Sunday, May 25, 2008

Madeleine Mc Cann

Precious Little Girl Disappears in Portugal

This case is a tough one. I did not want to do it at first because the time lines were sketchy, the evidence was pointing at the parents, there was still evidence surfacing and the police had made big mistakes in the investigation. All of this conspires to make it a hard read. Thanks to an interested reader, who had collected lots of details and Internet sites for me to see and use in my efforts, I decided to give it a shot. I have gone over the public information on the BBC and the British papers, where they have followed this event closely. This beautiful little girl just disappears in a foreign country under suspicious circumstances. The entire order of events are strange, the parents behavior is questionable, the police appear to be bumbling along and the entire world is focused and frenzied.

Trying not to make judgments or jump to conclusions, I want to draw up a objective chart and analyze it with an open mind. I admit, this is hard to do. The slant of everything I read made it seem like mom and pop had done it. Just like Stacey Peterson, I want to do a fair reading but I hate to go against conventional wisdom. Like the OJ Simpson case, where the jury found him not guilty, the world is of the conventional wisdom that he is. And I would never be one to discount the value of human intuition. After all, what I do here, is to a great degree intuition, although I prefer to think of the gist of it as science.

So it is with this brave stab at fairness that I went about collecting time lines and casting charts. And, boy oh boy, did things come clear FAST. In my findings, it became quickly my belief that you can just toss out the time lines as given because the charts tell a very different story, indeed. And in the charts, as they come into focus, no one has been telling the truth and I personally don't know why. This includes friends who were there with the Mc Canns at that resort on that fateful evening. They have to be lying. And that bothers me. Why on earth would these people, having nothing to do with it presumably, tell tall tales? Is it because they are ashamed to admit they suspect these people? Or is it because they don't want suspicion cast upon them, as well? Or is it just human nature to defend those around us? It is your guess. Someone with a degree in Psychology may be able to answer this question better than this Astrologer.

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In my work, I ended up drawing up charts for every hour from 6 pm until 11 pm and the findings are the same. And I will show you, in detail, what those findings are. I started with a chart for the time the good Doctor claims to have visited the room and found the children alive. 9:15 pm local time. However, he later admitted to having only listened at the door and having heard nothing special, assumed all was well. A chart drawn for this time, shows that this child is already dead. Now, how on earth could things have been well if this child was already dead? As a matter of fact, that chart defines death so clearly it shocked me. And it tosses out any suggestions that people should be looking for Maddie to be shopping in Brisbane. And all of the charts, drawn for all of the times given, show the same thing. And I will show you each chart and analyze them in turn.

The chart for 6:00 pm in Portugal shows that everyone is fine, they are all together in the hotel room. Sagittarius is rising with Jupiter conjoined the Ascendant, showing that Maddie was in "her place" and basically happy. Gemini is falling and Venus is in Gemini in the seventh house. I believe this is Maddie's mother. Venus is disposed by Mercury in Taurus, placed in the sixth and conjoined with the Sun, also in Taurus. I see this as the couple, husband (the Sun) and wife (Mercury) going about their day to day affairs (sixth house). Saturn is in Leo in the tenth house (the father). Saturn is exactly trine Jupiter (Maddie's ruler at the Ascendant) and this means she and her father were having a wonderful time this day, out in public, enjoying each other, where may people saw them. Overall, this chart seems to be perfect. A happy family enjoying their stay.

However, there are two dark clouds that peek out at me and I am watching them from chart to chart. The Moon falls in the twelfth house in Scorpio and is disposited by Pluto, lingering near the Ascendant in the first. Neptune is in the fourth house in Aquarius, disposed by Aquarius in the fifth house conjoined Mars. Neptune is also just pushing away a square with the Moon. There is a secret here. These configurations smack of dark, hidden secrets, perhaps sexual in nature. Was there a thing between Daddy and Maddie? I won't point that finger. It's too nasty and is unfair without actual proof. But there are aspects that point in a dark direction, with jealousies or resentments afoot. Neptune in the fourth means that something in the family is a secret and the Moon sweeping away from a square means that suspicions have been aroused or even that part of the secret has recently been revealed. Pluto indicates that perhaps someone is jealous and maybe also angry.

But nothing is said at this moment. So we draw up a chart for 7:00 pm, around the sketchy timeline the parents gave for dinner. This chart shows that Jupiter, still ruling the Ascendant, has slipped into the twelfth house with the Moon. Pluto has moved onto the Ascendant and Saturn has slipped into the ninth. The other planets remain where they were in the last hour. Pluto indicates a fight or argument has arisen and Maddie (now in the twelfth house) is being punished and confined. Mercury and the Sun are still conjoined so the parents present a united front, they both make the point and support the other one. When one of them loses it and hits the girl, the other one doesn't object. Saturn in the ninth indicates that they are holding back to some degree because they are on vacation. But Pluto and the Moon just indicate that emotions boiled over and someone lost it. In the place where she was confined, Maddie was the object of someones' anger and most likely was struck or pushed or in some other way "attacked".

And then the chart for 8:00 pm shows things progressing. Pluto has slipped into the twelfth with the Moon and Jupiter. Mars and Uranus have now moved into the fourth house and they are closely squared to the Pluto-Jupiter conjunction in the twelfth. This is around the time that someone has gone too far. The beating was intended to be just that and the assumption is still that "things will be ok". Maddie is hurt but she is not dead yet. And I don't believe they expected her to die. Someone was just "making a point".

Capricorn is now at the Ascendant and Saturn is in the ninth. The Moon rules the Descendant and has now fallen back into the eleventh house. They leave Maddie in the room and go to dinner with their friends. The Moon means they snookered their friends, pulled them into the conspiracy, inadvertently, using them for testimony that "things were fine". The Moon is a dark veil that is often pulled over a situation, obscuring facts. Emotions played a huge part in how everybody saw the events as they occurred. It may well be that later on, people questioned their initial impressions, but they were loathe to change testimony, no doubt. The Moon causes too much worry. People don't want to be misunderstood.

Drawing up a chart for 9:00 pm, I see that Saturn has slipped into the eighth house sometime since 8:00. Maddie most likely died in that room during this final hour. At this hour, the Sun and Mercury have settled in the fifth house, so the parents are still enjoying their dinner and evening with friends. I am not sure from this chart whether they knew she was dieing or dead; whether they intended this to happen; whether it was part of a plot. The only thing I know for sure from the planets is that they presented a united front. Whichever one was at fault or had initiated the plan, if there was one, the other simply fell into lockstep and went along with all of it.

There is a lot about this case that reminds me of Jon Benet Ramsey. I remember reading several books about it and coming away believing that Patsy had killed her accidentally and then her husband went along with the cover up. I remember believing that Patsy had been angry at Jon Benet for wetting her bed and took her into the bathroom to change her and wash her. It was there I think she yanked too hard or pushed or something and the child hit her head on the tub. It was this scenario that I bought. And then they stunned her with a stun gun one of them had for personal protection, attempting to awake her. When she did not come back, they staged the scene.

I try to imagine myself in these scenarios. It is an accident, after all, and no doubt the parent is living with horror and guilt and personal pain for a lifetime. Patsy died of cancer, sadly and probably in great pain. Some people may say "just desserts" but what on earth would you do, if it were you? Go to prison for an accident and leave your family worse for wear, without a mother or father? Or would you hide it, as best you could, and live with the ugliness of your own suffering? How do you handle anguish such as this? And do you want the world pointing fingers, sniffing your corner, shining bright lights on you and yours, making you a monster, when all that you likely are is a parent who made a mistake.

I am not saying that these parents should not be punished or that they should be excused, but they must be pitied. What on earth pushes a parent to get this angry? My own mother was angry and violent with the children, so I have witnessed it first hand, but therapy has I grew older spared me that emotional roller coaster. I cannot imagine how my mother would have lived with it if she had actually killed one of us. She might have shot herself or something equally horrid. And, yet, who would blame her?

Now, according to the local Portuguese Police, they arrived on the scene there around midnight. Doing a chart for this time renders an Aquarius rising. Leo is on the Descendant. Neptune has slipped into the twelfth house so I believe they have, at this time, hidden her well. Both Neptune and the Ascendant are desposited by Uranus in the second house, which means that she is stashed somewhere among their belongings. She is in a suitcase or a luggage bag. Actually, Neptune and Uranus are in mutual reception, so they found a place quickly, no one looked there, and she remained there safely for some time after the search was over. The seventh house ruler, the Sun, has moved into the third house, so they are shining lights all over the neighborhood. They are rousting the neighbors, getting people out of bed, searching everywhere. The Sun is desposed by Venus in the fifth house, so they focus a great deal on recreational areas, near the pool, the playground, the restaurant or bar, etc... Presuming at first, perhaps, that she simply wandered off on her own.

Another aspect of the midnight chart is that the Moon has moved into the tenth house. There are public displays of histrionics from the mother. She is visibly shaken and emotionally overwrought. Her performance is heart breaking. I believe she is this upset, after all, she has lost her child, however that came to pass. The tenth house is ruled by Scorpio and Pluto falls in the eleventh. Much suspicion, at first, falls on the friends. There are interviews, nervous responses, changes in recall. One of their friends was the "last one to visit the room" and he was scrutinized carefully. If he had had one illicit sexual event in this background, he would have been the main person of interest that night. Mercury conjoins the nadir so there were long hours of interviews with the parents, the other children, there in the hotel room. Careful inspections were made of the room and copious notes were taken. However, they still managed to overlook Madeline.

Mercury was closely square Neptune and the police were hoodwinked. They could not have helped it. The north node falls into the first house at this point and the entire affair takes on karmic elements. It was not "meant to be" that she be found that night. And this sort of karmic "buzz" on a chart may mean that she will never be found. Looking at the chart for the time the Police arrived, which should be considered the time at which she officially became "missing", the Scorpio midheaven is directly opposed Mercury in the fourth. This doomed the cops. Nothing but a lot of worthless trivia would emerge from their early inquisitions. But I see a weak spot in the chart at this point and I want to explore it.

The Scorpio midheaven is disposed by Pluto in the eleventh house of their friends. Pluto is retrograde and backing up to a direct opposition to Venus in Gemini. Pluto is in a succedent house, in a fixed sign, making the time move very slowly. Retrograde motion has 4 degrees to travel at this pace before the opposition is exact. This means, to me, that around 4 years from the original event, one of the female friends among their group that evening will get up the nerve to say something she has been afraid to thus far. One of the women said they saw a man walking around with a child in a blanket. This was dismissed by the rest of the group as a lie. Now, if it were true, what more do we know about this? And if it were a lie, what were her motives? And if it were true, why would the rest of them lie? This may be a part of some facts that have been overlooked or dismissed and may come to light in four years. Or it could be something else altogether... something we have never heard before. Remember, Scorpio is secretive and Pluto is disruptive. Be on the ready for surprises in the future.

What say you about this case? Go to my forum and post your findings or thoughts. I cannot equip the blog with open posting, which I very much wanted to do, so this is the next best thing. In the future, I may open up online chats several times a month where people can discuss what they think about any given case. In the meantime, pray for Maddie and her family. No matter what happens in this case, a lot of people are in pain.


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  1. wow..two things....
    a) i NEVER thought mrs. ramsey killed little jon benet even tho i heard mom was pissed at her for bed was on x-mas eve and who on gods green earth would be in that home and hide the kid in a closet that is locked in the basement and mr. ramsey seemed to purposely deceive the police in the hunt for her in the house....
    i ALWAYS thought it was a rival of Mr. Ramsey's for business and revenge on some level..very very cruel to kill a 5/6 year an enemy of the dad for business was my thought.

    little madelaine in portugal? wow...i had no idea the parents were really guilty - and BOTH the parents are doctors you know.

    its inconceivably sad how some people treat their children and harm them physically and even psyically (psychically) and psychologically - and treat thekids like they are disposable garbage.

    I just can not conceive of such human cruelty as killing a child andthen appearing innocent to the world.
    wow - you are an awesome forensic astrologer.

  2. Absolutely brilliant! Finally somebody is doing the astrology of what I have always believed did happen on that night...
    I am now officially a fan.

  3. Just for the record, I never did a chart on Jon Benet. The time line was too sketchy and the chart I did run up I just couldn't read. I am not sure who killed Jon Benet and I was talking about the book written by Mark Fuhrman where he gave a convincing argument about Patsy. Recent DNA seems to clear the Ramseys which means that Fuhrman was wrong. I hope to God they find the real culprit in this case so little Jon Benet can rest in peace. Thanks for reading my blog.

  4. You're talking shit, I hope when this case is finally resolved that you too will be prosecuted for liablous slander. When you say you didn't want to do a chart on this one, what you mean't to say is you wanted to jump on the bandwagon to put your own fantasies where people might come across them whilst looking for anything about Madeleine. You are trying to gain popularity from a missing little girl and peoples suffering. I was going to say you should be ashamed of yourself but I don't suppose you are as you try to make your self impostant through other peoples misery, you are a parasite. I wish this comment to be public not private thank you. But actually I can't see you posting anything which doesn't put you in a positive light - there for the greatness of yourself.

  5. Thanks for Your interesting views of Maddie’s chart. Written in May 2008, it’s astonishing how close they are to many of the observations found in the PJ Police Report and in the Case Files.
    The hateful response from "Christine" is a good example of the despair and paranoia in the pro-mccann camp, especially after the case files was released the 4th. August.

  6. Its a very interesting theory indeed, and I have read many of your charts, but this one I'm not sure about. If the parents had been violent towards their eldest daughter, wouldn't their twins, who were in the same room, be afraid of the parents? Also, as doctors, surely they would know that hitting a small child would be dangerous, and if she seemed alseep, that maybe it was very serious? Also, it is well known that the Portuguese police mucked things up, it was a small town not used to such things, not cornering off the building etc, and at the same time as Madelines disappearance another little girl (a local girl) went missing who was sadly later found dead in a nearby town, but she didn't get any publicity like Madeline. I hope that this case can be resolved, as IF the parents are guilty, those twins may one day suffer, and if they are not guilty, then the world is punishing two innocent grieving families.

  7. hi ,very interesting,and i think you are on the right track.i see this was written in 2008,so have you thought about doing another reading.

  8. I read your blog with interest especially about possible sexual abuse and that in 2012, Jane Tanner will break ranks and tell the truth.

    The phone records thread on the seem to indicate that she could have died between April 28 and 9am on Monday, April 30 with it being more likely on Sunday, April 29.

    I wonder if you could look at that possible timeline please to see what forensic astrology says about this.


  9. Hi Caroline

    I just reread this post. Usually I am amazed at your insight but I have a feeling you have this one wrong. Why didn't you read Maddie as being ruled by the 5th house? I think you might have jumped to a conclusion too quickly but I'm not positive yet, haven't read it myself. I have read the Jon Benet chart using your tutorials and I think I can see that one pretty clearly. I do not for one minute think the parents killed her. I used the 5th for JB and started moving the chart forward from midnight every 15 min until I saw it. I won't go into the whole reading (Jon Benet) but I believe she died just prior to 1:40 when Neptune crossed the 4th house cusp. I strongly believe the killer was related to John Ramsey by work and possibly a friend as well. The killer was angry regarding money, jealous of John although in a way it was just an excuse because he was a pedophile. I do think its possible they knew who it was and for some reason covered it up. I have learned SO MUCH from you and I just want you to know I appreciate it. I hate the idiots that blast you like you have an ulterior motive. They have no idea how much work it is and how low the pay is! Have a Merry Christmas! Valerie

  10. I totally agree with all your findings and thank god for people like you for not being scared to print what you find.
    I have just read Amarals book online and feel like posting your findings to him as you and he are saying almost the same things.
    How long are the Mcanns going to get away with this?
    For all the doubters out there i suggest you read Amarals book The Truth Of The Lie.

  11. Please confirm what longitude and latitude you're using for the Portugal location and whether you are using local Portugal time or GMT for each chart.
    My chart calculations for the above events outlined do not agree with the ones you show.
    For example when Gerry McCann went to check on the children at approx 9pm [local Portugal time or 8pm GMT] the Asc comes out at 21 deg Scorpio

  12. Please confirm what longitude and latitude you're using for Praia de Luz, Portugal for your event charts and whether you are using local Portugal time or GMT for each chart.
    My chart calculations do not agree with the ones on here.
    For example when Gerry McCann went to check on the children at approx 9pm [local Portugal time or 8pm GMT] the Asc comes out at 21 deg Scorpio

  13. Well done for this. Good to find other astrologers tackling this subject. I have done the same here. I think you are onto something with the violence. But I still think cause of actual death was sedatives. thats what we get with the fixed stars anyway.

  14. I think you are absolutely wrong on this one, many of the events don't match, you didn't mention a lot of things like the twins or where she was even buried? I mean you don't always have to be right, there are a lot of speculations surrounding this case but I'm gonna stick to the abduction theory, just think about where this child went missing, a place where a lot of corruption occurs and where there is a lot of crimes committed against children, maybe you had JB in mind and you gotta all messed up?? I just keep hoping that she is found some day, it seems almost impossible to me that her parents both being doctors killed her.

  15. Very, very interesting, thank you.

    There is no credible evidence at all that Madeleine was abducted.

    Just because people are doctors does not mean they are pure as the driven snow - look at Harold Shipman!

  16. My Astrology group did a Horary chart asking "Where is Madeleine McCann?" shortly after she was reported as missing. The answer was that she had ended up in water and two people were involved, a male and a female. We took it to mean that she had been abducted by strangers. I've since changed my mind as to our interpretation and don't believe the male and female were strangers.

  17. Hi, I've been having a play with Maddie,Gerry and katescomposites and also the event date along with a variety of time frames that day. Using Arabic parts I found maddys point of death to be 22.0 cancer. Looking at a composite of Maddie and the event day timed at 8.30 pm Saturn was sitting at 22.48 cancer.which may narrow the time further to between 8 and 8.30 pm. I'm very amateur at this stage,so don't have the expertise yet to get any closer. Another curious thing I noticed in one of the charts, I think the Maddie/event composite,is that there's almost a perfect star of David or star of Bethlehem,give or take 9 degrees.again my expertise doesn't allow me to know which or what it meant.I think you're spot on with the suitcase, it would explain the cadaverine smell in the wardrobe and on the clothes, and a suitcase at a holiday resort wouldn't be given a 2nd glance. I'm now keen, with the reinvestigation underway to try the Arabic parts of imprisonment or similar on the parents charts to see when these are due to be activated.

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