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Kyron Horman

7 Year Old Boy Goes Missing From School


From cbsnews.com :

PORTLAND, Ore. (CBS/KOIN/AP) The FBI's Child Abduction Rapid Deployment Team flew in a profiler on Sunday, in hopes of providing clues in the search for second grader Kyron Horman, who disappeared on Friday.

Local detectives interviewed hundreds of parents, staffers and students of Skyline Elementary School in Portland, Ore. Family members and friends distributed fliers. And, despite Sunday's rain, dozens of volunteers continued slogging through an ever-widening search area around the school.

Despite all that, 7-year-old Kyron Horman remains missing.

Kyron and his stepmother, Terri Moulton Horman, were at the school together early Friday. She took him around the school to look at various science fair projects. The stepmother says that at about 8:45 a.m., she left and saw Kyron apparently walking toward his classroom.

At the end of the school day, when his father and stepmother did not find him getting off the school bus at 3:45, they called the school.

That's when they finally found out that Kyron had not been in class all day long. They had not been informed, during the day, that Kyron had not been in class.

From aolnews.com:

On Monday, Kyron's father also revealed new details on the last time he saw his son -- less than two hours prior to his disappearance.

"He was coming back to the house after feeding our cat (Bootsie), and I was heading out to the car to head into the office," Kaine Horman recalled in the media release. "I walked over to him, told him I was extremely proud of him ... and for him to have a great and fun day at the science fair. ... I said, 'I love you.' He said, 'I love you too, Dad,' at which point we hugged, and then he went into the house as I got into the car and left. While I have not seen him since, that moment in time is still etched in my mind as if it just happened and is a constant reminder of the joy of having him as a son."

Kyron's parents said they and Young's husband, Tony, "have taken polygraphs and have voluntarily undergone any and all sessions with law enforcement and will continue to do so as long as it takes."

They say they remain hopeful that their son is still alive. They insist they will not stop looking for him until he is found.

"All of us care very much about bringing this person to justice and bringing Kyron home, and we will not stop until that is done," they said in the statement.

STATS: Kyron Horman went missing on June 4, 2010 in Portland, Oregon.



I have been made aware of the reports that Kyron was seen at the science fair that morning. This is a fact. He was caught on video. On re-analyzing the charts, I find that there are a few things I missed or simply misread. A big difficulty with this chart is that this child was with a stepmom and not a blood relative and so the charts are a bit skewed. For instance, if this were his father, then the fifth house would read for Kyron. But because it is a stepmom, then I beleive the seventh house is read for her, instead of the first and the eleventh house describes the child. Mercury is in the eleventh so this is supported by the chart. In the original reading, I simply read Mercury from the start because this is the traditional marker for children.

In the chart for 8 am, Mercury is in the eleventh disposed of by Venus in the first. Venus is in Cancer, disposed of by the Moon. This is the person that appears to be in custody of the boy, the stepmom. Venus also rules the eleventh, so it may also describe where the child is at that time, which is with the stepmom, I believe. Moon, the chart co ruler, is placed in the ninth, which shows the boy most likely on school grounds. The eleventh house is a marker for science and technology so this makes total sense. Also, Mercury in the eleventh shows the child to be a part of something that has to do with science and technology. Hence, I admit, this appears to be the science fair.

At 8:30 am, Saturn, the seventh house ruler, moves into the third house. This shows the stepmom leaving the building and going outside. I am not sure yet if this shows her in a car. She is, at this time, just outside the door and has not left. The Moon, the chart co ruler, is still in the ninth, keeping an emphasis on the school. But here is the catch I see here. Venus, the eleventh house ruler, has moved into the twelfth, showing something hidden or being hidden. Mercury, the natural ruler of children, is disposed of Venus from the eleventh. Combine this movement with the movement in the chart for 9 am and I am convinced something hinky went down at the science fair.

At 9 am, the Moon moves into the eighth while the eleventh house ruler, Venus, remains in the twelfth. At this same time, the seventh house ruler, which is now Uranus, is back in the ninth, showing the step mom back on school grounds. But notice how Jupiter is also there, conjoined to Uranus. I beleive this is a second person, someone else who was with her. And just after 9 am, Mercury, the natural ruler of children, moves into the tenth, which, in this chart, is the twelfth house of the child. Something secretive and sneaky happened on the school grounds right after the science fair and it involved this child and his stepmother. She hid the child somehow or secreted him without being seen. And when you note that Pluto is in the fifth (the natural house of the father's child) and the Moon is disposed of by Neptune, also in the eighth, a grim picture begins to develop. Neptune is disposed of by Uranus, the seventh house ruler, which shows that the secret action was taken by the stepmom. And since Jupiter is disposed of by Neptune, this shows the other person to be there for the expressed purpose of helping with this secret action.

Uranus is disposed of by Mars in the second, so she used something that belonged to her husband. This may show that she intended to frame him for this. Check that Mars is also disposed of by the Sun, in the eleventh house, which seems to confirm this.

In response to the information that the woman drove a pickup truck and did not have a "trunk" as described in the first analysis, I must clarify. I never know what kind of vehicle the person is driving and the charts do not know the difference. When I use the term "trunk" I am referring to the "place where things are stored" in a vehicle. This is shown by the 2nd house or the twelfth house of the third. The charts show the boy in the twelfth house of the third house, or second house, which is the "trunk" or "compartment" of a vehicle. If this was a large enough pickup truck, then perhaps this is a storage compartment in the backseat or on the bed. Perhaps, as well, it is simply the backseat or the bed, if this was used in this way. The charts can never tell us the make and model of a vehicle and the idea that they could is pretty funny. I stay with my original statement that he was in a "trunk", or otherwise to be called a "storage area" in the vehicle in question.

And then, in response, to the sightings of another person in the truck at the school, I have addressed that in the update. My original analysis regarding her "picking up" someone else at a later hour was simply my inability to figure out where the other person came from. I still do not know. I just know now that this person was in the truck all along and was "picked up" earlier than I previously thought.

Now this is far as I want to go in re-analyzing the charts. From the beginning, when reading the seventh house for the stepmom, you get the ninth house as her third, showing her vehicle. So while this can be taken that the child was on school grounds, based on a traditional ninth house analysis, you must also consider the involvement of her vehicle, based on the seventh house vantage point. So this is where charts can get really confusing and sometimes impossible to just tear apart. In this instance, I stand by the remainder of the original reading. I just concede at this point in the analysis that they had to have gone to the science fair, which is a proven fact, so I went back over the charts to show how this might be shown there. Remember, this isn't about me being the best astrologer in the world, which is sort of ridiculous, but about using astrology to help solve crimes. I always welcome other astrologers and their analysis, which I will print unedited. We are all trying to learn, including me. No one knows everything. And so I submit my current re-analysis of this case but be assured that it is likely not the last as more information comes to light.


This case is all over the TV night after night. I think the ladies on HLN have pretty much decided who is guilty in this one but that won't keep me from peeking at the charts. Besides, I had a beloved cat named Bootsie who was with me for 20 years and died about 4 years ago. So I just had to see what happened to this sweet little boy or, at best, what the charts have to say about it. Also, there are a chorus of readers of this blog asking me to do this chart now. So, going on the general information that the boy was last seen at home around 7am, I run up a chart and compare it to the reports. Luckily, the chart echoed the father's story so I decided to go ahead and post it.

This chart has Cancer rising with Venus in the first house in Cancer. Since both the first house and the Moon rule the parents, I take note of the Moon in the tenth house. The fifth house is ruled by Venus, making this Kyron's marker, and it is placed in the first house, as already noted. The seventh house is ruled by Capricorn, representing the father, and Saturn is in the fourth. This dovetails with the father's story. He was at home with the boy and the boy was with his wife for the most part. His wife, represented by the Moon in Pisces in the tenth house, was moving around the property. With the Moon disposed of by Neptune in the ninth, this seems to hint that she was hiding something in the yard or had gone outside to find something she had hidden there. The very first aspect the Moon makes at this time is a sextile to the node; this shows she has some plan. I'm not just saying that, but the node points to deliberate planning, on the one hand, and, on the other, circumstances suddenly created by fate. The node being in the seventh house and disposed of by Saturn in the fourth points at the father as being the connection. I think what the chart is saying is that the father had the boy and it was through her marriage (seventh house) that she connected with the boy (the node).

I think it's interesting that the Moon rules the first, which is the traditional marker for the mother. The Moon in these charts always defines one of the parents. And when you see the fifth house ruler is Venus and it is placed in the first house in Cancer, it makes sense but it also raises questions. Kyron is with the stepmother but was this the usual routine or did she create a new circumstance on this particular morning? Kryon, it appears, goes into the backyard or somewhere else outside of the residence (Venus disposed of by the Moon in the tenth). Venus is disposed of by the Moon, which rules the mother, showing that he is there because of her. The Moon, her marker, is Neptune in the ninth, showing she is there for something she had hidden outside. Neptune in the sign of Aquarius hints at something hidden in a high place such as in the eaves of the house, on the roof, on the top shelf of an outside storage shed, in a tree or otherwise "up in the air". Neptune is also retrograde so this item had been hidden for quite some time.

I don't have any idea of what time Kyron would normally be expected at school but you can see, in the chart for 8 am, that he is on the way. The fifth house, at that hour, is ruled by Mars and Pluto with Mars in the third house, showing a car. The Moon, the stepmother's marker, has moved into the ninth, showing her on a highway. The Moon, still disposed of by Neptune, is in the same house with Neptune now, showing her to have the item she retrieved from the hiding place outside. The boy's marker, Mars, is in Leo and is disposed of by the Sun, which is in mommy's twelfth house and the boy's eighth house, showing she is hiding something from him. Something scary, I do beleive. The stepmom's fourth (and twelfth)house ruler, Mercury, is sinister to a square to the boys' marker, Mars in Leo. Also, the eighth house ruler in mommy's chart is Uranus, positioned in Aries in the tenth, and sinister to a square to Pluto and the node in the sixth. I am getting a creepy feeling that she plans (the node) to kill this boy (the death house triad combined with Pluto). But I am going to wait and see if the charts bear it out.

Discuss This Case At My Forum

Looking at these charts I can see that they are complicated. When moving on to the 8:30 am chart, I have to ask a nagging question. Does this woman have a boyfriend? Was she cheating on her husband? She has been accused of trying to have her husband killed, which is a serious charge. He is apparently afraid enough to have a restraining order put on her. So does she have another man? The chart for 8:30 am strongly hints at this. Look at the placements. Moon is still in the ninth, showing her to be driving on a highway. It is disposed of by Neptune in the eighth house, a continuing testimony to a secret. She is keeping some secret. The eighth house points at money, sex or death. This may be describing her husband's money (the eighth is the second of the seventh) and a possible life insurance policy or other death benefit (the eighth house also rules death). And then take note that the second house ruler, still Saturn, is now in her third house, showing someone in the car with her. Now, if that is not her husband, who is it? The seventh house implies that this is a "partner" of sorts, most likely a lover or a very close personal friend with Saturn disposed of by Mercury in the eleventh house. Consider also that Mercury points to someone younger while Saturn points at someone she has known a very long time. This combination probably describes someone she knew as a child. I am not saying this could not be a woman; perhaps she has a very close female friend that would look like a lover, or perhaps she has a female lover? Regardless of what the details of their relationship may be, she is with someone, male or female, who is a very close friend; friend enough to be be an accomplice in a crime?? And here's the thing, I beleive they put the boy in the trunk! Mars still rules the fifth and it is placed in the second house, which is the twelfth house of the third and this while Saturn (the seventh house ruler) is in the third and the first house ruler, the Moon, is in the ninth. This shows two people in a car and, for me, the second house is often the trunk of the car, the place where people put their belongings, a place that's dark and hidden and in the rear of the third house. I sincerely believe that this chart is showing the boy in the trunk of the car after an adult friend or lover got into that car with the stepmom.

I don't care what this woman says, the charts do not have the boy in school at 8:30 am. The charts seem to corroborate the testimony of other people in the school that Kryon had not been seen, by anyone, at school that day. The charts show the boys leading marker, Mars, in the second house while Pluto, his secondary marker, is in the sixth. I think he is in grave danger. Also, while noticing that the Moon, the chart co ruler and the ruler of the stepmom, is disposed of by Neptune in Aquarius in the eighth house. I think this shows that they used drugs. Neptune is directly opposed to Mars and I think they forced drugs on the boy. I think he was drugged and put in the trunk. Does this sound familiar to you? Do you think this woman took a page out of the Casey Anthony murder book? This is just a thought. And here's another clue to what this chart is saying: the fourth house is disposed of by Venus which is just behind the Ascendant in the twelfth house. Again, this woman is hiding something. Something in the home or around the home. But I am sure the police have searched around their home? But it is interesting that Venus in Cancer rules the fourth house and is placed in the twelfth on a day when one of her friends was "gardening". Just a thought. And, like I said, I am sure they have or will soon search the grounds around both the the Horman home and the homes of her friends.

Another important marker in this chart is Pluto conjoined the node in the sixth. Pluto is Kyron's secondary marker and being near the node in the sixth shows me that someone had planned to hurt him for awhile. There was a plan to do physical damage to this child. The sixth house is the physical body and with Pluto there, it is describing Kyron's body. In turn, Pluto is disposed of by Saturn, the ruler of the seventh, and the marker for the second person in this chart. I think it was planned for that person to harm or kill Kyron. The node always shows a planned out event. There was a larger purpose behind this scheme and I am not sure from the chart what it is. I would venture a guess based on my intuition but that has gotten me into trouble in the past so I won't do it. Suffice to say that these people were planning to use Kyron for some purpose and it was not a nice one. And another thing that stands out for me is the joint rulership of the tenth and fifth houses. This shows the link, for me, between father and son and possibly describes the father as the reason she has taken the boy. This link also appears in the disposition of Mars by the Sun, the traditional marker for the father, placed in the eleventh house of the stepmom's chart.

I believe the child was drugged at the house, sometime after the father left or while in the car outside just before leaving. I say this because Neptune sits in the boy's fourth house. I think the charts show them killing him at 10:30 am. Notice in this chart that Sagittarius now rules the fifth, Aquarius rules the seventh and the Moon still rules the step mom and that the Moon is together with Uranus and Jupiter in the eighth house. The Moon and Jupiter are close together in the same sign, showing the family connection and bond between the mom and child. Uranus, the outside, sits apart from them in the same house but in Aries. Both the Moon and Jupiter are disposed of by Neptune. Neptune now rules the eighth house, the Moon rules the twelfth house and Pluto, the co ruler of the nadir, is now in the child's first house (the fifth). They definitely kill him around this time, according to the placements. Mercury, the natural ruler of the child, is placed in the tenth and is disposed of by Venus in the twelfth. This appears to be saying that the boy was killed in someone's bedroom (Venus) in a home in a southerly direction from his own home (the tenth house). Venus is dipsosed of by the Moon so it appears to say that the stepmother actually killed him. Jupiter in Pisces with Venus in Cancer seems to say he was drowned; Mercury in Taurus seems to say he was buried. But with Neptune in play from the eighth house, it is also possible that he was drugged. It does not look like he put up a fight, either, with Jupiter, his marker, being void of course. It's as if he doesn't do another thing.

The charts in this case are all convoluted and complicated. In the chart for 10:30 am, the time of death chart, Leo rules the first with the Sun in Gemini in the eleventh. This woman has "teamed up" with her "friend". The Sun is disposed of by Mercury, the natural ruler of the child in question, showing their purpose in this action was the boy. The boy, Mercury in Taurus, disposed of by Venus in the twelfth, shows the boy dead. This combined with Jupiter, the fifth house ruler, in the eighth house, showing the woman's "child" to be dead. This all the while Saturn, the sixth house ruler, which describes the boy's body and the bones of the dead, is in the second house. The fourth house ruler, Mars, is in the first, showing them to be in someone's home and since this is disposed of by the Sun in the eleventh, this happened in her friends home and not someplace else. This home, as described by placements, is in the northeast area of the region. Unfortunately, I cannot narrow it down so it could be the northeast area of the city, the county or the state. Portland is an Aquarian city and Oregon is an Aquarian state and since Aquarius rules the seventh house, all I am seeing is that he died in the friends house. And this house, according to directions, is southeast of the child's home. I see this because her house is described by the tenth house (fourth from the seventh) and is ruled by Taurus. Taurus is southeast in direction and the tenth house is south.

In trying to pinpoint what they did with this child, I see that Jupiter, the fifth house ruler is void of course. That makes it useless to me. However, Mercury, the natural ruler of the child, is in Taurus in the tenth. Just this position alone points to a burial of the body. And this is just because Taurus is an earth sign and not a water sign or fire sign. It is disposed of by Venus in the twelfth in the sign Cancer. So he was buried near water. It is a body of water very familiar to the stepmom as Venus is disposed of by the Moon, her marker. She knows this place well and has been there before. So Venus in the twelfth house in Cancer is the exact marker for where this child is. Saturn, which is disposed of by Mercury in the tenth, shows the time element involved in the decomposition of the actual body. Saturn in the second shows the body to be in a wooded area near small animals (the second house, the sign Taurus, Venus) and a lovely body of water that is very scenic in nature. Saturn in the second in Virgo is direct so I do not believe this child will be left undiscovered. In fact, Mercury contacts Saturn by trine within 6 months of his disappearance. I get this by measuring the distance from Mercury to Saturn (6 degrees) and noting that Mercury is fixed on an angular house (months) and Saturn is mutable on a succeedent house (also months) in terms of time translation using traditional astrology.

I next look at the chart for 11 am to see what happens after the death of the child. This usually shows the killer doing something with the body. Here we have Mercury in Taurus in the tenth, Saturn in Virgo in the second and Pluto in Capricorn in the fifth house so I think it's safe to say the child was buried. Pluto is retrograde in the fifth in Capricorn (the grave) so the burial was really difficult and the job was poorly done. The north node nearby, also in Capricorn, shows that the grave was chosen in advance. It was not left to the last minute. The killer knew right where the child would be buried, this is why it also shows the area being familiar. Although I call this person the "killer", the fact that the Moon rules the mother and it plays such a huge part in the chart movements throughout the hours in question, the finger points. I also believe that the child was buried close to the home of the friend or accomplice. This is because, even after death, the charts show the fifth house ruler, Jupiter, in the eighth (consistant with death) close to Uranus, the seventh house ruler. This is clearly the friend and not a family member because the planets are not in the same sign. They are in an out of sign conjunction, which tells us that they knew each other, but they were not related.

If there is a scenic body of water not far from where this accomplice lived then this is where they will discover the child. It is very possible that this body of water is a reservoir. He is buried somewhere in a small, localized wooded area close to that body of water. The body is not well buried, the job was difficult and emotionally draining so it was done hurridly, without care. There may have been an attempt to dismember the body or otherwise make it easier to carry and dispose of (Pluto in Capricorn in the fifth house square to Uranus in the eighth). This was attempted by the accomplice and not the killer. The body is placed in an area where people use wells or cisterns and the houses have cellars. If it is not a reservoir, it may also be a spring, a lake or a local river. However, this is Oregon and if someone who is suspected lives near the sea, then the ocean is also a possibility. A scenic area off the coast is a possible location if the local area where the child went missing is near the ocean. Portland is a huge city and it does have a large river, the Williamette River, that runs through it. I know there are lots of mountains in the area but the chart does not describe mountains, hills or locations in high areas. It describes something close to the ground near water.

Consistant with the chart, the Willimette River runs through SE Portland. It is mostly a huge city with lots of asphalt but I am sure there are parks with planted areas or small wooded areas in the general area. Those that are close to the river, with a scenic backdrop, should be considered. Because Clackamas County is in the southeast portion of Portland and it contains the Williamette National Forest which is situated on the river, I think this might be a good place to look. But it would depend upon whether Kyron's stepmom had spent any time in that forest and whether or not this forest is located within the area of the friend's home. The bottom line with this chart is that the boy was buried not far from the friend's home in a scenic wooded area near to a water source like a river or lake, more probably a reservoir or spring.

I know that the descriptions are rather general and the areas I talk about are rather vast but this is the best I can do with reading these types of charts. I also realize it is simply common sense to conclude that the killer buried the body nearby just simply because a burial is very hard work, involves a lot of planning and travelling far away just makes it all that more difficult. The charts here clearly show the boy laying in rest somewhere near the second party in the chart (the seventh house ruler) which is also a close friend or lover of the killer, who is marked by the Moon and the first house ruler. The Moon starts out as a descriptor for the stepmom and it remains in that position during the hours that follow. There is no indication that she handed this boy over to anyone else and no indication that he ever made it to school.

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  1. BTW Has no one else noticed kyron’s eyes in front of his red tree frog display?

    It caught my attention that his pupils were dilated. I finally saw an enlarged picture of his face and they clearly are dilated. Remember, the camera had a flash, and his eyes should have started to at least get smaller than they were. He also squints allot in bright light in a lot of his other pictures. he seems to be sensitive to light. I would like to know, if I were the police, if there was a medical reason his eyes remained large like that.

    I know he had vision problems… I just wonder allot about that. I’m a nurse and have had to check allot of pupils and it caught my eye. I just wonder if he was already medicated. police ought to get his medical records and ophthalmologist involved. it may give a clue to the type of medication he is on.

    For example, crystal meth, some psych meds, diphenhydramine, can dilate eyes. Usually something physical causes one eye to be dilated vs. both eyes.

    BTW I have heard some doctors and nurses, over the phone suggest a behavior could be mini-seizures. Usually what happens is questions are asked to determine that there is not a possible emergency. Symptoms are given to look for should they arise, that indicate the need for immediate medical attention.

  2. Were you aware that there is proof that Kyron did make it to school that day? He was photographed that very morning. This has been documented in main stream media.

  3. Excellent and detailed post. I am surprised to see how specific this chart seems to be. Not all of them are so clear.

    I'm wondering if this whole thing has to do with life insurance on the father. She allegedly tried to hire someone to kill him --- maybe his insurance lists Kyron as partial beneficiary and she wanted to get rid of both of them? Just speculation, of course.

    Anyway, thanks for the post. Intriguing, and very very sad.

  4. You've done an amazingly-detailed study of Kyron's last day. Very sad, but amazing. Because the best people in my life have been Pisces, it's difficult for me to picture a Pisces person, especially a mother, doing something so cruel, but it's pretty obvious to everyone that Terri is the perpetrator. Regarding the method she used, it's interesting that some internet psychic pictured Kyron lying under only a few inches of water. The psychic was probably thinking in terms of disposal of the body, but perhaps she was seeing the method of death without realizing it, if Kyron was drowned. You say you've learned that it is the victim's horoscope, more than the killer's, that determines a murder. Would that mean that Kyron was fated to die that particular day, no matter who his father had married? It would almost seem to make Terri the "victim" of Kyron's horoscope, if you know what I mean (I'm not sure what I mean, but maybe you can make sense of it).

  5. You still may be correct about Kyron not being in the school at 8:30am. There were children who had testified earlier that Kyron was also on the basketball court and in the gym that morning.
    Also, could there have been two vehicles used, the truck and a car?
    I had read your original post before so I remember you had spoke of the accomplice being in the vehicle on the way to school.

  6. It's been reported by the last Dateline programme that Kyron was seen by staff at the school that morning..This is the only trouble I am having with your reading. If he was drugged then what type of drug could make him seem 'with it' for the duration of the science fair but take effect later? I don't want to question your visions at all, but we have facts that he did in fact attend the science fair that morning.

  7. I can't resist replying to your comment. First of all, these are not visions because I am not a psychic. These theories are based on the astrology charts done for the times given for his disappearance. In fact, I did make changes to the reading and included an update to include the fact that he was seen at the school. You might want to read the entire post. Also, the charts indicated he MAY have been drugged, that was one possibility and I do think it may have been referring to medication rather than illegal street drugs. The charts are right a lot of the time but not 100%. But please don't refer to me as a psychic. I am not a psychic, I am an Astrologer.


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