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Charles and Jennifer Chia

Two children go missing walking home from the School Bus!

These two children were kidnapped after leaving a school bus near their home in an apartment complex in Reno, Nevada. They simply walked away from the bus, towards their home, and disappeared before getting there. Detectives later found them dead, buried in a shallow grave, in California, some 50 miles away from their home.

The boy was only 8 years old and his sister was only 6. So what happened to these murdered kids? Let the Psychic Detective go to work and draw up a forensic chart! The stars show Pisces Rising and Sagittarius on the Midheaven, as in other cases we have discussed. The chart ruler, Neptune, is in the 10th house, joined by Uranus and Saturn. The Moon is in Gemini at the nadir. Forensically, this means that they were out in the open, easily seen, among other people and very close to their home. These are all obvious facts and do little to help us, though.

My psychic detective tells me that the conjunction of Uranus and Saturn to the chart ruler, Neptune is significant. Saturn rules the eleventh house so one of these persons was a friend to the kids. This may have been another child. But Uranus, the more distant planet, rules the twelfth house, so there was someone there who stood out, who didn't really "belong" and who had ulterior, hidden motives. My forensics tell me that this was a planned out abduction and not just one of opportunity. These people made sure they were present at this very time. The older adult was invited or brought along by the third child.

The forensic chart shows the north node in the twelfth house and this makes me believe that there was some tie to the past. Some thing or person from the past was a part of this scenario. Interestingly enough, the north node is disposited by Uranus.

When you look at the perpetrators, you have to view through the seventh house. Here we find Mercury on the cusp. Mercury then is the ruler of the abductor and when I see it is placed in Libra in the 7th house along with Mars nearby, I can conclude a few things. First of all, this abductor lived nearby if not nearly next door. He was at the time of the abduction truly "in his own place". The kids knew him or her. Again, because there are two planets here also I must say there were two people with the kids at the time of this kidnapping. One was very young (Mercury) but somehow connected to the older one (Mars) who was likely a man. Mars in Libra is exactly trine to Moon in Gemini at the nadir so this was an adult the kids liked really well, seemed to be friend at all times, was close to their home, in their neighborhood.

Because forensic Mercury is exactly square forensic Neptune, this young person has kept his or her mouth shut because they are guilty. My psychic detective tells me that the kidnapping may have been the child's idea. This schoolyard "friend" had no affection for these children, either because they were foreign or because they appeared to be rich or both. There may have been teasing or ridicule from other kids. This child (Mercury) may have played practical jokes or been a clown of sorts but in a mean way. This young person posed the idea to the older man and he was willing to do it. They were going to kidnap the Chia kids and hold them for ransom.

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The adult male, defined by forensic Mars in Libra in the seventh, was a man who had violent tendencies toward people he saw as partners or possible partners. Mars rules the second house so this psychic believes the abductor lured the Chia kids with a gift of some sort to get them to come along. The exact trine of Mars to the Moon at the nadir means that the kids enjoyed this man's company and they often saw him around their home and neighborhood. Forensic Mars is desposited by Venus in Sagittarius in the ninth house, so a large part of his reason for taking these kids was that they were foreign. Venus opposes the Moon at the nadir, so perhaps he is motivated by the idea that foreigners are "infiltrating the neighborhood". Because he had no affection for foreigners or for Asian people, he did not resist the idea of taking them for money.

My psychic detective looks at this chart and sees that Neptune, the ruler of the forensic chart, comes to an exact conjunction with Saturn (one degree away) in the tenth house. One year later (one degree) the kids were found (Neptune rules the chart and it's in the tenth house, the public sector) and they are nothing but remains and bones (Saturn rules the bones)! Saturn also rules the grave.

This is my detective synopsis of what I see in this forensic chart:
This was a plot between two people, one a child (either male or female) and an adult male. The child liked the ransom idea, perhaps having seen it on TV. Because Venus disposits Mercury and then rules both the eighth and third houses, I think this person heard a lot about how rich these kids were and that they had a big inheritance coming or other such gossip. Forensic Mercury indicates that this child was involved gossip, mostly romantic in nature, but often whatever other people are interested in talking about. The older adult male was someone close to the child who also lived nearby. This man agreed to the kidnapping but he had a really good relationship with the victims. He had good feelings towards the victims (Mars trine the Moon at the nadir) and met often with them in public places like the playground or park (Mars sextile the Midheaven).

The whole thing went sour at some point before ransom was requested. I believe the violent tendencies of the adult male reared their head and something untoward occurred. I do not believe this kidnapping was sexual in nature. I think someone just got angry and went too far. Forensic Mars is in Libra so perhaps it was an argument of some sort. Whatever happened at this point, these children were killed and disposed of and the kidnapper never got to ask for his ransom.

For those of you who would like to draw up a chart of your own for comparison, Jennifer and Charles Chia disappeared on October 18, 1989 and were found dead on July 25, 1990. They disappeared from Reno Nevada and were found in Plumas County, California.

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  1. I am unfamiliar with this type of forensic work, but is there a belief within the framework of forensic astrology that this crime will be solved?

  2. This particular chart did not show a resolution or capture. The bodies have been found and the police are far into their investigation so what was ignored is long lost. However, there is a chance that more information will come to light. However, the chart does not specifically say this.


  4. I was friends with these 2 children and walked with them from the bus stop to our apartments every day. What you say resonates with me and my mother, who insisted that it was our neighbor, Hans and his son Andy. Our neighbor's wife would babysit them and Hans would call them racist names and get angry when she offered to sit. Andy and Hans took all us kids out to the desert once for shooting practice, so he was familiar with the outskirts of town.
    My mother thinks Hans and Andy lured them in to their car, as friends, then took them and killed them outside of town. She called Americas Most Wanted and was interviewed about the kids, but nothing ever came of it. This post makes me wonder if she was correct all this time and they got away with it.
    Thanks for posting.

  5. I lived a few doors away from the Chia children in our apartment complex in Reno, and my daughter was the 3rd child who walked from the bus from them, so it's not possible the third child who was actually present, was involved - she was in 6th grade or so. The FBI cleared me as well, since I worked at a bank nearby. However, my next door neighbors were babysitters of the Chia children, the wife was very sweet and kind, and became a friend. However, her husband was a survivalist who was extremely controlling, traveled often, and lived in his car when he was traveling. He would leave lists for his wife with exactly what she was to do all day, every day, written out in half-hour increments. She would come to visit me and leave her door open in case he called, because it caused problems if she didn't answer the phone. One day she told me about a neighbor of theirs, at some property they owned in Lake county, who was found dead, stuffed into a refrigerator. She was very disturbed by this, and mentioned it several times after the Chia children went missing - she said how awful that something like that could happen twice, so close to home. She had told me that her husband was hiding from the IRS, that they had to leave their property and hide out because the IRS was looking for her husband for back taxes. I feel that the husband killed the children, and that his teen-aged son was involved - who was around 17 I believe. They often went shooting out in the desert between Reno and California. And, the husband hated asians, referred to them as "gooks" in front of me, and my daughter, many times. I feel he was very jealous and upset that his wife had brought these children into his home, it provided her with money and took her out from his having total control over her every move when he was not home. He became upset at one point because the wife was coming to my house for coffee, so we had to "sneak" if we wanted to have 10 minutes to talk, while he was out, or while he was out of town - so he didn't find out. t shared some of this with the FBi at that time, however, nothing came of it. I am the one who called John Welch to request the family be featured on his TV show, he interviewed me over the phone and they decided to take on the case. The whole thing has been very disturbing for me ever since, and was very traumatic for my daughter at the time. The children were so lovely, sweet, well mannered little dolls. I hope some day the killer is caught so the Chia family might have some justice. Just because I have my suspicions doesn't mean this man did it - but I can't get past the gut feeling I have about it because of his overall behavior and the mention of the other crime that happened to their other neighbor, at their former home.

  6. I lived a few doors away from the Chia children. My young daughter was on the same bus that day, and the deaths of those sweet and lovey children impacted us both deeply. Our next door neighbors, the wife, babysat for them. Her husband was very strange, and I always felt that he - alone or with his son - committed this crime. There were many things that led me to this conclusion, most significantly the wife told me about a murder that happened to their prior next door neighbor at their last home, over the border in California - and she had mentioned how strange it was to have something like this happen twice in a row, to one of their neighbors. Her husband traveled often, lived in his car when he traveled, and was an absolute control freak - he had a schedule his wife was to keep every minute of the day, written out in half-hour increments from breakfast until bedtime. She could never leave and had to be home to answer the phone in case he called. I would invite her in for coffee and she'd keep the door open in case he called if he was out of town. When he was home, she wasn't allowed to visit anyone. He hated asians and called them gooks, and did not like it that his wife babysat for these children. I felt it was because it gave her some freedom, and interaction with neighbors. I brought this up with the FBI during investigations after it happened, but nothing ever came of it. To this day I feel that he did it, and I've never been able to let that feeling go. Poor babies, may they RIP>


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