Friday, July 3, 2009

Nevaeh Buchanan

Young Girl Found Dead While Her Killer Runs Free

You have all heard this horrible story about this little girl who was kidnapped and then found dead in a mud hole covered with cement. This would be shocking and unbelievable if we hadn't just had a young girl kidnapped, raped and found dead in a suitcase but a few months earlier. And this girl was found to have been killed by a woman, a Sunday School teacher, no less! It has gotten so bad in the world at this time in our history that nothing is beyond imagination. There are first times for everything and they are happening all the time.

And there are far too many of these cases going unsolved. Haleigh Cummings, Adji Desir, Amber Dubois, Haylee Donathan and Lindsay Baum, all children, all recently missing, their cases going cold. Even in this day and age, with forensic analysis, DNA, computer indexes, fingerprint databases and intensive media coverage with public involvement on a scale never seen before, we are not finding these children and when we are they are dead. And then we are not able to find out who did this to the child. The only thing we can do is pray and try to fight back, to reach deep into our hearts and souls to find solutions to the horrors that face us. There is something terribly wrong with humanity that it is cold and devious to this extent, taking innocent children to horrible deaths and not caring or even looking back. Who are these people? Are they human? Or are they demons of a sort, a scourge created by our demanding, cold society? Are they the victims of abuse and cold treatment, raised in unloving households, full of hate and confusion, taking out their childhood angst on other children?

I do not even begin to have an answer to this. I am sure you are all at a loss, as well. Great minds have been unable to fix this mess and here we are, still suffering with the results of what amounts to chaos. Anyone who can take a little girl like this and kill her cold and then leave her in mud and cement is unfeeling, uncaring, evil in my book. And this is why I am going to bravely try to read this chart, to try to find out who did this and where they might be now. I realize the odds are extremely slim that I would discover this in a useful, detailed fashion... I think even the most gifted psychic would struggle with it. But I am going to try. I am going to try to use the stars to find the answers to this horrible, unforgivable crime.

This child was last seen in a parking lot at 8 pm in Monroe, Michigan on May 24. Why the child was out and about at 8 pm by herself has come into question, but I have other cases coming up where children were out and about on their own at 9 pm and later. In my day, my mother had us all in bed at 9 pm. No excuses, no complaining. Not that I didn't sneak into the living room later at night and watch the old horror movies after she had gone to bed, but that was the extent of my daring do. And this was up until I was 16 years old! Yes, we were an old fashioned Catholic family... and this was the late 1960s... but why have things changed so much? It's beyond me. Frustrations vented, I will forge ahead with the readings. The first chart I drew up was for the time at which Nevaeh was reportedly last seen, 8 pm.

In this chart, I am going to read it for a child. Her mother is signified by the first house and Neveah, by the fifth. The fifth house ruler is Mars in Aries, which is placed in the fifth. Opposing the fifth house is the eleventh, which is the child's seventh house. This is ruled by Libra, with Venus being conjoined Mars in the fifth. This child is in a playground or play area with another person. Whether this is an adult or another child I am not yet certain. The Moon, co-significator of the child, is in the seventh house and too close to the Sun. This puts the Moon under the Sun's beams and right away screams danger. The Sun does not rule an angular cusp but it is in an angular house, conjoined a ruling planet. I am thinking that this represents a man who is right there, with the child. In fact, he is dangerous to the child. Both the Moon and the Sun are disposed of by Mercury, which is placed also in the seventh. Mercury is in Taurus and not conjoined, so this to me shows another child not associated with Nevaeh. Mercury is retrograde so the child is not aware of what is going on... or if the child was aware of something, she or he would be tardy in coming forward with information. Because both planets are disposed of by Mercury, it may well be that this other child is the reason they are all there. The older person may have been at first interested in this other child and then turned attention to Nevaeh. And Nevaeh may have actually been in the play area because she saw this other child already there. It is my opinion that Navaeh was already near or around her abductor at this time.

And then the charts start to show changes around 9 pm. This chart has the eleventh house ruler moving into the fourth house with the fifth house ruler following. He is taking her to a home in the neighborhood. Interestingly, the first house ruler, Jupiter, is in conjunction with Neptune in the third. This shows her mother moving around the neighborhood, either on foot or in a car. Neptune being the fourth house ruler shows the child is hidden nearby in a home; in the same neighborhood, it looks like. Uranus is angular at the fourth house cusp while it rules the third house, showing again that the mother and child are near each other in the same neighborhood. The child is being led to a home in the neighborhood, but one that is either out of sight or unsuspected. The fifth house ruler, Mars, is also sinister to a sextile with the first house ruler, Jupiter, showing no friction between the mother and daughter. I do not believe Navaeh ran away nor does the chart show her mother being involved. But the Moon is still under the Sun's beams, showing Navaeh to be in grave danger.

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And the chart for 10 pm shows the two of them in his home. He has taken the child to his home and that is where she is being hidden. And this is where he kills her. The next few charts show the child's murder clearly. At 10 pm, the fifth house ruler is Venus and it is conjunct Mars, the eleventh house ruler. This shows the child in the company of this man at his home; the Moon is still hovering under the Suns' beams, showing the person to be a man and that he is dangerous. These planets are in the sixth house. A traditional reading for the Moon in the sixth in a missing person or runaway chart is that the child will most likely never be seen again. The sixth house also shows illness or debility; it is as if the child is sick or near death. These two planets, the Sun and Moon, are both disposed of by Mercury in the fifth. Double marker for a child. And a big omen for me is the eighth house cusp; at 24 degrees of Cancer, it is now exactly square Mars, the marker for her abductor and closely square Venus, the marker for Neveah. He took her back to his home to rape her and kill her. That's the story in a nutshell.

One thing I must say in this instance. I do not see the Mother's markers at play in this chart. She is ruled by Jupiter for the most part and this planet makes no contact with the planets that are in play. It makes me think that she had no part in any of this and as bad as everything looks on the surface, she either did not know the person who did this or never suspected him at all. I think, in retrospect, that she failed the lie detector because she truly suspected her friend and thought he was responsible. I cannot say, from these charts, that he was in fact responsible. I just do not see ties between the abductors planets and hers. There is a sextile between her planet (Jupiter) and the markers (Venus and Mars) but this tells me that something she did made this easy... or just helped it along. By not watching her child more closely, for instance.. or by exposing her to different people and making her too accepting, perhaps. But I do not see direct involvement on the part of the mother. It's just not here.

And then comes the death chart. The planets start to line up; minute by minute, hour after hour, they fall into place. Saturn enters the child's fourth house at around 11 pm. This shows her being confined and held against her will. This is happening in this man's home. And then Pluto enters the child's eighth house at midnight. This shows violence, probably of a sexual nature. And then, just before midnight, Gemini moves onto the fifth house cusp with Mercury falling into the childs' twelfth house. She is restrained, sexually assaulted and killed. Mercury in Taurus rules the throat and Gemini on the fifth house cusp indicates the lungs or breathing. She was either strangled, smothered or suffocated to death. The Moon is still under the Sun's beams from the fifth house, showing murder to occur during a sexual act. The child's fourth house cusp at 0 degrees of Virgo is trine Pluto in 2 degrees Capricorn in her eighth house. Her first house Moon in Gemini is disposed of by Mercury in Taurus in her twelfth house. There is no doubt in my mind that these charts are saying she was suffocated or strangled to death just before midnight.

Now, I will make my usual weak stab at describing this horrible person. Start out, please, by knowing that he is in the same neighborhood and that he held, raped and killed this child not far from her home. The search for this man should start there. And then the chart defines him as Mars in Aries. Traditional readings give these descriptions of Mars in Aries: a man of medium stature, large boned and wiry. Long, oval shaped face with a broad forehead and high cheekbones. Thin and strong at the same time. Stand out ears set high on the head and short hair. What is described as a "military" look. This man has a long nose with wide nostrils that dilate when he's excited. He had reddish or red-brown hair with reddish brown or startling blue eyes. He has a "fiery" demeanor; hot headed, expressive, energetic and argumentative. He may be athletic and talented in martial arts or sports. Fast runner. He has a small mouth with a "smirky" smile. And his skin is rough, dry and probably freckled. Reddish, flushed tint. If a man who looks this way lives nearby or in the near neighborhoods, then he should be investigated. He would have a good reputation, known as a hard worker and enthusiastic. Not a bum, not lazy, not a trouble maker. The fact that he did this will be a surprise for everyone even though the warning signs were there. Often, society admires macho, controlling men without realizing the dangers they pose. Until they are caught doing something like this, they are admired as "strong", "virile", "masculine" and "energetic". In truth, they can be very twisted by their own proclivities, desires and needs that go unnoticed and not investigated by others.

All I can say right now is I hope they catch this man. He is bound to do this again.. and again. I hate it when it takes several murders or more for somebody to get caught... frame Ted Bundy in your mind. It is just awful that so many lives have to be taken for authorities to become aware of an evil in our midst. Of course, this is the price of living in a free society and no, I am not willing to give up freedoms in exchange for safety. We just have to be more aware, more vigilant, and willing to go beyond traditional ideology. Only when we are open to the idea that evil in our midst could be in the form of what we have come to believe is good will we be on the path to finding true security. It is in the intuition, the instinct, the "gut feeling" that truth comes through. We must learn to trust our hearts.

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