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Stacey Peterson

Wife Disappears And Can't Be Found

I usually avoid really high profile cases that have fallen into controversy. In this case, most everybody has come to the conclusion that her husband, Drew, was responsible for her disappearance and probable murder. And, in this regard, I am not one to differ with conventional wisdom, unless the chart shows something different. But I was reluctant to do a chart, mostly because of the shifting time lines, and the probability that Drew is lying about the time line to begin with. He was the last to see her alive. Are the times he reports for these events to be trusted? So, you can see why I was reluctant to put a card on the table.

However, I do have some time lines reported by other people from which to start. Her sister last spoke to her at 10 am, so this was a valid point from which to begin charts. Drew claims he last saw her at 11:00 am, which was an hour after her sister spoke to her. As if we are to believe that she talked to her sister, told her nothing about leaving her husband, then quietly packed in less than an hour, on a whim, and just left. This is a stretch even for the most liberal want to be believers. However, a chart done for that time, as I will show you, has Stacey still alive.

But not for long! As the stars move backward across the progressions, the dial flips and puts her ruler in the twelfth house of death with Pluto at the Ascendant. All within a half an hour. And it is that exact moment in time, the moment when she crosses over from being here and being there, that also defines who was present when that event occurred. The chart will define this person pretty well, as I shall show you. But, first of all, you have to remember that this is just my psychic interpretation of what happened and that I have no clues, no fingerprints, no DNA, nothing that will hold up in a court of law. All I can do is point and direct. And perhaps the charts will show me where she is now, allowing me to really point and shout... go find her!

When Drew Says He Last Saw Her

Starting with the time at which her sister claims to have last spoken to Stacey, which is at 10 am, I draw up a chart and see that Stacey is alive and well and no violence has occurred this day yet. Sagittarius is rising, Gemini is falling and Virgo is on the Midheaven. Jupiter is at the Ascendant, in Sagittarius, double emphasizing Stacey in her place. She is where she usually is. Pluto is in the first house in Sagittarius, close to Jupiter, which tends to say that she was a little irked or feeling a bit argumentative over something.

The chart co-ruler, the Moon, is placed at the Descendant, in the sign Gemini. Internally, she was analyzing how she felt about her marriage. There was some contention between her and her partner. The descendant ruler, Mercury, was placed in Libra in the eleventh house, meaning that he is overly engaged in friendships, partnerships and business alliances. He allows other people to influence their marriage and this irks her. There is also a possibility that she believed he was cheating. Libra tends to be flighty but quick to get attached, jumping from one love affair to another. Her partner, according to this chart, tending to be a flirt and like the attentions of the opposite sex.

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Moving on with the charting, I draw one up for the time at which Drew claims to have last seen her. One hour after she last spoke to her sister. This is 11 am on this same morning.
Drawing up the planets, I see that Sagittarius is still rising and both Jupiter and Pluto have backed up right onto the Ascendant. Mars has swiftly moved into the seventh house in the sign Cancer. This points at a fast rising argument, where she starts it by letting off steam about what's bothering her. He reacts violently. This occurs in the home, where she was when she made the phone call at 10 am. Mars in Cancer in the seventh house puts the family in the center of the drama. Mars is disposited by the co-ruler of the chart, the Moon, which has slipped into the sixth house. This is a day to day occurrence, these kind of confrontations, and often disrupts their work schedules. Daily life has turned into an emotional drama.

Another detail that needs to be mentioned in this chart. Mercury, the seventh house ruler, makes a closing trine to Neptune, in the second house. There are financial secrets that Drew keeps from her. Something big that he kept private. There was money she did not know about. Money that was his alone. Or would be his alone. This type of trine in a horary chart can be motivation enough to cause things to occur. Mutual reception is another configuration that causes things to happen. In this chart (and all of the others, too) Mercury is in mutual reception with Venus in the ninth house. This means that the law, the police, the court system, has a lot to do with the events as they occurred. Drew being a cop has a lot to do with what happened and why it is still unsolved.

But this is not when Stacey died. The argument erupted here and there were fireworks, but she was still alive and well at 11:00 am, the time at which he claims to have last seen her. She did not go anywhere. There is no third house activity. She does not get into a car. Nor does she walk anywhere. They are together, here, fighting. And at 11:30, the chart shows another shift. Jupiter, her ruler, slips into the twelfth house (of death) and Pluto, the planet of violence, slips right onto the Ascendant. Mars is still in the seventh house and all other planets remain the same. He was facing her when he killed her. She had no mistake about his anger. He did not sneak up behind her or poison her or any other insidious act. Jupiter and Pluto are conjoined so the violence was swift and almost painless. This makes me think he grabbed her and strangled her. But I cannot be sure.

Time At Which I Think She Was Killed

Look at this chart and see this. Saturn, the bellwether, has moved into the eighth house of passing. Saturn is in Virgo, disposited by Mercury, also the ruler of the seventh house. The seventh house describes the murderer so, from this, we can now see that he is the only one with her and the only one who knows where she is, even now. There will be no witnesses or other contributors. He is safe from tattlers. Only if he decides to confess, the police are left with the chore of trying to prove he did it from physical evidence. But there is no blood on the scene because I don't think he shot or stabbed her. Like I said, I believe she was strangled to death, face to face.

To be honest, from looking at these stars, I don't think he planned it. I think it was in a fit of rage. Not that he hadn't thought about it, and not that he hadn't hoped for the chance. Just that this time it just fell in front of him. He may have followed a fantasy or private plan he'd had for a while, what he would do "if he could" sort of thing. But this was not a morning for which he had actually planned to kill her. She just pissed him off and he did it. Out of control rage. For the moment of murder, at least. But it seems like he pulled it together and has kept it under control for quite some time now.

Still charting events, I lay out the sky for 12:30 pm, an hour later. And I see Venus has joined Saturn in Virgo in the eighth house. Mercury, Drew's ruler, has moved into the ninth. He is now concerned about the police, the law, what will happen to him if he goes to court for this crime. Prison crosses his mind. He calls upon his skills as a police officer and plans out what to do with the body. In the mean time, he puts her in the bathroom or a bedroom closet. Saturn in Virgo near Venus indicate that he has put her somewhere like this. Wherever people care for their bodies or keep their belongings. These planets immediately point to a closet, the bathroom, a cabinet normally full of cosmetics and medicines. He stuffs her body there temporarily and then what?

Mars is still pushing the Descendant and he is still very angry. Maybe even more now than when he actually throttled her. Mad that she died? Mad that he hadn't done this sooner? Mad now that he faced a huge chore of hiding her and keeping his own butt out of a jam? It's your guess. But I can't resist going further, to try desperately to see what he eventually did with her. I would love to be able to say she was somewhere to be found.

I draw up a chart for 1:30 and find that he has calmed down a great deal. He is back to a daily routine. She is safe in a place that they both shared, like the bathroom or bedroom closet, and he feels safe with her there. In fact, it looks like he goes to a bar. The Moon now rules the Descendant and it has moved into the fifth house. Or perhaps he has gone to get the children. That might make sense. But he makes sure people see him out and about. He wants to say that he last saw her at 11:00 and since then, he is in despair. Having a drink makes him look sad. Getting his children from where ever they are makes him look like a responsible Dad. It also places him somewhere without Stacey, at a time at which she has disappeared. Overall, this is a good move. He looks like a chump. Much better than a murderer!

Progressing the stars forward through the day, I find nothing happening until around 6:30 pm, where the chart shows him getting back in the car. His ruler, Mars, has moved into the third house. Her body, ruled by the Ascendant Taurus and the planet Venus, is in the trunk. Venus is in Virgo, which rules compartments and storage places. Saturn is right along with it, showing her bones are there.. her decomposing body. Strangely enough, it looks like she is stashed away with some recreational equipment. In the trunk with the golf clubs.. or the tennis rackets.. or the camping gear. How tawdry.

Again, nothing much stirs until 8:30 pm, right before Drew uses Stacey's phone and calls his home. This makes it look like she did call him at 9 pm and tell him she was leaving him. This is his story. But the charts show different. Mars has closed onto the Ascendant, showing new aggression towards the victim, so he does more damage to the body. Not at home where the kids are or where blood or other evidence could be found, but in a private, hidden place where he has taken her. He has taken her along in the trunk of the car.

The Killer Is Hiding Her Body

And where did he take her after all? Well, be warned that I am just guessing based on intuition and star charts. Gemini is now rising and Mercury rules Stacey. The co-ruler Moon is in the twelfth house of death (resting places) and it is in the sign Gemini. Therefor, Mercury describes her position completely. Mercury is in Libra. Mercury rules travel along with many other things so I believe she is near a road or highway. Libra is an air sign and describes high places. Are there mountains nearby? Or perhaps foothills? Other outdoor places described by Libra are outhouses, bathrooms, sawmills, attics, mountaintops or hills. All places of this nature should be thoroughly searched. A sawmill on a mountain or hill near a highway is a good place to try. Mercury also rules Greyhound racing, so is there a kennel or stadium nearby?

Another clue is that the Moon, which rules her body in the chart, is placed in the twelfth house of death in the sign Gemini. Gemini is another clue. Places where grain is stored, such as farms and silos, if nearby, should be searched. Again, high places are pointed out, so mountains and hills are again emphasized. All hilly areas and nearby mountainous regions should be scoured. Those areas within 24 miles of a highway or road should be focused on. There are a few other places that Gemini hints at that should be considered, depending upon the neighborhoods in the area. Remember that he took her out there at 7:30 and finished up by 8:30 so search areas should be restricted to areas within a half hour travel time from her home.

If there are mountains or hills within that time frame, these are the first areas to target. If not, then grain silos, farms, sawmills and areas with outhouses should be next. If none of these are in the area, the area is far more urban, then attentions should be turned to areas near libraries, storage units, mail boxes or mail depots, law centers with attorneys offices, tennis courts and recreational areas. But because of the preponderance of Air signs, the planet Mercury and the sign Virgo in the charts, I would limit the searches to areas near highways out in the open on higher ground (the higher the better) near farms, outhouses or grain storage areas. She is hidden. The sign Cancer plays a role so there may be a lake or water nearby. She may actually be in the lake or pond. She could also be scattered. If he reduced her body to small bones and flesh, he could have scattered it and by now it's nothing but bones and dust. It is my guess that she is not buried. If she's not in the water, she is likely scattered around in the open.

And, yes, after seeing these charts, I think Drew did it. Now it's up to the Police to prove it. Astrologers who want to do a chart themselves, can post it at my forum by using the link above.

Stacey Peterson

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  1. I live around this area, in Kane County. Reading your description and reading I googled things as I went along to see where there might be greyhounds, high areas, water, places nobody would look. You said outhouses or, silos. I will have to drive by this area out of curiosity, but when I googled greyhounds closest to Bolingbrook or Drew's address, I came up with a place slightly over the DuPage Co line into Kane Co. Then I wondered if I 88 was high and I googled that. I came up with the highest elevation point in DuPage Co (where the Peterson's lived) is at the county line between DuPage and Kane County, and I then googled what is close to there. There is a landfill that is closed since 1999 very nearby off of Route 59 in Hanover Park, not that far from Bartlet, Elgin, Carol Stream, IL. Not too far from where I live...just down 72 onto 59.

    I wonder if anyone has looked for Stacey in the Mallard Lake Landfill, scattered or whole. There is water there. Mallard Lake Forest Preserve is also close by. It's a lake. This area is 26 miles from Drew Peterson's home. He'd just have had to jump on 59 and drive north a half hour or so.

    I'm absolutely speculating and grasping at straws, but it makes me a little sick to drive around the area and wonder if I'm driving right by her remains. The poor thing. It sounds from your reading like nobody will ever find her, sadly.

  2. My opinion from interpretation is he decapitated her and possibly scattered her body parts over Lake Michigan. He did own an airplane. If I am thinking correctly Libra to me shows short travel by air. Mercury in Libra suggest to me travel by air and she was thrown from the plane either in pieces or her body concelead in something such as possibly a container and landed in the water.


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