Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Haleigh Ann Marie Cummings

Little Girl Disappears From Her Own Bed

From Fox News:

Tuesday, Feb 10, 2009

Florida issued a statewide Amber Alert this morning for Haleigh Cummings, discovered missing from her bedroom at 3:37 am this morning in Putnam County, Florida. See her photo and read about her below. SATSUMA / BUFFALO BLUFF, FLORIDA

Haleigh Ann-Marie Cummings age 5, was last seen at 10:00pm last night by her fathers live-in girlfriend, 19 year old Misty Croslin. Haleigh’s father, Ronald Cummings, is alleged to have been at work during this time.

Haleigh is 3 feet tall with blond hair and brown eyes. Her ears are pierced and she was last seen wearing a pink shirt and underwear. Her birth date is 8/17/2003. Her younger brother was asleep in the same room at the time Haleigh went missing. Ms. Croslin said she awakened around 3:30 a.m. and discovered Haleigh missing when she checked on the children. She stated the bedroom door was open, and that the home had not been locked.

She is considered missing/endangered.

The family lives in a mobile home community in Florida called River Villa. An estimated 25 registered sex offenders live in the immediate vicinity of the Cummings home.

A massive search that began this morning is still underway.

“The girlfriend and the father are cooperating with police,” Special Agent Steve Donaway of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement told an afternoon news conference.

Mr. Cummings believed he saw signs of a force entry into the home but the police have ruled that out. Police also stated that Haleigh Cummings biological mother is cooperating with them.

Cummings says Haleigh is afraid of the dark and would not venture out alone.

While this sounds ominous folks, let’s not forget that miracles happen, and that its entirely possible that little Haleigh will be found soon and reunited with her family.

If you have any information about this child, please contact Putnam County Sheriff’s Office at (386) 329-0800.


At first, I did not want to do this case. I ran the charts on it when I first heard of it and was confounded by the complex aspects and placements, many of them indicating that things would change rapidly. I never like doing cases right away after they happen, to give the police and the family some time to figure things out before I put my big foot in my mouth. I cannot claim that I make a difference with this blog, which was started as an experiment in Astrology and nothing more, but I have collected a lot of critics. I have to agree with many of them on one thing. I am in the public arena and what I say affects people and in that fashion, it matters. So I am careful to let things take their course for awhile before I start reading charts. However, I must admit that the charts don't change over time. If a person is dead, they are dead and no amount of time waiting things out will change that. I just hate to get people so upset. So I did do a brief reading and posted it on the newsletter, which is read only by subscribers, where I felt freer to say what I saw. But enough time has passed and this little darling has not been found, so maybe it's ok to see what the charts might offer.

For those of you who noticed that I fell out of step on this site, I apologize for delays. I attempted to upgrade the memory in my computer and had some bad memory I bought ( I won't name the site ) which caused the computer to go into safe mode. Windows gave protection errors and the bios was locked, which are all way over my head. So, in the short, Betsy went to the hospital. She just came back last night and I can say she is running really well. So thanks for the patience and I hope I haven't lost too many of you along the way. The newsletter, I am sure, will be very close to "on time" and should be mailed out around the 15th. With all of that said, let me leap into the charts

I have Haleigh's birth information so I wanted to take a look at that first thing before I gave the forensic chart a reading. I do not have birth time so I settled for a solar chart, which is somewhat useful if not the best tool. One thing I knew about this transiting period was that a cluster of major planets were travelling through Aquarius, as they mostly still are today. And seeing right away that Haleigh was a Leo with several personal planets in Leo, I saw contention and trouble in her transiting aspects. Venus, for instance, is in 23 degrees of Leo and at this time, Neptune was transiting 23 degrees Aquarius EXACTLY. Neptune plays a part in some of the forensic charts, as you will see. Transiting Saturn in Virgo is within one degree of Haleigh's natal Mercury. Both Mercury and Saturn also play major roles in the forensic charts. Transiting Pluto in Capricorn is widely opposite natal Saturn in Cancer, which is not good. Haleigh's natal Moon in 26 degrees Aries is EXACTLY squared by transiting Mercury in Capricorn. As well, her natal Neptune in Aquarius is being conjoined by the transiting North Node, as well as Jupiter and Mars.

In particular, the aspects involving Neptune, Mercury and Saturn all stand out for me. Neptune points at mysteries and secrets. Mercury is the traditional ruler of children. Saturn is the ruler of fate, destiny and death, as well. That transiting North Node moving over onto Neptune almost looks like her fate is to remain a mystery. However, at the time of this event, the Node had backed up to 9 degrees while the natal position is at 11 degrees. Because the Node backs up through the zodiac, this is actually a dexter aspect and not as powerful as it could be.

The first time I worked with in this case was the time when they say Haleigh was put to bed. 8 pm, Feb 9, 2009 in Satsuma. Virgo is rising and Pisces if falling. Because Misty was the adult / caretaker present at the time, I am using the first house for her and the seventh house for Ronald Cummings, who was her partner and the father of the child. I am encouraged to do it this way be the presence of Neptune in the sixth house, showing me that this person was at work, which the facts show Ronald was in fact. In most traditional forensic charts, I would use the first house for Ronald, the seventh house for Misty and the fifth house for Haleigh. Because the circumstances call for it and the chart encourages it, I am inclined to reverse the angles. Especially when I also note that Neptune is also conjoined the Sun.

Notice Saturn, the fifth house ruler, at the first house cusp. This tells me that Haleigh was, at that time, with Misty. The first house ruler, Saturn, is in the fifth house. Showing her taking care of the kids. Jupiter, the fourth house ruler, is also in the fifth. It's interesting to see Mars in the fifth but playing no role in the chart, which seems to say that the boy child was present but not important in this matter. The fifth house ruler, Saturn, is disposed of by Mercury, which is the first house ruler. Misty's main concern at this time is Haleigh, the child in question. There is nothing specific that says why this is so. Since this makes Saturn and Mercury in mutual reception, we can see that there was an exchange between Misty and Haleigh, important, but in no way dangerous or scary. In this same chart, the Moon, which is Haleigh's co ruler in this chart, is in the twelfth, sort of reinforcing the claim that she was being "put to bed".

I took a peek at the 9 pm chart and saw a few things that I might share. With all the talk that Misty left the home that evening, I am seeing the first house ruler moving through the fourth house at 9 pm, which says that she was still in that home at this hour. Pluto is hovering over the fourth house cusp, a position that grabs my attention and gives me pause. Neptune is on the cusp between the fifth and sixth houses, showing Ronald still at work but not working. A break, perhaps? One thing I must mention is that the child's ruler, the fifth house ruler, is just now becoming Uranus. This planet is in the sixth house and bears watching. But nothing untoward has happened yet so I move on quickly. The chart for 10 pm would also be considered the time at which Haleigh was last seen alive as that was the last time Misty says she saw her. Supposedly she was sleeping in her bed and Misty got into her own at 10. But here's the thing. Aries has slipped onto the seventh house cusp and Mars has entered the fourth. Mars is disposed of by Uranus, the child's current ruler. The first house ruler is Venus and it is now in the sixth. Uranus, as well, has slipped into the sixth. This combination paints a strange picture for me. Some male has entered the home. His purpose appears to be Haleigh. But it looks like Misty is "working" to me, so what does this mean? Actually, Venus is disposed of by the same Mars, so it not only looks like she's "working" but that she works for this man who has come to the home. I know this seems nutty and perhaps it is but this is what the charts are saying.

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The Moon, Haleigh's co ruler in the forensic chart, is in 28 degrees Leo, close to her natal Sun and Jupiter. I do not believe that Haleigh was hurt or killed on this night nor that anyone had any ill will towards her. There was something else going on. This man who came to the home was there on an invite and somehow his appearance had something to do with "work". With Neptune in the fifth in mutual reception with Uranus in the sixth, I am tempted to guess that sex or drugs had something to do with this. Could it be that Misty was buying or selling drugs for someone? Or having sex for money? Or having sex to pay back a debt? I mean, any of these things? Neptune is a continuous influence in the forensic charts, telling me that drugs may have well played a role. Was Haleigh taken as a payback on a drug deal? I know that sounds crazy but, at the same time, it sounds eerily familiar in the light of recent cases.

But I do not see in these charts, so far, that Haleigh has been taken yet. In the chart for midnight, I see her ruler in the fourth house. However, there is an interesting twist. The first house ruler, which is now Mars, has moved into the third house. So Misty did leave the home, as people have been claiming. She walked through the neighborhood or took a ride in a car sometime between 11 pm and midnight. Haleigh's ruler, Neptune, is in the fourth house, closely conjoined to the Sun, her brother. Pluto, co ruler of the first, is in the second. So Misty has left the home to get money, to pay somebody money or to work out a deal about money. Pluto is disposed of by Saturn in the eleventh so this is a friend of hers, not a stranger or a threatening person. But in this same chart, I see Venus, the current seventh house ruler, moving through the fifth house. So someone else is with the kids. Venus is disposed of by Mars in the third, also Misty's ruling planet, showing that this person is actually there because of Misty. Is this the same person who entered the home earlier? I am just not sure.

Then things change quickly in the hour between midnight and 1 AM. All of these planets slide into the third, including the first and fifth house rulers. Misty and Haleigh are together but they have left the home. They are either in a car or walking in the neighborhood. They are not alone. They are with an older male and another child. Pluto, the co ruler of the first house, is in the second, showing once again a concern over money. And the Moon, Haleigh's co ruler, is right at the tenth house cusp. This shows Haleigh going outside, into the open. The Moon is disposed of by Mercury, also situated in the third. Rounding things out, Saturn rules the third house and is placed in the angular tenth house. This shows that they are out in the open, on a roadway, easily visible to other people and they were not alone. Although this jibes with stories that have been told about Misty being outside of the trailer on this night, why did none of these tales include Haleigh? The chart clearly shows the child moving about outside, in Misty's company. This is, of course, if we can assume that the child was with Misty and not someone else at this time. It is possible that the first house placement is transferred to a different "caregiver" if a transfer of the child actually occurred.

From these charts, I can see that Haleigh was not killed or harmed in any way on this night. She was taken in a transfer of sorts, from Misty to someone else, either inside the home or in the neighborhood. This is not meant to imply that Misty was "in on it" but that somehow her possession of the child transferred to someone else, for whatever reason and in whatever fashion. It is hard to say the child was outright stolen because I see Misty in the home but she is not alone some of the time and I do not see her asleep, but somehow in a car or out on a street in the later hours. But remember that this is just a reading of Astrology charts and I may read them correctly and I may not. I leave that open to the Astrologers who read my blog to make their own determinations. And in the my usual fashion, I will attempt to describe this man who entered the home, with or without Misty's permission. This in the belief that Haleigh was in fact taken from Misty without her knowledge. Since he is defined by Mars in Aquarius, here are a few descriptors with which to experiment. Mars in Aquarius would describe a tall, muscular person with sandy blond or red hair. Light eyes, well shaped features, attractive. This is a very independent, energetic person who has a fondness for science and intellectual studies. He may also be very reckless, rude and unreliable. He can be vulgar and coarse and might be a "false friend" or a person who makes promises and does not fulfill them. He could easily tell a friend one thing and do another.

I do believe, from this reading, that the child is still alive. I am concerned that she may have been traded off for money or to pay off debts. However, I do not believe that she was taken to be killed. I do not see sexual aspects, so I don't think it's porn. However, I do see drug aspects and this bothers me. I am unwilling to say that Misty is involved outright, but that she may have allowed something to happen that she now regrets. And with the preponderance of planets moving into the third house, I am inclined to believe that she is a nearby neighborhood. She is really not far from home at all. In any instance, this child could be anywhere and those of you who care should look at her face and remember it. And if you have any information, or think you may have seen or heard something useful, please do the right thing and call the police at the number given above. Everyone needs to know that she is still alive and well.


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