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Ryan Sainty

Young Athlete Goes For a Ski and Disappears

From The Herald:

HOPE is fading that former Newcastle Knights forward Ryan Sainty will be found alive after a teenager told police she saw a man struggling in the water on the afternoon he went missing.

Sainty, 20, hasn't been seen since Friday afternoon (12 June 2009) at about 12.30 pm (AEST) when he left his Woy Woy (Sydney N.S.W.) home to go for a quick paddle in his surf ski.

About 4.30pm on Friday, four hours after Sainty left home, his surf ski, paddle and wind jacket were found on Brisbane Water.

A large-scale air, water and land search has so far failed to find any trace of the talented footballer who played in the Knights' Toyota Cup under-20s side before being injured last year.

"He said he would be back for lunch," a devastated Terry Sainty said yesterday as the search for his son continued.

"He goes out [on his surf ski] all the time. He does it for enjoyment."

Police said they were investigating a possible sighting of Sainty on the afternoon he disappeared, reported by a 15-year-old girl from Saratoga, directly across Brisbane Water from Woy Woy.

The Herald understands the girl told police she saw what appeared to be a man struggling with a kayak or surf ski in the water on Friday.

Police say they will continue to search for Sainty, and are considering all logical possibilities.

A police helicopter combed the area for the third straight day yesterday. Water police and the coastal patrol have also been assisting Brisbane Water local area command.

Sainty was regarded as a talented and strong front-rower who had not been re-signed by the Knights for the current season as he was too old for the Toyota Cup squad.

The club's development manager, Warren Smiles, said yesterday that Sainty had been studying at university.

"We certainly never had any issues with him. He was just a nice, quiet kid," he said.

Since leaving the Knights, Sainty had lined up for Wyong in the Newcastle Rugby League competition.

Rugby league websites were abuzz with the news yesterday, and more than 100 people have joined a group on the website Facebook praying for his safe return.

Sainty's disappearance has drawn comparisons with Warriors player Sonny Fai, who went missing after being swept into rough seas on an Auckland beach in January.

"Hopefully Ryan is found and the NRL world do not have to mourn the loss of another great up-and-coming talent," one Facebook user wrote.

This is for my Australian readers who have sent me many cases and I have been unable to get to them because of the enormous number of US cases I have received. Ryan Sainty was a well known rugby player, much loved and sought after when he disappeared last June. He is presumed dead. Could that be true? Well, I started to draw up charts and was fascinated right away with the planets. In the first chart, done for the time when he left his home, I find Virgo rising with Pisces on the seventh, which is interesting because he was headed out "for a quick paddle in his surf ski" What defines water better than Pisces? But the ugly omen for me is the placement of Mercury in the eighth house with Mars nearby. Neptune is retrograde with Jupiter in the sixth house, both in Aquarius. Was Ryan too self confident? Did he feel too secure on the water to be careful? These two planets disposed of by Uranus, at the seventh cusp, seems to indicate something unexpected that he thought he could handle.. but couldn't.

Moon in the fifth shows his love of sports and how much fun he had on the water. But the Moon square that Mars in Taurus in the eighth house right away warns of an accident. He could get carried away with the Mars energy and end up in real danger. Saturn is sitting sadly in the twelfth. This indicates he might have been "caught up" by something and drowned. He may very well have had a mishap and been trapped by a loose rope or other binding, pulled down into the water and unable to get free. Pluto in the fourth, so close to the nadir, in the sign Capricorn and retrograde makes me think he may never be found. His body may be held down in the deep water in a very dark and hidden place. Pluto is involved in a wide angle grand trine involving Saturn and Mars which indicates he is trapped down there and the body is secure enough to stay there for a very long time.

I went ahead and did a chart for the time when they first realized Ryan was missing. It was when his ski and other belongings washed up on shore. Up until then, no one knew there was a problem. So this is the point at which they first asked, "where is Ryan?". And this is what the chart tells us. Sagittarius is rising and Gemini is falling. Jupiter is with Neptune and the Moon in the third house. His body is not far from where he lived. It is not far from where they found the ski. Neptune indicates it is way far down in very deep water and may be in an area where a plane went down in the past. If an area of the water near there has been recently dredged or an area of land nearby has recently been excavated, then start there. Another thing to look for is electrical grids, large electrical boxes or transformers. If any of these are in the area, then start there. Otherwise, he may be underwater near a place where a plane went down and sank. The plane would still be there, on the bottom, and he may be somewhere close by.

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In all forensic charts, Saturn represents the body. In this chart, Saturn sits in the tenth house, showing the search by authorities for the body. But Saturn is square the Sun and inconjunct the Moon so there would be mistakes made in the search and the body would not be seen. There would be no "light", so to speak. The searchers may have been near the body at times but it would be so dark they would miss it, even with artificial light. Saturn in Virgo implies heavy pieces like large furniture such as storage cabinets or compartments and large piles of gravel. Has there been mining for minerals in the underwater areas nearby? I don't believe we are looking for oil rigs as Neptune has no implications with the body. But gravel pits, underwater mining for treasure, precious metals or minerals are possible. If any of this exists or has existed in this area, then start looking for the body to be trapped under gravel or in an old mining area that has been blasted or dug out. Another possibility, as silly as it seems, is that the body got trapped by heavy garbage such as old furniture. If he got tangled up in ropes or other items as a result of a fall or a misstep, then he could have been drug underwater and trapped. It seems sort of strange, I admit, for an athlete such as this to make a fatal mistake, but if any day was good for this, this would be it, with Mars in the eighth square the transiting Moon.

Pluto in the first house retrograde in Capricorn at the time of the discovery indicates that he was "in his tomb" and that this is a "dark place or corner" and "at ground level" or even, "underground". I just cannot find a thing in these charts to hold out hope that this man is alive or that he did not die. Of course, I see accidents as well but I must also explore the possibility that there was foul play, if for no other reason than to dismiss it. This last chart that I did was for a halfway point between the time that he left and the time at which the discovery was made. In this chart, drawn for 2:30, I see that Scorpio is rising and Taurus is falling. Notice Venus conjunct Mars in the sixth house. Notice also that both Venus and Mars are square the Moon. They are also both trine Saturn in the eleventh and Pluto in the second. And then the only planet in the seventh house is Mercury. I believe this is the young girl (Venus in Taurus, Mercury in the seventh) who saw him struggling. Venus is close to Mars so she watched for awhile and may have gestured to him or called out. She could clearly see he was in trouble (sixth house). Mercury, by the way, is close to Alcyone, which gives visions and great eyesight! Mars square the Moon continues to show him in a struggle, making a fatal mistake. Pluto in the second at this moment also provides insight: It was something he owned that caused the fatal event. A rope, a jacket, a paddle, the ski itself, that caused him to trip up, to get bound up, to drown.

In this chart, you will notice that the Sun is in the eighth house. The Sun has no power in the chart at this point but it is close to Betelgeuse, which indicates accidental death. Within a half an hour, Leo would take over the midheaven, bringing the Sun into focus, while still in the eighth. This would portend public knowledge of Ryan's death. Regardless of whether or not the body is found, the public would come to the conclusion that he is dead and there will be services. Pluto in Capricorn indicates tombs and coffins so it can be read to mean that he is already "in his coffin". It is also interesting that the Sun in the eighth is disposed of by Mercury in the seventh; it would be the eyewitness testimony that would bring that news to the public. He was "seen" to be "struggling" with his ski. That is ominous, indeed, considering the outcome.

I believe that the movements of the planets through the charts for the times in question give the reading that Ryan is dead and that is was an accident. I see no indications of foul play. Of course, this will depend upon how much credance you give Astrology and remember that this is an experiment. This is just an effort to find out whether Astrology has something real to offer in these investigations. It is my fervent hope that it will be someday, even if only in the manner that psychics are currently given credance. If the searchers looking for Ryan's body give my readings a shot and try to find him using some of the guidelines, perhaps this could be a first. If anyone has direct questions about where his body might be located, feel free to email me. I will help in whatever way that I can.

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