixth in the first chart drawn clearly indicates she has no plan of coming home and will probably never be located.  I see no death patterns in the days ahead so if she dies, it is much longer after she has gone.  The only comfort friends and family have at this point is that she is where she wants to be, doing what she wants to.  It is very unlikely she will ever be found.

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