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Gina "Pickles" Clark

Disabled Murder Witness Goes Missing

From Kansas City PD:

Gina Clark
Alias/Nickname: Pickle, Peaches
Sex: Female
Race: White
DOB: 2-23-1970
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 105
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel

Other Physical: Scars on abdomen, eyebrow, and face. Previous fractures of the skull, arm, pelvis, wrist. Pierced ears. No adenoids, appendix, tonsils. Had medical disorder of Sydenhams Chorea.

Missing Since: 12-1-1991
Missing From: 4447 Mersington
Misc. Age at time of disappearance: 21
Remarks: Case #91-187251
Foul Play Suspected: Yes
Possible Destination: Unknown

Remarks: Last seen wearing a red jacket with the writing "National Concrete Construction" and "Pickle", on it, black pants, tennis shoes. Ms. Clarks mother reported last seeing her on 12-1-91 at 8:30 p.m. at their residence. On 12-1-91 at approx. 11:15 p.m., Ms. Clark called her mother collect, from an unknown location, but the call was disconnected. Ms. Clark was known to frequent The Motor Inn at 2018 Main. Ms. Clark was a witness to her former boyfriends murder


I realize this is a really cold case and the chances of it being solved are slim. I resist doing these for two reasons: the charts will likely never be proven right or wrong and my readers aren't familiar with them. But I also like to bring cases back into the public eye, among whatever readership I have, hoping to perhaps spark interest. So I am going to attempt to read the charts for the day that Gina Clark disappeared and see what they say.

The first chart I tackled was for the time she called her mother and had the call cut short. The fact that she did not attempt to call her mother again says volumes. It is likely that someone else cut the call short and kept her from calling her mother back... or so it would seem. Let's take a look at the chart. It is drawn for 11:15 pm on December 1, 1991. In the chart, Virgo is rising and Pisces is falling. Mercury is in the fourth house in Sagittarius, in mutual reception with Jupiter placed in the first. Neptune is in the fifth in Capricorn, conjunct Uranus and the Node. This cluster is disposed of by Saturn in Aquarius, also in the fifth. Saturn and Uranus are in mutual reception but they do not rule angular houses. And here is an important and fascinating aspect that must be considered above all others: the Moon is translating the light between Mercury, ruler of the first and Venus, ruler of the tenth. This is the singular aspect in this chart that causes whatever is to occur.

Mercury is retrograde so this is why she has never been found. It is also indicative that she was interrupted somewhere along the way and never completed whatever she set out to do, hence the interrupted phone call. Mercury is in the fourth house and Pluto, the fourth house ruler, is in the third, hinting that she is probably in someone's house at the time of the call. The presence of Mars and the Sun seem to say that she is in the company of two men but they do not rule angular houses or have strong placements so I am hesitant to say that this is a fact. Mercury and Jupiter in mutual reception from the first to the fourth house tells me that Gina was where she was because she wanted to be. She went there on her own steam. At this point, she had not yet been abducted, if she were to be at all.

The translation of light from Mercury to Venus by the movement of the Moon is a huge factor that must be dissected. The Moon is disposed of by Venus and is closing a conjunction. The Moon is waning towards a new moon, probably in the quarter phase. It sextiles Mercury, which is Gina's signifigator. Venus rules the tenth house cusp, which tells me that there is an older, powerful man involved, perhaps someone who has influence over her. A paternal figure, a boss, an ex husband, someone with power over Gina. And the sextile tells me that they are on good terms and she is there because she likes him. The translation of light brings their meeting to pass. They both wanted to see each other and they get that chance.

The placement of Venus in the third hints that this is someone that may be related to the girl or who lives nearby. Did she have a cousin, perhaps a third cousin or other distant relative, that she had strong feelings for? Or was there some man in the neighborhood that she had been wanting to see but that she had been discouraged or kept from seeing? I don't see any secrets here. He is known to other people, they have nothing they are hiding. So this is not a secret rendezvous or a planned disappearance. But the clustering of planets in the third, fourth and fifth house smacks of family, close relatives, romantic ties or children. Had she been romantically involved with someone either in the neighborhood or someone loosely related to herself? Is it otherwise possible that she may have been pregnant at the time? The translation of light involving Venus and the cluster of planets in the fifth house disposed of by Saturn, also in the fifth, all seem to hint that pregnancy, children or the birth of a child was implicit.

In continuing to note the presence of the fourth house ruler, Pluto, in the third house, I must say that Gina was actually somewhere in her own neighborhood, not far from home. In fact, I believe from this chart that she was within walking distance of her home. I do not know if she lived with her mother or not, but she called her mother from a place not far from her own place of residence. They say she hung out at a local motel and this is quite possibly the place she was when she called. Putting the focus on the seventh house ruler, Neptune, I note that it is in the fifth house, very close to both Uranus and the Node, disposed of by Saturn, also in the fifth. I am leaning towards assuming that Gina was wanting to see this man and was surprised that she was able to. Uranus and the Node smack of both surprise and destiny. Uranus is in mutual reception with Saturn, again whispering that she is surprised by the appearance of an older man she had been hoping to see. A crush, perhaps? Neptune does describe secrets or illusions so it is possible that this man was elusive in some way, keeping a secret. Could he have been married and they were getting to hook up only as opportunities appeared? Again, I would have to ask relatives if there had been a romance with someone or even a crush.

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The Node being right there also in the fifth with only wide angle squares from the Moon and Venus also says that this was fated or destined in some way; an attraction that was impossible to resist. The only question I have in this case is whether this was a two way attraction, a case of love at first sight or an outright abduction by a stalker. It's hard to say. Although I do not see ugly aspects, violent placements or other scary stuff, that does not guarantee that Gina went of her own choice. Mercury retrograde puts off decisions and makes them hard to make, so had she made up her mind or was she rushed along? I am afraid, even with a chart to read, this part of the story may never been known.

By midnight, the fourth house ruler, Jupiter, is right on the Ascendant. This is also the dispositor of the chart ruler and it tells me that Gina is happy, not in danger at all. She is thrilled with whatever is happening; it is what she has wanted. It is widely square to Jupiter, which may mean that her decision was a mistake. However, Mercury being retrograde tells me that her decision would last a long time, she was unlikely to change her mind and she would never be found. The tenth house ruler is now also Mercury, which also says that both she and someone else were of like mind. The descendant ruler, Neptune, so close to Uranus sort of describes a last minute decision based on a whim. A much desired dream shows a chance of being realized and the opportunity is taken. Sudden, exciting and dreamlike. Notice also that Neptune is trine to Jupiter. How many more symbols of joy does this chart need to be heard? These people left because they wanted to.

But just to be sure, I have to take a look at the next few charts. Something could emerge to show danger to Gina or a turn of events to the dark side. But moving the charts forward I do not find anything but more support of the original placements. In fact, at 2 am, the Moon completes the translation of light by conjoining Venus in the first house. And guess what? Venus is now the first house ruler! I don't need anything more, really, at this point. She went with this person because she wanted to. She chose this route. She went happily.

And finally, looking at the seventh house I see the other side of the story. Aries now rules the descendant and Mars is in the second house in Sagittarius. Mars is disposed of by Jupiter, now in the twelfth house. The person with her is definitely hiding something, secret joy, private indulgences. Gina was this persons' secret. It looks a lot like man to me, it has from the beginning, but I will not say for a fact what sex this person is. I will just say that this person met up with Gina and they took off together. But there are no ninth house elements at this moment and no major players in the third. I am not sure they left the area that night and possibly never. She may very well not be far from where she was living. I know they say she had chorea, or St Vitus Dance, which if you have seen it you know it's very overwhelming. She was suffering from uncontrolled movements, jerking or "dancing" as they call it. But there are no signifigators of illness or sickness in the chart; there are no planets in the twelfth or sixth houses. I do not believe her illness played a part in her disappearance. However, I must admit, that if she were out walking around anywhere in public it would be hard for people to not know she had this disease. So why hasn't anyone reported seeing her?

Another detraction from my findings is the fact that she had been a witness of a murder. No doubt she was due to testify against someone and the general fears at the time were that she had been kidnapped to keep her from doing that. The inference in that case would be that she had been murdered. This all makes sense. Why on earth would this girl run off when she was due in court? Was she committed to putting this person away? I would assume so, knowing that this was her ex boyfriend and someone she probably loved. So why would she just bolt? And with some man after her ex boyfriend had been killed? This does seem bizarre. Except I am reading the charts and the charts are not showing violence, murder, abduction or other evil signs. The chart describes joy and happiness and most of all, someone who chose to leave. Perhaps she was terrified of the people she was due to testify against and decided to leave with someone she trusted. And with the indicators showing that she may have been pregnant, then concerns for the child may have dictated her final decision. Perhaps this is why she has never surfaced. Perhaps she is living out her life, under an assumed name, in a safe place. This is truly what I now believe. I believe, after seeing these charts, that Gina is alive and well somewhere not far away.

On the premise that I might be right (sometimes I am), I will have to ask everybody to look at Gina's picture. Especially those readers who are close to the KC area. And if you think you have seen her, know something about what happened to her or beleive you might know where she is today, then call the cops at the number given above. God bless all of you and thanks for reading my blog!


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