Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Douglas Stewart

Teen Killed While Sleeping

From the Ottawa Sun:

THE teenage son of a convicted murderer and drug dealer was found bludgeoned to death in an east-end apartment late Wednesday night.

The lifeless body of 19-year-old Douglas Stewart was found by a friend at about 11 p.m. in the bedroom of his 15th-floor apartment at 1240 Donald St. Ottawa Ontario in nice neighbourhood where i once lived at while he was living there as well

When the friend arrived, the front door was unlocked. Stewart was found lying in bed, his skull smashed by several blows from a blunt object. There were no signs of forced entry into the apartment. Police have not yet determined a motive for the murder and no one is in custody. They said it doesn't appear anything had been stolen from the apartment.

It's the city's fourth homicide of the year.

Stewart's father Robert was convicted of first-degree murder four years ago in connection with the 1990 shotgun slayings of drug dealer Michel Giroux and his common-law wife, Manon Bourdeau, in Cumberland.

Now serving a life sentence in Collins Bay Penitentiary in Kingston, Robert Stewart says he was wrongfully convicted and has filed an appeal. Two other men who were convicted for the same murders have since won their bid for a new trial after one of the witnesses allegedly recanted his testimony. Robert has since been released from prison.

Information on Robert Stewarts case can be found at Injustice Busters

Police said yesterday they have no evidence that Douglas Stewart's murder is connected to his father's crimes, although neighbours said the youth often showed off a collection of news clippings about his dad.

"He would say, you don't know who I am? I'm a Stewart,' " said neighbour Martin Faubert, who lives just down the hall from Stewart's apartment and saw him frequently. "He tried to prove who he was."

Stewart dropped out of school in Grade 9 and didn't have a job. He worked briefly several years ago for an uncle installing security alarms but gave up the job after only a few weeks of work.

He was on welfare at the time of his death.

He had been charged with two counts of possession of drugs for the purpose of trafficking, but those charges were dropped on Jan. 16.

He had also been seriously wounded last summer when he was stabbed in the back during a robbery at the South Keys transit-way station In the west end of ottawa Ontario. Despite the knife missing his heart by only inches, Stewart refused to co-operate with police, saying he "didn't trust them."

Relatives said Stewart often visited his dad at Collins Bay. His most recent visit was about three weeks ago, when he stayed for the weekend. "I think he kind of looked up to his dad," said neighbour Kealey von Tobel, 21.

He is also survived by brother Raymond and mother Linda. Faubert said the murder happened just days before Stewart planned to move out of the high-rise.

Police are still looking for several of Stewart's friends and associates. Anyone who knew Douglas Stewart or has information about his murder is asked to call police at 236-1222, ext. 5184.


This is an interesting case that was sent to me by my Canadian friend, Madena. I want to thank Madena and all of my loyal readers who send me cases to tackle. The whole idea is to see if we can find something that will help in solving these cold cases and, at the same time, further the science of Astrology. I am trying to put together some solved cases and show what Astrology would have told us in those cases but I am having a hard time finding solved cases with complete timelines. If you have such information on a solved case, please email me with the data. I wanted to do the Gainseville Ripper and Ted Bundy but there are no exact times or dates in any of these cases. Or, at least, I am unable to find them online. So, again, if you have them, please send them along.

I run charts back and forth for hours on end to try to find out what happened this night before this young man was brutally killed. I find some interesting leads. The first chart to show Douglas in the company of someone else is the chart for 7 pm. In this chart the first house ruler is Mercury and it is coupled with the seventh house ruler, Neptune, in the fifth house. This implies someone having a good time. The fifth house can mean gambling, playing games, partying, drinking, dancing, using drugs, watching (or playing) sports or having sex. This is definitely a fun house. The seventh house ruler is Neptune which hints at a few descriptors: someone secret, someone drinking or using drugs, someone who is a con or a thief, someone unknown. This person may have been a secret lover or this person could have been there to provide alcohol or drugs. This person may have been there to steal, lie or con Douglas. Or this person may have been previously unknown to Douglas and was a new acquaintance about whom he knew nothing. There are other descriptors assigned to Neptune but they make no difference in this case at this point in the analysis.

But please note that Neptune, Mercury and the chart co ruler, the Moon, are all grouped together in the fifth. This tells me that they were together because they wanted to be and they were having a good time. Mercury implies that Douglas was the younger of the two and Neptune implies that there were things unknown or hidden about his partner here. The Moon brings emotions and needs into the picture. Mercury also rules the tenth house which indicates that they are together in Douglas' residence. And this person was there because Douglas had invited him or her and had let this person inside. There was no forced entry here. But there are ominous signs in this chart already. Notice Jupiter, the fourth house ruler, was just behind the ascendant in the twelfth house. Notice also Saturn in the tenth. Venus in Aries in the eighth house and Pluto in Sagittarius in the fourth. I do not like what this infers. The eighth house ruler is Mars and it is placed together with the node in the ninth house. There is the probability that this conjunction will move into the eighth house in a short time. Does this person plan to kill him? Is this why this person is there? It looks very possible to me.

The tough aspect for me is the fourth house ruler in the twelfth and being the dispositor of Pluto in the fourth. The fourth is the place from which all else springs forth, which is why it often defines our home, family or base of operation. Pluto brings violence and chaos with it; it's presence in the angles guarantees a big change in some matter. But things remain the same in these charts until around 8:30 pm when things change drastically. In this next chart for 8:30 pm we see that the seventh house ruler is now Aries with Mars still in the eighth conjoined the node. This is what I knew would happen when I first looked at the charts for 7 pm. Venus, the first house ruler, is in the seventh. This reinforces what we already know, that he is with someone he considers a friend, partner, lover or associate. This person could also be a competitor or an enemy but since Douglas is unemployed and does not play sports I eliminate competitor although enemy is still a possibility. But would you allow a known enemy into your home and have fun with them? The fifth house is a loaded house with angular planets placed there so having a "good time" is a big part of this scenario. With the combination of the seventh house ruler in the eighth, the first house ruler in the seventh and the Moon in the fifth, I want to say that this is his lover. Someone who is there to have sex.

But Mars conjoined the node in the eighth and Saturn at the tenth house cusp worry me. Although it could be said that Mars and the node in the eighth describe a prearranged sexual liaison, with these aspects it looks like either rough sex or outright aggression. The aspects I'm referring to include Mars as ruler of both the eighth and the seventh, the first house ruler disposed of by Mars, the fourth house ruler at the ascendant and square Venus, the Moon in the fifth square Mars in the eighth, Moon conjunct Neptune, Neptune square the Node and the fourth house ruler trine Uranus in the fifth. It looks like a drug induced sex frenzy that went violent. What does it look like to you? Do you have another take on this chart? If so, please post it in comments, post it on the forum for open discussion or email it to me and I will share it with my readers. Saturn in Cancer square Venus in Aries is a dynamite stick in this chart. Both planets are in fall but rule angular houses. The square becomes a feature aspect in the chart. Ditto for Mars square the Moon. Mars is also in fall, although the Moon is neutral, but both rule angular houses with the Moon also co ruler of the entire chart. This is another powerful aspect. There is no aspect between Mars and Venus, though, which hints to me that these people were not "an item" or a couple, per se. I believe they were having a hidden fling, something no one else knew about. They were "secret lovers" who planned trysts like this.

Discuss This Case At My Forum

The square aspects between the two groupings tells us even more. The grouping surround each angular planet, as if taking up sides. The first house ruler has a grouping of planets working with it that square to the seventh house ruler and it's grouping of planets. Mars, the node and Saturn all appear to be working together while Venus is aligned with the Moon and Neptune. With both Mars and Venus in fall these are weak points in the chart to begin with, showing that these people were evenly matched in their energies, which appear to be negative. At the same time, they were in conflict. I know this is complex and hard to follow but what it boils down to is that these people had nothing more in common than their casual relationship which appears to have involved sex and at the same time, some dislike for one another. They did not get along at all outside of their sexual activity. Douglas was the gentler, kinder of the two with Venus, the Moon and Neptune working with him. His partner, shown to be ruled by Mars, is more abrasive and difficult. This violent streak did not sit well with Douglas who, in some ways, feared this person. I am not sure at this point whether this person is male or female. I have no knowledge whatsoever of Douglas' sexual orientation. But whether this was a male or female I will way that this was a possessive, demanding, highly sexed, easily aroused individual who often acted out. This type of behavior did not sit well with Douglas, who liked his freedom, was more of a loner and liked to run his own ship. So there were conflicts. But did this person plan to kill him?

I believe the murder occurred at around 9 pm. At just before 9 pm the Moon, along with Neptune, moves into the fourth house. At just a few minutes after 9 pm, the first house ruler, Venus, moves into the sixth. Venus is also the eighth house ruler. Mars and the node remain in the eighth. Also, within a few minutes after 9 pm, the twelfth house ruler, Mercury, also slides into the fourth. He did not die immediately, it seems. It took a few minutes. The Moon also squares the eighth house cusp at 9 pm and Venus squares the midheaven at the same moment. The angles are firing off at all points at this hour. I think Mars square the Moon from the eighth to the fourth houses shows the actual beating. With Mars in Taurus, the sign of the boxer, I would say he was beaten with bare hands before he was also hit with an item made of earth materials like wood, steel or stone. This item could have been a decorative item or a tool of some sort. It would have been thick and heavy. With the node so close to Mars in Taurus it may well be something the killer brought with them to do this very thing. I do believe some of this was planned.

Because Douglas has been found and there is no question that he was murdered, then the important thing we are looking for here is who did it. There is no doubt that the murderer is described by the seventh house ruler, Mars in Taurus. As you can guess, this would give a muscular body with a stocky appearance. Short to medium stature. Mars gives a reddish color to the skin and the complexion would be muddier than average, giving an overall "ruddy" flush to the skin. Mars gives red in all shades and Taurus gives brown so this is reddish brown hair. Mars gives electricity to the hair and Taurus gives thickness so this is full hair that is a bit frizzy or curly. There is a bit of roughness to the appearance; a rugged sort although not athletic or adventuresome in regular activities. Actually, this person is inclined to be lazy and self indulgent. Discipline may be lacking. There is most likely an oval or round shaped face with a scar somewhere on either on the cheeks (Venus rules Taurus) or the neck. There may be injuries to the neck that may cause mechanical problems; whiplash, subluxations, arthritis, etc.. Mars in Taurus makes one ambitious for money and material comforts and willing to slave away at a job in order to obtain luxuries. They may work with their hands in a creative or artistic fashion. They make talented artists, crafters, singers, dancers, designers, musicians, landscapers, beauticians, sculptors, laborers, bricklayers or bakers. This person could work at any of these occupations or could be self employed in the trades. On the other hand, this person is lazy about doing anything at all that does not render payment. This is a self centered descriptor that can make one self indulgent and selfish in general. Remember please that this is not a referendum on Mars in Taurus and that the natal position in a birth chart is subject to influences from the other planets and signs in the same chart. This is a bare bones, basic descriptor of the overall influences of the purest elements of this position and is meant to be used as a guide in defining the subject. This person is not guaranteed to be a Taurus, to have Mars in Taurus or any other planet in the sign Taurus. This is just a descriptor, that's all.

The lack of contact between both Mars and Venus in the charts for this event tell us that these two people were not married, engaged, involved as a "couple" or known to be partners. The presence of Neptune as a player in the charts hints that there were secrets, something hidden. Was this a secret alliance? Did they have a secret thing going? Perhaps this person was married to someone else. Or perhaps they were the same sex. Or perhaps one was much older or was another race. All of these factors are often reasons for people to hide their relationships. I just cannot tell from these charts which is the case. Mars is on the descendant which makes one think this was another male and that this was a secret gay liaison. But Mars in Taurus, a feminine sign disposed of by Venus, so this makes a female a possibility, too. Venus is in the seventh house, giving more reason to think this is a female, but remember that Venus is the first house ruler, which is the chart marker for Douglas, who is male. So this hints at a gay affair again. There is a lot of intensity in the play between these two subjects. This is shown by Venus in the seventh disposed of by Mars and Mars in the eighth disposed of by Venus. This is called "mutual reception" and it creates a kind of vacuum where the two planets actually get entangled. So this intensity rules out the idea that this was a one night stand and makes a bigger case for this being an ongoing love affair with a lot of emotional involvement.

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