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Deanna Merryfield

Young Girl Visits Sister and Disappears

From The Charley Project :

Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance

Missing Since: July 22, 1990 from Killeen, Texas
Classification: Endangered Missing
Date of Birth: February 2, 1977
Age: 13 years old
Height and Weight: 5'4, 115 pounds

Distinguishing Characteristics: Caucasian female. Blond hair, blue eyes. Merryfield fractured her lower left arm two or three years before her disappearance. She has a scar on her upper lip. She has multiple tattoos, including her last name "Merryfield" with an unknown date on her neck, a yellow rose and the words "Texas Born" on her back, and a cross with lines on her ankle.

Details of Disappearance

Merryfield's family was having problems in 1990 and she was staying with her grandmother in Killeen, Texas that summer. She had completed seventh grade at Manor Middle School and was due to enter eighth grade at Fairway School in the fall. She and her grandmother stayed up late watching movies on the evening of July 21. After her grandmother went to bed, Merryfield sneaked out of the house and went to visit her twin sister, who lived with an uncle two and a half miles away at the Oak Springs Trailer Park on Dimple Street.

Merryfield's sister says Merryfield arrived at the trailer park at 3:30 a.m., riding in a brown vehicle driven by two men, one of whom may have been Hispanic. Merryfield knocked on the trailer window to wake her twin up and the two girls talked for awhile. Merryfield left with the men in their vehicle after her uncle woke up. She has never been heard from again.

Many agencies classify Merryfield as a runaway. She took no belongings with her when she vanished. Merryfield may have traveled to the Cave City, Kentucky area after her disappearance. Her mother has since died, but her younger sister is searching for her. Her case remains unsolved.

If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:
Killeen Police Department 254-501-8891


This is another fascinating case emailed to me by a reader. It does seem strange that a 13 year old girl is off on her own in the wee hours of the morning and even visiting her twin sister without raising alarms back home. The really odd thing about it is that she appeared at the sister's house with two men who had not harmed her and with whom she seemed to be on good terms. At least, she wasn't afraid or her sister would have known it. I guess such assumptions color my readings to some extent but I try really hard not to rule anything out. I like it when I'm surprised, so I am keeping an open mind with this one.

But when I look at the first chart, the one for when she arrived at her sister's house, I see right away that the facts are born out clearly and my assumptions, at least on the surface, are correct. Gemini is rising, Sagittarius is falling with Mercury in the third house and Jupiter conjoined the Sun in the second. Now, if Jupiter and the Sun don't look like two men then I'm not an Astrologer! And what else is Mercury in the third but a child in a car? I mean, textbook stuff here. Mercury is also disposed of by the Sun, telling me that Deanna went along with one of the men and the other, Jupiter, which rules the seventh house, was a third wheel. This third wheel, however, will play a big part in the night's events. Jupiter is disposed of by the Moon, which is Deanna's co ruler and is under the Sun's beams. This man is a danger to Deanna; the child is in danger and doesn't even know it. Venus rules the fifth house and is posited in the first, showing that Deanna was the only girl among them and the only child. Both men thought she was cute and did not think of her as a child; in fact, they thought of her as a woman.

Now, I am sure you are asking me why I am using a first house layout for a child. It is true I rarely do this but this girl was off on her own, making her own decisions, calling the shots without input or oversight from a family member. Whoever these men were they were not her guardians. She was "in the driver's seat", so to speak and in that light appears as an adult in the star chart. However, just as a cosmic postscript, the chart has Gemini rising with Mercury as her ruler, telling us in a roundabout way that although she is the boss right now, Deanna is nothing but a baby. But here are the omens we must watch from here on in: Saturn rules the eighth house and is placed in the eighth house as well but it is not yet a player; Mars is angular in the tenth house and is closing in as ruler on the cusp and the Moon is sinister to a square; Mercury, the first house ruler is inconjunct to Saturn and sinister; Uranus is trine Mars from the seventh and Neptune is in loose conjunction with both Uranus and Saturn and also placed in the eighth. All of these are dark reminders that although this child went off willingly at first something happened along the way because she never returned and has never been found.

Deanna spent some time with her sister, a half an hour or so, so she did not disappear entirely until around 4:30 am, when she left her sister's home. The lineup here has most of the players moving into the second house with the node in the eighth. I am believing that these men talked Deanna into going with them to "earn some money". The Moon is still near to the Sun with the Sun disposing of Mercury, which is still the chart ruler. Deanna put all of her trust and faith into the man she went along with, both of them accompanied by a third man. This third man must have either had the car or been the one with the offer for money. Why else would they have gone along with him, when the two of them were like 'a team'? Yet, strangely enough, it is the man she trusted, went along with and had an agreement with of some sort (the Sun) is the man who poses the most danger to her. Misplaced loyalties. Who hasn't done that?

Venus is powerful and angular, being conjoined to the first house cusp, while it also rules the fifth and 12 houses. These men considered Deanna to be beautiful and indeed she did have feminine qualities that men found attractive. The fact that she was so young was also a huge enticement. And with these planets this way I am starting to smell a rat. Between 4:30 and 5:00 am, Saturn takes over the Descendant. It is prominently placed in the seventh house. It is in it's dignity and disposes of itself, making it doubly powerful. Notice also with the Moon taking over the Ascendant, then the Moon is the sole ruler of the chart and that she is still in the second house, under the Sun's beams.

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It is my opinion that this child was coaxed to go along with an older male whom she thought of as a friend on a "money making" junket. Something like this: "we'll just be gone for day or two. We'll be back before you know it.. and you'll make a lot of money...". Juicy, no? Doesn't that sound great to a naive little girl who wanted to be a big girl? Her own money... wow! The thing that grabs me in this chart is not only that the Moon is under the Sun's beams but that the Sun and Moon are in mutual reception. This tells me that this little girl went along of her own accord, agreed to the scheme the men had hatched and had no idea that the man she trusted was a huge danger to her. At 4:30 am, the node is in the eighth house, Pisces rules the midheaven with Neptune in the seventh, near Uranus; Pluto is in the fifth and Venus is at the Ascendant. The out of sign conjunction from the Moon to the Sun tells me that this man was not related to Deanna; this was someone she knew outside of the family and perhaps was not known to anyone else. But the overall pattern here is clear; she went along with this men to make some money and I think the object was her attractiveness and youth. Neptune on the tenth often describes photography for me, especially with Venus at the Ascendant, which describes modeling. They told this girl they were going to make some money taking pictures and she liked that idea. But notice that both the eighth and the seventh house cusps are ruled by Saturn in Capricorn, placed near the cusp.

At some point before 5 am, Deanna was introduced to a third man. This man was older, rougher and totally unknown to her. This was the man who was "going to pay her" or "take the pictures" or "make her famous" or whatever other rot they told her. And this seems to play well for several hours, as the charts simply say they are together and doing something while Deanna still appears to be alright. But just before 7 am, the charts take a sinister turn and things get ugly. Aries takes the midheaven with Mars in the tenth squaring the Moon right at the Ascendant. Notice that Leo is rising and the Sun in Cancer falls just inside the twelfth at the same time. The seventh house ruler is now Uranus, which is in the sixth house. Heck, this is just a job to these guys; work that needs to be done. But at some point, they try to make her do things she doesn't want to do. This is "all in a day's work" by Mars in the tenth and Uranus in the sixth, but Deanna does not want to comply. The violence that ensues is enough to kill her. Seriously. Mars squares the Moon at the first house cusp as the chart ruler passes into the eighth. The Moon follows the Sun into the eighth house shortly thereafter, still under the Sun's beams. This altercation occurred between Deanna and the very man she came there with. In the course of "making money", when Deanna resisted he flipped out and pushed her or hit her or shoved her too hard.

Other aspects to note are Pluto being via combust way, the Moon is combust as well as under the Sun's beams, Jupiter is also under the Sun's beams, taking any joy or enjoyment out of the events that occur. The Moon is closing in on the fixed star, Asellus, an indicator of death by shooting. Asellus also describes sleazy, criminal people who are basically evil. So Deanna befriended some man who had designs on her and never told her family. Sound familiar? What 13 year old girl doesn't think she knows everything? And what she doesn't know puts her in danger all the time. The prominence of Venus in the early contact charts show that she was flattered by the attention; these men thought she was pretty and she liked that. But to be honest with you I have no idea where they took her and there is no indicator of location when she is killed. They are not "in a home" or "at a school" or "in the woods", etc... What I do see is the group of them huddled together somewhere, in fact a place Deanna either knew of already or had heard enough of to feel familiar there. The prominence of the Moon and the sign Cancer indicates that it was near the water. The exchange between the Sun and Moon makes me think of the beach because the imagery is of sunbathing or being in the sun near the water.

The placement of the ruling planets in the sign Leo make me think that Deanna was told she would be "a star", that she would acheive recognition and applause for her "work". She had a chance to "shine" and get attention. But Mars in Taurus comes to describe the actual work with Mars disposed of by Venus and Mars in the tenth. Mars in Taurus is square to the Leo planets, showing that the actual work was something Deanna did not want to do. A change of heart, in a way. Or perhaps she was shocked by what they wanted and refused. However and whatever happened, she began to resist and they ended up killing her in the process of forcing her. And so it is that the chart is telling us that Deanna is dead; she was killed the very same night she disappeared. And it was not a part of the plan. If anyone is still trying to find the man who did this, then they need to look in Deanna's close circle of friends and ask questions. Did she ever talk about an older "boyfriend" or a "secret friend" or a "man she knew"? She kept this from her parents in the way that all "know it all" teenage girls do but she may have bragged to kids in school or among her friends.

I will give one more thought to this case. The man who she trusted so much and went with that night, only to end up dead, is described by Jupiter in Cancer. This means he is an average sized man who tends to be chubby. He would have an oval face with curly hair, probably brunette. He could be a fire sign with expressive hazel eyes (I am thinking Sagittarius). He could be broad shouldered and thick, strong as an ox. Overall, he seems sympathetic and compassionate, easy going and gentle. He may also be conceited and somewhat arrogant, fond of flirting and having the attention of women. He may have had success seducing girls this way in the past and thought Deanna was a good target. Jupiter in Cancer often defines pleasure and joy around children and this could translate to more sexual attractions if the fire sign planets in the natal are adverse to Jupiter, the sign Cancer or the transiting placement of Jupiter in Cancer. It is my belief, from the charts, that this all occurred somewhere near the water and that Deanna was disposed of near the water. Saturn in Capricorn retrograde at the angles and ruling the eighth house for much of the evening, I would say that she would be nothing but bones when she is discovered. The ephemeris shows Saturn remaining retrograde for another 60 days. Since it is in a cardinal sign in a succeedent house, it makes this a matter of years. So she will not be found for quite some time, if ever.

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  1. Hmmm. Have you even bothered to read the facts on Deanna's case? Obviously not because Deanna went missing in 1992 and she has since been seen by law enforcement, alive. Perhaps you should take her family into consideration when writing this stuff? It is okay if you do not publish this comment, I would completely understand.

  2. There is alot of false and misinformation about Deanna's case on this site. Please take the time to contact Deanna's family to find out the true facts of the case.

  3. You should really get your facts straight before posting. I think forensic astrology is a wonderful thing, but you give it a very bad name. If you have any decency, you will remove this garbage immediately.

  4. I am not sure what all the uproar is about. I simply copied information from the Charley Project so if it's wrong, that's their fault. Otherwise, I used the times and drew up charts. I am sorry if everyone hates what the charts say but this is what they say when I read them. I have no opinion in this case, I did not know Deanna. Although I have questions about why a 13 year old child was out with strangers after midnight. It seems negligent to me. However, this blog is about FORENSIC ASTROLOGY and I read charts... if you want to read them differently, then read them yourselves. Stop emailing me and calling me names. Stop reading my blog and start your own, please!

  5. OMG! What a bunch of crap on this site. "You copied work from Charlie's Project" is no excuse to hide behind the fact that you say "she was killed the same night of her disappearence" (July 1990) but yet, law enforcement has contact with her in 1995 in another city, apparently not knowing she was missing. Your "so-called work" is a joke and you will NEVER be taken seriously; not only because of the above mentioned, but because there is other false info on here. The very least you could do to make yourself 1/2 way credible is to remove that the stars, sun, whatever tell you that she was killed that night. It is no wonder you're not well known and I will be sure to tell the sites I am involved in (crime) to never use your joke services.


  6. I dont know what that person is on, but there is nothing to indicate she has been found!

  7. Well I am a little late but I agree what is up with these people? This is a blog and as such the author of the blog is free to say whatever she wants. According to Charley she may have tried to contact her family over the phone in 1992 (collect call) and police ran her name and birth date through their computer at a traffic stop light in Hurst in 1995. However, she is STILL missing and has not been found.


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