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Brittanee Drexel

Young Girl Disappears on Spring Break

From Fox News:

At about 8 p.m. on April 25, Brittanee left the Bar Harbor Hotel, where she was staying with some girl friends, and headed to the nearby Blue Resort Hotel to see friend Peter Broswick.

Surveillance camera footage captured 17-year-old Brittanee entering and leaving the Blue Resort lobby.

Hours later, at about 1 a.m., Broswick left Myrtle Beach to return home to Rochester. Authorities there and in Myrtle Beach have questioned him several times, but say he isn't a suspect.

Detectives believe Broswick may have been the last person to see Brittanee, a student at Gates-Chili High School in Rochester, alive.

Dawn Drexel has said her daughter suffers from depression and may have been upset because she and her husband are getting divorced. But she insists the girl would never run away.

Brittanee has blue eyes and shoulder-length brown hair with blond highlights. She's 5 feet tall, weighs about 100 pounds and was last seen wearing a multi-colored shirt, black shorts and flip-flops.

Those with any information are asked to call Myrtle Beach Police at (843) 918-1300, 1-800-CRIME-TV or 1-800-THE-LOST (843-5678).


This is a big case in the news right now. This girl just disappeared and there is no known reason for it, although the police seem to think she ran off on her own. The Rochester police are not involved in the search but the Myrtle Beach Police are doing their best to find her. I guess because he has left Myrtle Beach and is out of their jurisdiction, the young boy who last saw her cannot be forced to talk to the Myrtle Beach Police. In order to force him to return there, they have to bring charges. So remember that when you are putting your thoughts to this case.

I have no idea what happened to this girl and I do not have any suspects in my mind. I know the boy looks hinky and most everybody has gone there in their minds but I am going to try to read this chart without prejudice. So the first chart I draw up is for the time this girl was last seen leaving the hotel. This time was on a videotape so we can assume it's accurate. In this chart, Scorpio is rising and Taurus is falling. Mars is in the fifth house with Pluto in the second house. Notice also that Venus is in the fifth, too. This shows Brittanee and the person she is next to meet are both either romantically involved or looking to party. The fifth house can mean many things but we know she is on spring break and not babysitting or at a casino. She is a minor so she is not in a bar. But I think she wants to party and she has a bit of a thing for the boy she is next to meet, which we know from reports is the boy who later went home early. Either that or he has a thing for her or, ideally, they both have a thing for each other. However this evolves, they are both connected in the fifth, showing mutual involvement. Combine this with Pluto in the second, with Pluto squaring both Venus and Mars and you can see that they didn't have any money and this was a problem. They wanted to have fun but were really short on funds.

Uranus rules the fourth house and it is placed in an out of sign conjunction with Venus and Mars. Uranus is in Pisces. Uranus is in mutual reception with Neptune in the fourth, which hints that she might have surprised him by dropping by. There is certainly something surprising in this meeting, something unexpected. Neptune conjunct Jupiter in the fourth house with both planets square with the Moon and Mercury in the seventh, Brittanee may have come into something she didn't expect. Perhaps he had been hiding something from her, that she came to discover in his hotel room, and it wasn't a good thing? The co ruler Moon in the seventh shows me that her intentions involved him directly; she went there expressly to see him and nothing more. He was the purpose of her visit. But there may have been a person or persons there that she did not expect to see. I think her age was a question; Mercury is involved in the square. Either that or there was another young person present; perhaps even younger than Brittanee.

The next chart I see is for 9 pm. Scorpio is still rising with Taurus falling and Venus and Mars are still in the fifth. The conjunction between Venus and Mars just tells me over and over again that these two came to Myrtle Beach for each other. Perhaps Brittanee's mother did not know about her relationship with this boy, but there was something going on here. He is referred to as "a friend" but the charts show a "tightness" that says more. These two planets are still square Pluto in the second, reiterating the fact that they were short on money and this was a problem. The Moon has slipped into the sixth, showing that Brittanee is in some danger. Notice how the Moon is disposed of by Venus? Again, I come back to this "friend" of hers. Did she go there for him? It looks like she did. Did they have a plan to run off together? Was her parents pending divorce a reason for Brittanee to throw herself at Peter? Did she want out of her home that badly? The Node in the third house tells me that she planned this trip for a long time and that she had help getting there. She also had a definite plan.

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Moon in the sixth house trine to Saturn in the tenth shows me that Brittanee was depressed about something and it seemed to involve her father. She was seeking male company and comfort so she went to see her friend. There are also a few other factors that leap out at me. Aries rules the fifth and Mars rules both the first and the fifth with Mars placed in the fifth. Mercury in the seventh keeps talking about a young child. Is there a chance that Brittanee was pregnant? Is this the reason she went to see her friend?

At sometime around 10 pm, Brittanee got into a car. This would be with someone she did not know. The chart now has Sagittarius rising with Gemini on the seventh. Jupiter is in the third house, conjoined Neptune. Moon and Mercury are together now in the sixth. It looks more and more like she might be pregnant and afraid and not feeling good about it. Even if not, she is not pregnant and I am reading this wrong, then the sixth house does show danger and fear. Mercury and the Moon are close to the Plieades and these are seven fixed stars that show tears and sadness. The Moon has been under the Sun's beams this evening and still is, although moving away over time. This shows great fear and a troubled heart. Brittanee had loving feelings towards her friend but the surprises this night did not turn out well. She has a heavy heart and is troubled by hard choices. She has left in the car (Jupiter in the third) but she is doing it for him, as shown by the Moon with Mercury in the sixth as Mercury rules the seventh.

Let's just say she is pregnant and she went there to tell her friend. Let's say he's the father and not happy about it. Let's say the money problem was that he wanted her to have an abortion and the funds were lacking. Let's just say. Mercury, at this point, is disposed of by Venus, which is in the fourth. Was he frightened of his parents? Or of being a parent? These are all questions that the chart is suggesting. And when you see that their current rulers, Jupiter and Mercury are closely squared to each other, when they had been conjoined not but an hour ago, you see that they have come to a disagreement over something. Could this something be a pregnancy? Could she have wanted a family and he did not? Again, this is just a suggestion of what the chart seems to be saying. I may have it right and I may not. The chart never lies but the reader can be an idiot. I am often an idiot. None the less, my next question is: where is Brittanee going when she leaves in this car at 10 pm?

The charts have the ruler, Jupiter in the third with Neptune. Interestingly enough, Jupiter is disposed of by Uranus in the fourth, which in turn is in mutual reception with Neptune. They are going to someone's home. Brittanee is with this stranger going to someone's home? Strange. Neptune rules the fourth house which I find rather odd. Is she with someone's mother? I doubt it. Is she visiting a family? I doubt it. But the fourth house does rule motherhood, so perhaps if we go back to the thought that she might be pregnant, this trip she is making is about that. Getting advice? Checking into an abortion? At 10:30 at night? This is all very weird and I am not sure what to make of it. I will leave this part of the story to the other Astrologers who view this blog and see if they can make sense of what is happening now.

I will say, however, that at 10:30 pm, Brittanee was alive and well. She was in a car going to someone's home over something. She had had a disagreement with her friend, the person for whom she had come to Myrtle Beach. But then at 11:30, the planets start to form new aspects that concern me. I am watching Saturn moving along the midheaven and predicting that when Capricorn rises, Saturn will fall into the eighth. At that point, Pluto will be at the first house cusp. Pluto is disposed of by Saturn, creating an aura of influence that looks dangerous and scary to me. So I move the charts forward until I see this happen... or not. And then, just before 12:30 am on April 26th, this configuration falls into place. It is curious to me because this is only a half hour before her friend Peter leaves Myrtle Beach suddenly without taking his clothes or money. What scared the boy so bad? I think it was that Brittanee was killed somehow. I think it was unexpected and happened too easily. Notice in the chart for 12:30 am, a grand trine emerges involving Saturn in Virgo, Pluto in Capricorn and the Moon in Taurus. Don't forget that Saturn and the Moon are the current rulers of our subject, Brittanee Drexel.

I hate to point fingers at people. I watch the TV news people do it every day and most of the time, it turns out that they are right. But I still hate to do it, even if I am right. I feel sorry for everybody in these cases and it pains me to say bad things about people. But it looks an awful lot like this boy knows more than he is saying. She was taken somewhere on a ruse and after awhile, was dumped from the car. She went with a stranger, for some purpose, which is even weirder. I have no idea how adventurous Brittanee is, but considering her feelings for her friend, even with their disagreement, she would do as he asked. Or perhaps she went with him and not a stranger at all, with the dumb Astrologer reading it wrong. Perhaps Neptune is a secret and not a person at all. Perhaps the secret was that he was going to kill her. I mean, stranger things have happened, have they not? She went along, arguing with him all the way, and then he snuffed her. And dumped her. And ran for the hills.

As always, I am going to concede that I may be wrong. Heck, even the almighty cops are wrong some of the time. And if I am, Brittanee is alive somewhere, doing her thing. I doubt it, but I will concede it might be possible. So if it is, then I must implore you to look at her picture. She is a beautiful girl. And if you see her, have any idea what happened to her, or have any information about the night she went missing in Myrtle Beach, then call the cops at the number given above. And thanks for reading my blog.


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  1. I was in Georgetown for a fishing tournament about 3-4 weeks after Brittanee disappeared. On my first day there I was laying by the pool and the thought of her hit me really hard. I could NOT shake the feeling that she was close to where I was and I even told my husband that afternoon that I couldn't stop thinking about her and had such a strong feeling that she was close by. I spoke to hotel staff and they all assured me that they hadn't seen anything. The hotel is located next to an inlet. I've been looking all over the web for anyone with psychic abilities that may be able to 'see' something that could give me a lead as to where to look and what to look for. I'm going back to stay at that same hotel this coming weekend and I just feel like I need to be looking while I'm there.
    Here is a link to the hotel on Google maps.

    If ANYONE has ANY information that they can send me, please do.


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